Naked Pit & Palutena & Lucina Reform Edelgard @woodyk
Chapter 1

Edelgard von Hresvelg, House Leader of the Black Eagles, was about to declare war on the Church of Seiros, which she vehemently abhorred and mistrusted. Suddenly, she disappeared in a flash of light, no longer in the continent of Fódlan.

Why did that happen? Well...

In Skyworld, Pit, Palutena, and Lucina were all completely naked as they were kissing and fondling each other when the naked family was alerted by a pair of Centurions, "Guys, we have a problem!"

Lucina asked, "What's going on?"

"Come see!"

Through a magical pool, the naked boy and women saw Edelgard masquerading as the Flame Emperor and conversing with Thales before leaving behind a dagger as teleported. Her forces were then shown to be attacking the Garreg Mach Monastery.

Appalled, Palutena declared, "We can't just let this happen! We need to take action!"

Pit asked her, "What action, Lady Palutena?"

"We'll bring her to us."

Turns out, the flash of light that made Edelgard vanish was caused by the goddess of light.

Edelgard found herself warped to Palutena's Temple, where she stood in chains and cuffs before the naked angel, goddess, and Ylissean woman. Palutena then said, "Edelgard, I think you know why I brought you here."

Edelgard actually didn't know or even care because she said while struggling against her restraints, "What's the meaning of this? I have a war to win!"

The goddess explained, "It's kind of a long story, and it may be hard to believe."

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

Lucina elaborated, "Being a goddess, Palutena can see the future, and can even offer you a vision of what's to come on your dark path."

"Surely, she can tell me that I won the war."

Pit, Palutena, and Lucina froze. They knew damn well that that was not the case. The woman in red and black squinted, "What?"

With a little reluctance, the goddess of light broke some bad news, "Spoilers... you lose the war."

"What?! Don't be ridiculous! How can I lose?!"

"Follow us."

Being guided to the magic pool, the nude boy and women showed Edel her future. In order to get their point across, they decided to fast forward all the way to the end. The pool reflection showed every event with Palutena's magic, looking like a movie inside a VCR or a DVD player.

They decided to fast-forward past the part where the Adrestian Empire had gained control of the Monastery, sending most of the Knights of Seiros into hiding. Dimitri was ousted from his rightful place as heir to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and forced into hiding while a woman by the name of Cornelia became Queen and aligns with the Empire, making Faerghus a puppet country.

By 1185, Adrestia had all but conquered all of Fódlan. However, Byleth reappeared after a five-year disappearance and is able to find Dimitri. In Great Tree Moon, 1185, the armies of the Adrestian Empire, the Faerghus rebel army accompanied by the Knights of Seiros, and the Leicester Alliance meet at Gronder Field much like the mock battle held at the Academy five years prior. Edelgard personally led the Adrestian forces, but was eventually defeated by Byleth and Dimitri, forcing her to retreat. As she gathered her troops, especially once Dimitri reclaimed Faerghus from Cornelia and after he captured Fort Merceus, she received a message from Dimitri to meet him in private and accepted the request on a whim. Accompanied by Hubert, she conversed with Dimitri about their past. Though the prince tried to see eye to eye with her, she refused to give up her ambitions. At an impasse, Dimitri returned the dagger she dropped five years ago, the one he had gifted her when they were children. The two departed but acknowledge the next time they would meet would be in battle as enemies.

During the Verdant Rain Moon, 1185, the Kingdom of Faerghus invaded the capital of Adrestia, Enbarr, killing Hubert. Left with the Adrestian Castle as her only defense, she willingly used archaic methods to transform herself into a Hegemon Husk, which allowed her to use the unbridled full power of her two crests, in a last-ditch effort to stop Byleth, Dimitri, and their army. Despite her fierce attacks, her loyal soldiers who were willing to give their lives for her, and a few agents of Those Who Slither in the Dark, she was eventually defeated by them.

The naked trio stopped there and played the rest of the vision at normal speed. Edel's face slowly transitioned from smug and confident to concerned, if not downright scared for her life.

As Edelgard's monster form dissipated off her body, Dimitri offered his hand to the weakened emperor. Edelgard refused to accept his mercy, meeting his response with silence as she silently grabbed her dagger underneath her cloak and threw it at his shoulder. Dimitri instinctively impaled her heart with Areadbhar in response, killing her.

