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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet in a School for Goddessry and Angelry @woodyk
Saturday (Part 1)

The next morning, Pit and Palutena woke up. Out the window, they noticed that the sun wasn't all the way up, but there were way more people outside as she asked him, "Wanna go for a walk, Pit? There's an audience waiting for us."

"Ready when you are, Lady Palutena. Wait, will we time for class?"

"Today's Saturday, silly. We don't have classes today."


Like the romantic couple they were, Pit's right hand was held by Palutena's left as they left their apartment and exited their residence hall. Outside, they stood still to just observe their surroundings. Given the time, the sun had crested the ground through the trees.

Women smiled and giggled at a naked Pit while men catcalled and wolf-whistled at a naked Palutena, and they nudists felt that it was nice to be admired. They ventured away from their building and towards the quad.

Pit said, "It's a beautiful morning, but not as beautiful as your body, Lady Palutena."

"Thank you, Pit. The air itself has a nice scent to it, just like our hair."

The walk was certainly different during the day since the campus was nowhere near as barren as it was at night. More and more students were walking around in the nude, around half of all students to provide a rough estimate. Both the brunette boy and green-haired woman were flattered to see much how much of an impact their nakedness had on them. Neither of them were scared out of their minds. In fact, they were filled with pride as the headed down the path used for biking and hiking.

It was nice, the walk was delightful as it went uphill, Pit told his girlfriend, "I think we need to spend more time outside. It's simply gorgeous out here."

Once the hill had crested, they looked at the concrete path beneath their feet and a fork in the road down at the bottom of the hill. To the left, the concrete path continued. To their right was a dirt path. Their feet started moving them, Palutena said to her boyfriend, "Shall we go down the dirt path, nudie cutie?"

"We shall."

Cool morning air made their nipples poke out, being naked outside excited them to the point of shivering with delight. While Pit touched his boy part, Palutena played with her lady parts. One hand cupped one of her bare knockers, the other hand had fingers screwing around with her wet folds.

Right now, they were strolling down the hill, turning right to walk on the dirt path. There was absolutely nothing but open space on both sides of the path. The fields of grass faded off on the horizon miles away as they kept walking down the dirt road, which had now hit a small incline.

Pit heard nothing, and Palutena also heard nothing as they kept walking up the second hill which had increased in its degree. He joked with his girlfriend, "This is definitely going to get our exercise routines worked out."

"No kidding. Getting our steps in will keep both of our figures skinny and toned."

"Also, I like how the simple spring breeze blowing between my legs serves a constant reminder of my naked state."

"Me too. Man, I love April, the month that strikes a healthy balance of being not too hot and not too cold."

By the time they made to the top of the next hill, Pit put his left hand between his legs to touch himself down there. At the same time, Palutena let her left hand squeeze her breasts while fingering herself with her right. Nakedness made them both very aware of things like touch, the wind, and everything else. If it affected their bodies, they could feel it. It was almost like their bodies were calling out to them, their chests and crotch areas demanded touch at times, and they even pinched their own buttocks a few times. Nudity was causing their bodies to yearn for something to be against them beside the open air.

Palutena kissed Pit on the cheek, making him giggle and blush as he kissed his girlfriend back. They kissed on the lips for a minute, being so turned on from being completely naked in public together as a couple, like if Cupid & Psyche were nudists. As he hugged her shoulders, she hugged his waist while Pit's blue eyes stared deeply into Palutena's green eyes.

A minute later, they did a French kiss with their tongues extending to touch each other's lips and tongues. With his tongue, Pit stimulated Palutena's lips, tongue, and mouth. She reciprocated her boyfriend's oral passion, inducing physiological sexual arousal for both of them.

Down the hill, Pit and Palutena looked ahead and saw the end of the path. There, a parking lot was full of cars. A few small businesses sat on either side of it as they entered the lot, one that didn't look like it belonged to the university, but there were no signs that threatened a fine for using the parking lot for Divine University. In the middle of the lot, Pit looked at the area, not able to recognize the stores or the area. He put his hands on his hips as Palutena did that too. She smiled at him, "This is crazy."

Though the parking lot was completely full, no one was around. Their choices were to either wait for someone to notice them or head off into town to get attention. Suddenly, a middle-aged couple that had stunned expressions from seeing the nude boy and woman.

