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Naked Pit Retellings @woodyk
An Embarrassing Situation (Version C)

Sometime around midnight, the married couple known as Dark Pit and Pandora crept into the master bedroom. There, the goddess of light, Palutena was sleeping with her angel, her captain of the guard, and her husband, Pit. The dark duo was planning to play a dirty trick on the light duo, one that would utterly embarrass Pit and Palutena, the other married couple, because it involved something they really, really didn't like to do…

A thing that Pit really didn't want to do was end up completely, totally, wholly, entirely naked. Nudity is a state of wearing no clothes at all. The angel avoided being nude at all costs because not wearing anything would be violating the Angel's Code of Conduct, which he knew would make his goddess feel transgressed and want to teach him a lesson. Nakedness was something Palutena wasn't fond of either. She wasn't as uptight about it as Pit was, because she still considered it unbecoming of a goddess.

Pandora wanted to see Pit and Palutena naked because she was mischievous and perverted like that. Dark Pit just liked to embarrass them in any way possible... and maybe also make them up lighten up about stripping.

Slowly, the two of them tiptoed to Pit and Palutena's bed, where the light angel and goddess of light were asleep. Flashing devilishly evil smiles, Dark Pit and Pandora removed the covers and snickered as they started.

Pittoo carefully removed Pit's white chiton, white scarf, navy undershirt, navy shorts, the brown and gold bracers on his wrists, the gold bracelet on his upper left arm, the gold ring on his right thigh, and his brown sandals that were decorated with crossing beige bands and fuzzy white trims. Pit was now left with just a pair of white underwear. Smirking mischievously, Dark Pit finished the job by slowly taking underwear off, leaving the other angel completely naked. Briefly, he also considered taking the gold laurel crown, but decided to let him keep it, since it didn't cover any part of Pit's now naked body.

With Pit entirely unclothed, Dark Pit giggled lightly while looking at his body, especially smiling at his little private area. When Pandora used a ruler to measure Pit's penis, she got a measurement of one inch when Pit's penis was flaccid, and his testicles were smaller than grapes. It used to be bigger, but overtime, Palutena shrunk it little by little because she liked small penises. Also, it was circumcised and hairless, so it always looked like a little mushroom, whether it was flaccid or erect. The dark angel and the goddess of calamity covered their mouths to keep themselves from laughing their heads off.

Pit was naked, so now Pandora stripped Palutena, removing her Greek-styled white dress with the chiton-like cloth over it. Next, she removed the golden necklace that acted like a fibula/brooch, her sandal-like heels with a long white sock on her left leg, and the numerous gold ornaments. Taking off her bra, Pandora exposed Palutena's breasts and then took off her underwear to expose her vagina and her buttocks. Now she was completely naked, just like Pit.

Before Dark Pit and Pandora could take another step, Pit and Palutena stirred and looked like they were going to wake up. The dark duo hid under the bed, quietly shushing each other to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Lucklily, the boy with brown hair and the woman with green hair stopped moving and went back to sleep, the boy with black hair and the woman with blue hair quietly sighed in relief and put the covers back on them.

After taking off all of Pit and Palutena's clothes, Dark Pit suggested to Pandora in an appropriately low volume, "Now let's raid their drawers and take the rest of their clothes so they won't be able to put anything on."

In the dresser, Pit's clothes were all stored in the top two drawers, Pittoo emptied them both. Palutena's garments were in the bottom two, and Pandora took everything inside those drawers. Something else that Pittoo and Pandora knew was that Palutena was unable to use any of her powers without her staff, meaning if they stole it, she and Pit would really be stuck in their birthday suits, so they agreed to steal it.

Dark Pit and Pandora quietly snuck out with everything. Once they made it back to Dark Pit's bedroom, he and Pandora used the goddess of light's staff to make all of Pit and Palutena's belongings disappear. The two of them hid the staff under the bed and went to sleep on his bed, Pittoo grinned, "Tomorrow's gonna be fun."

Pandora giggled, "No kidding. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces. They won't be able to cover their no-no parts with more than their hands."

By morning, Pit and Palutena woke up and they both let out a huge yawn. Palutena smiled, "Good morning, hubby."

Pit smiled back, "Good morning, Lady Palutena..."

His face went from ready to greet the day to feeling that something wasn't right. She asked her angel, "What's wrong, Pit?"

"I think something's missing."

"Oh. Now that you mention it, I think I also a feeling that something's missing."

He noticed his chiton, undershirt, shorts, and underwear weren't on him. At the same time, Palutena saw her breasts exposed while realizing that she wasn't wearing her dress, bra, or panties. Lifting the covers, Pit saw his penis and Palutena saw her vagina, implying that neither of them had anything on at all. That discovery made them gasp, "EEK! We're naked!"

Pit and Palutena quickly covered themselves back up, they were completely naked! They didn't remember taking their clothes off before going to bed, they would never violate the Angel's Code of Conduct. Calming down, Palutena said to her husband, "Maybe we accidentally took our clothes off while we were tossing and turning in our sleep and they're on the floor."

However, Pit and Palutena's clothes weren't on the floor, so they checked under the covers and under the bed but found nothing. Looking in their drawers, they found nothing to wear due to Dark Pit and Pandora's team effort.

As the angel and goddess looked around his room, he covered his small and cute pee-pee that had become erect from being exposed for so long while she used her left arm to cover her nipples and cupped her right hand over her crotch.

Still no clothing anywhere. No chitons, no dresses, no undershirts, no shorts, no bras, no underwear, no sandals. Pit and Palutena were wearing nothing his but their laurel crowns and wedding rings, but they were useless for censoring their genitals.

Nervously, Pit looked at the goddess of light, who was his wife and his mother figure, Palutena. He asked, "What do we do, Lady Palutena? We have a bit of a problem because all of our clothes are missing and now we can't put any on."

Dark Pit and Pandora took all of their clothes, determined to keep Pit and Palutena naked from head to toe.

Blushing wildly, Palutena reluctantly headed for the door, opened it and poked her head out, gulping as she knew what they had to do, "All we can do is streak around the temple to look for our clothes. I'd use my staff to redress us, but that's missing too."

Pit sighed, "There's no other option?"