Once the glance into the future was over, Edelgard was genuinely horrified by the unfavorable outcome. She was so distraught by how her plans would blow up in her face and what kind of person she would become that she fainted, but not before silently gasping, "Oh my god."

Edel fell backwards, much to everyone's surprise. Pit lamented, "Looks like the bad news was too much for her to handle."

Palutena agreed, "No shit, Sherlock. Why else would she be out cold?"

Lucina asked, "How do we wake her up?"

Thinking, Palutena smirked, "One on hand, I could use my goddess powers to revive her. On the other, maybe we can all make out on top her since we're all completely in the nude?"

Smiling, Lucina went with the latter option, "That's much better. All in favor?"

The bare boy and women all said, "Aye."

"All opposed?"

No one said, "Nay."

The nude angel said to his wife and daughter, "The "ayes" have it. Suggestion approved."

Before they officially began, they stripped Edelgard when Pit suggested, "Maybe we can take's Edelgard's clothes off and have her bared like us?"

Both Palutena and Lucina thought that was a great idea. First came the black ankle-high boots, then the red cape. The school uniform took some time and fidgeting to remove since there were a lot of loose articles, like the Crest of Seiros, a white tie, and her red leggings. It took around 30 seconds before Edelgard was completely nude. Despite being naked, Edel still didn't move a muscle, she was still catatonic, unconscious, insensible, even comatose.

Pit sat down to the left of Edelgard, took her left hand, and rubbed his penis with it, giggling and blushing, "Surely, she'd love to play with my cute little pee-pee, making it grow from one inch to two. Small things are cute, aren't they, Lady Palutena?"

Palutena sat down to the right of Edelgard and used her right hand to rub her vagina, answering her husband's question, "They sure are, Pit."

Lucina got on top of Edelgard's body, their naked bodies warmed up from skin-on-skin contact.

A naked Pit, Palutena, and Lucina all felt blood rushing to their intimate areas while making love to an equally naked Edelgard, sexual arousal causing physiological and psychological responses that the former three were brazenly displaying while the latter just stayed in an unconscious state.

While Pit and Palutena kept using Edel's hand to stimulate their genitals, Lucina brought her mouth to her neck. Breathing over her skin, a shiver ran down her spine while she nibbled the skin of the female beneath her before letting her tongue run over the area. Lucina stifled a giggle as she spread Edelgard's legs and placing her own between Edel's thighs. Pushing herself down against her, Lucina slowly grinded her blue pubes against the white ones.

Turned on, the brown-haired boy moaned, "What are you doing to Edelgard, Lucina?"

The blue-haired woman answered, "Making her feel good. My way of speeding up her recovery and waking her up."

That was when the green-haired woman and her hubby leaned over and kissed their way down their daughter's bare back, nibbling every now and then. They scraped their teeth against her collarbone. Lucina arched her back in response, gasping while her parents pinched her butt cheeks.

After a while of kissing Edelgard on the lips, Lucina began to kiss and nibble her way down her neck and chest, until she reached her stomach. When she poked her navel, Edelgard didn't raise her hips or even make a peep, making the female on top comment, "Perhaps some more drastic measures are required."

Lightly, the woman with blue hair grazed the white-haired one around her inner thighs. No moans were emitted by Edie, not even a twitch. Hatching another idea, Lucina asked her mom and dad, "Mind if I borrow these hands really quick?"

Pit and Palutena said, "We don't mind. Go ahead."

Looking behind her, Lucina took Edelgard's hands and placed them on her bottom, making it look like she was grabbing Lucina's buttocks.

Still sitting on their bare butts, the naked boy with brown hair and the naked woman with green hair scooted closer until Pit could wrap his legs around Palutena's waist and his arms around her shoulders. Once Palutena wrapped her legs around Pit's bottom and her arms around his waist, they kissed, moaning in each other's mouths and swirling their tongues like two different flavors of ice cream. There were even a few times where they felt Lucina's bare feet on their legs, trying to tickle them with her toes.

