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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet in a School for Goddessry and Angelry @woodyk
Dark Pit and Pandora Streak in Public

Dark Pit and Pandora were strolling and streaking down the street from Lot 11 of 30, past Balder Hall. On the open sidewalk, traffic was everywhere as cars passed them on their left. Standing naked between Lots 11 and 12, the boy and woman were totally exposed. The idea of walking down the street, completely naked in front of all of the traffic was clearly crazy. His stiffie and her clitoris both felt somewhat painful from excessive pleasure.

Each snaking a hand between their legs, he tugged his testicle sack while she ran her fingers lightly over her swollen clit. In addition to their privates being ultra-excited, their hearts thumped and pounded in their chests. Every nerve in their naked bodies screamed as the adrenaline raced through them, their hardened nipples stood out with maximum pointiness. As his meat throbbed, her clitoris swelled and ached with wetness seeping between her thighs.

Moving on, naked and barefooted next to the street, they walked normally instead of running as the cars passed her. Some honked their horns, catcalling at the streaking boy and streaking woman on the sidewalk. Someone yelled, "Hey! Look! That boy with spiky black hair is totally naked!"

A few cars slowed as they went by with the passengers gawking and pointing. Another person shouted, "That woman with long blue hair is fully naked too!"

Pittoo and Pandora walked on in the altogether. They weren't scared, they were delighted to be recognized. As they jaunted on, they imagined what it would be like to spread their legs and masturbate totally naked, right there on the side of the busy street with everyone staring at them. While their taboo areas throbbed at the idea, they pushed it from their minds, wanting to getting some steps in before getting off.

Naked on the sidewalk, they made their way down the street. Find a spot to hide? Nah. Dark Pit happily went on, nude, through the neighborhood with Pandora being just as denuded. Chilly evening air raised goosebumps on their exposed skin as their nipples still throbbed and ached, as did her swollen clitoris and his thick crayon.

Moving along while totally bare felt dirty and dangerous, being caught heightened their senses. The idea of what they were doing felt insanely delicious. Entirely deprived of clothes while in the open street, Dark Pit looked down at how he was wearing nothing, mostly observing his hard sex organ. Meanwhile, Pandora saw her swollen nipples and unhidden pussy.

Everything served as stark reminders that they were walking completely naked in public where anyone could see them. From the breezes on their skin to the concrete under their bare feet.

Halfway from Lot 11 to Lot 12, Dark Pit and Pandora messed with themselves on the go. He wrapped his fingers around his penis to pump while her fingers flew at her pussy, slapping it and pulling on her enflamed clitoris, rubbing it furiously. Still walking, they kept doing lewd things to themselves.

Near Freyja Hall, by Lot 12, the naked boy with black hair and the naked woman with blue hair leaned back against opposite sides of a pole used for lighting up the lot at night, feeling their bared ass cheeks being tickled as Dark Pit told Pandora, "Look at us, completely naked in one of the most public spots in town."

Pandora smiled, "Only our hands arms can censor our naturalness, but we plan to keep our genitalia uncovered all the time. We're so bold in the nude that we're not going to do anything to cover ourselves."

They looked down at themselves while quivering from arousal caused by the steel of the pole pressing to their backs and between their butt cheeks. As they stared down, Pittoo saw his penis jostle while Pandora's breasts wobbled around her chest. Nothing obscene, but enough to remind them that they had not a single stitch of clothing on.

Both of them kept their legs slightly spread as they played with their privates like a favorite toy. The nudist couple loved every second of it and they could feel their naked bodies screaming out to anyone seeing them to be touched. While touching themselves, a naked Dark Pit fondled his pretty big cock as a naked Pandora happily cupped one of her soft pillow-like mounds on her chest and ran both little cherries between her fingers with her left hand. Her right hand was pressed between her legs, run the fingers against her growing wetness. They even turned their heads to giggle at each other and kiss.

Dark Pit then looked down again and really looked at his naked body. He looked at his hard dick that he kept pumping and thought about it being touched as his fingers tangled with his black pubic hairs. Likewise, Pandora also looked farther down her nude body, down at her wetness along with the fingers inside that wet cave as well as her blue pubes. After taking a look at themselves, they turned around to face each other as Dark Pit looked at the bare and total exposure his naked girlfriend had on show while Pandora ogled her naked boyfriend. Masturbating excited them as they didn't show any signs of stopping.

What they were doing was so naughty and would have been an absolute embarrassment if they hadn't gotten comfortable in their own skin. Sometimes, they also observed people walking near them, looking at the nude boy and nude woman brazenly messing around. At least two people saw them every minute, some dressed, some undressed. However, no cars were present, likely because of spring break.

Dark Pit turned to lean back against the pole again and Pandora followed suit before they moaned out from their stimulation, unable and unwilling to get their hands away from where they wanted to keep them. Given the feeling in their crotches, they knew they were dripping down with at least one little spot on the pavement below them. As Pittoo hissed, Pandora whimpered, both of them overcome by arousal.