"Sadly, no. We're powerless, so we have to run around in the nude until we find our clothes or my staff."

Seeing that the coast was clear, Pit and Palutena left their room and began their naked run as they kept their genitals out of sight by covering them with their hands.

While running in the nude down one long hallway after another, Pit and Palutena noticed their bare feet making slapping sounds on the marble floor below him and that their butts were jiggling a little. Also, Pit's penis and testicles jostled under his cupped hands while Palutena's breasts bounced while being covered by her arm. Sometimes Pit covered his member with one hand while covering his bottom with his other hand.

Being a naked boy and woman, Pit and Palutena tried to avoid being seen by any passerby that could have been walking by without notice by hiding behind what they could, mostly columns. At intersections, they would scan their surroundings to their left, to their right, and straight ahead. If someone was in sight, they would flee in a different direction. Mostly, Palutena led the way, so Pit saw her buttocks wobble underneath her long green hair.

Whenever Pit thought about opening doors to other rooms, he worried someone might be in those rooms and report him and his goddess for streaking, so Palutena opened them. They also didn't take elevators for the same reason. While taking the stairs, they would listen carefully for any footsteps, only going up and down the stairs when it was safe.

At one corner, while they stayed hidden, Pit noticed something small and brown on his goddess's right butt cheek. It looked like a fly from his perspective, so he made small swatting motions with his right hand without actually making contact with his wife's buttock, he knew the last thing she needed right now was to be perved on. However, Palutena noticed and asked, "What are you doing, Pit?"

Blushing, Pit stuttered, "S-Sorry, L-Lady Palutena! I noticed a fly on your... um..."

Looking down at her ass, Palutena figured out what Pit was referring to. Pointing to the tiny brown circle on her right butt cheek, she wanted to confirm, "Are you talking about this thing?"


"Oh. That's actually a mole, Pit."

Unknowingly raising his voice, Pit gasped, "A mole?! Now we have a rodent proble-"

Panicking, Palutena covered Pit's mouth, shushing him, hoping nobody heard him before uncovering his mouth, and explaining after a minute of silence, "Not that type of mole. Moles are just discolorations of skin. Everyone gets them. You have one on your left buttock."

"I see. My bad."

Palutena spotted an empty bathroom and she and her angel rushed inside, thinking they could use towels to cover themselves. Unfortunately, the towels were all gone. That inconvenience made Pit quietly swear, "Fuck."

Since they were in the bathroom, they thought he may as well pee since they felt a need to. Palutena went first, then Pit went. After urinating and washing their hands, they forgot that no towels meant they couldn't dry their hands. Seeing their naked reflections in the mirror, they saw all they had were their laurel crowns, Pit looked at it and lamented while placing it front of his penis, "Too bad our laurels won't hide our unmentionables."

Putting his laurel crown back on his head and feeling trapped, Pit considered, "Uh, Lady Palutena? Should we just hide in the bathroom until someone can help us out?"

However, before his wife could answer, Dark Pit knocked, asking, "Anyone in there?"

Pit and Palutena were petrified, being so close to being caught in the altogether by the dark clone. All they did was keep their mouths shut as they hid against the wall, next to the door on the side that had door hinges. The door slowly opened as Pittoo let himself in, the clothed angel unaware of the naked one and his equally nude goddess trying desperately to avoid detection. Due to the unexpected event, Palutena bemoaned so quietly that Dark Pit couldn't hear, "Sadly, we can't. Pittoo will catch us. We're gonna have to make a run for it?"

Peeking cautiously, the white-winged angel saw the one with black wings standing in front of the toilet, closing his eyes as he tinkled. That allowed Palutena to seize the opportunity to tiptoe out of the bathroom door, she used nonverbal gestures to beckon Pit to follow her, but then Dark Pit said, "Huh? Who's there?"

Turning his head, the clothed boy saw nobody and shrugged. As the naked one breathed shakily behind the door, he prayed for Pittoo to leave. Luckily, Dark Pit left without closing the door, walking out and away without realizing Palutena was hiding behind the nearest corner. Once the dark angel was out of her sight, she whispered to the light one, "The coast is clear, Pit."

Quickly, Pit rushed out. Both covered their privates with their hands in front of each other as he sighed, "I can't believe we're being completely naked in our temple for this long, Lady Palutena."

Palutena agreed, "We're streaking in places we don't want to be naked; we'll be in deep shit if we don't get dressed soon."

Then Pit had a realization, "Maybe our garments are in the laundry."

Going into the laundry room, Pit and Palutena looked for any laundry baskets, but there weren't any. Plus, Pit's clothes were not in the dryer or the washer, and neither was Palutena's. That caused her to sigh, "Well, it was worth a shot. Guess we better keep looking."

However, before they could, Pandora came in with a full laundry basket, so the naked boy and woman hid behind the washer, hoping their clothes were in it. Putting the basket down on the floor, Pandora left for a minute, giving the naked angel time to look. He dug through all the garments. The basket mostly consisted of Dark Pit's black clothes, Pandora's clothing articles, and stuff the Centurions would wear.

Sadly for Pit and Palutena, none of the clothes were theirs, so they considered stealing something from basket, only to hear footsteps and seeing Pandora coming back in the laundry room. Hiding behind the washing machine, Pit and Palutena stayed still and silent as Pandora put everything in the washer, added detergent, and turned it on. Once she was gone again, the naked angel and goddess walked out too, quietly scolding themselves for not getting any of the clothes when they had the chance, "I'm so dumb."

Before long, Pit and Palutena were in the kitchen. His cock was flaccid, and her pussy was not feeling lubed. Thankfully, nobody else was present. While squatting behind the kitchen counter, they made sure their butts didn't touch the floor as their stomachs growled, but getting dressed was a higher priority for Pit and Palutena, the boy whispered to the woman, "Our meals can wait, we can't just eat breakfast naked."

Furthermore, Palutena looked at silverware, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, pots, pans, containers and lids in the cupboards. Then she looked at the food and drinks in the refrigerator, but she didn't know if it was a good idea to take anything as she quietly told Pit, "We probably shouldn't use any kitchenware or groceries for covering ourselves, the germs on our private areas would probably contaminate everything."

