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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet in a School for Goddessry and Angelry @woodyk
Private Party (Part 2)

Watching the rest of the movie was uneventful. Once it ended, Dark Pit and Pandora stood up to explore their own naked bodies, watching each other writhe in pleasure as the boy's fingers explore his penis while the woman's fingers disappeared inside her wet vagina. Pit, Palutena, Viridi, and Phosphora were happy to sit nearby and watch. Dark Pit smiled, "Let's grope ourselves. How does that sound?"

Grinning back, Pandora whispered, "Lovely idea. The six of us put the "private" in "private party", don't we?"

"You got that right."

"Imagine if we did it in public. We'd probably cause distractions and misunderstandings."

Blood was flowing to Dark Pit's penis, juices flowed out of Pandora's vagina. His red eyes were transfixed by her magenta ones as waves of pleasure crashed over them. As Pittoo stared at Pandora's nipples and belly button, smiling at how they dotted the top half of her slim figure, she did the same as she gazed at his toned chest. Both Dark Pit and Pandora had small, cute feet, the blue-haired woman's feet were slightly smaller than the black-haired boy's feet. They also knew they had heart-shaped asses; they actually shared the thought that all bottoms were shaped like a heart.

Finally, Pittoo and Pandora boasted nicely trimmed pubes to match the hair on their heads before they smiled at each other, happily watching the other masturbate in front of them.

Pit and Palutena put on some music while Viridi and Phosphora lit some candles to really set the mood, the candles giving off just enough light to give the naked boy with black hair and the naked woman with blue hair a very romantic feeling. The other two couples even filmed it all with their cell phones.

No clothes, no inhibitions, no reason not to be naked. Dark Pit and Pandora were happily staring at one another's nude bodies as they continued to touch their own intimate parts. With one of Pittoo's hands still pumping his sex organ, his other hand pinched his nipples and poked his navel as he rubbed his chest and stomach. Afterwards, he was groping his butt and squeezing his buttocks while still wanking. Pandora mimicked her boyfriend's actions by sliding one hand down slowly over her tummy and pressing her fingers against her pube patch. She kept fingering her wet pussy with her other hand as the hand that was caressing her stomach found one of her breasts, pinching her delicate nipple as she caressed and squeezed the boob. Bringing one of her breasts to her mouth, she teased it by flicking her tongue over the hard nipple.

Both performing nudies were taking their time enjoying the show. Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to themselves, and playing with their genitals excited them, but they also intended to make each other feel good really soon as Dark Pit giggled at his girlfriend, "Pandora, if you're about cum, stop. I want us both to touch each other before we orgasm."

"No problem, Pittoo."

Inserting one then two fingers inside herself, Pandora was slowly moving them in and out of her growing wetness as her other hand searched for her clitoris, rubbing it gently the whole time. Her juices made a slurping sound as her fingers thrust in then out.

Dark Pit and Pandora were both skilled at the art of fucking themselves. He giggled as he was watching the scene of his girlfriend pleasuring herself play out in front of him and she giggled back at him as he continued to pump himself. Tingling all over, their legs were wobbling a bit as their knees were bent slightly as they told the other, "What a great view of your sexy body."

The way Pandora's juices were trickling down her inner thighs sent shivers up her spine. Pittoo quivered as the stirring in his loins getting stronger and harder to ignore. They felt like they could do themselves for hours, bringing themselves to the brink, then pulling back and teasing themselves some more. Both the nude boy and woman loved bringing their fingers to their private areas, touching body parts that would normally be clothed. Looking at his slutty blue-haired lover hungrily sucking fingers fresh from her own pussy made the black-haired pervert want to scoop up some pre-sex fluids and taste them. The bare boy and woman felt their jaws drop as eyes closed before sighing loudly, their way of conveying how much they liked the flavors of themselves.

Their hands had been free to explore for about ten minutes. By then, Pandora gave the info as she moved her hands away from her ample assets, "You about to climax, Pittoo? I was, so I stopped myself."

Dark Pit grinned as he let go of his sausage, "Good, so was I. You know what we must do now, right?"


Thus, Pittoo and Pandora transitioned from self-love to journeys of exploring one another. After making sure they were close enough to reach out and touch each other, Dark Pit made the first move by groping Pandora's breasts. Liking how they filled his hands and felt in his palms, he declared, "Your boobs are perfect to me."

