Vanilla and Chocolate @woodyk
The Wedding

The next morning, a naked Penny woke up before everyone else, carefully got off of an equally naked Kymberly, tiptoed to her nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out the two gold rings just as the other woke up. When they did, Penny turned to face them, hiding the rings in her hands behind her back, making Kymmy ask, "What do you have behind your back, Penny?"

Penny giggled, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand."

Kymberly did, then Penny looked the gold rings in her hands. She made one bigger than the other because she knew Kymmy's fingers were larger than her own. Putting the smaller ring on her right hand's ring finger and putting the larger ring in Kym's palm, Penny smiled, "Open your eyes."

As Kymberly opened her eyes, she gasped when she saw the ring in her palm, she was pleasantly surprised and shed a tear of happiness, "Aw, Penny. This is for me?"

Smiling brightly, Penny said, "I made the wedding rings myself, I made them to show you just how much I love you, how much you mean to me, how much I want you in my life, how much I want to belong to you. Put it on your finger."

Happily, Kymmy put the ring on her right hand's ring finger. The others were also shedding tears of happiness as Penny asked, "Will you marry me?"

Looking deeply into Penny's blue eyes, Kym kneeled down, kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear, "Yes. I love you with all my heart and nothing would make me happier than having a sweet, cute naked girl like you at my side for as long as I live."

Delighted that the black chick accepted her marriage proposal, the white girl hugged her tightly. Penny was crying tears of joy with her arms around Kymberly's neck, Kymberly wrapped her arms around Penny's back, holding her like a mother hugging her daughter.

A few days later, the marriage of Penny Crygor and Kymberly Larson was taking place near Penny's Lab. The altar and seats were set up near the cliffs where water splashed. There was a red carpet the led to the altar. On one side of the carpet was 10 rows of 5 chairs, and the same layout was on the other side.

Penny's friends were all invited. Jimmy T., Mona, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dribble, Spitz, Kat, Ana, Dr. Crygor, Orbulon, Ashley, Red, Mike, Young Cricket, Master Mantis, 5-Volt, Fronk, Lulu, and Pyoro were all wearing fancy clothes tailored to fit them perfectly. Some men wore black tuxedos, other men wore blue ones, and the women wore white dresses.

Kymberly's family and friends also came. Vanessa, Yolanda, Christine, and Shannon also wore white dresses while Denzel wore a black coat with black pants and a white shirt.

All of Penny and Kymmy's friends and family members easily got along and expressed happiness over the wedding.

Wario... initially refused to attend, but quickly changed his mind when Mona mentioned lots of free food for him to chow down on. He reluctantly put on a blue coat, white shirt, and blue pants because Mona insisted on it.

Both Penny and Kymmy knew that their friends and loved ones wouldn't approve of a naked wedding, so they were both dressed in white wedding dresses that resembled the Lochlady Dress (as seen in Super Mario Odyssey) ... for now. They would save the nudity for the honeymoon. To make getting nude a little easier, both brides did not wear any bras or panties underneath.

While Kym stood on the altar, Penny slowly walked towards her with a flower bouquet in her hands. The soft silk dress flowed gently over Penny's hips and to the floor, drifting cloud-like around her, moving in a gentle swishing sound as she walked towards the woman with black hair. Penny's red hair smelled lovely as always and her blue eyes still looked as innocent as ever.

The reverend began, "We are gathered here today for a celebration of holy matrimony, an occasion where two families become one, a time for two individuals brought together by the power of love."

A lot of people looked delighted, even Ashley showed a bit of tender emotion.

It was time for the vows, Penny's went like this, "Kymberly, I vow to be the best wife you ever had, I vow to love and appreciate you every second of every day, and I vow to never stop making you proud."

Kymmy's vows were like this, "Penny, I vow to care about you with all my heart, I vow to keep you close to me, and I vow to always enjoy your company."

After the vows, the reverend resumed, "Penny Crygor, do you take Kymberly Larson to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Penny smiled radiantly, "I do."

The reverend then asked, "Kymberly Larson, do you take Penny Crygor to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Kymmy grinned, "I do."

"I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Eagerly, the pale-skinned red-headed girl jumped into the open arms of the tall African American woman who was now officially her wife. Everyone (except Wario) cheered and clapped as Penny and Kym hugged and kissed.

