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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet in a School for Goddessry and Angelry @woodyk
Saturday (Part 3)

The six of them kept watching films with nakedness in them, like Gia, Boogie Nights, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

It was close to dinnertime by the time they felt the need to turn off the TV, and all they had were some rainbow bell peppers from Amazon. Pit and Palutena shared the red pepper, Dark Pit and Pandora split the orange one, and Viridi and Phosphora shared the yellow. They didn't eat anything else today because they wanted to keep their stomachs skinny.

Now, Dark Pit and Pandora asked the others to film them. Pit, Palutena, Viridi, and Phosphora agreed to record them getting intimate with their phones.

Dark Pit stood naked in front of Pandora as she stood nude in front of him as well, keeping their hands at their sides and smiling at each other's erogenous zones. Neither of them moved, they just stood there, taking the time to study one another physically and emotionally, admiring the attractiveness of their own nakedness and each other's nudity. As Pittoo got hard, Pandora got wet, both were excited and wanted to get it on.

They walked towards each other until the tip of Dark Pit's penis lightly touched Pandora's vagina. He smiled as he toyed with it, having it poke the areas between her legs, mostly her blue pubic hairs. Both the boy with black hair and the woman with blue hair kissed, wanting to enjoy every moment of their lips touching. His hands massaged her shoulders while hers were around his ass, sliding gently up his hips, then up his sides. Reacting, he brought his hands to her big, firm breasts and gently squeezed them, rubbing her nipples and breasts as he grinned, "No tops, no bottoms, no footwear, no problem. Ain't that true, babe?"

Pandora grinned back, "We'd be crazy to think otherwise."

"Honestly, we're crazy either way because we're buck naked and fucking like no one's business."

"Tee hee."

After that, Dark Pit brought his lips to her neck and shoulders, nipping Pandora there. He planted a kiss on her left shoulder, then her right, then did that four more times before demanding that she repeat his actions. She eagerly went to his neck and shoulders, doing the same thing. Compared to Pittoo, Pandora was a bit slower because wanted their moment together to last forever. Once she was done, they merely stared intently into each other's eyes, showing the other the hunger in their eyes.

Dark Pit pulled Pandora hard into him and kissed him passionately, letting his pectorals press into her boobs as he sighed and suggested, "Ohhhhh, Pandora. Why don't you bring your lips down to my chest and fondle my penis? I think that's a good idea."

It was also a good idea to Pandora, who groped his dick and started kissing his neck, gradually sinking lower and lower. She reached down to his nipples as she tugged on his scrotum, then she swirled her tongue around his belly button while she cupped his balls in her palm. When his pubic hairs tickled her chin after she descended low enough, she grabbed hold of his cock as she smiled at him, sitting on her knees and bringing up, "Your pee-pee is erect, Pittoo. Since your little bro's member went in Palutena's face, shall I have yours go into mine? Shall I suck your dick?"

Pittoo gasped, "Oh god, yes! That's an excellent idea, my love."

Wrapping her hand around Dark Pit's cock and starting to stoke it made Pandora's pussy dripped with excitement, that only served a teaser of things to come. To get him gasping louder, she reaches around and grabbed a handful with his butt.

Pandora then opened her mouth and teased Dark Pit around the tip of his cock with her tongue. She licked up and down the entire shaft before opening her mouth wide and sliding the tip past her lips. The totally naked boy with spiky black hair moaned as the totally naked woman with long blue hair stroked and sucked his cock while continuing to grope his cute bare bottom.

More and more, Pittoo's penis was drenched in Pandora's saliva from her deepthroating as he ran his fingers through her hair. He started to get closer and closer, his hands begin to coax her head up and down his shaft a little faster and harder, and it wasn't too long before Dark Pit apprised, "I'm gonna cum, Pandora. Your mouth is bringing me to the brink. Ooooh. Oh god."

Pleased to hear that her oral skills were coming close to paying off, she closed her lips around the tip of his sausage, to stroke harder and faster. Now that she had her mouth doing all the work on the shaft, both hands were on Dark Pit's buttocks, grabbing two handfuls and hoping to make him cum slightly faster. It seemed to work because he emitted a scream of delight.

Dark Pit finally felt the first spurt of his hot, sticky, delicious cum coming out of him like water from a water gun. Pandora also felt his semen as it coated the inside of her mouth, but she didn't stop stroking. A second, third, and fourth spurt were all forced out of his cock, then she swallowed his massive load before she licked the shaft and tip clean.

Standing back up, Pandora leaning over to kiss Pittoo on the lips. When their lips separated, he flashed a greedy smile at her, kissed her neck, then nibbled her earlobe with his hand caressing her breasts. His lips then went back to hers as he grabbed her breasts more firmly.

She moaned into his mouth as he pinched her nipples between his fingers. His lips started to make their way down her neck, kissing and nibbling right down to her breasts. He grabbed a nipple between his lips and began gently nibbling and sucking on one, then the other. His hands slid down lower and lower as well before settling on her inner thighs. Putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing her down, he wanted her to lie on her back. Pandora's buttocks squished against the floor as she lied down, then he grabbed her inner thighs and spread them apart, providing easy access to her cunt.