A pair of lights could be seen to the left of Pittoo and the right of Pandora, and it wasn't their imaginations. Being right in the middle of the parking lot made them wholly visible. With a car coming their way and its lights getting brighter, their legs grew weak as they felt like they'd fall any second as they knew they were going to be seen! Yet they didn't flee like cowards, they held their ground, unafraid of what might confront them, unconcerned that their entire bare bodies would be seen by whoever was getting closer. Both Dark Pit and Pandora chose not to hide any parts of their bods as they still fucked themselves.

Sure, his attractive length, luscious mounds, her sweet kitty, and their bubble bottoms were all going to be seen, but they wanted to keep everything there for them to witness. They knew the streets wouldn't be dead all evening and not everyone would leave campus for break, but that didn't mean all the facilities were closed. Some students would stay in their dorms all throughout and just chill, others took the time to get a little studying in by going to the libraries or cafeterias. Professors and teaching assistants would also remain in their offices to grade assignments.

Anticipating the reactions, Pandora laughed, "Look, Pittoo. We're gonna be seen bare-ass naked!"

The speed limit was slow, so the car was still far away as Pittoo laughed back, "It's not that different from all those pedestrians that passed us, babe. Some of them weren't wearing clothes either."

"Still, it's always so fun when it looks like someone is approaching us."

"And we don't need to hide. We don't need cover. I could actually feel things like my love tool still calling for a helping hand, even though it already has one."

"Mine is also aching for more touch, despite being touched."

Lights were getting closer as the car kept coming their way. Neither Dark Pit nor Pandora felt embarrassed enough to run away and get out of there. Their eyes grew wide, and smiles crept on their faces as the car drove by very slowly. Both the man and the woman inside the car looked like they were in their late 20s, their mouths were gaping in shock as they ogled the nudists. Pride began to flow over a naked Dark Pit and a naked Pandora as they smiled as they waved at the driver and the passenger while masturbating in front of them.

As the driver almost crashed into another pole, he quickly stopped and backed away before parking. He and the female with him didn't bother peeping at the streakers any longer, but Pittoo and Pandora didn't mind since they were too busy feeling so very lucky every time that they got attention. They closed their eyes as their hands rubbed their privates more feverishly for a minute before they reluctantly stopped, not wanting their fun to end too early.

Back on the sidewalk as they headed to Lot 13 and Tyr Hall, Dark Pit and Pandora were oh so fine with just standing on the side of a busy street while they were 100% unclothed. Along the way, they saw a long line of cars heading for the campus exit. Just like with the car that almost got in an accident, drivers were staring at the Dark Pit and Pandora's naked bodies, making them very aroused as horniness still ran rampant in their brains. Both the nude black-haired boy and the nude blue-haired woman soon felt pulsations between their legs again. Even though they wanted to attend to it a second time, they restrained themselves... at least from cumming.

As Dark Pit's right hand was holding Pandora's left, they used their free hands for self-gratification. His bare boyhood that was half of a foot long pointed straight as Dark Pit pumped it again, but slower now. Her womanhood was dripping as Pandora rubbed it with equally sluggish movements. They didn't go out of their way to find safety as they did whatever they could to feel good while nonchalantly walking naked down the streets, their hearts were racing from excitement as grins broke out on their faces. Dark Pit smiled at his erection as Pandora giggled, "I must be beautiful if you have blood rushing to your semen dispenser and getting it all stiff."

Pittoo giggled back, "Yes, Pandora. You're so beautiful that I want to constantly look at you in the nude while I'm equally uncovered in front of you and jerk off to you. You're the total package with those fleshy milk jugs and that blue patch of woman fur near your pink wedge of natural lubricant."

"My, my. Those compliments are pretty crude."

"Well, so is our behavior."

"Here are some of my own. One is you're too hunky to ever be dressed. Two, you're a 10, primarily because of that mushroom thingy because every time I lay eyes on it, I can't not get wet down there and it's impossible to avoid sticking my fingers in my cunt."

"You flatter me, babe."

"Doing that is easier when we're both nude. It makes us feel good."

"No kidding. I mean, we're walking around naked in public like it's no big deal, and it always gets me all fired up. Hey, look at me. I'm showing off my erection as it flops around between my legs with every step, so what's the problem?"

"Nothing, like how much we're wearing. Meanwhile, I'm all giddy and exuberant since my big breasts are wiggling as we walk. Same with both of our hot butts. Uh oh, I'm dripping, and a trail of my juices can make it easy to track me down."

"Man, I feel really good about what we're doing. At no point am I worried as I think about how amazing it is to do what we're doing."

"We're definitely breaking new boundaries and acting like criminals, like if Bonnie and Clyde were nudists."

"That's a funny comparison and has pride is swelling in me."


A bridge led them to Valkyrie Hall on Lot 14. In the hall, one of doors read the name of one of Dark Pit and Pandora's professors, "Brad Chadinson. Part of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists."

Pandora joked, "You can't spell "ASSECT" without "ass". Speaking of asses..."

Dark Pit felt a light slap on his bottom, making him yelp and laugh, "Hey! I'll get ya for that!"

"Go right ahead."

He slapped Pandora on the rear end in return. His slap was a little harder than hers, but not hard enough to cause painful stinging in his hand or her booty.