At the reception, Penny and Kymberly sung "When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt as their song. Also, they playfully fed each other slices of a wedding cake that was both vanilla and chocolate until they were full. Shannon, Denzel, and Dr. Crygor all proposed toasts to the happy couple as everyone listened except for Wario, who didn't bother paying attention to what anyone was saying because he only cared about the refreshments being served.

Plus, the white girl and black chick arranged for a limo to take them to a five-star hotel before they prepared the wedding. Hours after the reception started, the limo arrived, and the lesbian wives thanked everyone for attending. Kymmy carried Penny in her arms like how a groom would carry a bride, walking to the limo while applause became pretty loud as the two women got in the limo.

Once Penny and Kym were seated inside the limo, they immediately took off their shoes and dresses. God, they missed being completely naked in public and making love in places outside of their own homes. The girl with glasses sat on her tall black-haired wife's laps while facing her, Penny's arms were around Kymberly's shoulders and her legs were around her waist. Kymmy lovingly embraced the redhead with her arms would Penny's waist. Both of them kissed on the lips while savoring each other's naked bodies, their breasts pressing, their nipples poking, and their stomachs rubbing against each other.

Being naked together was more than enough to tease both of them. Such teasing resulted their hands spending a lot of time caressing one another's thighs, often dipping dangerously closely to their centers. Both wives loved being without shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, socks, shoes, bras, or panties. Groping each other's breasts made them shiver and feel as horny as cats in heat. Speaking of cats, wetness in their pussies caused by very intimate touches was making their cunt lips and pink folds rub wetly and slickly against each other.

Kym's hands slid around Penny's sides and back, caressing her pale skin for a little bit before dropping lower to stroke her belly and her bum cheeks, making the redhead shiver. Then, Kymberly whispered to Penny, "I swear, I just can't get over how irresistible you are in the nude, Penny. Perfectly young, but not too young at an age of 18, with a petite height, soft breasts, little nipples, a skinny stomach, hourglass curves, an innie belly button, a cute face with red hair and blue eyes, smooth legs and arms, small hands and fingers, dainty feet, tiny toes, pale skin, and an overall super soft body that an angel would have. You are way too precious to let go of, especially with your vanilla scent and bubbly, angelic personality."

Those words made Penny have a dry mouth and a pounding heart. Her vagina couldn't get any wetter in response to Kymmy's teasing. She felt herself becoming more and more excited and aroused. Sounds of Penny moaning were music to Kym's ears because the white girl with glasses enjoyed how her tall black wife fondled her pussy and ass with her hands. Penny's eyes closed briefly, and her teeth lightly gripped her bottom lip.

Naked, Penny felt so intimate with her wife as Kym held her closer, Kymberly's hands were groping Penny's butt, pulling her closer. Then Penny whimpered softly while trembling slightly, "Do whatever you want to me, Mommy Kymberly. The anticipation is delicious, so fuck me. Please make me cum."

Smiling at Penny, Kymmy nodded her head and said, "I promise I am going to fuck your brains out, Penny. You never cease to win me over with your sweetness, submissiveness, and obedience."

Penny was soon feeling Kym's mouth descend on her. Taking the redhead's lips fiercely, Kymberly thrust her tongue between Penny's soft lips, scouring her mouth with passion and lust.

Their kiss was wiping all coherent thoughts from their heads, the haze of passion and need made them horny as they grinded against each other, moaning deeply into one another's mouth. Desperation was evident in Penny's voice as she cried out, "Oh God, Kymmy, please fuck me. I need it and I need you so fucking much. I'll explode if I don't release the sexual excitement from within."

Pulling her head away, Kym moved her hands to cup Penny's cheeks. The African American woman kissed her short white wife's lips softly and lovingly, whispering, "I can see the need growing in your eyes, the increase in your breathing as your breasts rise and fall at a steady pace. I'd better do something about that, hadn't I?"

What Kymberly did was make Penny lie on her back before moving down and planting soft, lingering kisses all over her. After kissing Penny's forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, neck, breasts, nipples, and belly button in that order, Kymmy made it to her waist.

As the dark-skinned chick cupped and caressed the pale-skinned girl's breasts, alternately squeezing Penny's nipples between her fingers and thumbs, the redhead's moaning increased, "Oh god, oh god, Kym, please."

Next, Kymberly quickly took a nipple in her mouth, swirling it with her tongue, gently stroking and flicking it before moving to the other, back and forth. While licking, kissing, and stroking Penny's nipples with her tongue, Kymmy felt her passion rise as the girl with glasses groaned, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh god, YES."