Pit happily waved, Palutena blew kisses, but the 40-year-old clothed beings just remained speechless while looking at the naked college students, uneasily waving just to be polite as they got in their car and drove away. Those who were less brave would have turned away and put their hands over their faces in shame and humiliation. A nude Pit and a nude Palutena, on the other hand, soaked in the attention their lack of clothing brought.

Intending to go double or nothing, Pit stayed in the same spot with Palutena to his right, their naked butts sticking out. Cars drove by, but never entered the lot. Ten minutes later, they left the lot, turning right to go down the sidewalk next to the main road. From where they were looking, the city looked to become denser in buildings.

To their left, drivers gawked. To their right, people inside the businesses stared openly and stupidly as Pit and Palutena strolled with their hands at their sides, letting their private parts be entirely exposed and behaving rather nonchalantly about their naturalness that looked primitive, crude, or simplistic. A breeze would blow between their legs every once in a while, reminding them how exposed they really were.

The sun was rising, more cars would be passing by, prompting Palutena to bump her left butt cheek against Pit's right as a way to entertain them. Past stores and surprised onlookers inside and outside, the nudies were happy to be bare in front of all of them. At no point did they consider looking for a place to hide, they were not wary, afraid, or in need of safety as they were in a blatant amble.

When they reached a few splits in the main road, they looked up at the road signs, observing the street names as well as their general location. While cars came and want, some of the drivers even reacted to the streakers by honking. Every honk made them smile, delighted to bask in the pairs of eyes staring at them.

Before they agreed which way to go, Palutena remembered something from last night, "Look at us, Pit. Naked in the middle of a big town. You know how I said being nude is beneficial for us?"


"Nakedness can be good for your physical and mental health, that's what I remember being taught in Sex Ed. Plus, studies have also shown that certain items of clothing can have negative health effects."

Pit was shocked by that last bit, "Whoa, really?!"

"Really. One pro is that seeing ourselves nude gives us time to appreciate the unique and beautiful aspects of our own body. It allows us to appreciate the gifts of our own bodies, like your adorable little penis and my beautiful big breasts. Another is getting some sunshine where the sun doesn't shine, which can increase the levels of vitamin D in our bodies and strengthen our bones as well as our immune systems. Another is that people that who sleep in the buff can sleep easier than people who wear pajamas. Finally, wearing our birthday suits means no bad effects on our skin, which can help our skin breathe and work properly, so we have better skin moisture."

"No kidding. Our flesh is so smooth with none of it being covered."

"Did you know that clothes can actually cause itchiness, nerve pain, and other types of discomfort?"


"You do now."

"I also know that we were definitely right to abandon our garments to embrace the naked life."

"We sure were. Improved self-esteem and better body health, both inside and outside, means that the nude life is the best life."

Holding hands again with Pit to the left of Palutena, they turned west. While going that way, they looked at the other's naked bodies. Every step caused Pit's penis to smack his inner thighs and make him giggle while Palutena's breasts bounced noticeably, making her grin. While crossing streets, most bystanders would ask the nude duo if they were in an accident or if they were just weirdos.

Now, a trio of women were drawn to the two streaking individuals as they stood at the corner of an intersection, at the place where pedestrians would push a button and then wait before the sign would change from "Don't Walk" to "Walk". One named Cree asked in a weirded-out tone, "Why are you two naked and streaking in front of people? Is this by choice?"

Palutena was first to answer with, "Yes, it's by choice. My boyfriend and I are nudists, we just like to walk around naked everywhere we can."

Another called Nika stared them down and said, "Oh. Not even a pair of shoes or any footwear?"

Now it was Pit's turn to answer, so he said, "Nope. We have nothing to hide and nothing to lose since we're as nude as we can be."

A third by the name of Hynden queried, "Neither of you are scared or embarrassed to the point where you would have blushing red faces as you use your hands and arms to cover yourselves? You both do not feel even a tiny bit vulnerable?"

Pit grinned, "Not even a little."

Cree, Nika, and Hynden all reached in their pocket to grab their cellphones, asking, "Since you two like letting it all hang, would you be ok if we got pictures of you both?"

When Pit looked at Palutena, they quickly agreed to it as they nodded with mischievous smirks, wanting to seize the chance to really make someone's day. The woman said, "Take as many as you need."

What happened first was Palutena put her left arm around the boy's shoulder as Pit put his right arm around her back. Then the three clothed women each snapped one quick picture of the naked couple. Liking the pic, Cree smiled, "God, this is hot."

