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The Honeymoon (Part 2)

On the way back to the hotel room, Penny and Kymberly once again were aroused from being completely naked in public together. Penny's right hand held Kymmy's left, and the white girl's right buttock bumped the black woman's left buttock. Both were turned on from their own breasts and butt cheeks bouncing noticeably, they even giggled at each other's genitals.

By night, Kym noticed a large stage that they passed earlier with seats laid out in a large semicircle. There was a sign near the audience that read, "Singing duet wanted for show."

The sign gave the taller woman an idea. She asked the shorter girl, "Penny, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Being shown the sign, the redhead smiled, "Yes. I know exactly what you're thinking."

"I know you love singing, Penny. Plus, your irresistible cuteness will make everyone's hearts sing too."

Penny and Kymberly visited the stage and consulted with some announcers. Those announcers had their eyes widened from seeing the women being nude, but they stayed calm and thanked them for volunteering. Before it began, they gave Penny and Kymmy some time to prepare for their performances by letting them decide which song to sing for the crowd.

After taking a few minutes to discuss which song to sing, Penny and Kym both agreed to sing "Hallelujah" from Sing, as sung by Tori Kelly and Jennifer Hudson.

Naked as the day she was born, Penny almost couldn't believe what she was doing. On a stage in front of at least a hundred people, the redhead was barefoot and bare-ass naked, the short white girl was singing completely naked in public with her tall black wife. Some people in the audience even used their phones to get closeups of Penny's private parts as well as Kymberly's.

To sum up, the lesbian duo delivered a heartwarming performance with their angelic singing voices. Penny and Kymmy shared a loving embrace as the crowd cheered at the end of the song.

While she was being held in Kym's arms, Penny sensed her own growing arousal with her erect nipples and her vaginal lubrication making her inner thighs wet. It seemed like Kymberly noticed because she whispered teasingly, "Ready for more, Penny?"

The blue-eyed cutie nodded and smiled at the brown-eyed hottie. Then Penny was told to lie down on her back and extend her feet in front of her to form a "v", her wife manipulated her naked body with quick flicks and lingering strokes of her tongue. A soft, shuddering moan escaped Penny's lips as Kymberly once again devoted herself to the task of making her submissive, pale-skinned, redheaded wife cum.

With Penny's smooth and silky legs spread wide, the dominant, dark-skinned, black-haired women crawled in close. Looking down at Penny, Kymmy looked at her bare feet and giggled, "Oh, Penny. I just can't get over how cute your dainty feet are. Your bare feet are just so delicately small and pretty with teeny tiny toes, you have the feet of a princess."

Penny giggled back, "Thank you. If I have a princess's feet, you have the feet of a queen."

"That's nice of you."

Gently and affectionately, Kym massaged Penny's feet. The redhead moaned from sensitivity and arousal, closing her eyes and then opening them to stare at the sky. Kymberly took the big toe of Penny's left foot into her mouth, sucking on it, moving her tongue over it, showing her deepest affections for the naked white girl with glasses. After sucking on the right big toe, the black woman trailed kisses up the inside of Penny's right leg, then her left. She even poked Penny's belly button.

Kym stopped when she reached the redhead's inner thigh, but not before running her tongue teasingly over the pale flesh, already slick with her desire. Penny raised herself, leaning on an elbow to look at her wife. What Kymberly saw was voracious desire mixed with pure love swirling around in Penny's blue eyes. A shudder ran through the redheaded girl as she looked and saw the same sentiments in Kymmy's brown eyes, Penny's reaction to the display of emotion looked so pure and childlike to the other female, starting in the top of Penny's head and ending in the tips of her toes. Sounding heartfelt, Penny cooed, "I love you, Mommy Kymberly."

Their gazes locked, the younger girl spread her legs and parting her lips further for the older woman, who said. "I know. I love you too, Penny."

As Kym moved up, Penny slid down until her African American wife was hovering over her. Breasts nearly touching, lips inches apart, Penny and Kymberly stared into the other's eyes, seeking to inhabit the other's soul. An electric connection built, resistance faded, and they kissed by pushing their tongues into each other's mouths to explore an all too familiar, yet strangely enchanting space.

Penny's hands were caressing the tops of Kymmy's shoulders as their noses pressed together in Eskimo affection. When Penny tilted her head, Kym took her soft lower lip between her teeth, tugging it teasingly. They closed their eyes and imagined sharing the life of the other, physically feeling the love flow between the tentative link provided by their joined mouths.