When Kym took one nipple between her teeth and nipped it gently, Penny orgasmed suddenly, explosively, and beautifully. Crying out her pleasure, Penny's hands gripped her wife's arms.

Slowly, a quietness, a temporary calm descended on them as Penny's naked body felt limp.

Penny and Kymberly arrived at the hotel shortly after the redhead orgasmed. Seeing that Penny was still too tired to move, Kymmy carried her. Slumping against the tall black woman, the short white girl's head dropped to Kym's shoulder.

Neither bride wanted to get dressed, they just left their clothes behind, exited the limo naked and entered the hotel nude. Being held and carried, Penny lifted her head and looked into Kymberly's eyes. Softly, but deeply, Kymmy took Penny's mouth in hers and kissed her.

Once Kym pulled away, she could see the fire she had reignited in Penny's adorable blue eyes before she moved her arms in order to carry Penny like a bride being carried by a groom.

People in the hotel lobby were confused at the sight of a completely nude white girl being carried by an equally naked black woman that was 2.5 ft taller. Checking in was no problem. While in the elevator up the floor where their reserved room was, thought of what they should do next produced shudders of delight, and even more wetness between their legs. The lift pinged their arrival, and Kymberly walked out to the hallway while still carrying Penny.

They stopped in front of a large door and looked at the name plate by the door. It read, "Reserved for married couples."

Using the key card that she was given earlier, Kymmy opened the door, pushed it wide, and walked in as the door closed behind them before placing Penny down on the bed. The four-and-a-half-foot-tall redheaded girl sat her butt on one of the two queen-sized beds, crossing her legs and folding her hands while beaming radiantly at the seven-foot-tall woman. It made her look like an excellent, well-behaved school student.

Kym cupped Penny's cheeks again while grinning, "For our honeymoon, I thought it would be fun for the two of us to trudge across town naked as the day we were born later today. Doesn't that sound fun?"

Penny's sweet smile widened as she nodded eagerly, "Super exciting. I'm so giddy just thinking about it."

"Glad you agree. We can fuck and fuck long anywhere we want. In the meantime, let's enjoy what this hotel suite has to offer."

What the hotel room had was a wide-screen and high-definition television, air conditioning, two queen-size beds, a bathroom, and a balcony. The TV had access to all sorts of content, including pornography of all types. Penny and Kymberly filtered their preference to look for interracial lesbian porn. Once they found some, Kymmy sat in front of Penny, took the redhead in her warm arms, looked into her eyes, gently kissed over her eyes and face, and whispered, "Are you enjoying this, my love?"

Giggling and blushing, Penny answered, "Every second of it. This is the best day of my life, Mommy Kymmy."

"This is the best day of my life too."

Delicately, Kym stroked her wife's face and kissed her lips, one hand trailing down Penny's cute body, over her hips and under her breasts. Such gentleness caused Penny to sigh contentedly, close her eyes, and moan in whispers. After kissing Penny's shoulder, her wife lied down on her back next to her, stretching herself out on the bed, and Kymberly's body relaxed against the pillows and the covers, almost, but not quite, drifting to sleep as she looked at the TV screen displaying a fully naked white female having sex with an equally nude black one. The tall African American woman was comfortable as she told her short white wife with a smirk, "Caress me. That's an order."

Always happy to follow orders, Penny let her small, soft hands rub Kymmy's thighs, pushing them apart. Penny's soft tongue slid up and down her pussy lips with her fingers gently probing the other chick, sliding in and out of Kym's wetness, which increased her arousal level. Her submissive personality meant that Penny never stopped loving the idea of letting Kymberly be in control 100% of the time.

Smiling back at Kymmy, Penny's heart was pounding as she cuddled on top. Both of them smiled at each other and shared another soft kiss on the lips. Kym asked, "Penny, can I ask you something?"

Penny answered the question with another question, "What is it, Mommy Kym?"

"Why exactly do you have a passion for giving yourself up to me completely? What makes you allow me to do whatever I want with you all the time and makes you not want to be dominant at all?"

Swallowing hard, Penny managed to utter an explanation, "Because... when we first met, you caught me being fully nude in public. I was so scared that I was going to be in big trouble, but you were surprisingly compassionate towards me. Any other person would have ratted me out to the police, but you didn't. You showed me so much sympathy and kindness that I... I want to be your plaything to show how much I appreciate your forgiveness."

