Vanilla and Chocolate @woodyk
Getting to Know Each Other (Part 1)

All night, Penny slept naked and didn't get dressed the next morning because she wanted to practice nudism as much as possible. At 8 AM, she made herself breakfast in the nude and even ate while topless, bottomless, and barefoot. Only wearing her glasses and her hair ornament, Penny felt so free since being 18 meant she could be nude whenever she wanted.

Around 10 AM, Penny heard a doorbell ring. Looking through the little peephole, she saw Kimberly. The redhead happily opened the door, opened her arms wide, and said, "Ta da."

Kymmy scooped Penny in her arms and gave her a big hug, making the naked girl feel loved as she savored the sensation of Kym's clothes against her bare skin. When they broke the hug, the tall African American chick asked, "Since you're free all day, you wanna come to my house for a little while?"

In response, Penny said, "I'd love that."

Penny got in Kymberly's convertible, she buckled herself up in the passenger seat as the other woman got in the driver seat. As Kymmy drove her car along the streets, Penny squirmed in the passenger's seat. Between all the cars passing by and the dark-skinned woman occasionally glancing at Penny's bare body, it kept her excited during the whole drive as she asked, "Kymmy?"

"What is it, Penny?"

"I should have asked this yesterday..."

"Asked what?"

"Are you okay with me sitting naked in your car?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

"Because my bare bottom against the seat and my exposed vagina getting wet means the seat could get kind of dirty and contaminated."

"Girl, there's no need to worry about that. I clean all the car seats pretty often."

"Oh. Ok."

Kymberly smiled and giggled softly while laying her soft, warm hand on Penny's thigh halfway between her knee and her hip. She turned and smiled again when she felt goosebumps pop up under her fingertips before asking Penny, "What's your last name?"


"Seriously? Interesting surname."

When they reached a red light, Kymmy requested in her soft and loving voice, "Sweetie, reach into my purse down there and get my phone."

While waiting for the light to turn green, Kym moved her hand up behind Penny's neck and just held her there, looking right into the redhead's blue eyes and said, "I need your number so I can call you. I think we may have had as much fun as each other."

Penny felt her heart pound in her chest and her whole naked body flush with excitement. Hunching over in the seat, she found Kymberly's purse and played with her phone until she got her number in there. Before saving it, Penny saw another line for email addresses. Looking up at Kymmy concentrating on the road, the nude girl quietly asked, "Do you want me to put my email in there too?"

"It might be a good idea."

After saving her information, Penny moved to put Kym's phone back in her purse, but the tall woman stopped her before she could and requested, "It might be a good idea to also put one of your parent's information in there just in case something happened to you."

Stammering, Penny admitted, "Uh... uh... I... I don't have a mom or dad."

That answer surprised the other woman, who asked, "Really? What relatives do you have?"

"My grandpa."

"Oh. Then just put his info."

Holding the phone in her hand, Penny had a bit of a headache as her mind ran wild with what Kymberly might do with Dr. Crygor's phone number. She might call him up and tell him about how she found Penny running around a park completely naked, about how she squirted right in front of women and men she didn't even know, or even about how Penny drove home with her not covering any part of her body.

Suddenly, Kymberly's soft whisper broke Penny's train of thought, "Oh, I think your pussy likes the idea of me having your grandpa's phone number."

Penny looked up into Kymmy's eyes, not realizing what she was talking about. The woman driving slowly lowered one hand until the pad of her index finger rolled around the slippery cavern head of Penny's vagina. She whispered again, "Just look how excited it is. It even started leaking when I asked you for your grandpa's number."

Again, Kym reminded Penny to put all of Dr. Crygor's personal information in her phone. While the redhead complied with her demand, she hesitated before pressing the save button, knowing this couldn't be changed. Having just met her yesterday, the girl with no clothes was placing all of her trust in Kymmy. Squeezing her eyes shut and hoping for the best, Penny pressed the button before slowly closing the phone and slipping it in back in her purse where she found it.

Kymberly pulled into a pretty big two-story home. Her hand slipped back down to Penny's thigh, and she smiled that warm smile while telling the naked redhead, "This is where I live."

The car stopped halfway up the long driveway as Kymmy pulled the keys from the ignition, leaned over and slipped them into her purse before taking it in her hand and telling Penny, "Why don't you run up and wait for me by the front door. I am going to get the mail really quick."

Before the woman that was driving even finished speaking, her door was open, and she stepped out. Before the door closed behind her, she leaned back into the car and reminded Penny in a very cheerful voice, "Don't forget to keep your cute breasts, vagina, and bottom fully exposed."

Penny's eyes shot up and down the street, not seeing anyone close by. Quickly, she opened her door, stepped out, felt the warm sunshine and a light breeze on her naked body, and shut the car door before dashing up to her front door of her house. With every step, Penny's breasts and butt were bouncing around. Remembering what Kym said, the red-headed woman kept her hands to her sides the whole way. Once she reached the door, she stood facing it, and looked over her shoulder for her friend.

From Penny's perspective, Kymberly was walking toward her slowly, smiling as usual as Penny's mind was reeling. She had only met the tall lady a little while ago, and the shorter girl already felt extremely close to her. To Penny, Kymmy was the type of motherly woman that made her feel cute and special. Without even thinking about it, the naked young woman knew she would put up with any of Kym's little quirks as long as she could be with the older woman.

As Kymberly neared the sidewalk to the front door, a car passed by in the street. The way Penny squealed and shivered made Kymmy laugh behind her. Looking back over her shoulder, the completely naked girl saw the fully clothed woman walking slowly up the driveway, her eyes casually wandering over every inch of Penny's bare backside.