At Lot 15, near Vanir Hall, Pittoo noticed a small droplet of his pre-sex fluids dripping onto the ground. That was also the moment when Pandora felt moisture run down her legs. Both Dark Pit and Pandora were still completely naked, holding hands while bringing themselves so close to getting off, only to retract their hands at the last second. The way Dark Pit's right buttock bumped Pandora's left buttock got them aroused as they still held hands and wanked intermittently.

Looking up and down the road, they saw that it was getting emptier than before. Traffic seemed to be speeding up around Lot 16 as the bare boy placed his hands on his hips while bare woman shifted her legs, rubbing her thighs together. With less and less cars in sight as they approached an intersection at Aesir Hall, the boy with spiky black hair talked himself into thinking it was ok to walk diagonally across the intersection. As he did, the woman with long blue hair only stayed in the corner and looked both ways, but she was mostly looking at Dark Pit's buttocks wobbling as he streaked from one corner to the other. There were no cars so far, and when Pittoo made it all the way across, he called out to his nude girlfriend, "What's the holdup, Pandy? Get your butt over here."

With that, the female with blue hair ran down to catch up with her nude boyfriend, explaining with a cheeky smirk to the male with black hair, "There was no holdup, I just wanted to be behind you so I could see your cute bottom shaking."

"Hee hee. Ok, that's a good excuse."

Lot 17 and Eir Hall was where Pittoo and Pandora were after another quarter of a mile forward, walking naked down multiple blocks through campus with their arms at their sides and feeling the cool evening air pass on their exposed bodies. They were so excited in more ways than one. Also, they were aroused as Dark Pit's penis and Pandora's vagina practically ached along with their nipples. Clearly, the cold air was not enough of a touch. Soon, hands were between their legs again, the bare boyfriend and girlfriend felt a need to start touching themselves out on the side of the street, still visible to it as they wondered with mischievous facial expressions, "What the hell are we doing?"

Being nude out in public with nothing to cover up with made them so hot that they could hardly breathe or think straight. Who could blame them? Dark Pit and Pandora enjoyed venturing in the raw across any territory. Again, they didn't want to hide themselves because they were unafraid and unashamed of their crazy stunts, they were willing to be caught by anyone and even be openly honest about they were up whenever they didn't have a bit of clothing on while outside. In Dark Pit's opinion, no female was more smoking hot than Pandora. She similarly assumed that nothing could change her mind about Pittoo being the sexiest male she had ever seen.

Her nipples ached. They were hard, hot nubs, burning from her naked breasts, right out in the open. His boyhood hurt from hardness, but he liked it. Anyone could come along and catch them totally bare as they didn't stop resisting common sense as she pressed her palm into her clit and rubbed it slowly while he kept pumping his rod, feeling the shockwaves of naughtiness bringing her body to life.

Right now, the streets showed no signs of life as the streakers stood in a half-squat above with him beating off and her inserting two fingers into her dripping snatch, sliding them in and out slowly. Moans escaped them as they remembered what it was like to walk completely bare and exposed next to traffic.

Liking what they were seeing as they watched each other masturbate in public, Dark Pit laughed, "That lovely, womanly anatomy of yours is wholly uncensored and you're reaching between your legs to touch yourself and run your fingers lengthwise along your swollen outer lips. It's admirable how you refuse to fold and choose to double down when it comes to showing off those rocking knockers."

Laughing back, Pandora was all like, "Aw, how nice. There are no garments hiding anything on your stunning, boyish physique. I can totally see you wanking like it's the most natural thing in the world, unconcerned about the presence of others. Holding yourself in high regard and being passionate about your beliefs and mannerisms are things that I respect."

"Honestly, we were made for each other."

Two males in baggy clothing and two females in tank tops and jeans were about 50 yards from Dark Pit and Pandora. One of them gasped, "Are you all seeing this? Those people are naked and fucking masturbating!"

Approaching, pointing, and gawking in disgust, one of the ladies stood in front of a nude Dark Pit and asked, "What the fuck kind of pervert are you?"

Unfazed and cool as a cucumber, Dark Pit put his hands on hips and answered, "A nudist pervert, one that just likes being naked and doesn't get scared about streaking outside."

The other lady asked, "Do you always go naked in public and pleasure yourself on the streets? Look at your gross penis, are you fucking turned on from what you're doing?"

"Well, my girlfriend and I have only converted to nudism yesterday, but that's pretty much what we're doing with our lives now. Also, yes, I'm aroused because I'm a stunning fella. Between my youth, me sporting an erection of a decent size, my silky skin, lovely hair, hot butt, flat stomach, strong limbs, and ballsy personality, I'm everything that makes a man hunky and desirable. Wouldn't you say so?"

Both females looked at each other and the first one said to him, "Honestly, yes. You're actually good-looking, we'll give you that. I guess it's understandable why you like walking around nude, and I think your girlfriend is pretty lucky to a handsome and cute boy like you."

Dark Pit giggled and fondled his dick in front of the women, "I know."