Next, the trio of females took a pic of Pit kissing Palutena on the lips in the same position, then a pic of her pumping his cock while he penetrated her pussy with his fingers, then a pic of them facing each other to hug and kiss with Pit's leg popping up, then a pic of them grabbing one another's buttocks while still kissing. Things got crazy when Nika requested, "Maybe you two can bend down?"

Pit and Palutena did so without hesitation as Hynden took note of the exposed view that the bare boy and woman were giving and she snickered, "Nice view. Even though it's not very ladylike, we don't care about that because you're really attractive."

Nika concurred, "Honestly, we think you both deserve each other."

Palutena laughed, "Thanks."

While having naked pictures taken, Pit didn't want to censor himself and neither did Palutena. Still bent over, Cree shot them both a wolf whistle and said, "Nice asses!"

Pit giggled at that compliment, then yelped when his naked girlfriend pinched his bottom. He retaliated by pinching hers in return. After a pic them grabbing the other's butt cheeks, the three ladies that were fully clothed thanked them, Cree smiling, "Wow. These photos are outstanding."

As Nika got ready to walk away, Hynden said, "Good luck with whatever it is you two are doing."

In response, Pit smiled, "Thanks. Good luck to you three too."

While Cree, Nika, and Hynden were gone, the exhibitionists remained at the corner where people would wait to cross the street. Sitting on her butt, Palutena spread her legs wide and put her right hand between her legs, pleasuring herself. Indeed, she was wet, her right hand was accumulating some of the moisture while she balanced with her left. She was aroused to say the least and knew what she wanted to do since she was enjoying it all. Her hand slowly started to go up and down over her pelvic area. She toyed with her green pubic hairs for a while. A slight wind seemingly made her wet lips quiver as her hand started to run along those lips, giving them attention.

Vaginal stimulation felt so good that Palutena's eyes closed as she let out a sigh and moved her hand even faster before letting out a small moan. A noise could be heard from not too far, it sounded like a truck going down the road, but her trance was hard to break. Being naked outside and masturbating was just too much fun, the sun had raised a good amount, lighting the area up to really show her feelings of arousal from touching herself out in the open while her boyfriend shivered with pleasure at the sight of her fingering herself.

Pit noticed Palutena patting the ground to her left, he got the message and sat down next to her. His right hand was on top of her left as he balanced with his left hand jerking him off. Now both of them getting off in public, and they couldn't help but think of what all the people of the town that were seeing them completely bare. Given how hot their bodies were, the nudies believed everyone would admire his toned chest, her large jugs, their flat stomachs, their innie belly buttons, his small dick, and her lovely cunt, and their cute butts.

Exposing themselves wholly in town though was thrilling, especially with the public seeing them naked, their libidos obviously overlooked common sense. However, they stopped before long, wanting to show their unclothed forms in more areas of town before cumming.

After crossing the street again, they were walking in their birthday suits along the side of buildings, keeping their hands and arms at their sides, looking unfazed, and acting like there nothing crazy or unbelievable about what they were doing. Their bare feet continuously made contact with the concrete, only reminding them of undressed state. Without any underwear, Pit's penis and testicles were just flopping around with every step he took. No bra and no panties meant Palutena's vagina would keep getting a lot of fresh air and her breasts bounced freely. Plus, their bare booties jiggled and jostled each other.

Looking to their left, they could see their reflections in store windows, and the site astounded them. They smiled at their naked reflections, Pit saying to his, "Hey, handsome. Just struttin' around with your junk dangling down there? Me too. We may as well look sexy doing it. By the way, love that ass."

Palutena likewise greeted her reflection, "Hello, beautiful. Your boobs are as great as mine, and so is your vulva, not to mention we both have a belle's bottom."

Both exhibitionists waved goodbye to their reflections before making a turn to walk through an extremely spacious parking lot while naked and barefoot. As she neared the opposite corner of the lot, they got a honk and a whistle from a red fortwo they just passed. A man and a woman were inside the smart car, changing for work. Turning their heads to see their watchers, Pit flicked his member to amuse the woman while Palutena squeezed her bare breasts with one hand and rubbed her pubic hairs with the other to amaze the man. The clothed people in the car clapped a few times to show how entertained they were. Walking away, the naked boyfriend and girlfriend shook their butts for the driver and passenger.

