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Night Nakedness

After all the excitement that a naked Penny had with Kymberly, they both agreed that it was a good idea to call it a day and promised to meet again tomorrow. It was their way of taking it slow.

Dropped back off at her lab, Penny kissed her BFF's cheek and hugged her affectionately before exiting Kymmy's car. She even jiggled her bare butt for the tall chick and even blew a kiss.

Later that night, Penny stayed nude since her adult age permitted it. Looking out the windows and at the night sky, she had a feeling people would be asleep and it would be a good time to sneak through town naked

Penny was still bold with her streaking, still wanting to get naked and explore public places. The adrenaline rush was pretty addictive when running completely naked down the street.

Before beginning her streak, Penny took her hands and ran them from her shoulders to her breasts, to her stomach, to her hips, to her thighs, and down to her knees. Not a single fiber of cloth hid Penny's body. Looking down, the redhead was happy to see nothing but bare skin. Even the area between her legs was bare. She looked over her shoulder, happy to see that her back and bottom were equally exposed.

Cupping her breasts with her hands, Penny smiled as her fingers were easily able to reach over her small mounds. Sometimes, she wished they were a bit bigger, but she would admit she thought they suited her. After all, Penny was fairly short, so she guessed having huge swaying breasts wouldn't be the best.

Size aside though, Penny loved her little nipples, and they loved her fingers. They also loved tongues and mouths; the red-haired girl promised to get them those someday. Penny's nipples were already standing out and her lab was plenty warm. Just thinking about what she was going to do had her aroused as she giggled, "I love being naked."

Her fingers brushed against the sides of the nipples, but she fought back the urge to tease them more she felt she might get too easily aroused and exhausted before she even started.

In preparation for her public nudity stunt, Penny turned all of her lights and appliances off before she stepped towards the door. She opened it and looked around. Penny was not afraid to lean at least half her body out with her bare breasts in view to anyone who could be out there. It was late at night though, most people asleep.

Confirming that no one was around, Penny stepped outside. Now Penny Crygor was officially outside, in public, without any clothing that provided decency. Although it wasn't cold, the air still had a way to make her shiver at first. The breeze blowing across her body was definitely different than the stilled air inside her lab.

Without a single item in her possession besides her glasses and heart-shaped hairclip containing her wallet and cell phone, she took the doorknob, and pulled it towards her. The door shut and she got the key from under the mat to lock it.

After putting the key back under the mat, Penny felt her body tingle as she just stood outside, being so naked and vulnerable. Really, her face was even a little red already while thinking how things could go wrong and she would even say she might have had a few regrets having done what she just did. Just because public nudity was thrilling didn't mean she was not scared at all.

Yet at the same time, there was more to it. Being naked made Penny feel so alive, like she was really doing something crazy to make her adrenaline rush.

Since her nipples still ached, Penny touched them and gasped because she was turned on, but she had to control herself or she wouldn't get it done. Once she stopped, she looked at Dr. Crygor's Lab nearby and wondered if she should let him know about her nudism or her spending time with a tall black woman. He definitely would not approve of the former.

Letting her hands stay at her sides, Penny turned and walked towards the sidewalk, shaking the whole way because of all the danger and excitement. Unlike yesterday, she wasn't hiding herself and no one was around to witness her streaking. In case there was, Penny could always hide behind parked vehicles, mailboxes, garbage cans, alleys, trees, streetlights, etc.

A while of streaking later, a nude Penny no longer could see her lab. She didn't go back; she only went forward. Other than streetlights, it was dark. None of the stores and restaurants were open. No cars were driving along and there was not a soul in sight as she commented, "Good so far."

Even though Penny was not wearing any clothes, she still made herself feel more naked by increasing distance between her and them. As she walked naked down more streets, it was like she was losing more coverage, despite being fully unclothed to begin with.

With every step, Penny felt her breasts bounce more and her butt jiggle a little, she could feel her thighs rub against each other. Penny was completely naked, but when she was getting farther from her clothes, she felt it more.