While that went on Pandora conversed with the two guys, both of those guys looked flustered while staring at her nipples that jutted straight out, hard and swollen. Looking right at them, she was not afraid to rub herself in front of them. She knew that she was very busty, beautiful, and curvaceous, and she also knew that the men were genuinely awestruck by her looks inside, despite them being confused on the outside. Pandora smiled, "Don't hide how you're fucking staring at my tits. My nipples are pointing straight out, hard, and aching."

One dude queried, "Aren't you scared to death, ashamed, or embarrassed?"

The other guy said, "You're naked, and it's fucking disgusting."

Sliding her fingers in and out of her nude pussy, Pandora defended her actions, "Nah, I'm a large-breasted bombshell that loves being thought of as gorgeous. If you two don't think I'm attractive, you wouldn't even have erections like the ones forming under your pants.

Realizing that bulges were visible in their pants, both men used their schoolbooks to hide them. They blushed as the first dude asked, "Why are you nude and rubbing your nasty cunt, you prostitute?"

"I'm a naturist, just like my boyfriend. Plus, I can't help touching myself because I'm excited. Now be honest, aren't I ravishing with my large boobs, noticeable curves, soft flesh, thicc ass, toned tummy, dainty feet, luscious hair, doughty spirit, and overall feminine beauty?"

Both males thought about it before one said, "Yeah. It's hard to deny that you've got quite the bod and the charm to have your boyfriend falling in love with you. We suppose your excursion has some merit."

"I knew you'd say that."

A minute later, the four clothed students left to tell the unclothed ones, "Take care, you two. We'll just let you do whatever is you're trying to accomplish."

Still touching themselves, Dark Pit and Pandora waved goodbye to the group of people that confronted them. With both of them alone again, Pittoo looked into Pandora's eyes again, whispering, "You're so beautiful."

Pandora replied, "Thank you, my love. You're very handsome."

"You're such a sexy slut."

"If so, then you're an attractive pervert."

Still masturbating, they headed to Lot 18.

By Idun Hall, near Lot 18, they became too focused on pleasuring themselves once more, so they stopped and stood in front of one another. They smiled at each other as they saw one another wholly naked while being not at all shy. Dark Pit just knew where to look on Pandora and also the other way around. Eyeing the blue-haired woman's chest, he cupped a breast with a hand and his other cupped over her exposed kitty. She was quite warm down there as he rubbed it, but not before taking one of her hands and placing it on his wiener and whispering to her, "I think you know what I want."

Smart enough to immediately figure it out, Pandora happily pumped his length with that hand and used her other one to cup his testicles. Dark Pit moaned while clenching Pandora's breasts and rubbing her wetness to make her moan as well.

A minute later, they stopped and just made eye contact with each other. Dark Pit's red eyes stared deeply into Pandora's pink ones as they kissed and got close enough for his tits to press against his chest. Grabbing one another's naked butts and squeezing them, they kissed harder and Pittoo's penis was wedged between Pandora's thighs as he grinned, "Man, I love when we streak together."

"Me too, Pittoo. Baring all is a great way to get us excited."

"We really get off on anything affiliated with nakedness, and that's what makes us a perfect match, just like Pit and Palutena."

"Don't forget Viridi and Phosphora."

"Yeah, them too."

Pandora giggled and told Dark Pit as they eventually took a step back from each other, "You're so cute and handsome."

Dark Pit giggled back, "You're cute too. You're also very gorgeous."

"Not that I want us to stop having fun, but how much further do you want us to go before we go back?"

"As far as Lot 20."

"Ok. Ready when you are."

"Not yet. Right now, I just want us to keep standing naked out here so that we can soak in how we're both wearing nothing but a smile in public, showing parts of our bodies that are used for going #1, going #2, and dispensing chest milk. We did a lot of physical teasing, but let's see if we can do some verbal teasing."


Pandora grinned at Dark Pit as he stated the obvious while feigning embarrassment as he covered his sex organ with a cute smile, "Pandora, I'm completely naked and I can't put anything on to censor my penis."

In response, she teased, "Dark Pit is naked? Prove to me you're not wearing any clothes."

Following her demand to prove it to her, Dark Pit moved his hands to show his cock and balls to her. He was devoid of undergarments that would have provided even a little bit of decency. As her eyes looked below the belt, he didn't go back to covering. She smiled, "What a cute member you have there?"

Dark Pit giggled as Pandora used her left arm to hide her nipples and cupped her right hand over her crotch, she then blushed and faked nervousness as she grinned, "Pittoo, I'm completely nude. There's nothing for me to cover my breasts and vagina aside from her hands and arms."

Then Pittoo teased back, "Pandora is nude? I'll need evidence."

Complying, Pandora loved her limbs away from her privates, showing them off and confirming that she didn't even have a tiny thong or little band-aids.

Once they teased each other, Dark Pit was the first to say as they shared a hug and smooched on the lips some more, "Why don't finish our walk while we're bare as fuck? The sky still has a noticeable shade of blue."

"Sure. Will we masturbate when we get back?"

"I like that straightforwardness. Also, to answer your question, yes. We'll definitely be able to make love to ourselves as long as we see one another do it."

"While walking in our birthday suits down the road, you'll still have your erect cock on show, right?"

"Right. Likewise, you'll have your irresistible boobies on show, nipples all hard and delicious."