Soon, the unclothed boy and woman approached and stopped at the corner to cross, standing there out in the open as she saw a few more cars coming down the road. They crossed after it was ok to do so, and the building they were walking to now had a nice display of bushes along the side. Seeing them made Pit put his where he would have a bush if he didn't get a Brazilian wax. Likewise, looking the bushes made Palutena touch her own bush as well as hold her bare breasts. Both of them just stood in that spot, he was pumping his member while she poked herself right between her legs, grazing her moist lips as she moaned, "I feel so exposed out here like this, Pit."

Pit moaned back, "Me too, Lady Palutena."

"Still feel adrenaline rushing through you?"


"Good. I do as well."

Pit and Palutena noticed a bit of traffic jam to their left. Since both sides of traffic were clogged, she thought about cutting right through it as she held Pit's right hand with her left, "Follow me."

Now the jaybirds were also jaywalkers as they turned left and walked across a part of the road that didn't have a crosswalk. On one lane, they saw a motorcyclist eyes's catch their body through the rearview mirrors. In another lane was a whole family in a blue GLA, the dad and mom shielded the eyes of their son and daughter. What the parents saw was truly probably an odd site. A boy with spiky brown hair and a young woman with long green hair, sauntering stark naked across the street in front of them. Shock would be the best description as they let the mother and father have a view of their round butts as they bounced and wobbled away.

On the other end of the road, they turned right and followed the sidewalk, once again acting like they were not naked in the slightest, even though they knew damn well the opposite of that was true. 100% nude and planning to stay in the public eye, the nudist male and female felt their hearts beating. More strangers had now seen them so exposed, and it was something for them to savor.

Palutena put her left hand on Pit's shoulder and grabbed both her breasts with her right hand. When Pit noticed his lover's arm on him again, he looked at his right arm before wondering if she meant for him put that arm around her back. She nodded as he looked at her, and he took that as a yes.

With his right arm around her bare back, Pit had his left hand groping his thingy and his testes, much to Palutena's delight as he moaned, "Lady Palutenaaahh... what are we doing?"

She moaned back, "Masturbating while naked in public, nude dude. It's not the least bit demeaning for either of us."

Their eyes were shut as Pit continued, "I bet people think we're nuts."

"Let them. Your nuts and your sausage are too pretty to cover up."

"The same can be said for your luscious melons and that irresistible twat."

Something caught Pit and Palutena's eyes when they opened, a Kohl's two doors down. Such a sight left them picturing themselves stepping into that store naked after they just saw a customer walk in. Smiling at each other, the completely nude male and equally nude female held hands to look romantic as boyfriend and girlfriend, then approached the store while au naturel, as if it were no big deal as Pit asked, "What's the worst that could happen with us in a place full of stuff we'll never need?"

In response, Palutena laughed, "Well, people that are so uptight might think we're freaks and maybe call the cops."

"But they'd likely be forgiving because we have gorgeous bodies, wouldn't they?"

"I'm confident they will let it slide because we're attractive, like everyone else that saw us today. If they don't, we'll just explain that were a pair of lovey-dovey nudists that like to show how unafraid they are as we play these naked games. We're not freaks, we're a duo of horny exhibitionists."

"That's right."

"We'll stick to our guns because we know nudism is superior to being dressed. We won't fold, we'll double down instead."

"Bravo, Lady Palutena! If there's only one person that I would obey without hesitation or second thoughts, it's you."

"Aw, Pit. Never stop being so sweet."

They could now see the times the store was open after walking past a hundred parked cars. Before going in, they stood near the automatic doors, staring at her reflection in the glass windows. As they did, Pit could see his tiny schlong being perpendicular to his body while Palutena saw her milk mounds and her bare bush standing out. The morning light was casting glares over their nude forms. Occasionally, a car would honk behind them, but that didn't snap them out of their moments of thought. It took a few minutes for them to get bored of looking at their reflections and went in.

Inside the apparel store, Pit was the first to notice the air conditioning inside and noticed his private hardening from the cool air inside. Palutena felt her nipples get stiff she she stated, "It's hard to be cold when we look so hot."

Pit agreed, "Yep. Since we look so hot, it actually makes sense to be in cool places."

"No kidding."