When Pit and Palutena heard their stomachs growl again, they looked at a cereal box, and she decided, "Well, we can't search for our belongings on an empty stomach. Since we're here, we may as well eat something."

"I don't know."

"We do need to eat to keep our strength up."

"True, but what if someone approaches?"

"We can just run for it."


Trying to be as quiet as possible, Palutena stayed in a squatted position as she grabbed the cereal box, two tiny bowls and two spoons. She carefully poured the cereal into the bowls without making a mess and put the box back. Also, she didn't add milk because she wanted them to finish their breakfast quickly. As Pit and Palutena ate the cereal in a hurry, he mumbled, "I hope no one catches us eating breakfast in the nude."

What the nude boy and woman didn't know was that Dark Pit and Pandora were looking at them from a hidden corner. The clothed couple giggled at the sight of the naked one eating their breakfast in secrecy, Dark Pit saying "OMG. Pit and Palutena are naked."

Pandora grinned, "Look at them, embarrassed and trying to stay out of sight. The fun's just getting started."

It didn't take long for the streakers to finish. When they heard the voices of the goddess of calamity and her angel husband, they panicked because they were close to being caught in an undressed state. Hastily, Pit and Palutena put their bowls and spoons in the dishwasher, then fled before anyone could catch them.

Time passed by quick as Pit and Palutena ran naked around the temple some more, using their hands and arms to censor their naturalness as they continued the search for their clothes. The temple itself was a huge maze with lots of floors, hallways and corridors where they often got lost very easily, and there were even a few times where they ran around in circles. Whenever they heard a noise, they held one another out of fear and remained motionless until they felt it was safe again.

No staff, no teleportation or any other type of magic that would quickly end their predicament. Now, the streaking angel and goddess had spent about several hours looking without success, then they ran into a nearby bathroom to avoid being spotted by another centurion. Inside, they took another little potty break. After peeing in the toilet and washing their hands, they noticed that all the towels were missing in that bathroom too, so they just rubbed their hands on their bare skin to dry them. As they dried their hands on their stomachs and butts, Pit expressed his concerns to Palutena, "We've been streaking all over the temple for hours on end, I'm surprised no one caught us yet."

In response, she feared, "Really, we know nobody will be happy about us running around naked. Someone might accuse you of being a gross pervert because you have nothing to cover your penis while your wife and goddess might end up being labeled as a harlot because they'll all think we intentionally took our clothes off."

All of a sudden, the nude angel noticed some feeling in his lower region that he didn't notice before. Staring down, he saw that his cock was erect and wondered, "What's up with my penis, Lady Palutena? I noticed it gets like that sometimes."

The goddess of light explained to her husband, hoping to help him comprehend why he had an erection, "You see, Pit, A penis gets hard from sexual arousal. Blood is rushing to your private part to stiffen it. It implies they you must be so turned on from being naked in front of me."

Humiliated by the erection he was having in front of his wife that he hid, Pit stammered, "I... I'm not..."

Seeing Pit get all red in his cheeks, Palutena blushed too and assured him, "I-I know, Pit, but erections just... can't be controlled, they'll only die down when they feel like it."

"Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed, I feel like a disgusting pervert."

"I know you're not, Pit."

Looking down, Palutena saw her inner thighs get a little wet in front of Pit, who pointed out, "Those wet spots don't smell or look yellow."

Pit's comment made Palutena aware of her vaginal wetness, she examined it with her hands and educated him, "This is just my vaginal lubrication, something that happens all the time. However, like the erection of your penis, my vagina gets moist when I'm turned on."

"Oh. Are you...?"

Redness spread all over Palutena's face as she said, "Oh no! Not anymore than you are, but..."

"But what?"

"Do you think of yourself as cute?"


"I mean, your body is so attractive with a toned midsection that seeing it might be the reason why I'm wet."

Hearing that made Pit's face red too, "You mean seeing me naked is... turning you on?"

"You are my husband, after all. I think you're handsome, with or without your clothes. My lubrication is meant to compliment your body."

"Well, t-thank you, Lady Palutena."

"You're welcome, Pit."

"We should get out of here."

"Good idea."

Off they fled again. Man, Pittoo and Pandora thought of everything if they all made sure no bathrooms had any towels for Pit or Palutena and made sure they couldn't do a thing about their sheer nakedness. It was very clear that the clothed duo went out of their way to make sure the naked one had no choice but to be stuck with their indecent exposure by withholding anything that Pit could use to cover his cock or his balls and anything Palutena could use to hide her boobs or her vulva. The bare angel and goddess were seriously twisting in the wind, stranded in their embarrassing situation.

Except for their hands and arms, Pit and Palutena had nothing at all that they could use to hide their private areas. Dark Pit and Pandora seriously did not want them to be able to cover their intimate parts. At this rate, Pit and Palutena would have just settled for some underwear as the other couple snickered to themselves, "Look at Pit and Palutena, naked as Adam and Eve. His dick and nuts, along with her melons and vulva are all on display. Maybe soon, we'll force them to entertain us."

Pit and Palutena, who were still completely nude, were still wandering around the temple, looking for their clothes that Dark Pit and Pandora stole from them. However, the light couple didn't know the dark couple were the culprits, and after a few more hours of searching, running around in the buff, and narrowly avoiding detection from anyone who could have potentially caught them, the brown-haired boy and green-haired woman still could not find them, and it was almost noon.

At 12 o'clock noon, Pit and Palutena found themselves back in the kitchen. His cock was flaccid, her pussy wasn't as wet, and the kitchen was still empty. Hearing their stomachs growl again, they opened the fridge and grabbed two small containers with salads and forks in them as she said, "I suppose as long as we're alone, we don't need to hide ourselves while we have some lunch."

Though Pit and Palutena remained standing, they stayed behind the counter to prevent anyone from seeing below their waists as they ate the lettuce with haste, the boy muffling, "We just have to make sure we don't get caught eating lunch naked."

In less than a minute, they finished and threw away their trash before Pit noticed his dick was getting stiff again. He hurriedly censored it, making Palutena giggle, "You don't have to hide your junk all the time."

Palutena's comment confused Pit, "Why not?"