Pit's abs tensed and he took a sharp intake of breath as Palutena's mouth went from his lower lips to his chin, slowly working up the speed. His breathing now came in small huffs, and his entire body was tense like a bowstring. She then held him tighter, spread her legs, and carefully leaned back until she was lying with her face upward with his face looking right down at her. The new position had Pit moving his legs until they were placed between his wife's glorious gams. Smiling radiantly, the woman encouraged the boy on top of her, "How about kissing my other set of lips?"

"On it, Lady Palutena."

Being the yes-man he was, Pit crawled backwards until he was looking directly at Palutena's slit, immediately flicking his tongue over her clit. Palutena was moaning as Pit began to torture her sweetly, she took a hold of his brown hair spikes, making sure not to crush his face by gently pushing herself down onto him. She gasped as Pit sucked, nibbled, and licked, feeling her legs tense as he brought her closer and closer to the edge, but it was not enough as she mumbled with trembling legs, "I can't cum like this, Pit. Let me try something."

Positioning herself on her hands and knees, Palutena wiggled her bum a little for Pit, who got the message. He gave her a light spank before massage her behind a little. Given the way Pit's hands were groping his wife's ass, she could have sworn that she felt her own wetness leak out of her vagina and drip down over her pubic bone and stomach.

Pit used the tip of his cock to tease Palutena, "Do you think you can cum like this, honey?"

"Stick your dick in me, and there's a strong chance I will, sweetie."

Carefully slow, the tip of Pit's small penis was put in Palutena's vagina. She moaned at the wonderful feeling of him stretching her as much as he could, but that wasn't very much. Rubbing her lower back with a hand, he slowly sunk into her, relaxing her as her orgasm once more began to build. Her husband soothed as he slowly slid himself out, then pushed inside of her a bit harder, "Do I satisfy you, Lady Palutena?"

Slowly, he thrusted into her, working up the speed as his fingers dug into the flesh over her hips, holding her firmly in place. He released her with one hand and gave her behind a little slap that subtly vibrated inside of her, making her stiff nipples even tighter, she answered, "As much as you always do, nudie cutie."

Reaching across and under Palutena, Pit gripped one of her breasts and squeezed it to send an excited shiver through her. Without even thinking about it, her hand slid down her body until she began to rub her clitoris, heightening the pleasure even more as he kept pounding into her. This doggy-style position was amazing, as it allowed him to hit the front of her vaginal wall in just the right spot, and he knew that it would be a great orgasm. Her muscles tensed around him as the pleasure built inside of her, and it made her feel him even better as he giggled, "Jeez, you're clenching hard, Lady Palutena!"

"It just feels so good, nude dude."

"I'm glad you like it."

A shiver went down Palutena's spine and straight to her core, and she gave a whine as the pleasure became almost unbearable from Pit pounding her with no inhibitions. She needed to cum now.

Good thing it wasn't much longer because something snapped inside of her, and she let out a groan as her head lolled back with her eyes rolling into her head. Her whole body began to shake as her muscles rhythmically clenching around Pit, who was still thrusting into her over and over again, egging her on until everything turned black for a moment.

Gasping as her senses returned, Palutena writhed in Pit's grip as he increased his speed to a desperate rhythm, his moans were loud and were music to her ears. She knew it was her clenching around him that had triggered his own need to orgasm. That knowledge felt pretty good, which was probably one of the reasons she felt a pressure build inside of her again.

One perfect thrust from Pit completely threw Palutena off of the edge. A gush of wetness sprayed between her legs and on his crotch, pouring down her legs on the floor as she struggled to breathe. Her legs gave out, and she slipped out of Pit to collapse on the floor.

By surprise, after Pit sat on his knees and closed his eyes, Palutena was gone. While he was confused, Palutena turned out to be right behind her husband, pinching Pit's buttocks. His own body began to convulse with help from his goddess as she hugged him from behind and pumped his member, making him pulsate.

Panting and gasping, he felt his seed beginning to trickle out of his organ. He let out a loud moan every time his semen came out in a spurt. Pit came once, he came twice, he came thrice, and then he came quarce.

Heavily, Pit gave an exhausted laugh while looking at the lines of white stuff on the floor, "I'm not sure I can stand up."