With that, they began their stroll. It started off with Pit and Palutena walking all around the first floor. Exposure in the store did not have them humiliated beyond belief since their motive seemed to be one of excitement, their bare feet kept them moving on the different types of flooring, like tile and carpet. While a few shoppers would look away out of disgust or ask why they were in the nude, most of them thought it was endearing (and somewhat hilarious) to see them streaking, naked in all their glory.

One shopper asked, "Excuse me, why are you two doing this? You both look like you got in a huge mess."

The bare boy explained, "We're not in a mess. My girlfriend and I practice nudism, streaking everywhere we go."

"You don't say?"

In addition, the bare woman smiled, "We do. We're proud of our bods and don't cover any of them. Just like how he doesn't cover his sex organ or his ball sack, I don't cover the perfect orbs on my chest or my pussy."

"Huh. Good for you two, I guess."

Naughty thoughts ran through their minds as the naked lovebirds took the escalator to the second floor. At the top, more shocked shoppers stood staring with their mouth open, one of them being a store employee. He could only stand and stare as he asked, "Is there- I mean- Can I... uh... How I can help you, sir and ma'am?"

Pit could feel his erection hurting a little, being so hard from standing naked in front of strangers, but he liked that kind of discomfort. Similarly, Palutena's nipples reached maximum stiffness. Her inner and outer labia swelled up with her vulva being lubricated as her legs were almost quivering as a heat rose between them. Their indecent exposure was not at all degrading to them, nudity affected them positively.

They loved to interact with people that saw them in a state of nature, they didn't want to run like cowards. All they did was look around, the customer seemed to have more curious looks while the worker walked over to them and laid a hand on their shoulders, asking with concern, "Are you two... ok?"

Contact with her bare shoulders excited them. In fact, contact with any part of their bare bodies would get them fired up, especially their nether regions. Breaking the silence, Pit said with a cute smile, "Yes, we're fine."

"Are you sure?"

Palutena's face was red as she grinned, "We're sure, but since you're here, can you show us where we can look at mirrors?"

"Ok. Follow me."

Once Pit and Palutena found the mirrors with the employee's help, they stood in front of the mirrors that came in all sorts of shapes and size to clarify that they were extremely turned on to have stood naked in front of those patrons like that. Both nudists would gladly face them again without their clothes. No shirt, no pants, no underwear, no socks or shoes, nothing.

Facing each other, Palutena cupped Pit's cheeks in her palms, gave him a kiss and seduced him, "Maybe we can take our sex drives to the next level."


"Transitioning from manual pleasure to oral pleasure."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I put your penis in my mouth while you bring your mouth to my vagina."

"Whoa, Lady Palutena. That's crazy! I'd love to try it."

"Ladies first."

On her knees, Palutena giggled and gave the tip of Pit's hairfree dick a very soft kiss before licking the drop of pre-cum, sticking his dong in her mouth, and bobbing her head back and forth. She even grasped her boyfriend's butt, squeezing the cheeks after every instance of his scrotum slapping her chin. Infrequently, she would move one hand to his scrotum to cup and tug on it, liking how it was hairless like his crotch. Since her mouth was filled, she breathed through her nose.

Pit could hardly believe it. Not quivering was impossible, not developing goosebumps on the skin wasn't feasible either as he moaned out load while wiggling his rear end and feeling his legs get a little shaky with his head lolling to and fro, "I'm *moan* a completely naked boy, and my beautiful naked girlfriend is *moan* sucking on my small penis and grabbing my cute ass in public. She's *moan* great at it too. Ahh. Ahhhh."

Briefly, Palutena took his sex organ out of her mouth to ask, "Does that feel good, Pit?"

"It feels wonderful."

"Good to know."

With that, Palutena resumed her blowjob. Her sucking got a little more aggressive now as she squeezed Pit's buttocks harder, wanting his moans to turn into screams. It wasn't long before Pit screamed in pleasure.

The whole spectacle was seen in the mirrors by people minding their own business. Some people were amazed and filmed it; others just cringed and left. Seeing shoppers more clothed than him and his slutty lover made Pit gasp while holding onto Palutena's head, "Lady Palutena, I think *moan* we have *moan* an audience."

That made Palutena stop to acknowledge the crowd that was gradually getting bigger, she smiled as the number of viewers increased from 5 to 10 before taking Pit's member out of her mouth, "Excellent. Now I'll stand up, and what I'd like you to do is get on your knees to kiss and lick my twat, like how I did when sucking you."