When Dark Pit rested his hand on Pandora's butt with his fingers delicately sprawled across her cheeks, the blue-haired woman reacted by placing her hands on Dark Pit's butt, squeezing the black-haired boy's cheeks. He added, "We'll even have sexy bare butts bouncing about."

"You're far too accurate and I love what you're doing."

"That's not all. Did I mention that bared sweetness near that little blue garden of yours? That place you love to touch as much as your other naughty areas as it feels the outside air and gets drenched because you're so hypersexual?"

"I don't think you did."

"Well, I'm telling you now. Meanwhile, my interest in sex is as excessive as yours. Below my black pubic fuzz is my rod and a bag with my two grapes inside."

At that moment, Pandora could feel the very tip of her lover's fingers stretch out between her legs, she felt them on her inner thigh, so close to her wanting lips. Pittoo could feel the bit of nectar that had already found its way to her thighs as he looked back at her. The totally naked black-haired boyfriend and equally naked blue-haired girlfriend were so close to each other, his red eyes meeting her pink eyes once more. Aroused by feeling nothing but warm skin, they licked their own lips before licking each other's lips. Both of them could hardly say anything, just happy to be in the raw together with their naughty fingers that served as effective instruments for self-pleasure and for the other's sexual excitement.

To them, a nude walk anywhere always sounded delightful because they always loved being all naked and risqué as they bared all in public. They weren't vulnerable or shy, their positive body images helped them stay aroused and unabashed to the point where nothing about wearing no clothes sounded bad. Wanting to be naked in public as a hot couple was as natural for them as breathing, that and enjoying every part of their streaks.

Eventually, Dark Pit and Pandora released the other's ass cheeks. Then Dark Pit held Pandora's left hand with his right as they resumed their naked walk.

Pittoo was leading, and they moved at a decent pace. There was no waiting to make sure the coast was clear; they both welcomed any and all attention. Along the way, Dark Pit would blatantly look at Pandora's nude body from head to toe. She followed where his eyes were looking, and a cute blush warmed up her smiling face as she saw what he was seeing. He mostly stared at his lover's breasts.

As they reached the end of the block, they slowed down. Standing next to each other, he ordered her, "Ok, you now lead the way, show me where you want to go."

Letting go of Pandora, Pittoo placed his right hand firmly on her bare bottom and pushed her forward, an action that elicited a yelp and a giggle from her as she looked around first to figure out where to go. Some street signs showed her which ways to go for certain locations. Once she made her choice, she followed a forward arrow that led to Lot 19 and Bahamut Hall, walking across the street with her lover following behind her. Any time she looked back at him, he was happily just staring back at her lovely arse while she showed a look of delight from seeing that his dick was still stiff.

Stepping naked across the street was a very different experience whenever they knew they were being seen by at least one person. It was a good kind of different because they felt more naked from being well aware that their unclothed bodies were being looked at while they were doing something that those with common sense would say was wrong. They liked how their naughty act was not a secret, and it all reinforced in their minds what was going on.

Dark Pit and Pandora knew they were seeing each other butt naked, reminding themselves why they were doing it, and telling themselves that it would never stop be arousing. Plus, they were enjoying the view while ogling the other and showing their forbidden body parts. It was easy to act confident and not have a tough time.

When Pandora got to the other street corner, she stopped and waited for Dark Pit. Then he honked her breasts before briefly examining the area between her legs and verifying that she was still plenty aroused as he then demanded, "Keep an even pace, Pandy. Why are you stoppin'?"

She answered, "To let you see my jiggling butt."

"I see. Carry on."

With their full bare bodies pointed down, they kept sauntering down the sidewalk. A tenth of a mile later, Dark Pit put his right arm his bare girlfriend's shoulders, Pandora then put her left arm around her bare boyfriend's shoulders as they kept going forward. They seemed to be the only people on the street so far. Speaking of uncovered figures, the cool breeze of the evening tickled their full front nudity and gave them chills.

At the end of the block, he had them cross the street together now, wanting them to really look like a naked couple with their arms on the other's shoulders. Neither of them felt awkward, and they were hoping to be watched as they walked naked down the road. Thankfully for the nudies, a few couples that were more clothed than the boy with spiky black hair and the woman with long blue hair were able to see their naked bodies walk down the sidewalk sometime after crossing. Happy to have attention, Dark Pit and Pandora smiled and waved at one couple, then blew kisses at another. Plus, Pittoo and Pandora bumped their butts as they strutted, looking barefaced and bare-ass naked, practically trying to be showoffs as they ambled sexily.

Halfway to Lot 19, Dark Pit just kept his arms at his sides as he realized, "Should've asked this earlier, but where exactly are we going?"

Pandora elaborated, "That lot where Bahamut Hall is."


By now, Pandora also had her arms at her sides as they both walked a little slower, hoping to draw the attention of some more strangers as they took the time to really savor being naked in new places. Sure enough, a man who was dressed casually looked at Pandora's bare front side with a stunned look while a woman in goth attire was just as surprised while looking Dark Pit's exposed wiener and nuts. In response, Dark Pit strutted in a way that made him look cool while Pandora's walking was more alluring.