Bringing up the memory had Penny's voice breaking at the last few words of her answer and she shed a tear while her lips trembled, Kymberly wiped Penny's eyes and said, "Aw, Penny... that is so sweet. I'm so... humbled by how you behave submissively towards me out of gratitude, I'm touched that you think I have a heart of gold."

"You have heart of platinum, a heart made of diamonds."

"The same can be said about you."

"I love you, Kymberly."

"I love you too, Penny. Come here."

Kymberly held Penny really tightly and a really long kiss followed. Afterwards, Penny moved slowly down Kymmy's smooth body, kissing and caressing as she went, stopping to giggle, "If I have an angel's body, you have the body of a goddess, Kymmy."

"Thank you, Penny."

"You also have the personality of a goddess, so it's fair that I treat you like one."

"It means a lot, sweetie."

Feeling Penny nibble on her nipples made Kym squirm and moan, the sensation increased when Penny's hands groped her breasts, and her lips kissed her navel. That went on for a little bit before Kymberly requested Penny to move down to her vagina. Gently stroking Kymmy's lips, spreading her wetness, and dipping fingers inside, Penny was making her tall black wife moan in pleasure. Each time the short white wife removed the finger and spread the wetness from it over Kym's rosebud, Kymberly trembled from the delicious sensations created by Penny's fingertips moving around and around that opening.

As the feelings increased and needs rose, Kymmy spread her legs and opened herself up to Penny completely before whispering to her, "Kiss my vagina, darling. Kiss it, lick it, use your mouth until I cum."

Obediently, Penny traced her tongue gently around the crotch area, Kym was moaning over how the redhead was breathing against her lips, kissing her pussy, teasing her with her tongue, the sensations making the dark-skinned gal tremble with want while breathing in gasps, "Oh god, the feeling is incredible. How could we have taken so long for this? Oh, Penny... yes, yes, that is so good, sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood."

Briefly, the pale-skinned girl lifted her head and smiled, "Thank you, Kym. Are you proud of me?"

"Very, but I'll be even prouder when you make me orgasm."


Penny gently kissed and licked Kymberly's vulva to make the most incredible sensation ripple up and down her walls. Kymmy felt her body jerk slightly while she was moaning loudly and wanting so badly to cum. Lifting her head to look at Penny, the African American woman was smiling happily and the white girl smiled back at her before going back to twisting and turning her tongue in Kym, whose cunt was soaked and on the verge of climax while Penny kept licking her clitoris.

Kymberly felt like her whole body is on fire. She could hardly breathe, and as if all the sensations she was feeling had become one, she felt her stomach muscles clench, pull up, and tighten. Her hips lifted as the orgasm hit her like an electric shock. When she did, her mind went blank and she heard herself cry out, "Oh god!"

From Penny's perspective, cum splashed all over her face, dripping down her chin. She happily licked the cum off of her lips and wiped the sex fluids off of her glasses while keeping the rest on her face.

Then, Penny cuddled on top of Kymberly. Both of them savored how warm their bare flesh felt, they also liked how Penny's silky white skin contrasted with Kymberly's smooth brown skin.

Penny's young, cute face was above Kymmy's lovely, gorgeous face. Blue eyes were gazing into brown eyes while Penny stroked Kymmy's black hair and Kym stroked Penny's red hair.

After a while of simply looking at each other, their lips were gently and softly kissing. Kymberly murmured softly to Penny in a sound that sounded loving and calming, "I'm so proud of you, Penny. Great job pleasing me."

Penny opened her eyes slowly and cooed, "I love making you happy."

"Well, you're really good at that. I admire your devotion."

"I love your naked body like how you love mine. With a beautiful face, an impressive height, black hair that smells sexy, big breasts, wide hips, hourglass curves, a trim tummy with a navel that's fun to play with, smooth arms and legs, strong hands, cute feet, a thicc bottom, and chocolatey brown skin, your body really is godly. I honestly think you look more like a 35-year-old than a 45-year-old."

"Aw. I'm flattered by how you compliment me the way I compliment you."

"If I'm vanilla, then you're chocolate."

"All too true, girl."

Both Penny and Kymberly shared a hug, both really took the time to be aroused by how their warm skin felt against one another. After another kiss, they decided to look at more interracial lesbian porn before going on a romantic walk, being bare in public as a married couple.

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