Palutena squeezed his bare bottom as she laughed with the same amount of exhaustion, "Neither can I. Let's not force ourselves."

Looking at Lucina, the Ylissean princess with no clothes on was still grinding her crotch against Edelgard and kissing her on the lips, being carefully slow so Edel's hands wouldn't fall off of Lucina's bottom. While rubbing their vaginas together in a clockwise rotation, Lucina whispered in the white-haired woman's ear, "Still at a loss for words, I see. No worries. The realization that your clothes are off, combined with my nakedness against yours, should be able to wake you up after an orgasm."

Lucina hastened their orgasm by rotating her hips and applying more pressure to Edelgard around the pudenda. Involuntarily, Edelgard's hands fell off of Lucina's butt, but the woman with blue hair stopped caring about that as she tried to make herself and the female with white hair cum. She moaned more deeply into the woman beneath her as the electricity of orgasm made their skin feel as if they were both on fire. As Lucina writhed over Edel pathetically, their pussies throbbed with the most amazing pleasure that emanated throughout their whole nude bodies. The woman on top squealed as she squirted, "AHHHH!"

Then, suddenly, Lucina's naked body crashed down from the high and she could hear her own panting. She climaxed, and Edelgard did shortly after as Lucina moaned, "Wow, Edelgard wasn't even wide awake. I must be really good at making other women cum."

Not long after that, Lucina's chest rose and fell rapidly, trying to regain normalcy and focusing so much on her own recovery that she was uncertain if Edelgard's chest ever did the same. Once Lucina felt normal, she slowly dismounted from Edelgard, and looked at the terrible mess they had made, heaving, "Phew. That was absolutely amazing! You were awesome, Pit and Palutena."

Pit and Palutena grinned, "You were amazing too, pumpkin."

All three of them were soaked in clammy sweat. The reason Edelgard wasn't perspiring was because being asleep meant zero exertion from her. After Pit, Palutena, and Lucina kissed each other's lips and cheeks, they cuddled next to Edel, waiting for her to awaken.

Edelgard eventually woke up, yawning like she just had a full night's sleep. She immediately realized that something was missing, she looked down at herself and gasped because of her nudity. In a panic, Edelgard stood up and covered herself, asking, "I'm naked! Where the hell are my clothes?!"

Pit calmed her down with, "Don't worry, Edelgard. They're right there on the floor."

Where Pit pointed, Edelgard's garments were all messily laid out on the floor ten feet north of her from where she stood. After Edelgard hurriedly got dressed, Palutena then said, "I bet you're wondering why you ended up being nude in the first place."

"Because you three stripped me. What other reason is there?"

"Good point."

Then Lucina added, "You were also part of an orgy between mom and dad and me."

That made Edel ask, "But why?"

"To wake you up faster."


Palutena proceeded to query, "You remember the bad news we showed you in our vision?"

Recalling the vision quickly, she sighed, "Yeah..."

"We're sorry that it's not what you hoped it would be."

However, Edelgard said, "Actually, I should be sorry. I'm sorry for being so blind, blind with rage, letting my hatred of the Chruch of Seiros for their transgressions against me serve as justification for planning a rash assault."

Lucina consoled, "Hey, it's ok. You're not still planning any war against the Church, are you?"

"No. I'm calling it off. Instead, I'm just gonna move on with my life and avoid the Church like the plague."

"Good. It's always better to block out anything that really damages you physically or emotionally."

"Pit, Palutena, Lucina, thanks for opening my eyes. After seeing what was going to happen and after seeing what my fate was, I'm choosing a new path for myself."

The angel smiled and hugged the clothed woman, "You're welcome."

As the goddess and Ylissean also hugged El, the woman in black and red was a little weirded out from having a naked boy and two naked women embracing her, but she didn't fight it. El hugged them all back, and then decided that she was ready to go back and change things for the better. Palutena warped her back to Fódlan.

From that day forward, Edelgard walked the path of light and love (one like Crimson Flower except Edelgard began the reforms she always wanted to bring to the nobility and the Crest system from the get-go), not one of war and hate that was ultimately her undoing (like Azure Moon).

Pit, Palutena, and Lucina proudly watched on from the reflecting pool, delighted that they not only changed a mind, they changed a heart.


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