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A Dream of Really Big Breasts

In Penny's dream, both she and Kymberly were completely naked in a field of flowers, but with one not-very-small difference. While the redhead's breasts were still 34C, Kymmy's chest was 65-inches, each breast weighed 50-pounds and her bra size was 118ZZZ! Seriously, those boobs were almost as big as Norma Stitz's boobs as the black chick said to the white girl with glasses, "What do you think of these massive breasts, Penny?"

Penny was so excited that her heart was pounding, and she sounded dazed, "I could fondle them all day long."

Kymberly put her hand lightly on Penny's face, around her neck and jaw, and they looked into each other's eyes for a long time. They giggled a little as their fully exposed breasts touched, their pulse quickened, and they felt their pussies warming up and aching.

When Kymmy rubbed Penny's tummy and breasts, the shorter girl felt her nipples harden as a burning sensation went up her neck and face. The fact that Penny had super tiny titties compared to Kym's must have made her blush violently before she said in her sweet high-pitched voice, her smile wide and her blue eyes wide with anticipation as she said, "I bet you want me to grope your breasts too, Kymberly."

Heavily, Kymberly breathed, "Yeah, girl."

A dopey grin appeared on the redhead's reddened face as her hands hovered at the nipples and areolas around those enormous boobs, pulling and playing with the nipples. It made Kymmy pursed her full lips and her tongue play at the corners of her mouth as she looked at Penny, smiling a broad, open-mouthed smile.

Bending down a little, Kym's enormous breasts fell clear to her thighs as she kissed Penny on the lips. Then the African American woman used her left hand to take Penny's right so both of them could walk together like the lovers they were, allowing Kymberly's awesome pendulous breasts to swing in slow arcs while the redheaded girl's smaller ones noticeably jiggled up and down.

While walking, they both looked at each other's bare butts wobbling with every step and it made them laugh, even slap one another's buttocks. The grass and flowers below tickled Penny's dainty bare feet as well as Kymmy's larger bare feet. Also, there a was large river several feet away and several steps later, they stopped to look at each other's bodies some more.

Dumbstruck by the dark-skinned woman's beauty, the pale-skinned girl placed a hand on each nipple. To her, the brown areolas of the nipples were roughly as big as the surface of an A-cup or a B-cup, then Kym suggested, "Place your hands under my breasts and suck on a nipple."

That was exactly what Penny did, enjoying the odd sexy sensation of her flat hands actually disappearing, being swallowed between the flesh of her breasts and that of her ribcage and stomach. Suckling the nipples like a baby drinking a mother's breast milk made throbs of arousal start in Penny's vagina, her cunt warmed and moistened as Kymberly's did too. Almost reverently, Kymberly asked, "Penny, do you like them?"

"I love them, but not as much as I love your motherly personality."

"That's so sweet of you."

Without hesitating, the older woman put her arms around the younger girl. Both of them felt a shock like electricity as their breasts directly touched and they hugged, the sensuality of Penny's sponginess on Kymmy's was beyond description. It seemed like they were were in a place beyond words. Each moment, their flesh seemed to discover a new and spongy spot on one another as they kept kissing while their hearts could not stop pounding.

Penny shivered when Kymberly ran her tongue along her earlobe, then down her neck before asking, "Do you like to eat pussy, Penny?"

Smiling, she answered, "Yes, I like to get eaten too."


"Anything you say."

Now Penny and Kymmy laid beside each other, faces to pussies. Because of how massive Kym's rack was, both boobies sensuously rubbed against Penny's cute face even as she licked her pussy.

It seemed like some kind of miracle to Penny, smelling and tasting her girlfriend's funky female scent while feeling the awesome sponginess against her face cheeks. Both of them ran their tongues up and down each other's wet and warm pussy lips, then immediately sucking one another's hard-ridged pink clits.

While their vulvas were getting sucked and licked, all kinds of moaning sounds escaped their throats as they licked on the wet pink folds and along the areas between their cunt lips. Compared to Kym's, Penny's inner lips were quite a bit lighter in their pinkness than her outer lips.

Kissing and licking each other's clitoral hoods, the black woman told the white girl, "Ooooo. Girl, you're on the right place. Yeah, between the lips, yeah. Just like that."

Giggling, Penny said, "I like being submissive, Kymmy."

"Then just keep doing what you're doing right now. It feels great."

Obeying, Penny kept licking slowly, up and down, up and down, around the hood of the clitoris as Kymberly nibbled along the redhead's pussy lips.

By now, both of them were dripping and sighing, "Ah... ah..."