"Do you think I'm beautiful?"

"Of course, I do, Lady Palutena. You're my wife, the most beautiful woman in existence, whether you're dressed or not, like what you told me earlier."

"It's ok to show me your erection, it's actually a compliment when your cock gets like that from looking at my body. It's gorgeous to you, correct?"


"That's why you should let your genitals be freely exposed. Your member's hardness is the result of arousal from laying eyes on my lovely figure."

"Lady Palutena, you really think I'm turned on from seeing you naked?"

"Yes, and that's perfectly normal to me. I'm aroused from seeing you nude too, so you don't need to feel self-conscious."

"Huh, I never realized how much you liked my private area."

She smiled, "And why shouldn't I? Your pee-pee is adorably tiny."

Looking down, Pit saw his dick harden even more and giggled softly at her compliment, "You... really think my penis is cute, Lady Palutena?"

Palutena nodded, "Because of how small it is. I made it only one inch when flaccid and two inches when erect."

"Why that small?"

"Wouldn't you agree that small things are cute? Like a bunny or a mouse?"

"That's true."

"Plus, I used my magic to never let any pubic hair grow on you because I like feeling smooth skin. That's what makes your anatomy irresistible."

"I don't know what to say, Lady Palutena."

"Me neither."

Pit's penis and Palutena's vagina were both radiating with excitement, his hardness and her wetness were pulling the two naked beings closer together, like an unseen force was trying to join them together. They smiled at each other's nakedness as they slowly walked towards one another. However, before Pit and Palutena could hug or kiss, they were startled because they heard footsteps, meaning someone was coming. Hastily, both nudies bolted before anyone could catch them.

Little did they know, the ones made those footsteps were Dark Pit and Pandora, who stayed hidden behind a wall and spied on Pit and Palutena while they ate and did that to scare them off. They snickered before calming down so the black-haired boy could brag to the blue-haired woman, "Both Pit and Palutena are becoming less and less nervous about being naked as time passes by. They really seem to be coming out of their shells."

"I know, right? They just needed us to make it happen."

Back to running nude down hallways and corridors, Pit often felt his penis and testicles flop around and touch his cupped hands while Palutena would feel her nipples poking her left arm and her trimmed green pubes against her right hand. They pondered what could happen if they didn't put any clothes on soon, worrying the wrong person could be offended by them not wearing any clothes at all and even try to get them punished for it.

Fear and worry ran rampant in Pit's body as he hid behind a column, "As your trusted servant and husband, it definitely isn't proper of me to show you my penis or my butt, Lady Palutena."

Palutena assured him that they would be fine by saying, "Maybe if we just explain ourselves, they'll understand that it's not our faults and maybe they can get us something to wear."

Quickly, Pit dashed to another column before asking his wife, "What if someone is just playing a mischievous prank on us? Maybe Pittoo or Pandora?"

"It isn't April Fool's Day, but we know they like to mess with us. I'm concerned they won't own up to it, though."

Without letting Pit and Palutena hear or see them, Dark Pit and Pandora eavesdropped on what they were saying. While the clothed couple was a few columns away from the naked one, Pandora giggled under her breath, "They're right. We sure like to mess with them, and we sure ain't confessing."

Dark Pit smiled, "This is the naughtiest and most devious thing we've ever done to them."

By late in the afternoon, Pit and Palutena's legs and feet were killing them, so the unclothed boy and woman stopped to take a break in a hallway right near where they started. While they just stood with their hands at their sides, he looked down at his penis while she looked down at her nipples. Suddenly, the angel and goddess unexpectedly received a pervy greeting as Dark Pit surprised his light counterpart from behind by pinching his sexy left butt cheek while the goddess of light had her right buttock pinched by the goddess of calamity. That made the streakers yelp, "Eep!"

The naked angel and goddess were finally caught, Pit and Palutena turned around as Dark Pit and Pandora had smiles on their faces from seeing the brown-haired boy and green-haired woman wearing nothing but their laurel crowns. Pit quickly covered his small penis and stammered, "L-L-Lady Palutena!"

At the same time, Palutena used her left arm to cover her breasts while her hand covered her vagina. As the situation dawned on her and Pit, he quietly panicked, "Oh my God, Lady Palutena! We're completely naked in front of Pittoo and Pandora!"

Pittoo greeted the other angel humorously, "Hello, Pit. It appears that you and Palutena are entirely naked, no chiton, no undershirt, no shorts, no dress, no bra, and no underwear. Neither of you are wearing anything, not even have sandals for your feet. Do you have a reason for this?"

Pit stuttered, "H-H-Hello, Pittoo, Pandora. We're... just being naked..."

With a smirk, the clothed boy asked the unclothed one, "Care to explain why? Did you two want to take off all of your clothes and walk around nude?"

Blushing, Pit tried to explain to his dark clone, "No, our clothes were... stolen."

That made everyone feign shock as Pandora questioned the other goddess, "Really? How did that happen?"

Palutena blushed, "We don't know. All we know is Pit and I woke up completely naked this morning and our clothes were nowhere to be found, so we had to... streak all around the temple to look for them. Sadly, we searched everywhere and couldn't find them."

"I see."

Pit nervously asked, "Do you two... like what you see?"

Pandora giggled, "This may surprise you, but yes. You and Palutena are boasting some good looks."

"By any chance, are you playing a trick on us?"

Dark Pit smiled as he and Pandora played dumb, his answer was, "We don't know what you mean, Pit."

"Well, can you or Pandora help Lady Palutena and I find our clothes? Maybe one or both of you accidentally took them?"

Palutena narrowed her eyes, "Did you two steal them?"

Both Pittoo and Pandora fibbed, "Neither of us know where your clothes are either. Sorry we can't help you guys."

That made the green-haired goddess sigh, "Damn. How about letting us wear your clothes?"

Pittoo sarcastically uttered, "Yeah, right. That would mean we'd be naked."

"If I had my staff, that would most definitely be the case right now."

Pit groaned in frustration, "Seriously? What are we gonna do?"

What Pittoo said was, "You could let us stare at you."