Reluctantly, they broke away. Kymberly lied down on her back and asked Penny to get on top of her. Then Kymmy commanded Penny to work her way down.

Happy to follow orders, Penny started by moving from the curvature of Kym's jaw down her neck to the space between her breasts. Penny's tongue traced around the flowing, graceful, upturned swelling of Kymberly's right breast before working in circles around an erect pink nipple. The African American chick arched her back involuntarily before asking her pale-skinned wife to take that same nipple into her mouth. While Penny was suckling the nipple like a baby, she massaged the flesh of Kymmy's breasts before feeling Kym's arms encircle her. With her hands and arms, Kymberly caressed the flesh of Penny's back, rubbed her shoulder blades, and even ran through all of her silky and inviting red hair.

All of it encouraged Penny onwards, leaving one erogenous zone in search for another. Tasting the salty sweat of the black chick, the white girl traced the natural line down the center of Kymmy by licking down her nude body and straight to her navel, where she places repeated kisses that were almost raspberries. Momentarily, Penny stopped to ask Kym, "Mommy Kymmy, do you also think my belly button is cute?"

Kymberly smiled, "Of course I do, Penny. We both have innies, which are cuter than outies. Why else can't we stop poking and kissing one another's navels?"

Penny soon went down to where Kymmy really wanted her. As Penny's slender fingers spread her wife's sex, she was exposing the core of Kym's womanhood. When the redhead's tongue met the tiny little bundle of nerves, the black-haired woman's whole body quavered.

Exhilarated, Penny continued flicking her tongue over Kymberly's clitoris and enjoying the reactions she got with all the moans, shudders, and pants.

A finger was slid into the cleft of Kymmy's sex, Penny was actively seeking out her deepest recesses. Finding their passage easier than she expected, Penny helped Kym reach the very limit of her tolerance. Kymberly was able to reach it even faster when the redhead's fingers slid into the slick velvet interior of her cunt.

When Penny started to kiss Kymmy on her clit, the taller chick screamed her delight, much to the amusement of the remaining audience members (half of them already went home because they felt like they needed to go to bed).

Closing her eyes, Kym surrendered fully to the joys of Penny's stimulations by moaning, "Ah...ah...ah...ah...ah...oh god."

In order to let Penny have an orgasm of her own, Kymberly fingered Penny's pussy. In response to the fingers penetrating her, moans exploded from the redhead's lips as she felt a warmth building inside of her too.

Both of them were waiting to burst and make each other burst, they intensified their efforts to help one another slip past the barrier between bliss and heaven.

Finally, the white girl and the black woman ended up cumming after one more quick thrust of the fingers inside their cunts. They both tensed up and released at the same time, shuddering in orgasmic bliss with their pent-up pleasure released in a tidal wave of frenetic energy, made visible by pained expressions and wet explosions of white fluids.

It was over almost as quick as it started, both of them plummeted back to Earth with a sigh that happened to coincide with the crowd roaring in cheers and applause.

Satisfied with the show they both put on for the public, Penny snuggled on top of Kymberly, holding each other in their arms, each enjoying the other's warmth. The air smelled of sex and sweat and love. Penny shed a tear of happiness as she sniffled, "That was wonderful, Mommy Kym."

Kymmy grinned, "I agree. Everyone agrees. People liked what they saw, they liked both the singing and the sex."

"Best honeymoon ever."

"Without a doubt. Our singing and sex mean that our honeymoon will end on a high note, both literally and figuratively."

Kym got up while carrying a tired Penny in her arms, returning to the hotel room as people kept cheering. Along the way, Penny asked, "Kymberly, do you think I have a cute face?"

"You kidding me? With red hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and a pink heart headpiece, not many faces are as cute as yours."

"Hee hee. Thanks. Your face is beautiful."

Then they both whispered one more time, "I love you."

After the honeymoon, Penny and Kymberly returned to their homes in Diamond City. Kymmy invited Penny to move into her home.

All day, every day, the shorter girl and taller woman just walked around naked in the house, cuddling in the buff, hugging, kissing, and making each other cum. Penny loved being naked, and it clearly influenced Kymberly because she also stopped wearing clothes altogether. They even went out nude in stores and restaurants.

As nudists, they happily lived together as wife and wife. They both vowed to stay naked and stay together forever.


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