Edelgard in the Night Kitchen @woodyk
Chapter 1

Being the King was tough and tiring, a council meeting here, a battleground there. The only time Edelgard had to herself was during bedtime. A little quality time with Mr. Buzz-Buzz was just what the doctor ordered... followed by passing out in the afterglow. Tonight though, King Edelgard would have the sweetest dream imaginable.

She didn't know when it happened, but she felt herself floating upward as her bedroom warped around her. She smiled goofily at the pleasant feeling of zero-g, which turned into a toothy grin as she felt her nightgown slip through her body leaving her buck-naked as the day that she was conceived... the only thing she had left was her horn crown.

And so, she descended without a care in the world... into the light of the night kitchen.

Edelgard landed with a splash into a titanic bowl of dough. Laughing like a child, the King splashed around as if she were in a bubble bath as she playfully covered herself with the gooey batter until there wasn't a shed of skin left visible.

Yes, Edel was having a blast; she hadn't had this much fun in AGES! It was- Someone was coming!

Scared for her reputation if someone saw her in the bowl like the way she was now, she dived down deep into the batter to keep herself hidden.

Emerging from the shadows were two Giantesses wearing nothing but aprons and chef hat's (had Edelgard been above she would have noticed that the two titans looked like her teacher, Byleth, and Bernie).

Titan Bernie began pouring in the sugar and cracking eggs into the batter while Titan Byleth stirred the batter. From within the bowl that hid Edelgard, there was swirling around as if she were in a typhoon... and she LOVED it! Every now and then, her hand or her foot would appear at the top while the batter was swirling, sometimes even her tush would appear and let out a loud, wet fart. One time, she got daring and let her upper-half pop up as she yelled "WEEEE!" before plugging her nose, proofing out her cheeks, and diving back in.

Eventually, the two titans poured the batter into a cake pan and put it into the "Edelgard Oven". Titan Bernie blinked as she closed the oven, she'd swear she could have seen a small woman with horns pop out and blow her a kiss before flashing the "peace" sign and diving back under.

Edelgard didn't mind the temperature, she was in her element as she curled up into a ball and let the cake solidify around her... until she realized something: the Titans didn't add the MILK! The cake she was sleeping in was a DUD! Like an animal possessed, Edelgard clawed herself to the top, screaming her lungs out to whoever could hear her.

The Titans rushed to the "Edelgard Oven" upon hearing the screaming. They pulled open the oven and were met by a cloud of smoke when it faded the two Titans was a small woman with horns pull herself out of the cake, everything below her neck was covered in a cake bodysuit. Edelgard cheered, "I'm not the milk and the milk is not me! I am your KING! Bow before me peasants and kiss my feet! Ohohohohohohoh!"

With that said, the King jumped out of the ruined cake and into a pile of fresh dough. There she crafted it into a dragon with wings and proceeded to ride it over the two Titans. She then grabbed a nearby pitcher and attempted to put it on her head... but her horns blocked access. Puffing out her cheeks she shoved it into the dough of the dragon and went out looking for milk.

It didn't take long as she eventually found a giant milk jug and proceeded to ride her dragon downward into the milk. Diving into the drink with a splash, Edelgard's dragon dissolved, and she gave it a salute in recognition before descending deeper into the milk. She farted causing the cake around her tush to break off, exposing her rear end to the world. Realizing that her cake suit was dissolving around her, Edelgard began dancing in zero-g as the cake fell off, "I'm in the milk and the milk's in meeeeeee!"

Edel sang as her boobs and stomach were revealed, she put her arms behind her head and proceeded to flap her breasts around, "God bless milk and god bless meeeeeeee!"

King Edelgard sang as the last of the cake fell off her, leaving her nude again.

After swimming around for a bit, Edelgard eventually found the pitcher and brought it to the top where she found the two Titans waiting with a new set of cake batter.

The King poured the milk into the batter before jumping off of the jug and cannonballing into the batter...

Edelgard landed back into her bed, still naked, but her body was cake free and dry. She giggled like a kid who ate all the cookies, wrapped her nude body around the sheets, and went back to sleep, not giving a fukc about where her nightgown was... maybe she'd have another sweet dream.


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