Everything was so quiet from where Penny was now, she was hardly even considering the fact that a dozen other people lived in nearby buildings, and that they could step outside and catch her. However, Penny's focus was not on people behind closed doors, but on getting to the other side of Diamond City.

Halfway across town, a bare Penny stopped at a parking lot for a shopping plaza. The naked girl looked down and loved following the bare skin down her body.

In the dark, Penny could still easily make out the way her pale skin was shaped and colored. Her pink nipples were standing out color-wise and physically, the two pink buds were super happy to be outside. Then if she looked just right, she could see the start of her smooth lips. With her legs just a little open, she could see the pavement below her.

Not even thinking, Penny placed her hands on her thighs and rubbed them, almost as if she was warming them up. A few of her fingers moved up, touching her lips. Honestly, the redhead was just naturally verifying her indecent exposure in the middle of an empty parking lot, moaning, "Oh my god..."

Penny's vagina was more than naked, it was wet. She could hardly believe it, it seemed like she had only started a few minutes ago, but she guessed fantasizing about her plan hours before had worked her up a lot. Really, arousal was where at least half of her courage came from.

Because of the excitement, Penny knew she had to get going. The longer she was out there, the more likely she was to be caught. Penny doubted anyone would be as forgiving as Kymberly.

Seeing a parked car by the sidewalk, Penny was out of view of the road once she dashed towards it and crouched down near it. Down the sidewalk, Penny saw a few more cars that were parallel parked, so at least her adventure would be simple for a while.

It was now that Penny realized her hands were still between her legs and she was nearly ready to start moaning. Her body really didn't want for her to get back inside her lab, but she told herself, "Focus!"

Managing to take off, Penny was now jogging along the sidewalk, completely exposed and naked. It wasn't even that dark thanks to nearby streetlights, so she would be really easy to spot, but it was all over in a flash. Ducking down besides another car, the nude girl felt safe despite still being exposed to anyone on the sidewalk. The run left Penny breathing heavily as if she had just run a mile, but she knew she ran way less than that.

While recovering, Penny looked at her naked body. She was completely without clothes. More and more, the idea that she had multiple blocks to go before running home was making her body tingle. Penny was still trapped naked, but that didn't stop her since she still had to head forward.

After dashing between more cars, Penny realized an issue ahead. On the block ahead, the road got narrower, and cars were not allowed to park on the streets there. It was also all businesses, and with no one around, there'd probably not have been any cars anyways. Looking around, Penny saw things were still clear. A couple of feet ahead of her was an intersection, and she would have to cross over to the narrow street.

Readying herself, Penny eyed everything up and saw that there was a bit of an alcove in one of the store fronts for their door, so she could maybe take a break there. It was the farthest she had ever traveled, so she was pretty worried now. New unexplored territory meant that even if she looked at it while clothed, she could never predict what it would be like once she was nude there.

Gathering her courage, she ran forward as fast as she could to her next bit of cover. Penny was naked and running down the street in town, and she had no way to hide herself now. As she ran forward, she fully noticed the fact she was also running towards a streetlight. It got brighter and brighter around her, like she was running into a spotlight.

Under the light, Penny made the mistake of looking down to see her body illuminated in the artificial light shining down from above. There wasn't a scrap of material hiding any of her skin, which made her moan in frustration. She couldn't believe she was so dumb.

One of her arms wrapped around her breasts, her other hand wedged itself between her legs. Penny felt like she had to hide her body because she couldn't just leave it exposed like that in public! Modesty and embarrassment flooded in for a few moments before she knew was indeed pushing many boundaries with how far she streaked. The naked girl with glasses resumed her adventure, she started it, so she needed to finish it.

Along one side, she could see her reflection in a large window, a young redheaded woman running naked along the sidewalk trying in vain or hide her nudity with her arms. Penny quickly removed her hands and arms since she realized that Kymmy would not be happy if she was caught censoring herself. On her other side, she could see the road and it was barren of any cars to hide behind or anything.