Pit went down to be at eye level with Palutena's cunt. As she got a hold of his head, he gripped her smooth behind, kissed the lubricated area of her vulva, then licked it twice, kissed it again, and licked it twice more. He kept that pattern going for a while. His smooches, tongue swipes, and butt squeezes sent shockwaves through Palutena as she hissed to herself, "Oh my god. I'm a completely naked woman, and my handsome naked boyfriend is showing proficiency in the art of cunnilingus. Ohhh. Ohhhhh. He's also skilled with groping my bodacious booty."

Palutena felt so stimulated from Pit's mouth pleasing her down there and from his hands on her ass that she made her chest do some herky-jerky movements. Her breasts were jumping wildly as a result, much to the excitement of people with phone cameras. Now there were 20. Half of them laid eyes directly on the adulterers, the other half looked at Pit and Palutena's reflections.

Minutes passed as Pit noticed Palutena pressing the back of his head towards her legs. He assumed that she wanted his face closer to her thighs, so he got closer until his chin and cheeks lightly touched her inner thighs and she nodded, "Perfect."

In that new position, it was easier for Pit to ingest of all of her vaginal wetness and harder for him to spill a drop. Even though he didn't spill a drop, it was a guarantee that he would not by now. Liking how he looked now, Palutena stroked the hair of her pervy lover, praising, "Good boy."

Pit loved being praised, so he was inspired to lick and kiss faster, and Palutena spurred him on for the next several minutes, then demanded that he stop, "Ok, Pit. Pause for just a minute."

He didn't need to be told twice as he backed away. Palutena sat on her ass, lied on her back, and said, "Let's get in a 69 before we climax, streaking stud."

"Great idea, Lady Palutena."

She saw him get on top, but in the wrong way since they were facing each other, prompting her to correct him, "A 69 when we see one another's crotches, not faces."

"Oh. Sorry."

"It's ok, we all make mistakes."

Still on top of Palutena, Pit turned his body until she could see his cock and he could see her pussy. Both of them were now orally stimulated at the same time with their mouths pleasing each other. Moans and screams got louder as they made love. Her mouth sucking his micropenis and his mouth eating her vulva meant that they were close. They felt a sensation in their crotches, like they had to pee. However, they knew it wouldn't be urine when they were done.

"Lady Palutena, I think I'mmmmmm gonna cummmmmm!"

"Me too, Pit! Stay with me! Let's orgasm together!"


"Keep doing it! Just a little more!"

Finally, Pit let out a loud moan as cum spurted in Palutena's face. She opened mouth to catch all of the squirts, all three to be exact. Once she collected them all, she emitted a pleasured yelp of her own as she sprayed her white water in Pit's face. He licked it off of his lips before wiping his face and licking his palms.

The consensus was that Palutena thought Pit's seed was delicious, and Pit thought Palutena's cum was just as flavorful. Standing up, the naked boy and woman shared a heartfelt embrace, their way of expressing love after making it. His arms hugged her shoulders and hers were around his waist as they whispered to the other, "I love you."

All twenty of the customers that stuck around to watch them fuck stopped recording, thinking it was over.

Pit and Palutena soon broke the hug with her bringing up, "You know, Pit, we still have to walk out of the building fully naked in front of strangers and let them see us nude on the streets on the way back to campus."

"I know, Lady Palutena. The thought of doing it all over again has my heart racing."

"Mine too. It's just so erotic."

"Let's get going."

"We shall."

With pride still flowing through them now, they stepped towards the escalator to go back down to the first floor. Back on the first floor, both the male with brown hair and blue eyes had his head raised high, so did the female with green hair and eyes. Their arms were at their sides since no censorship was required, their idealism was not crushed as they basked in all the pairs of eyes staring at their bare forms, the humiliation of being seen naked was nonexistent to them since they maintained their intrepidness. After all, they were so used to being ogled as they walked to the exit, but not before another employee asked out of concern, "Where are you two going?"

Pit told her, "Back to Divine University."

"Is your nakedness, like, a bet or a dare?"

Palutena explained, "It's more of a way of life for us. We're just two nudists, students that like to live life with no clothes at all."

"I see."

Pit and Palutena were back on the street as they headed back to campus without any trouble since they knew their way back. It was noon when they got back, so they just waited for Viridi, Phosphora, Pittoo, and Pandora.

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