Pandora giggled and blushed, "Thank you, my love."

A dozen squeezes later, Dark Pit let his left hand stay on Pandora's lovely rack while his right descended to her vagina and two of his fingers plunged into her. Her body was subtly dancing with pleasure, small movements mostly involved her upper body and her legs. The magnificent feeling of her chest and cunt being tended to at the same made her squirm, the boy with black hair suggested to the woman with blue hair, "Grope me down there so you can pleasure me back. Don't leave me hanging."

Eagerly, Pandora wrapped her left hand around Dark Pit's penis, forming a fist that pumped his member. The male moaned in tandem with the female as scents of sweat and sex filled the dorm. Slowly but surely, they were helping the other return to the point of orgasm. As Pittoo noticed his fingers getting wet from the juices of Pandora's vagina, he decided to switch hands and spread as much of the vaginal fluids on her boobs as possible before repeating his actions on her breast with his right hand and doing the same fingering of her pussy with his left. Looking down, he noticed her right hand not doing anything and advised, "Let your other hand touch me anywhere else."


Following the order, Pandora's right hand reached behind and grope Dark Pit's buttocks, making him gasp, "That feels hot. Maybe I'll do that too."

The hand that was fingering Pandora's vulva was now on her butt. She hissed excitedly as the wetness got all over her ass cheeks. Dark Pit then moved the hand on her chest to her cunt, probing the entrance gently, poking two fingers deeper inside that lovely flower. Out, in, out, in, Pittoo maintained that pattern for thirty seconds before adding a third finger so he could rub that swollen clit.

While he did all that, Pandora got more aggressive with her handjob since her boyfriend encouraged it. He squeezed his girlfriend's bottom as hard as he could with her doing the same.

Those first waves of sheer pleasure encompassed Dark Pit and Pandora with sounds coming out of their mouth that sometimes surprised them. Something primal was taking over, causing them to lose all rational control and submit to forces not seen by the naked eye. Completely nude all over and serving only to desire and pleasure, Pittoo and Pandora moaned to one another, "You dirty exhibitionist."

Smiling at each other, Dark Pit kissed Pandora eagerly and she kissed him back. They licked the other's lips eagerly in a French kiss as they gasped to the other, "I'm so close. Take me over the edge, make me cum for you, watch me make a mess."

Whereas Pit considered Palutena to be the most beautiful woman ever, Dark Pit believe Pandora deserved that distinction the most.

Both the blue-haired slut and black-haired pervert were putting quite a performance, pleasing each other until it was too much. His left hand occasionally departed from her booty to glide down over her uncovered body, lingering on her breast and pinching her nipples. In response, Pandora kissed Dark Pit harder on the mouth. Pittoo's left hand then moved lower over her flat stomach, stopping briefly in her belly button and poking it to make Pandora's gasps increase in volume. He did that for another few minutes before bringing that hand back to her soft butt and giving it more tight squeezes.

Dark Pit looked down at Pandora's cute little blue bush and at the hand that was still rubbing her swollen clit and touching her labia gently. Plunging his fingers in harder and deeper prompted her to pump him faster than before, she liked how her hand was a little blurry around his patch of boy fur. She moaned, "I'm ready to cum for you. I'm certain that you need it as badly as I do."

"Believe me, I just can't hold it in anymore. Let's ejaculate together and see each other cum."

"Ok. Here it comes. I want to orgasm for you like how you want to orgasm for me."

Pittoo and Pandora watch the other as a shattering orgasm shook their naked bodies, their cute little toes curled, and moans escaped their lips. The other two couples were amazed by what they captured on their phone screens using the record function.

As Dark Pit screamed as he was driven to the brink, all of his control is gone as he spurted his seed. Pandora cupped her hand to let his semen pool in her palm as she also let out loud exclamations from reaching maximum pleasure. Her cum sprayed down as Pittoo collected some with his cupped hand.

After climaxing, Dark Pit and Pandora suddenly felt themselves lose a lot of energy. Their legs wobbled a little as they happily licked their palms to taste their lover's deposits and moaned from how flavorful their white stuff was, "Tasty."

That was when Pit, Palutena, Viridi, and Phosphora stopped filming. The black-haired male and blue-haired female shared some more kisses before sitting down. Viridi then announced as she and Phosphora took their place, "Now all you four need to do is film us and we'll all have complete footage of each other to fap to."

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