Didn't look like there was much else to do as Dark Pit and Pandora stared at the body of the goddess with green hair and the body her naked servant with brown hair from head to toe. Wasn't like Pit and Palutena could make a run for it because the other angel and goddess would just chase them.

Intently, Dark Pit stared at Pit's toned chest along with his flat and sexy stomach as well as his innie belly button, his sexy long legs, his small and ticklish feet, his naked thighs, and his nude hips with their eyes before ogling his bare butt. Likewise, Pandora looked all over Palutena's curvy tummy, her long gams, her dainty feet, bodacious hips, inner thighs, and her shapely ass. However, they couldn't see Pit's exposed and circumcised penis, nor could they see the nipples on Palutena's big breasts or the patch of green pubes on her vulva.

Pit felt that his dick was not erect at the moment under his hands while Palutena felt her vaginal lubrication producing at a normal rate. Everywhere on Pit and Palutena's naked bodies were hairless except for his head, his penis, and her pudenda. The nude beings had bodies that looked almost shaved like a girl, and the dressed ones moved their gazes to look at someone different.

Given Pit's physical appearance, Pandora became seduced and aroused from seeing Palutena's nude angel with nothing but bare skin after stripping him, the sight made her moist down there and made her want to make a pass at him. He seemed like a hunk to her, and Dark Pit just liked his humiliated facial expressions. Pit looked even more embarrassed when Pandora blew him a kiss, waved playfully at him, and even pinched his butt. Also, the goddess with blue hair made the assumption, "Palutena has no standards for marrying a boy whose manhood was a pathetic size."

Conversely, Pittoo was developing an erection under his clothes from ogling Pit's nude goddess. If she wasn't married, he'd hit on her nonstop. Her bare beauty was making him smile as he made no attempt to hide the bulge under his black garments. Palutena squirmed when Dark Pit catcalled at her with a wolf-whistle, almost wanting to slap him for his sexual advances. Pandora covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing at the other goddess's mortification. Said mortification multiplied when Dark Pit slapped her ass. Plus, the black-winged angel felt that the white-winged one was so fucking lucky for having an absolute bombshell like Palutena as his wife, saying, "Dat ass."

Now the nudies really wanted to smack the non-naked beings, but Palutena had no powers without her staff, and Pandora could easily deflect their blows with her powers.

As Pit and Palutena's cheeks became red with embarrassment, the other two were taking in how they were completely nude. They also had some visible tan lines as Dark Pit and Pandora teased the naked boy and woman, "Heeeey, what are you two nudies hiding?"

Referring to their crotches, they wanted Pit to show them his cute little pee-pee and Palutena to uncensor her boobies and pink folds. Desperate to avoid exposing themselves entirely, Pit denied, "Oh, it's nothing, heh."

Palutena tried to shoo them away, "There's nothing for you to see, so please leave."

Pit and Palutena blushed with embarrassed smiles as their bare bodies turned bright crimson. The light angel and goddess kept their no-no parts hidden, but the dark duo wasn't gonna take no for an answer, so Pittoo whispered something to Pandora that no one else could hear.

What Pandora did was hold out her left palm to Pit her right one to Palutena like she was telling them to halt. Then the goddess with blue hair formed a "V" with her index and middle fingers on both hands, which magically pulled Pit and Palutena's wrists away from their privates to expose them, then pointed those fingers downward to make the streakers put their hand at their sides. Despite the boy with brown hair and the woman with green hair resisting with all their might, the same unseen force kept them from doing a thing. Finally, when Pandora put her hands at her sides, neither Pit nor Palutena could move theirs.

Their hands were stuck at their sides, exposing Pit's adorably tiny penis as well as Palutena's D-cup breasts and her vagina to the dark angel and goddess. Looking down, Pit noticed his cock grew hard again after being relaxed for a while. He blushed even harder as he asked while feeling shackled, "What are you guys doing?"

Dark Pit smirked, "Just making sure Pandy and I can see your dick and Palutena's boobs and pussy."

As the two mischief makers looked at his junk, Pit thought, "Oh my God, I am showing Pittoo and Pandora my penis. I'm so embarrassed, I feel like a disgusting pervert."

Equally embarrassed, Palutena told Pit, "They also have a good view of my breasts and vagina. I feel like such a slut, I almost want to die of humiliation."

Pandora also said, "Pit's private is small... and I bet he wants to know why it's so hard."

A naked Pit squirmed, "Not really, Lady Palutena already told me."

Smiling, Pittoo asked, "Did your goddess also explain why her vagina gets wetter than usual sometimes?"

In response, a naked Palutena admitted, "I did."

Both Dark Pit and Pandora said, "Let's hear how it went."

It seemed like their invisible restraints were removed as Pit started touching his genitalia like a toy while Palutena recalled to the other two, "I did say I was wet from seeing that Pit's penis is... adorable from how tiny it is."

With a giggle, Dark Pit asked Palutena, "Don't you also think Pit's butt is cute?"

Getting behind the nude boy, the nude woman looked at Pit's bare bottom and the goddess with green hair patted it as she said, "Honestly, yes. It's one of the cutest boy butts ever."

Pit responded with a cute laugh, "You're enjoying what you're seeing?"

"To be honest, I like you being naked, I'm beginning to think I like it much more than you wearing clothes because you look so handsome and cute."

"You really think so?"

"I know so. What I'm seeing is looking good. Your healthy chest, your little nipples, your toned tummy, your innie belly button, your hairless legs, and your small feet make you more huggable and kissable without clothes."

Acting shy, Pit brought up, "Except me having nothing to wear means I'm unintentionally violating the Angel's Code of Conduct."

The blue-haired goddess assured him, "Don't worry about that, Pit. Hades is dead. Chances are the Code of Conduct is superfluous now, since Palutena has no more missions for you."

Palutena agreed, "It's true, we haven't had assignments for so long."

"You really like my nakedness?"

Then the green-haired goddess said, "Undeniably, I love your nudity."

"Don't you think my nudity is gross? I mean, you guys seeing parts of my body that are normally covered by clothing."

"Your hot body makes you an attractive nudist, so it's not that disgusting."

"Lady Palutena, I don't know what to say."

That was when Pittoo told the other angel, "You could say what you think about Palutena. Tell her what you think about her smoking hot bod and how it gets your hard between the legs."