Behind Penny and in front of her, she could see the road stretch far. Although no cars were driving along it at that time, she knew they could be. Many cars drove down that road every day. If they were there now, they'd all see Penny running naked in public!

Seeing a small indent in a building, she quickly hid there. Now to her immediate sides, she was covered, but could still easily be seen from the road in front of her. At least she was somewhat hidden, it was safer than being under the streetlight.

Penny rested against one of the walls, her bare butt pressed to the rough brick. She felt so drained, but she wasn't even halfway done yet. The feeling of brick against her bare back and butt was very jarring too as she gasped, "That feels so good."

There were so many things to feel when naked that meant so much more. It was no longer cool night air; it was also brick wall. Felling bricks on her naked skin made Penny turned on because she was letting something sensitive like her bare bottom make contact with it. In fact, letting her exposed flesh touch any material other than clothing excited her. Then as Penny breathed, her elbow bumped a metal door to her side because she couldn't see well into the darkened alley.

Seeing another large glass window in front of her, more of her own reflection visible on it. Once again, Penny could see herself hardly able to stand fully, a naked profile of her body, her hands gripping naughty locations and keeping them from sight. Kym would forbid that, but Penny realized that since she was not around to remind her, it would be ok to hide her privates.

Speaking of grip, she didn't think she would be, but Penny was very turned on. When she covered up, she didn't know that she was actually doing more than conserving modesty now by touching her genitalia with her hands because when made her arm cover her chest, a hand was caressing her left breast. She even moaned a little, the touch felt great.

While one hand was fondling Penny's breast, the hand between her legs wiggled a little. Given that she was wet, possibly even about ready to start dripping by that point, the little bit of wiggling must have felt really good, and she did it some more.

Now Penny was naked outside and so turned on. If someone saw, they'd see her doing more than sneaking around nude in public, they would see her actually pleasuring herself. It was risky, but she couldn't stop herself. More and more she did it, and more and more it felt good.

Eventually, Penny was able to remind herself that she still had a long way to go and that stopping to masturbate would be bad for progress. A little bit of fear begged her to turn back, but arousal was encouraging her to complete her journey.

Looking around the corners of the alcove and down the street, the bare girl spent some time thinking of a route to take. As soon as she did, Penny purposefully gave each of her boobies a bit of a rub. Beyond the great feeling it gave, she hoped it would psyche her up. Her plan would leave her exposed for quite some time and if a car started to drive her way, she would definitely been seen in the nude because she would have nowhere to hide.

Coast was clear, no signs of anyone. The town was still quiet, so she ran from the alcove and down the street. All her emotions were such a roller coaster. A first big scare passed, so now the adrenaline, arousal, and the feeling that she was invisible settled in. That was when she started to take some stupid risks.

Running naked down along the side of the street was already pretty crazy. No cars yet probably meant that it would be safe enough if Penny started to step to her side and onto the street itself until she was in the center. She told herself it was just to cross, a little challenge to herself. However, she didn't leave right away, she stayed in the middle until she made it to the intersection.

Even without any shoes or socks, her bare feet kept carrying her fast, but Penny wasn't really even trying to stay hidden now. It was like she had to just expose herself even more.

Before she knew it, Penny found herself under another streetlight, making her slow down. While not exactly in the middle of the intersection, she could still see down each street. Diamond City really seemed to just turn dead at night. Maybe if there were more parties and activities, she wouldn't be so compelled to play these crazy games with herself.

Some thoughts in her head made Penny stop moving and get absorbed in the idea that she was naked in such a normally busy spot. Doing a slow spin on the spot, she exposed her nakedness in each direction. Her heart hadn't slowed down a single moment the whole time she had been outside. After turning 360 degrees, she continued down her designated path.

Approaching the sidewalk, Penny nonchalantly took a few steps while feeling pretty confident and giggled, "Hee hee. Naked girl coming through."