There was a moment where Dark Pit began to walk backwards away from Pandora, occasionally looking behind him to see where he was going, but mostly eyeing her as she also looked at how his penis and testicles jostled between his legs while walking in reverse. They felt their bared genitals getting more turned on, Dark Pit's cock hardening and Pandora's pussy getting wetter. It showed how much fun they had exposing their intimate areas to new roads while requiring no cover in case of emergency.

After a block or two, they were at Lot 19 and stopped walking when they were under a light, not hiding themselves from the public at all since the lot was mostly empty. Then Pittoo asked, "Enjoying yourself, babe? I know I am."

Dark Pit had a feeling he knew the answer because Pandora's nipples were nearly aching, pointing out hard in the air. If it were brighter out, he'd be able to see some glistening on her thighs as well. Maintaining eye contact, Pandora leaned back against a light pole and nodded as Dark Pit's next question was, "Want me to touch the more indecent things on your cute little bod?"

Again, she nodded as he then looked down at her legs before looking down at his, "Good thing nothing's covering our cute little feet. If we're not barefoot, then we're not completely nude. Sure, our bare feet get filthy, but at least they'll never stink."

One of Dark Pit's hands got between Pandora's legs and rubbed her thigh. She quivered from the touch because it felt so good that she moaned. He then said, "I desperately want to us to cum, it's our fantasy. Ain't that right?"

"Righter than right."

His hand was still rubbing her thighs as he wrapped his free hand around his shaft, smiling while having the edge of her pinky make contact with her lips, "See me fapping, Pandora?"


"This is how dazzling your naked beauty is."

"Oh, stop. You're gonna make it harder to hold it in."

Dark Pit and Pandora were still very naked outside, and now he was actually physically teasing her as she moaned, "You are being such a bad boy."

"Well, I'm so damn good at it. Really, Pit's a goody two shoes compared to me."

"What makes you think your little brother is ostentatiously virtuous?"

"He likes to let Palutena dominate him because he likes to take orders."

"True, I did notice that."

"I prefer to give orders and be as bold as brass."

"You most certainly are."

"Not only that, but also I like to make up my own rules, even if they're potentially lawbreaking."

"Me too."

Pandora noticed that her unclothed boyfriend interrupted her soon-to-be orgasm by taking his hands away from her as she shook. Her closeness to climaxing was starting to falter as Pittoo teased with a smirk, "Oh, I know how to make you purr for me so well. You're such a fun little cutie to torture. Don't worry, I'll have us spurtin' and squirtin' soon enough. First, let's get to the next lot."

She wished it didn't stop, but understood as she said, "Ok."

Pittoo led the way, he and Pandora were gluttons for exposure as they yet again took in their surroundings while still nude and incredibly turned on, moving at a very slow pace.

Lot 20 had Ifrit Hall on one side and a gymnasium on the other. They went in the gym, and it seemed like only Dark Pit and Pandora were naked inside, but they actually liked that since it made them really stand out while exposing their private parts to everyone inside.

Dark Pit looked at slim women in sports bras and gym shorts with a cute smile as they giggled at him. Some even invited him to hug and kiss them so they could feel their clothed bodies against his naked one. The feeling was delightful with Pittoo being so naked, brave, and invulnerable. At the same time, Pandora grinned and blushed while getting close to toned men in gym clothes to soak in the sensation of them being more dressed than her.

Neither of the nudies planned to use any equipment, they just wanted to get more heads turned their way as Pittoo smiled while bragging about his encounters with the ladies, "Men wanna be me, women wanna be with me. I bet it's the other way around you, Pandy."

"It sure is."

"Don't worry, babe. You know I know that their looks can't even come close to yours."

"Same with you, sweetie."

Instead of going outside, Dark Pit stood in the middle of the gym along with his unclothed girlfriend before asking while standing only an inch apart from her, "Ready for you and me to have a lovely climax? I've witnessed your beautiful body writhing in pleasure and vice versa. Look at us, a naked boy with a naked woman, both bathing under the lights of the gym, being earthy and unapologetically obscene together. Our erogenous zones being uncovered is what amplifies the fun of public nudity."

Pandora nodded as Dark Pit used one hand to circle a finger around her left breast while masturbating with the other. He started at just the start of the swell of her breast, gradually spiraling it closer to the areola, but not quite reaching.

Getting closer, Dark Pit's dick just barely grazed the edges of Pandora's cunt, poking the puffy pink. When his finger finally touched her hard nipple, it teased around the nipple lightly, it was enough to make her let out a slight whimper as he kept teasing her hard little peak.

Ten strangers formed a circle around Pittoo and Pandora as their whole bodies warmed up from how they were working out in a manner of speaking. They were intending to really feel totally exposed with their naked beings illuminated for each other.

He stopped and stared for a minute, then kneeled down and got an eye level view with different spots. From his perspective, her soft little folds below were undoubtedly leaking with her nipples slicing the air. Both he and Pandora could see it all, and she was silently begging for Dark Pit to reach out and touch her again. His eyes looked into hers for a moment before pointed a finger out towards her body, Dark Pit placed it on the center of her collar bone. Torturously unhurried, he traced the fingertip down between Pandora's big breasts, past her rib cage, down to her belly button, and even across her patch of blue pubic hairs. Yet before it could touch her moist little treasure, he pulled it away, causing her to moan out, "Dark Pit, why all the stopping before I can get that sweet release?"