Seeing her firm and appropriately large breasts, her flat lovely stomach and her dripping wetness, Pit said with the utmost honesty and sincerity, "Lady Palutena, you're just so beautiful, your D-cup breasts are so big and round with small nipples, your midsection is lovely with how curvy your waist is, the flatness of your stomach compliments that, your hot vagina is sexy with pink folds peeking out between your sexy long legs and petite feet, and your bouncy butt makes my penis erect too."

"Thank you, Pit. That means a lot. This intimacy really doesn't weird you out anymore? It doesn't weird me out anymore."

"It doesn't. It feels like a new experience."

"Aw, Pit."

"Oh, Lady Palutena."

Slowly walking to her, Pit let his bare skin lightly touch Palutena's equally naked flesh before they shared a heartfelt embrace, wrapping his arms around her shoulders as she hugged his waist. Pit felt his toned chest against her boobs, his flat tummy rubbing on hers, and his tiny cock tickled by green pubic hairs as Palutena cupped Pit's cheeks in her palms and kissed his cute face. It made the brunette boy smile as the green-haired woman caressed his cheeks.

As Pit and Palutena hugged and kissed, the way they did it now just felt so new and different. They had hugged and kissed before, but this was the very first time they did it while they were both completely naked. A minute later, they pulled away to look at each other's bodies some more.

The naked angel and goddess's facial expressions went from mortified from losing their clothes to being rather touched from the other's compliments. Pit smiled at her, "Lady Palutena, we're completely nude in front of my dark copy and the goddess of calamity. They love our naked bodies, and we love our nude bodies too."

"It's honestly become flattering, so I guess we should embrace our nakedness... for ourselves, for each other, and for them."

Pit stood with his hands at his sides as he said to his goddess with a cute smile, "I'm completely naked in front of you, Lady Palutena."

Palutena put her hands on her hips and sweetly smiled back, "I'm completely naked in front of you too, Pit. All of our clothes are off, so we're wearing only our laurel crowns, our wedding rings, and a smile."

"My small and cute penis is fully exposed. Look at the testicles dangling."

"I see that. Be sure to gaze upon my large breasts and the green pube patch near my labia and clitoris."

Nothing's covering our butt cheeks either. I'd love for us to get dirty since you and I are both naked as a jaybird. There so much to do with our indecent exposure, I don't know where to start."

Licking her lips in anticipation, Palutena suggested, "I do. You should do things to your penis to feel good, like masturbating."

"How do I do that?"

"Wrap your member in your hand."

Pit's penis was now in his left hand, the palm and fingers engulfing all of it except for the glans before his goddess instructed, "Now, keeping your erection in your fist, move your hand forward and backward without letting go."

Good thing he was good at following her directions, Pit was soon pumping his dick. The green-haired woman was amazed that she taught her brown-haired boy how to masturbate. He gazed at his goddess with a sweet smile, and she smiled back, "Does it feel good, Pit?"

"Yes, Lady Palutena."

"Don't be afraid to moan. After all, moaning is something you end up having to do as you experience the sensation of sexual stimulation. Don't stop until something white comes out of the tip."

"Got it."

It felt so good to jerk off in the nude in front of his goddess that was as naked as he was. A nude Pit moaned softly from groping himself, "Lady Palutena, your husband is naked. I feel so good right now."

Palutena giggled, "You're so cute."

Pit giggled back. He knew it was true, "You're cute too, and... hey, Pittoo? Pandora? Are you two gonna get naked as well?"

Pittoo grinned, "Nah. We want only you and Palutena to be naked."

That made Palutena ask, "Are you sure?"

Pandora answered, "Yeah, we're good. Right now, we prefer to just look and touch."

The clothed goddess patted the naked one on her butt and gave it a push, gesturing for Palutena to walk to her naked angel. She got the message and approached Pit, who moaned louder and didn't stop jacking off as everyone else watched him do it, smiling as they did. Slowly but surely, he felt a sensation building up in his crotch, like he had to pee. Before long, Pit let out a very loud moan as he ejaculated. Palutena, Dark Pit, and Pandora all smiled as they saw the tip of Pit's cock spurting white stuff. He fired a few streaks of it before he stopped and felt a little exhausted.

Looking down, Pit saw his mess on the floor and asked his goddess about it, "Lady Palutena, here's what came out of the tip. What is this?"

"It's called semen, Pit."

"What's semen?"

"White sex fluid that get ejaculated out of someone's sex organs when they climax/orgasm. It's also called cum, jizz, or spunk."

"Wow. Should we clean that up?"

Dark Pit told them, "Worry about that later. Right now, it's your wife's turn to climax."


Palutena said, "Come here, you sweet and cute naked boy. Let's see me make myself feel good."

Right then and there, Pittoo slapped Pit's buttocks to coax him forward. Since Pit wasn't clear on what to do, Dark Pit sighed, "Get closer to your goddess, dimwit."

Slowly walking to Palutena, Pit watched her pinch her nipples before she slid her feminine hands down her chest and stomach. She started touching her special area, and because of how heavenly it was for Palutena to use motherly hands to rub her cunt, she couldn't help but close her eyes tightly and open her mouth slightly to moan softly. To Pit, the way Palutena looked and the sounds she made meant it would be a lot easier for his manhood to harden once again as he grinned, "Lady Palutena, you really seem to be enjoying this, given the face you're making."

"About as much as you are. That reemerging stiffness shows just how excited you are from seeing me feverishly rubbing my own vulva."

"Your moans are music to my ears."

"I liked the way you moaned too. Oh, I feel a tingling in my crotch."

More and more, the goddess of light picked up the pace of rubbing her pudenda. Her eyes were closed tighter, and her mouth was open wider. Eventually, Palutena let out a louder moan as she felt her vaginal wetness spill out of her in an orgasm, making a little splash on the floor between her feet and trickling down her legs. The mess she made was five feet away from the one Pit made. Palutena was breathing heavily, and her legs were a little wobbly.

It took a minute for her breathing to normalize. Once it did, the completely bare boy smiled at the equally unclothed woman as they shared another hug, she smelled his brown hair, kissed his forehead, and they shared another soft kiss on the lips. Pit's blue eyes stared deeply into Palutena's green ones as they locked lips like the happily married couple they were.