Right then and there, the sounds of a car echoed through her ears, but she couldn't tell where it was at first. Stupidly, the streaking redhead just stood where she was and looked around while covering herself in a panic before finding another alley between two buildings and rushing to it. It would guard her from the street and hopefully the approaching car.

As soon as Penny was hidden, she listened carefully for the noise of the vehicle as it grew louder and louder. Soon, she could see its headlights from the side as it stopped at the intersection. It could stop right where was and people could confront her. Thankfully, the car kept going instead, so nobody saw her kneeling naked between some public businesses, making her sigh, "Phew."

What a relief for Penny to have gotten away with it. As much as the event scared her, it gave her excitement that came from the inevitable danger. Also, it was proof that not many people were about really. Any other time of day and it might have been a struggle to get a chance to even cross the street safely! If she could make it down a busy street like that naked without detection, she could be back home in no time.

The close call did little to cool the fire in Penny, who again touched her unclothed body in a few spots to 'verify' how aroused she was.

Getting back to the sidewalk, she was not even able to hear the car that had passed anymore and saw the mall down the sidewalk. Walking to the center of the mall's parking lot, Penny saw an apartment complex on the other side of the road. It wasn't exactly an unused road, it led into a residential area, and who knows who might be arriving home from some late-night party or work shift.

When she was in the middle, Penny looked back around her shoulder and thought about how her cute butt was completely exposed to the road. She giggled before turning around slowly with her arms at her sides until her bare front side faced the road.

Observing her surroundings, Penny knew she was quite nude, exposed, and vulnerable. It wasn't the best idea to be there all night, but those thoughts didn't get her feet moving though, so she did the next best thing, which was to make a game of it.

Penny took her hands and placed them behind her head and saying to herself, "10 seconds, then I'll skedaddle."

Quietly, Penny counted, "1, 2, 3..."

Her body was exposed, Penny was naked out in the night air, and nothing hid her body. She had bare breasts, naked hips, nude thighs, and an exposed pussy. Plus, her legs were even spread about shoulder width while her hands were clasped behind her head. Slowly and breathlessly, she kept counting, "4, 5, 6..."

By that point, Penny's naked body ached a little as she got a little closer to the end, "7, 8, 9..."

It felt like it took forever, but she didn't want it to end, she promised she would stop, but didn't walking away when she got to ten. Still standing, Penny let her arms ease away from the back of her head and come down to in front of me. Out of habit, she gave each breast a squeeze and it felt so good. With her hands still cupping her breasts, she whispered out loud, "Just a little more, then I'll go."

Massaging each mound slowly, Penny muttered to myself that it would be for 10 seconds. However, her counting had a lot of pauses that time. Subtle little gasps and near moans came out between each number because of how good her touching felt. Deep down inside, she really did not want to reach the number ten, but she did eventually.

Instead of leaving the parking lot, Penny started to rub her sides, hips, stomach, and thighs. Her hands didn't want to stop, but she tried her best to keep them from her nipples now. No matter much she much she tried to stop, she could not. Touching herself had the redhead on a high because she was still naked in the middle of that open spot and loved every second of it. She could have sworn that she even heard herself drip onto the pavement.

Penny's pussy was so wet with moisture running down her thighs, it really felt like she was dripping wet! Again, she muttered something about 10 seconds, and her hands were between her legs in no time. They grew weak as she touched her own cunt. It all felt so good.

As Penny thought about how she stripped down yesterday to just her glasses and heart hairclip, her touching got faster, and her fingers kept running along her wetness. She thought how it felt to not cover any of her skin, to sneak out of her lab, and how she would have to sneak naked through Diamond City.

Excessive sexual arousal meant that Penny couldn't stop pressing her pulsating love button, nearly crying out as she touched it. Easing herself to the ground, counting was long lost to her while she settled into a position where she was lying on her back, butt on the pavement, knees up, and her legs spread. While masturbating, she thought about how she was there, lying totally naked in the middle of a parking lot at night and not stopping something she shouldn't have been doing in public.

