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Best Friends With Benefits @lordofdong
Best Friends

Once upon a time in the Pokémon world, Ash and Dawn found themselves in a rather unexpected situation. They had been traveling together for years, facing countless challenges and making lifelong memories. Little did they know that their journey was about to take an unexpected turn.

One sunny morning, as Ash and Dawn were setting up camp near a serene lake, Dawn felt a strange sensation in her stomach. She couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss. After a moment of contemplation, she decided to consult Nurse Joy, who happened to be passing by.

Nurse Joy examined Dawn carefully and then exclaimed, "Congratulations, Dawn! You're pregnant!"

Dawn's eyes widened in shock, and she turned to Ash, who was standing beside her, with a mix of surprise and worry. "Ash, I'm... pregnant?"

Ash's jaw dropped, and he scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to say. "Wow, Dawn, I never expected this to happen! But hey, don't worry. We've always been great friends, right? Having a baby won't change that!"

Dawn smiled at Ash's reassurance. "You're right, Ash. We're already such good friends and spend so much time together. Adding a baby to the mix won't really change that much. We can handle it!"

And so, they embarked on a new adventure, navigating the challenges of parenthood while continuing their Pokémon training. They decided to maintain their unique relationship, remaining best friends with benefits who also happened to have a child together.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Ash and Dawn found themselves juggling Pokémon battles, diaper changes, and sleepless nights. But through it all, they kept their sense of humor intact.

One evening, after putting their baby to sleep, Ash and Dawn sat by the campfire, enjoying a moment of respite.

Ash leaned back and let out a tired sigh. "Phew, Dawn, being a parent is tough!"

Dawn chuckled, nudging him playfully. "Tell me about it! But hey, at least we have each other, right?"

Ash nodded and grinned. "Absolutely! Who else could handle Pokémon battles and midnight feedings like us?"

As the night went on, the conversation turned more lighthearted, and they found themselves joking about their unique situation.

Ash teased Dawn, "You know, Dawn, I think our baby might grow up to be a Pokémon Master, just like their dad!"

Dawn rolled her eyes playfully. "Oh please, Ash. With my coordination, our kid would be lucky to catch a Weedle!"

They both burst into laughter, relishing in the camaraderie that had strengthened over the years.

Time went by, and Ash and Dawn's child grew up surrounded by love and laughter. They never became a full-on "couple," but their bond as best friends remained strong, even with the occasional romp between the sheets.

Years later, when their child asked about their unique relationship, Ash and Dawn sat them down and explained that sometimes, families come in different forms. They assured their child that no matter what, they were loved and cherished.

And so, Ash, Dawn, and their child continued their Pokémon adventures, cherishing the memories they had created together. Through thick and thin, they remained the best of friends, partners in parenting, and occasional lovers, proving that sometimes the most unconventional bonds can bring the greatest joy.

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