Pittoo's mouth started trailing kisses down across her breasts and down her stomach until he reached her waist. His lips and tongue slid up and down the crotch area, pecking at Pandora's woman fur before he moved back up to kiss her again.

After putting his hands on her breasts again to give them more good squeezes, Dark Pit gently kissed and nibbled her inner thighs. Pandora moaned as he started at her left knee and worked his way until she felt his nose touch her pussy, then he turned his head and started the same thing on her right leg, only this time he didn't stop, planting his lips right on Pandora's bare pussy. She felt his tongue slide gently inside her, and she lightly moaned as his tongue slid in and out of her dripping wet hole as the lips on his face locked on the lips on her pussy.

Looking down at her black-haired boyfriend open his mouth and shove his tongue deep into her soaking cunt, she began to grind against him. His tongue then slid up to her clitoris and his blue-haired girlfriend moaned loudly, grabbing the back of his head and pushing his face into her as he worked her clit with his magical tongue. Even though she was moaning loudly at that point, she didn't give a fuck because it felt too good to think of anything other than his tongue on her and cumming, and she let him know, "You keep this up, and it won't take much longer for my climax to occur."

That was when he gently nibbled her clit then shoved his tongue back inside her. Pandora moaned for Dark Pit while riding the wave of her first climax of the night. All the buildup from the excitement she felt from pleasuring Pittoo was all it took for her first orgasm of the night.

After she came, his red eyes looked up into her pink eyes. Dark Pit licked his lips while smiling at Pandora and giggling, "You taste really good, babe."

Pandora giggled back at Pittoo and let her eyes trail down his handsome body where she saw that his cock was hard again. As good as her first orgasm was, she wanted badly to feel that cock deep inside either her mouth or pussy. Pittoo gave Pandora a kiss and said, "I know you want more, so do I."

"What are you gonna do to give us more?"

"I have an idea."

She could feel her pussy dripping with anticipation again as he climbed on top of her in a 69, slowly lowering himself down onto her with their heads between each other's legs.

Delighted to see his dick again, she wrapped her hand around his rock-hard shaft and guided the tip to the opening of her slutty mouth. He let out a moan as his big cock filled her mouth while his was eating her pussy. Sliding her lips up and down on his shaft, Pandora loved the taste of his sex organ.

Dark Pit thrust his penis in and out of Pandora's mouth as he felt good from her oral stimulation. As he held onto her feet, he kissed and licked her vagina, matching her rhythm. Both of them began to moan louder as they went faster. How she sucked his hard cock in conjunction with him eating her wet vaginal hole.

She had his whole shaft in her mouth, sliding her lips and tongue up and down faster on his thick shaft than before, even grabbing his rear end with her hands. Meanwhile, with Pandora's breasts between Pittoo's legs, he closed his legs partially to have them pressing her titties together.

All the others enjoyed what they were recording as Pit, Palutena, Viridi, and Phosphora witnessed Dark Pit top of Pandora, pleasing her convulsing pussy and clitoris with his lips and tongue as she kept sucking his rock-hard shaft, teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. Their mouth-based tactics got more frenzied, and she said, "I need you to cum in me now!"

The nude boy with black hair said to the nude woman with blue hair, "Me too, babe! I gotta get sprayed with your nectar, I just gotta!"

With that, he thrusted his hips to have the tip of his cock touch the back of her mouth as she sucked it harder and faster, feeling the glans almost poking her uvula and his balls banging up against her nose. In response, she let out a scream of pleasure as she closed her legs to press them against his face while squeezing his butt tightly. His tongue burrowed into her pink cave to reach for her G-spot. He screamed back as they felt themselves being fucked to the limit, with his pee-pee going as deep in her mouth while her vulva experiencing a complete oral assault from his mouth.

Moans got louder, the looks of pleasure they had told the other four that it wouldn't be long. Dark Pit and Pandora began to moan and grunt as their orgasms neared. In between moans, they told each other, "Cum inside me! Fill me with your hot cum!"

That was all they needed as they began to climax. His thick rod shot spurt after spurt of his sticky cum inside her mouth. As she felt the first drops of cum on her tongue and gums, she eagerly swallowed his semen and went over the edge as well. Her back arched, her hands grabbing and squeezing Pittoo's buttocks hard, eyes rolling back, screaming out his name as she came hard on his face, convulsing.

He collapsed on top of her, totally spent. His jizz soon stopped dripping, so Pandora pulled his softening penis out of her mouth at the same time that Dark Pit backed away from her vagina to snuggled on top of her.

Pandora grinned from seeing Dark Pit's cute face speckled in her spunk. They kissed and she thanked him, "That was an amazing lovemaking session."

A naked Pittoo told her, "Get used to it, 'cause we're gonna be doing stuff like a lot more often."

"How often, hon?"

"Like at least twice a day, sometimes thrice."

"Sounds fun."

They both rested against the wall, being too spent to keep their eyes open for much longer, but also wanting to film Viridi and Phosphora, who were taking Pittoo and Pandora's spot as the naked blondes smiled, Viridi stating, "Well, we all have videos of all of two different couples engaging in sex with only our hands..."

Picking up from there, Phosphora added, "...but now we need the four of you to film us so we can all have recordings of two different couples doing it the mouth way. Right, cutie?"

Viridi was the cutie as she giggled at her tall girlfriend, "Right, hottie."

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