Quickly, Penny went over the edge and orgasmed, unable to help it since she had been so worked up. Both of her eyes stayed closed as she moaned and just laid on the ground, still fully exposed with her hand still slowly rubbing her lips. Even though she wasn't on the brink any longer, she was still a little aroused.

Regaining some will power, Penny felt like she made a mistake and was suddenly feeling more embarrassed. Having just given into her desires in a public place like that would have been horrible if someone had seen her then. Blushes reddened Penny's cheeks as she stood up, her legs were still shaky as she slowly walked down the street.

Despite Penny's nude body feeling very alive, she didn't want to move much because of what just happened. Some of her buzz had worn out, and she now felt quite naked and trapped out there. Without even thinking about it, she wrapped one arm around her chest and cupper her other hand over her puffy mound, hiding them from the world. Since she wasn't in Kymberly's presence, she figured, "Censoring my naturalness is fine along as she doesn't see me doing it."

Nights like this were always such a rollercoaster. One second, she had the mentality of a thrill seeker, looking for danger. Another second, she felt the need to get out of trouble while naked and vulnerable. It was always a cycle too, one lead into the other.

Back to walking nude down the sidewalk. Even though it was late at night, nearby streetlamps kept things fairly lit. It wasn't easy to see much detail, but Penny knew her pale exposed skin stuck out. It seemed her night close to being half complete as she crossed over a small bridge running over a toll road, she stopped for a second and looked over the railing at the empty lanes.

Penny joked with herself that she was trying to act natural, as if she were on a casual walk all the way through town, taking in the sites. Yet she knew she was butt naked and didn't have anything to cover her boobs, vulva, or butt. Leaning over the railing, she knew that her smooth bottom pointed out behind her and that should have kept moving, but she dared herself to take her time. Keeping calm and not let herself panic, the red-haired girl could enjoy herself before she made any rash mistakes.

Still, there was no ignoring her nudity, the sense of urgency to become covered, or the way her body felt so warm.

Stepping away from the bridge, Penny kept walking toward the other side of town without being so concerned about it. There were a few parked cars on the side of the road to hide behind and the neighborhood tended to be populated by people who like to sleep at night or keep to themselves indoors, letting the girl with glasses stroll past some houses without much concern.

Her moods went in a cycle. After being scared and feeling vulnerable, her adrenaline kicked back in, and she became more confident. Not to mention that she was trying to force herself to not panic. Moving her arms to her sides helped with that as Penny let the cool air tease her still hard nubs for a while before she looked down and admired how they stuck out hard on her breasts. Seriously, Penny loved just thinking about their exposure and giggled, "I have cute little nipples."

With her hands no longer doing anything, Penny decided to place them on her sides and run them down to her hips. Nothing was on her body, no coat, suit, undergarments, or footwear. All she had there was bare skin, she confirmed that she was topless, bottomless, and barefoot. Stopping her walk for a second, Penny considered her undressed naked state before ducking next to a car to look around and make sure no one was about.

It was a quiet night and Penny seemed so alone at that moment. She was so naked and exposed, but no one could see me. The naked girl almost wished it would be tougher, the reason she didn't as was because of the all the things that could still go so wrong.

Thoughts of someone driving by flashed through Penny's mind. Images of people taking a night stroll, but more clothed than her, went through her head. Thinking of a large group of people, like a surprise parade or festival suddenly showing up, the redhead visualized herself being completely naked amongst it all. Her naughty hobby and intimate parts could all be revealed to them.

Those thoughts didn't make her run back home, consider finding a way to contact a friend to help her out, or want to stop my risk at all. No, Penny kept going forward because even though she was scared, she chose to put herself in such a naked predicament and didn't want to get out of it until she made it across town.

As she got closer to the next street, she stopped to hide. Again, she was near the backs of the businesses that ran along the street and hid around the corner to keep her body hidden from the street. Watching the street, Penny made sure it wasn't busy.