Without asking for permission, Dark Pit and Pandora joined the group hug. The black-winged angel hugging the white-winged one from behind while the goddess of calamity hugged of light from behind. A bare Pit and Palutena actually felt tantalized from being in the raw while surrounded by their… frenemies, the ones they didn't even know stripped them down to nothing. They were right in the middle of the circle, the only ones without absolutely no clothes on.

Dark Pit and Pandora's clothed bodies were titillating against Pit and Palutena's naked ones. All of their skin against their clothes clarified that the dark couple were dressed while the light one was not as he said out loud, "We're an angel and goddess that are both horny because Lady Palutena and I are the only ones here who are butt naked."

Lady Palutena told Pittoo and Pandora, "God, Pit and I are so aroused from being in the raw that we want to experience the pleasure of having our private parts touched inappropriately. Please tease us while our libidos are still raging like no one's business."

They were way ahead of her because Dark Pit groped Pit's bottom while kissing his neck and Pandora did the same to Palutena, who planted motherly kisses on Pit's face, including his blue eyes, ears, nose, forehead, and lips. As Pit did the same to her, the angel gasped, "This is so new to me, Lady Palutena. You and I have hugged and kissed before, but this is the first time we've ever done it while we're totally naked. The way you make me feel good about myself makes me feel like an attractive, handsome and sexy young stud. You're better at doing that than Pittoo and Pandora."

The goddess of light gasped back, "Ditto. Your compliments make me feel like a beautiful woman, yours are more sincere and genuine than Dark Pit and Pandora's."

While Pit and Palutena shared passionate kisses as husband and wife, Dark Pit groped Pit's pee-pee as Pandora rubbed Palutena's pudenda with one hand each, stroking their hands across the white-winged angel's penis and testicles as well as the green-haired goddess's external genitals. What the dark duo did with their free hands was grope the two soft and firm bare bottoms with the calamity goddess playfully slapping the light goddess's buttocks while the black-haired boy squeezed the brown-haired boy's butt cheeks.

Pit said with a sweet smile as everything on his body was being fondled, "Lady Palutena, my penis, testicles, and butt cheeks are fully exposed to you, Pittoo, and Pandora."

Palutena smiled back as her angel kissed her boobs, "My breasts, vagina, and buttocks are being caressed erotically. Nothing has felt so stimulating as you, Dark Pit, and Pandora can see all of my lovely. How does it feel to have your nakedness caressed, Pit?"

"Lady Palutena, my nudity feels so sexy and intimate. It gives me a sense of freedom."

"I feel the same way. The intimacy and freedom come from not wearing anything to cover our private areas."

Pit and Palutena were becoming more comfortable being naked in front of each other and people that were more clothed than them after seeing their admiration. Acting sexy, Pit playfully flicked his cock a few times as Palutena squeezed her melons before they simply stood completely nude with their arms at their sides, beaming at one another, her soaking in all of his unclothed body and vice versa. They could hardly believe themselves because they were topless, bottomless, and barefoot, but chose to get dirty instead of getting dressed.

A minute later, the boy and the woman that were baring all went from ogling each other to standing in front of the boy and the woman that were decently covered. Dark Pit smiled at Pit's smoking hot body, and Pandora grinned as she scanned Palutena's luscious bod.

Playfully flicking his penis again, Pit elicited another giggle from his goddess of light as she suggested, "Would you like a handjob, nudie cutie?"

"What is that?"

Pandora answered, "It's like masturbation, except with someone else's hands instead of your own."

"Oh my god, yes! I want a handjob."

Palutena agreed to do it, "I just want to say that with your naked body, hairless skin, small penis, bubble butt, sweet-smelling brown hair, and cute blue eyes, all you need to wear is a radiant smile to make women fall in love with you. Pit?"

"Yes, Lady Palutena?"

"Do you still think I'm beautiful?"

"Yes, of course I do. I'll never stop thinking that."

"Hee hee. I know you're not lying, I'm sure you really do. Erections occur when a male thinks a female is beautiful, and I can see yours showing no sign of quieting down. I bet you think that Pandora is beautiful too."

"Between you and me, *hushed* nobody is as irresistible as you."

"Aw, shucks, Pit. You ready for your handjob?"


Standing in front of each other, the goddess of light moved her hands across her angel's naked front side. She pinched his nipples and poked his navel while rubbing his stomach, but not before she whispered, "Your penis is so small and cute with tiny testicles that I could touch them all day long."

Kneeling down, Palutena caressed her husband's penis lovingly and erotically as Pit moaned more and more with every one of his wife's touches, "Lady *moan* Palutena, please *moan* pleasure my *moan* naked penis."

"Oh, I will, Pit."

At the same time, Pandora pinched Pit's nipples while groping the cheeks on his ass as the blue-haired woman cooed to the brunette boy, "Your face is cute too, so is everything else on your bare body. Your ass is as adorable as your face and your member, you're quite the male model. You must be super lucky to have a woman like Palutena as your wife, considering how embarrassingly small your penis is."

Dark Pit moved behind Palutena, moved her long green hair, kissed her bare back, and massaged her naked butt, saying softly in her ears, "Between your bazongas, your irresistible vagina, and your bodaciously thicc booty, you are a total knockout of a supermodel. Actually, scratch that, you're an ultramodel."

Pandora pressed against Pit to remind him how much more clothed she was than him while asking, "Isn't losing your clothes a blessing in disguise, Pit?"

Pit moaned, "Yes..."

Dark Pit pressed against Palutena so she could feel her unclothed form against his clothed one. Breathing while asking, Pittoo queried, "How does my clothes feel against your skin?"


"You and Pit don't mind being the only ones that are completely in the nude?"

"Not at all."

The boy with brown hair and blue eyes commented, "Guess we've lost our inhibitions."

Still pleasuring the woman with green hair and green eyes from behind, the boy with black hair and red eyes said out loud, "You should do stuff like this all the time. It'll be fun for you to fidget with your naked husband's most private area while he lays hands on your forbidden parts."