Chills shot through Penny's body while she watched Kym's eyes examining her. Out of impulse, the redhead almost reached forward and covered her very stiff and throbbing nipples and clitoris. Kymberly's eyes narrowed; the black-haired woman knew what Penny was about to do. Catching herself at the last moment, Penny quickly raised her arms up and laced her fingers together behind her head, concentrating so hard on not covering up and staring at the door while waiting for it to be unlocked.

After what seemed like an eternity, Penny felt and heard Kymmy step up right behind her. Because the older woman stood so close behind the younger girl, Penny could feel her friend's warm breath on her naked skin. She almost jumped when she felt Kym placing her warm, soft hands on her bare hips. Leaning in even closer, the dark-skinned woman whisper softly in Penny's ear, "Such a good little one. You almost tried to cover up, but you didn't. I would have hated to have to call your grandpa so soon and tell her you had been naughty."

All Penny could do was moan softly as her hips ground around in a circle and her back arched. Kym had her hands and fingers caressing Penny's hips and the upper part of her bare cheeks before she whispered again, "I think someone deserves a prize. Spread your legs a little bit, sweetie."

Of course, the totally nude girl did as she was asked, spreading her feet apart and even going wider when the fully dressed woman asked her to. Satisfied, Kymberly said softly, "Perfect. Now lean forward and put your hands on the door."

Kymmy waited until Penny had done that before going on, "You are such a good girl, always doing as you're told. Would you like Mommy Kymmy to rub your pussy again, Penny?"

Whimpering softly, Penny back arched even deeper while her hips ground around so lewdly. Not caring at all that she was standing outside at the time, her voice was cracking as she whimpered, "Yes."

In that cheerful, sugary sweet voice of hers, Kym chirped, "Yes who, sweetie?"

Standing on her doorstep naked, Penny was so involved with a black chick and her own thoughts on the way to friend's house that she didn't even know or care where she was. To top it all off, Penny was more turned on than she ever thought possible as she played along with Kymberly's mommy game, needing to be touched again. The girl with red hair squeaked in her cute high-pitched voice, "Yes please, Mommy Kymmy!"

One of Kymmy's hands slid closer to Penny's very excited vulva while the other slid up her body, tickling the redhead the whole way and making her squirm around. Often, Penny jerked away from Kym's feathery light touch.

Kymberly had the index finger of her other hand trace Penny's lips. When that finger pressed against her, the red-haired girl parted her lips and sucked on the tall chick's finger as if it was the natural thing to do. The hand near the shorter girl's crotch pulled her hips back toward the taller woman. When Penny felt Kymmy's pants against her bare cheeks, another moan slipped through her lips when Mommy Kym began to grind her hips against Penny's bare bottom.

Now, Kymberly's voice was raspier than before when she said, "Oh my, you are excited for Mommy's touch, aren't you?"

Penny let Kymberly slide her finger in and out of her mouth until it was perfectly slippery. Slowly, Kym slid the finger from Penny's mouth and without letting the wet digit touch her skin, she slowly slid the hand with the wet finger down her chest.

In the softest whisper Penny could imagine, she heard Kymberly ask, "Are you ready for your prize, you sweet and cute redhead?"

Before Penny could answer, Kymmy pressed the palms of both hands against her vagina and rubbed her crotch, making Penny see stars. Gasping for a breath, her hips bucked back against Kym, whose soft and sweet whisper filled her ears again, "It's okay, sweetie. Mommy Kymberly will never hurt you."

While the dark-skinned chick spoke, the girl with pale skin felt a finger poke her wet folds. Then, ever so slowly and gently, Penny felt the slippery, warm finger press against her vaginal hole and her finger began to slip inside. Due to how slowly Kymberly was working her finger into Penny while going deeper and deeper, the bare girl squirmed around, whimpering and squeaking. Meanwhile, Kymmy had other hand rubbing Penny's red pubic hairs as she whispered in her ear again, "Does that feel good, Penny? I'm sure it does. Mommy knows what makes you feel good, doesn't she?"

By now, Kym was sliding her finger in and out of Penny, who could honestly say she had never felt so special before. Things only got better as the clothed woman said to the naked one, "Now sweetie, I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes and just listen to my voice."

Submissively, Penny had her eyes flutter shut while her little hole quivered around her finger. Her clit throbbed and juices leaked onto Kymberly's fingers as the taller woman giggled at the shorter one, "You love your Mommy Kymberly, don't you? I know you do."

Penny's hips were grinding around Kymmy's finger. Each time Kym's finger sunk in deep, Penny popped up on her tiptoes and made squeaky noises. The younger woman shivered when the older one spoke again, "Did you know that Mommy Kymmy doesn't like when people to keep secrets from her? I know you are a good girl and don't want to upset me do you. No, you don't."

At that point, Kym talked in a voice that was almost hypnotic as her finger slowly pumped in and out of Penny's cunt. Stayed on her tiptoes, Penny got closer and closer to squirting while moaning to Kymberly, "I love you. I love you with all my heart."

Unable to hold back any longer, every muscle in Penny's completely naked body went super tight. Her head tossed itself back, she felt the warm sunshine on her face, and her cunt squeezed down on Kymberly's finger so tight. Squeaky noises slipped through Penny's lips again as her body began to shudder and her clit throbbed so hard.

Finally, Penny squirted her juices onto the ground at her front door. Mommy Kymberly's hands left the redhead's crotch as she reached and opened her front door. The orgasm, hands down one of the most powerful of her life, left Penny in a daze. She didn't even remember stepping into Kymmy's home and took her almost 30 seconds to feel less dizzy and admire the inside of Kym's house, "This place looks nice."

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