In the day, there probably wouldn't have been a moment when a car didn't go by. Since it was late at night, not a single one passed. While waiting to see if one would, Penny's hands slithered between her legs as she crouched near the wall, at first just touching her thighs.

Picturing a car going by on a busy road having to be walked without a bit of clothing on made her hands start to move. Now Penny was rubbing her thighs, thinking about what she would have looked like. Using her imagination, she pictured herself driving down the road, seeing an 18-year-old redhead girl streaking out the car window. Her hands and arms loosely covered her naughty bits, she had no other way to cover. Her face was red, and she was breathing heavily as she just tried to run past.

When no cars came for a while, Penny felt it was safe enough. After all, she had to keep going because as much as she thought of being seen, she didn't want to run the risk of getting caught by a cop and she was going to make sure it didn't happen.

Ready to make yet another run for it, Penny kept her hands at her sides as she started to approach the road. In mere minutes, she was standing at the Diamond City city limit. The street she was on now was more lit than all the others and it was normally one of the busiest streets in town. Popular shops, the gas station, and the quickest way to the freeway out of town all meant that everyone probably used it every day.

Penny felt her heart pounding in her chest while standing there on the busy street, her special place between her legs tingled. A smile grew on her cute face because she felt pride for accomplishing what she set herself up for, she got the thrill she asked for.

On her breasts, her pointy tips stuck out far in front of her. Her legs parted slightly, and she felt a few drops of moisture on her thighs as things got soggy and puffy between her legs at the thought of what was happening. It took a lot to not touch herself then and there as she gritted her teeth, "I gotta touch myself. I just gotta!"

Now that she made it, Penny had to get home in the buff, it was just cruel irony that reaching the city limit was only the halfway point. It felt like it would be the end, to have made it from point A to point B, but it wasn't at the same time. Her exposed body had to go back from point B to point A to hide her nubile form. Then in the privacy of her bed, she could do everything she wanted to herself.

Moving her bare feet, she was now dashing back the way she came. Every step made Penny aware of her body, the way her butt bounced and jiggled with her strides made her giggle. She could feel her buttocks move, she knew they were naked because there were no panties or pants hiding them.

Although not large enough for a full jiggle, Penny's breasts did not sit still. They moved and bobbed, swaying at the same speed as her jogging pace and crowned with two pink peaks. Her nipples were little buttons sticking out from her, and they oh so loved the feel of the air moving across them, standing taller thanks to it.

Also, Penny felt her thighs rubbing. It was so much torture not to touch them. Having to keep her hands off her naked self was something she hated, but she acknowledged that it was for the best because if she started to touch and give into her desires, she would be unable to stop what she had started.

Second after second, Penny's naughty little treasure was aching for touch, and it was no longer just arousal. Down there, her cunt lips were swelling and becoming a puffy prize for her hands. They ached for touches that would lead the streaking woman to even greater pleasure. More wetness formed between her legs, dripping down her thighs as she ran.

Under a bright streetlamp, Penny was once again standing naked, illuminated, and exposed. Looking down made it seem like it was daytime. Her body might as well have been toasting under the sun, getting a nice tan across her bare skin.

In ways though, the brightness at night was worse than daytime. At least during the day, such a bright area of light would have been everywhere. Instead, it was focused on the girl running around in her birthday suit, which brought so much attention to just how out of place she was. Penny was the naked girl who was running around at night through the middle of town.

She looked farther down her body and at her shaven wetness, spreading her leg a little more to look at the bare and total exposure she had on show. It was so naughty and would be an absolute embarrassment if seen by someone.

Suddenly, Penny moaned out from getting her hands where she wanted them. Her vagina was dripping down, a few spots were on the pavement below her. Being overcome with arousal made her whimper a little.