Dark Pit looked at Pandora, placing a hand on her cheek, pulling her head up, giving her a soft kiss, and letting that hand move down her neck and shoulder. It softly held her breasts as he explained, "I just like to be a cruel and teasing boy, I also want take my time so we can both appreciate the times we do it in public places."


Arching her back, Pandora moaned softly for as Pittoo kept teasing her nipples. At that point, they were so lost that they almost didn't notice how a total of 25 individuals surrounded them, half men, half women, some filming, others just watching.

Again, Pandora looked even more pleadingly at Dark Pit when he took her hand away from her nipples, "Please, my love! I don't think I can last much longer! I want to cum!"

Cupping her cheek sensually, the totally nude boy with black hair leaned in close to the equally nude woman with blue hair, their faces were so close as they looked deeply in the other's eyes. She could see he was enjoying what he was doing, making her super easy to read. There was no denying that they were both getting a kick out of indecent exposure. He then assured, "Be patient, babe. All the physical teasing will make the need for release grow exponentially, and the payoff will be huge. Plus, to be honest, I'm eager to starting jizzing too."

Both of Pittoo's hands drifted down her bod, cupping her titties and teasing her nipples. Kneeling down in front of her again, he looked up at her and at the hardening tips in front of his face. Rolling her nipples between his fingers had her cooing as he said, "Your nakedness and mine both need to be touched so badly."

Dark Pit opened Pandora's legs, touching her hot and smooth skin. She could feel every little drop of moisture fall from her quivering special place as pre-cum leaked from Dark Pit's glans. His fingers made trails up and down the sides of her puffy pinkness below, continuing to tease her nudity. Sometimes, he'd poke her pubes. Other times, he'd move up to tease her boobs again, then his hands would snake back down and tease every sensitive nerve ending on Pandora.

Walking outside totally nude was quite the experience for them. It was getting later, but not enough to make it completely dark, and the sun was still mostly up. As the boy caressed the woman more, he suggested that she fondle him as well. Eagerly, Pandora rubbed Dark Pit's member.

Hands on their bare skin was a stark reminder that Dark Pit and Pandora was utterly naked in public. No clothes meant no way to cover themselves, and that excited them both as they tried to concentrate on letting it all out in front of fifty people.

Being completely bare, Dark Pit's boyhood was throbbing and being pumped while Pandora's womanhood was penetrated. It was incredibly exciting to them and being ogled by people they didn't know made it easier to push them over the edge and have them cum hard. They'd love to squirt their orgasms right in front of the huge crowd forming in a circle.

Pittoo let go of Pandora to spread his feet and had her do that too, their position naturally spread their bare thighs wide. As Dark Pit pumped faster, Pandora pressed her engorged clit with her fist. They both moaned while using their free hands to pinch their own butts, "Oh god."

Pandora moaning made Dark Pit satisfied as he gasped, "Look at us, we're fucking naked in a public surrounding where we can be seen masturbating our starving privates."

Leaning back slightly, Pandora closed her eyes, "Feel good?"

"Sure do."

"Good, so do I."

Dark Pit and Pandora often had they eyes closed while moaning. Every minute or so, they would briefly open their eyes to see the people standing around them, watching them. Both the naked male and naked female loved having their naked bodies looked at, it made them more acutely aware that they were absolutely nude in the gym as they played with their own genitals. The feeling was indescribable. Knowing that what they were doing was crazy, they let their heads fall back and opened their mouths and to moan.

Still messing around with her clit and rubbing between her thighs faster, Pandora her other hand to pull at a nipple, moaning louder. Meanwhile, Dark Pit kept pumping himself, sometimes grabbing one of his butt cheeks or cupping his scrotum. As their masturbation quickened, so did their need for orgasm as they spread their feet a little wider apart.

Pandora kept slapping at her clit and twisting her nipple. Spanking her totally bare pussy in public meant that slapping sounds filled the air around her, and she moaned out loud. Likewise, Pittoo made slapping noises of his own by smacking his sexy ass in addition to moving his penis hand fast enough to be a blur. The fact that currently 75 people were enjoying the show spurned them on as they breathed at one another, "Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck you! Fuck the both of us!"

Repeatedly spanking the monkey aroused Dark Pit. Slapping at her horny, wet cunt with two fingers jammed inside and sliding all around aroused Pandora. Neither of them could stop talking about how stimulated they felt as they showed their nakedness to the public, fucking themselves with their hands and saying out loud, "Mmmm... aaaahh! Cum! Cum! Cum!"

Dark Pit pumped his shaft at a hyperactive pace while Pandora aggressively pinched at her clit. Closing their eyes tight, they screamed while reveling in the people watching them, "Yeah, watch us both. Watch us fuck ourselves right here, we're totally naked in this fitness center. Oh god, we're going to ejaculate!"