That made the woman with blue hair and purple eyes laugh in agreement, "Totally."

Every naughty thing that the dark angel and goddess was arousing the light angel and goddess. Despite Pit and Palutena not knowing the other duo was responsible for stripping them down to sheer nakedness, they were too lost in the moment to give a shit about what happened to their clothes. Two minutes later, Palutena stopped before she asked, "How about showing me your cute little bottom, Pit?"

Pit turned around to give Palutena a good view of his smooth bare behind and shake it, asking, "Lady Palutena, how cute do you think my bare butt is?"

Palutena was allured from seeing Pit moving his buttocks up and down and replied, "Absolutely adorable."

Squeezing Pit's naked buttocks, Palutena massaged them for a while as Pit stroked his little pee-pee, trying to climax. By that moment, Dark Pit and Pandora backed away to watch the show, kissing on the lips as Dark Pit giggled, "I'm so excited that I almost didn't notice that my erection his still, Pandy. Wanna reach in there and find it?"

That proposal made Pandora giggle back as they kissed some more and she stuck her hand inside Pittoo's black garments, masturbating him once she found his cock. Dark Pit's penis was at the mercy with his wife, moaning from having his dick pleasured. He returned the favor by having his hand go fishing in her clothes, checking her panties for any wet spots, and rubbing her vulva after confirming that she was lubed up down there. Pandora's vagina was at the mercy of her husband, she moaned as loudly as he did while her underwear got more and more soaked. Seeing what they had done almost made them want to divest themselves of their clothes too.

Abruptly, Palutena stopped and instructed to Pit stand in front of her again, grinning, "Now I'm thinking we end with a blowjob by yours truly. That means your exposed genitals go right in my mouth so I can lick and suck them. How's that sound?"

"Oh, god, please do it! I love you and I want to ejaculate for my wife and my friends."

"That's the spirit, nude dude. Pay attention, Dark Pit. You too, Pandora."

Putting Pit's erection in her mouth, Palutena sucked and licked on it as the others congregated beside them. From their points of view, they were looking at Pit on the left and his moaning face savoring the experience of a blowjob from Palutena on the right, him holding her head and stroking her long green hair as he moaned, "Oh my god, this is so hot. My friends are seeing my wife and me naked and now Lady Palutena has my micropenis in her mouth."

To help Palutena push Pit's sexual excitement over the edge, Pandora squeezed Pit's bare butt, squishing his buttocks in her fingers and palms. Meanwhile, Pittoo squatted down to finger Palutena's pussy. As the two dressed friends stroked the undressed ones, goosebumps developed on every inch of Pit and Palutena's bare forms. Palutena sucked on his dick, licking it harder and also moaning louder as Dark Pit kept pumping two fingers in and out of her. Pandora was kneading his buttocks more aggressively in the process. Louder and louder, Pit moaned from the added pleasure, "Lady Palutena, make me cum!"

Dark Pit laughed, "That's exactly what she's trying to do. I'm trying to help her do that too, and it seems to be working well since my fingers are going in and out of her pretty quickly."

Pandora quipped, "Your climax shouldn't take much longer since your member is so small."

The goddess with green hair stopped sucking her angel's dong for a second to rasp, "You're all doing great. Keep it going."

Then Palutena went back to sucking Pit's penis, he screamed as Pandora's grabbed his ass and squeezed it harder, "I think I'm gonna cum again!"

In response, Palutena stopped the blowjob and went back to the handjob, still on her knees, pumping his private in her fist, and screaming as Dark Pit didn't stop his penetration of her, "Do it, Pit. Cum for me, and I'll cum for you."

Looking at how the goddess of light used her hand rapidly on her angel's little erection, Pittoo tried to pump Palutena faster than she was pumping Pit, who shouted, "I... I... I never learned how to read!"

His face contorted, and Palutena shouted back, "UGH! UNGH! AGH! PIT! I'm cumming too!"

Right after that, Pit and Palutena came a second time, him spilling a not-very-big load of semen on Palutena's face and her getting her vulval lubes trickling down her legs and pooling between her knees on the floor. She giggled at their messes, "Oh my, Pit. You stained my face with your seed."

Abashed and red-faced from seeing his cum on her face, "S-sorry, Lady Palutena! It's too bad you can't clean it up without your powers."

That was when Pandora laughed, "No worries, Pit. I still have my magic powers, so I can clean it up in no time."

"Oh. Ok."

Some sparkles appeared around the light goddess's face. When they went away, so did Pit's jizz as the calamity goddess said, "There, good as new. You two must be tired. Need to lie down?"

In unison, Pit and Palutena panted, "Honestly, yeah."

As the nudies lied down and panted, they shivered as their butt cheeks pressed on the floor. He asked, "Did you enjoy seeing me naked, Lady Palutena?"

A satisfied Palutena giggled, "You bet I did, as much as you enjoyed seeing me in the nude."

"That I loved a lot."

Dark Pit smiled, "In fact, me and Pandora were delighted by your bare bodies."

Pandora grinned, "You two are so cute when you do things naked. You should be naked all the time. Right, Pittoo?"

"Right. With Pit's smoking hot male body, he makes for a great nudist husband to Palutena, and she make a great naturist wife to him. They're lucky to have to each other, they deserve one another."

The nude angel and goddess smiled at their compliments, the former saying, "Maybe we will stay naked, we'll show all of you more of my cute bubble butt and tiny little pee-pee. We'll streak in public and become nudists, we'll fight naked in Smash Bros. and upload nudes of ourselves online.

Palutena concurred, "Dark Pit, Pandora, you both might be right about us not needing any clothes. Whoever stole them can keep them, though I still suspect it was you two."

Grinning, Dark Pit and Pandora assured the other couple, "Believe us when we say neither of you need any clothes. Keep exposing your adorable private parts, nudie cuties."

With that encouragement, Pit and Palutena happily fell asleep in the buff, his boner slowly dying down to a relaxed state while her natural lubrication went back to normal as they smiled to themselves, still hardly believe the choice they made. This morning, they lost all of their clothes and were forced to be naked for a long time. While they were wearing nothing at all, Pittoo and Pandora encouraged them to do stuff in their birthday suits and they did.

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