A pair of lights were to Penny's side before she knew it, indicating that a vehicle was coming her way. Both legs grew weak, and she felt like she would fall any second. That was when Penny realized the lights were real, she was going to be seen and she began to panic, "Oh my god, my naked body, my entirety is going to be seen by this person! I'm completely naked and I have to no way to hide any of it!"

Penny couldn't find anything close enough for her to hide behind, she was stuck and was going to be exposed. Those cute, cherry-topped mounds, her bubble bottom, and sweet kitty were all going to be seen. Worse, she was covered in bright light, and everything was there for them to witness.

The streaking redheaded girl had been so dumb, she knew the street wouldn't be dead all night, she there was a chance that someone would show up, coming into town late. Right at the entrance to downtown, Penny was bare-ass naked, and she felt so dumb for being stuck there in the nude. Hurriedly, she looked around and since the speed limit was thankfully slow, the car was still far away.

Since the car wasn't going over the speed limit, it was possible for Penny to hide, but she had no plan. No cover seemed near, and she was still sluggish from her hazy state. Things like her love button were still calling for a helping hand.

To the naked girl with glasses, her best course of action was to run down the street and away from the way the car was coming. Doing just that, Penny started running the way she came from. It must have been a stumble at first because her legs were not ready yet, but she managed to pick up the pace and looked behind her. The lights still seemed distant, but they were closer, and it looked like she couldn't outrun it.

Ahead was the intersection where she could get off that street and go back towards her lab. Just a little more than a block and a half and Penny could turn that corner, but that might not have been good enough because the car was getting closer, and she was no more covered. Feeling so vulnerable was making her run what felt faster than she ever had before, and she wanted to escape so badly.

However, the next time Penny looked behind her, her eyes grew wide, and a smile crept on her face as relief began to flow over her. The car wasn't approaching her anymore, it turned into a completely different direction, rendering her safe and able to get away.

Slowing down a little, Penny smiled at how she had gotten so very lucky before she stopped to catch her breath, giggling to herself, "It's funny that after a scare like that, I'd be so fine with just standing bare on the side of a normally busy street."

Although Penny could tell her body was still very aroused, the scare had at least kicked her brain back into survival mode a little and she told herself, "It's no longer a need, I could wait until I get home."

The redhead could still feel a pulsation between her legs, and she wanted to attend to it still, but a scare like that was a sign that she shouldn't push her luck much more. She was a bit out of breath but forced herself to jog.

At the intersection, Penny looked around and saw nothing, which was good because she was still naked. Once she felt safe, she began to cross diagonally to the corner she wanted to be at, then ran right down the road without stopping.

Eventually, she crouched down beside a car so her own heart could give her a break, turned her back to the car so she could rest her back on the tire, and sat down.

A smile broke out on Penny's cute face; she was feeling really good about what happened. Moments of worry began to pass as she thought about how amazing it was to do what she did. She loved breaking new boundaries, and she definitely did tonight. An odd since of pride swelled in her.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Penny stood up and kept walking, thankfully seeing nothing as she streaked past spots she stopped at earlier. Those spots included the alleys she hid in, the parking lots where touched herself, and the streetlights that made her aware of her lack of clothing.

Along the way, there were a few instances of Penny impatiently shifting her legs and rubbing her thighs together while forcing herself to place her hands on her hips, saying to herself, "No. I can wait!"

It took a while before Penny saw her laboratory; she could really feel the cool night air pass on her body as she got closer. Now she kept my arms at her sides while nipples practically ached, the cold air being not enough of a touch. Also, she wished she could press her hand between her legs, but she knew that'd be a mistake. She didn't need to start touching herself out on the side of the street and risk being apprehended.

In no time at all, Penny was back in her laboratory, still completely naked besides her glasses and heart ornament.

While going to sleep, she thought about her complete and raw exposure, she had nothing on her body hidden outside for the public to soak it in. People would if it was daytime, like with how Kymberly showed her off yesterday.

Penny like she had to push the envelope some more soon, possibly by exposing herself to even more strangers in even more locations that forbade public nudity.

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