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Zelda Prompts @lordofdong
Mipha returns

Mipha was excited to be back among the living, but she quickly realized that things had changed quite a bit in the 100 years she had been gone. Her younger brother Sidon was now an adult, and all of her friends from the Zora tribe were adults too. Mipha felt like a fish out of water, and she had trouble fitting back in.

Sidon was glad to have his sister back, but he could tell that she was struggling. He did his best to help her adjust, but it was difficult. Mipha found it hard to relate to anyone her own age, and she missed the close bond she had with her Zora friends.

With time, Mipha began to find her place again. She started spending more time with Sidon, and she slowly started to reconnect with her Zora friends. Though things were different now, Mipha was glad to be back home.

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