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Zelda Prompts @lordofdong
Aveil's Daughter

While Aveil had the brown skin, red hair, and yellow eyes that were typical of the Gerudo, her daughter was fair-skinned and blonde. The only trait she shared with her mother were her yellow eyes. While some might have seen this as a sign that the child was not Aveil's, she knew better. She was the result of a tryst with the legendary hero, Link.

Aveil had always been attracted to Link, ever since she first laid eyes on him. She had flirted with him and even propositioned him on more than one occasion, but he had always politely declined. That is, until one night after a few too many drinks. Link finally succumbed to Aveil's charms and they spent the night together.

Aveil always knew she wanted children, but she never imagined that she would have a daughter who looked so different from her. Still, she loved her daughter unconditionally and was proud to have been given the gift of life by the heroic Link.

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