Shadow the MILF Lover @woodyk
Chapter 2

Shadow had been sent by G.U.N. to negotiate with Aleena to get her Kingdom to ally with G.U.N.

Queen Aleena was the former ruler of Mobius but was deposed at the hands of Doctor Robotnik. The Oracle of Delphius informed her that she was forced to leave her children in a basket and gave them to another family by placing them in front of the family's house and knocking the door in order to protect them.

G.U.N. had made the offer to help Aleena reunite with her three children, stating that they had found her children and would offer them protection in exchange for the alliance.

Inside Aleena's castle, Shadow came in to seduce her in order to get the agreement. He started by flirting, "Hey, you."

Aleena asked, "What can I do for you, Shadow?"

"G.U.N. can help you reunite with your children."

"Really? Oh, yes! Thank y-"

"What is it, pretty lady?"

"Wait a second, what's the catch?"

"Just one tiny condition."

"Very well. What must I do?"

"Let your kingdom of Mobius form an alliance with G.U.N."

"Then I will do it if I must. I'll do it for my children."

"You do, huh? Excellent. How about we celebrate this shockingly fast agreement with a little..."


"You must be a mind reader."

Queen Aleena stood on her toes and stretched her hands upwards to reach for the ceiling, then reached behind her back to unzip her white dress, the top of it sunk down from the effects of gravity, revealing some stretch marks all the way around her waist, and her little belly button resting on them. Stretch marks like that made Shadow weak in the knees. She'd always cover parts of her body when making her presence known outside of her own castle home. Rarely anyone would ever get to see the purple hedgehog's marks, the black-and-red one was the first (in a while, at least).

Soon, the rest of her dress fell to her feet. Stepping out of it, Aleena then took off her golden cloak and necklace, then her shoes and socks, then her bra, and finally her underwear.

Seeing Aleena completely naked, Shadow found himself gravitated towards her body. After all, he had a thing for older women since he considered himself somewhat old. All he had to take off were his gloves, shoes, and socks. He did just that.

With both of them nude, Shadow wrapped his right arm around Aleena with that palm holding the left side of her waist and his forearm all around her stomach. His other arm wrapped itself further above his first one, over her top. He could feel the warmth of her body and the softness of her skin, so he squeezed his arms and pushed himself against her back. As a result, his face was right over her shoulder, and he breathed on her neck, "You seem happy today."

"Because I'm eager to reunite with my kids after so long. Honestly, you look pretty damn handsome, so I don't really have a reason not to be in love with you."

"I need to feel more of you."

"Then do it."

With both arms rubbing her, he gave himself the pleasure of feeling her oh-so-perfect skin while tightly wrapped around her body. She was his to hold as he asked, "Why do you hide these stretch marks? Do you know how much it turns me on to know the map of your body?"

"Queens are required by other people to keep decent when someone else is with them."

"Not this man. I want to journey around the whole of your body today, so I hope you don't stop me."

"Lucky for you, I do not plan to."

Aleena turned around and kissed Shadow, who almost forgot how to breathe. He didn't remember whether it was her lips or the thought of discovering the marks on her body that caused that. Picking her up, he wrapped her legs around him, grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks with his hands as hard as he could. That way, he could show how much he was dying to feel her, how hard it was to get enough.

She stared into his eyes, and they were lost inside each other's gazes. Letting go of her butt, Shadow laid Aleena down on the floor and placed his hands on her thighs. Her skin was one of the softest things he'd ever felt, he believed Vanilla's body was just as soft. Slowly gliding his hands upwards, he caressed those stretch marks as much as he wanted. When he bored of doing so, he stuck a finger in her belly button while placed his lips on her bumpy skin with his chin digging right above her triangle and his nose in her stomach. He never wanted to let go of that feeling as he shuddered in delight, "Every. Single. Part. Of. You. Is. Gorgeous."

"All of it is yours to cherish."

"And if I had the chance to change any of it? I wouldn't in a thousand years."

The queen was breathing heavily and nodding speechlessly. Shadow brought his hands to the bottom of her tits, pleased that she was not wearing a bra or anything else. Grabbing both bare boobs really had got him losing him sanity over her, he knew only very few women could drive him so wild.

After a while of breast squeezing, Shadow smushed his face into her tummy to feel the warmth before finding the little folds in her skin beneath her boobs. Lifting her boobs upwards made it ultra-easy for him to put his lips and tongue in the valley along that soft cusp of her body, on each side. He needed to get a kiss right about now, so he went up to her face for a quick peck while still making sure he felt all of her skin. Her legs turned him on, that and everything else on her naked body had him hard.

They then shared another kiss; they held it and didn't stop smooching until they were dying for air. Then he placed his palms on the part of her thighs right below her butt and pushed them apart. She cooperated. As if he was not weak enough in the knees already, taking a really long look at her bare stomach, the areas under her boobs, and the place between her widely spread legs being wetter than the ocean threw him overboard. His cock was in just a little pain for being in a hardened state for so long, he took a deep breath while not allowing himself to touch it yet, but he was already twitching.

Shadow reached under Aleena to grope her butt cheeks, along with all the folds of her skin he could find until he found her pussy. No panties to hide her vagina, just like how no bra covered her boobs. Staring at her pink, dripping lips made his length twitch with his heartbeat as he struggled to not lose control. With his head between her spread legs, he encouraged her to grab his hair her hand and squeeze his head with her thighs. She likewise requested, "Would you kindly go slow?"

"Very well. Anything for a middle-aged lady."

Aleena moaned as Shadow kissed every spot around cunt her lips and teased her until her grip around his head got as tight as it could before he kissed her lips. Because of that, she moaned in a way which told him she needed it all together. He knew what makes a woman that was at least 50 years old shudder like how the queen did.

As he pushed his middle and ring finger into her, he curved them to hit the right spot. The rest of his fingers felt the skin on her sweet butt while his tongue and lips took turns at playing with her clit. It didn't take long before she started to jump. She came on him. Her moans drove him crazy enough to push him over the limit.

Standing up, the red-and-black hedgehog placed his body between her thighs that were still spread apart, and he could feel her feet on his butt. They were gonna be staying that way. He shoved his mouth onto her right nipple and started biting all around it and even on her dark spot. The nails of his left hand were digging into her tits, and he was furiously jerking himself off with the other.

Shadow almost came before stopping at the last moment, looked Aleena in the eyes, got her off him, turned her around, and gripped her to let his other arm feel both her perfect boobies and not her stomach. Finally, he pushed his whole length into her in one smooth motion and let out a moan which resonated with hers. He started smacking her ass with his crotch as he dug deeper and deeper into her body, he was reaching his edge and so was she. After all, he knew how filled she felt because of him.

When he felt her start to quiver, that was it for him. Her loud screams muffled his grunts as he shot all of himself into her. After about five pumps, he fell over on the floor and lied down next to her, whispered, "As soon as you're not tired anymore, head down to G.U.N. headquarters to find your kids."

Aleena smiled, "Thanks for telling me where to go. It'll be so nice to see my children again."

"Plus, there's going to be another alliance formed because another queen has a similar desire to find her missing child."

"Ok then."

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