When Kymmy started rolling her pelvis and boobs around Penny's face, the girl with glasses sped up her breath, clearly getting more excited before the other woman instructed her, "I gotta stop eating you, I'm almost there. Lick around my clit, yeah, yeah, not on, yeah, right around it. Oh! Yes! Right there! Keep licking! Yeah! OH YEAH! That's the spot!"

Kym let out a shrill scream as she bounced all over from what she told Penny to do. Because the African American chick did the same thing to the girl with pale skin and glasses, Penny's shrieking was noticeably higher in volume and pitch. Right then and there, both of them orgasmed.

After they came, Penny tongued Kymberly's nipples that were no longer hard, but soft as pudding. In her sweet, soft voice, Kymberly told her, "Keep on licking me. Like you were doing between the lips, I like the feel of it afterward."

Penny followed her order and Kymmy recommenced on her pussy as well, licking and nibbling while asking, "Is this how you like it, sweetie?"

Moans escaped Penny as she requested, "Yeah. Maybe you could kind of blow on my clit?"

"Like this?"

Feeling the dark-skinned gal blow on her clitoris made Penny gasp, "Yes, like that... ohhh..."

Then they kissed each other's lips gratefully before going back to licking one another's soaking pussy. Penny's pelvis squirmed around and around; she could feel the pressure building. Inside themselves, they pushed down and began taking deeper breaths to make the orgasm last longer and they moaned and screamed, "Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!"

Both naked women gasped as their orgasms waved through them.

Kymberly straightened around so she could lie on her back, she moved her breasts apart as much as she could so Penny could snuggle between them and be on top of her. Face-to-face, Penny was delicately sandwiched between Kymmy's big boobs, and they started idly kissing some more, tasting pussy juice from each other's mouths. Giggly and bubbly as she always was, the naked redhead beamed, "You're so beautiful and your breasts are so beautiful. I love you."

Cupping Penny's cheeks in her hands, the black-haired woman smiled back, "I love you too. You are so adorable, Penny, Penny..."

In the master bedroom, it was morning when Kym lightly shook Penny, saying, "... Penny. Time to get up, sweetheart."

The dream was over as Penny woke up yawning before opening her eyes and smiling, "Good morning, Kymberly."

Kymberly smiled back, "Good morning, Penny."

When Penny got out of bed, she giggled because both of them were still completely nude and the older woman said to her, "Let's take a shower before breakfast."

"Can we shower together so we can hug and kiss naked? It could save some water."

"I don't see why not."

Penny's glasses and hair ornament were still on the nightstand as she and Kymmy stepped in the shower that was thankfully big enough for two people. Happily, the taller chick shampooed the shorter girl's red hair, then sat on her knees so Penny wouldn't have any trouble shampooing her black hair.

Next was the body wash, Kym remained sitting on her knees to make things easier for Penny and herself as they washed each other's naked bodies. Trying not to cum in the shower was incredibly hard for both of them, given how they were touching each other's genitals while applying body wash everywhere. Moans escaped them as they tried to hold it in. Wondering if they should, Penny asked, "Kym, are you ok with me *moan* cumming in your shower?"

Trying to hold in her orgasm, Kymberly eventually answered, "Yes, I'm fine with it, so do it if you have to. To be honest, I need to cum too because our touches are way too sexually exciting for us to not release our sex juices."

Sitting on her butt, the dark-skinned woman had the pale-skinned girl sit also sit on her butt right in front of her. With their legs spread, they fingered one another's vaginas to finally achieve climax. They let out a scream and they squirted their cum all over their legs and stomachs, then they watched all the white water go down the shower drain that was between them.

Wrapping her legs around Kymberly's waist and her arms around the tall chick's shoulder, Penny giggled at her before embracing her and compassionately kissing her cheeks, then her lips. In return, Kymmy wrapped legs around Penny's butt cheeks and her arms around her waist, she returned the embrace and kissed her back tenderly.

A few minutes later, they turned off the shower and dried each other off. Kym put on red lingerie, a beige skirt that went down to her knees and a matching collared shirt with buttons. As usual, Penny wore nothing but her glasses, her heart headpiece, and a smile. Hand in hand, they went downstairs to make breakfast, but not before cleaning the semen stains on the bed from last night with some cleaning products.

Downstairs, the taller woman said to the shorter one, "My friends can't wait to see you. I invited them to my place before I woke you up."

"Are they ok with our interracial relationship?"

"Yep, I showed them those naked pictures of you, and they sound so eager to meet you."

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