Nearing the edge of orgasm, their bods convulsed and tightened, and their stomach muscles cramped. As their orgasms washed over them like a wave, the naked lovebirds stifled their screams and came hard, not caring that they were moaning loudly enough to be heard by even those who were at the other side of the gym.

Both nude lovers screamed as they squirted their orgasms on the floor in the front of them with their eyes closed. Their incredible climaxes were sweeping every nerve ending in their bodies, he felt his cum-juice spurting from his pulsing member as she squirted her fluids from throbbing hole, soaking her inner thighs with its warmth. Someone exclaimed, "Oh my god, a pervy boy and a slutty woman are making a mess. They're naked and cumming in public."

Unable to help themselves, Dark Pit and Pandora stayed put, wanting to get a second orgasm out of them.

Now with 100 people forming a circle around the streakers and adulterers, Dark Pit looked to his left and his right, acknowledging their audience as he told Pandora, "Look, Panda Bare. We're trapped, being seen totally naked with our fingers still moving around our privates."

She guffawed at him as he pumped faster than ever as she fingered her bare, sopping pussy just as rapidly, "It's insane that they know just how wild we are."

The day was waning, although there was still plenty of light left. Her nipples still stood on end, but his member was struggling to do so since it was deflating. His hand went even faster to bring it back to life, and he eyed her nude form to be hard again in three minutes. First, his gaze fell to her huge breasts as they moved heavily around her chest. Her wet wedge soaked her inner thighs, and her nipples stood out from her totally exposed tits. All of it assisted in the reinvigoration of his sausage.

They shivered from excitement coursing through them again. Also, they were sweating profusely because trying to make themselves cum again was more arduous than they thought. Dark Pit was standing totally nude and exposed in front of giggling girls as while Pandora was baring all for men with prurient grins. All those audience members really wanted them to finish what they started.

Everything, the floor under their bare feet and the fact that everyone else was fully clothed served to drive home to them the fact that they were surrounded, totally and utterly nude in public. Pittoo and Pandora really got a kick of it, he was rock hard as he still didn't stop pumping, and she was sopping wet while pulling her aching clitoris. He panted, "You and I love being naked in public. We don't need clothes."

Pandora panted back, "No, we don't. While you expose your dick to the public, I show everyone my cunt. We love parading around with no clothes in public and masturbating parts of our bodies that cowards wouldn't dare to show?"

"No need for safety. We get off on having our nakedness ogled, and our bystanders seem to like too."

"Yeah, they seem way more supportive than those four guys from earlier. I can hear words of encouragement, but only barely because the sounds of skin slapping combined with our moans drown them out to some degree."

"Good, let them cheer us on. Savor the positive responses and we'll clap back at the negative ones."

"Well said. God, I'm dripping wet right now."

"My arm is getting tired."

"Mine too."

Dark Pit and Pandora's smuttiness was getting out of hand. They shivered again, feeling the sexual arousal between their legs multiplying. When his arm got tired from rubbing his pee-pee, he used the hand on his other arm to keep going. She followed suit by moving her other hand to her pussy.

Looking at the hundred onlookers, Dark Pit groaned, "Since my girlfriend and I are both naked and feeling our front sides, feel free to grab our backsides. I'm such a dirty pervert and I need it bad."

That made Pandora squeal, "Yes, go right ahead, ladies and gentlemen. Grope my booty and make me moan like the filthy slut I am."

No further coaxing was required, two women slapped Dark Pit's buttocks from behind as Pandora's buttocks were patted by two men. Both nudists yelped in surprise as people grabbed at their naked butts, "Do it again for the deviant boy and whore woman!"

More delivered playful slaps to their exposed butt cheeks, nearly knocking them off of their feet. Other hands would pinch and squeeze their naked cheeks, knocking the streakers forward and almost having them fall. Dark Pit's penis and Pandora's vagina throbbed as they were on the verge of cumming once more. Their bare-naked ass cheeks kept being overwhelmed with hands grabbing, clenching, or patting. Sounds of hands slapping bare skin cracked the air and filled the building.

A second series of orgasms finally washed over them like a tsunami. More cum gushed from Pittoo's penis and Pandora's vagina all over the floor in front of her as they stopped rubbing themselves hard and fast, moaning loudly enough for people right outside to hear. Seeing the explosions of white liquids, everyone stopped grabbing their bare bottoms to get a glimpse the lovebirds making a bigger mess.

Feeling the last of their orgasms subside, Dark Pit and Pandora shared a hug with his arms around her shoulders and hers around his waist, kissing for the umpteenth time while feeling beads of their sweat mingle on their flesh and her breasts pressing on his chest. Some people applauded, other just stood with their mouths agape. Cheering whistles were heard, and so were wolf whistles.

Their eyes were closed as they smooched. When they opened, they noticed everyone leaving to get back to their exercise routines. Both nudists decided that they had done enough for now, so they strolled naked back to their dorm, his right hand holding her left and his right buttock bumping her left. Dark Pit's cum blaster and Pandora's knockers kept jiggling with every step as he pondered, "Have you ever wondered where the other two couples went?"

"Don't know where they went, but I bet they're having as much fun as we are."

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