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Skinny Dipping

Penny and Kymberly headed to the black iron gate that served as an entrance to the Diamond City Community Pool. Both of them could use a refreshing dive after the hot weather in town lately. It was so hot that neither Penny nor Kymmy bothered putting on swimsuits, choosing to just swim completely naked because they were old enough to. They didn't even wear sandals. Good thing the pool wasn't entirely full, the two ladies saw two empty lounge chairs with a parasol between them and took the chairs before someone else did.

Now they didn't have to worry about their stuff being burnt by the sun. All they had was a bag with sunscreen, a car key, a house key, and two water bottles. It was left on one of the lounge chairs.

The Diamond City pool was a big rectangular swimming pool with crystal clear water. Looking at it, Penny estimated the pool to have twice the space of Kym's backyard pool.

Before they went skinny dipping, Penny noticed her African American girlfriend kneeling down to look at her toned stomach and poke her navel. Penny's breasts were firm, despite being a little small as Kymberly squeezed them gently. When Penny's fondled Kymmy's breasts in return, they both moaned and shared a kiss.

Kymberly then looked down to get a full view of Penny's shaved pussy while looking down at her equally silky crotch. Observing several pairs of intrigued eyes already looking her pale-skinned lover, she told Penny with a grin, "See, Penny? I told you we'd get more attention with shaved vaginas than hairy ones."

Such adoration made the redhead giggle as she turned around to bend over and show off her round bubble butt. She giggled when Kymmy pinched her left buttock and lightly slapped her right before letting Penny squeeze Kymberly's doughy butt cheeks several times.

After a few more kisses on the lips, Kym leapt into the pool with a graceful dive and emerged after a moment, whipping her wet hair out of her face and smiling at Penny, "Come on, girl. The water is great."

While staring at a nude Kym, a naked Penny slowly walked to the pool's staircase, descended the stairs into the pool, and shivered a little as she carefully submerged herself lower until only her head and shoulders poked out of the water. Wading in the pool, Penny made sure her glasses and heart hairclip didn't fall off of her head. Both nudies could only manage to stare at each other with wide eyes. Radiantly, Penny smiled at Kymberly, giggled, and blushed at what they were doing, "OMG. We're swimming fully naked in a public pool."

Penny's face was glowing hot, and she was pretty sure that wasn't just caused by the sun. Kymmy giggled back, "Why shouldn't we? It's extra hot today and it prevents tan lines."

Before they knew it, Kym's daughter, Christine, took a few running steps and cannonballed into the pool, creating a splash big enough that Penny and Kymberly felt a few drops land on her faces. As Christine resurfaced, she said to her mother, "Hey, mom."

Kymmy grinned, "Christine, did you get a day off from work?"

"Sure did."

"Well, glad you could drop in."

Christine then looked at Penny and noticed that she and Kym were both naked. She stated the obvious, "I see you two are skinny dipping."

The redhead beamed radiantly, "Yes, nothing is covering our private parts. Why don't you join us?"

Without a verbal response, Christine agreed and reached behind her to loosen the teal bikini top and toss it onto the empty lounge chair next to the one with the bag on it. Slowly, she pushed her teal bikini bottom down her legs, stepped out of them, and threw them on the lounge chair. It landed next to her bikini top.

Now that all three of them were 100% naked, they stood up straight and shook their upper bodies, making their well-shaped breasts jiggle from side to side. Since Penny, Kymberly, and Christine were all comfortable with public nudity, they had no intention to cover themselves with her hands despite the numerous pairs of eyes that were taking in their exposed forms. The naked females let them all stare, aware of the slight jiggles of their breasts with every step they took. Giggling, Penny asked, "It's fun, isn't it?"

Christine giggled back, "Yeah, it's nice. Mom and I actually swim nude quite often, so this is nothing new to either of us, but it's still fun as it ever was."

Taking a few dozen steps, Penny, Kymmy, and Christine loved how the movement of the water gently caressed their bare pussies with every move. It felt nice, and it was not the slightest bit embarrassing to be feeling things down there when others were watching them. Being bare under the water meant that no one could tell if their sexual arousal was evident.

At one edge of the pool, Kym suggested, already taking a ready stance against the edge of the pool, "Race to the other side?"

Penny asked, "What does the winner get?"

"Actually, whoever comes in last has to be submissive for the other two."

"Now I actually want to lose."

"Well, that doesn't mean we'll let you throw the game on purpose. You still have to give it your all."


With that, Penny and Christine agreed, and Kymberly's signal, they all shot forward.

Given that she was seven feet tall, Kymmy easily took the lead with her long limbs and athletic build, six-foot-tall Christine was following close behind. Penny was rather slow and had some difficulty keeping up, partially because the view of the two round butts floating in front of her was a distraction, partly because she was under five feet, and partially because she didn't want her glasses or heart-shaped ornament to fall off her head.

It went without saying that Kym got first place, getting to the other side in just under 20 seconds. She exclaimed triumphantly as she slapped the water with her hand, sending drops flying in every direction, "Fuck yes! I win!"

In second place, Christine arrived at the other end in 30 seconds. The time for Penny was 40 seconds, and the tallest woman said to the girl with glasses, "Looks like we get to dominate you. Get out of the water."

Obeying, Penny climbed out of the pool, grabbing on to the ledge and pulling up her naked self. Kymberly and Christine followed her. The daughter lied on her back and commanded Penny to kiss and lick her vagina. She immediately complied by getting on her hands and knees before lowering her head to eat at Christine's pussy. Being behind the white girl, Kymmy giggled at Penny's buttocks, groping them for a bit. Feeling her ass being grabbed made the redhead moan louder as she submissive ate the pussy close to her face.

Christine happily caressed Penny's red hair, feeling the softness and even pulling the braids whenever Penny's tongue touched her clitoris. Since Christine was lying down, she didn't need to hold on to anything with her hands or arms. Sometimes, she comfortingly massaged the redhead's shoulders.

On her knees, Kym was fingering Penny with her left hand while giving the girl's soft breasts a few tight squeezes with her right. Her right hand began to finger herself. Penny moaned louder and louder as her boobs squished against the ground and Kymberly's palms.

While the redhead was being dominated, Christine said to her while looking around, "There's a whole lot of people liking what they are seeing. They're smiling while taking in your naked form with nothing hiding your no-no parts. I'm glad I decided to join you. You have a cute body, it's definitely understandable why you're not afraid to show it."

A blush crept onto Penny's face as she giggled, "Thank you. I wish I had a bit more curves though, like you and your mother."

Glancing at her chest, Christine and Kymberly laughed, squeezing their bigger breasts with their hands. Kymmy said, "Don't bring yourself down, girl. Your silky skin, sweet-smelling red hair, big blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and radiant smile are what make you irresistible."

"Thank you, but both of you have breasts that are way better than mine. Most girls would kill for a chest like yours."

"Thanks, that's nice of you to say."

Penny blushed, smiled bashfully, and laughed with an adorably high pitch. Quickly, she went back to pleasuring Christine with her mouth while Kym fingered both the redhead and herself.

It didn't take long for all three of them to stop moaning and start screaming. That was the signal that climaxes were imminent. Christine squirted in Penny's face, Penny came on Kymberly's legs, and Kymberly spilled her cum on the ground.

With barely enough energy, the redhead crawled so she could cuddle on top of Christine, who kissed Penny's lips and cheeks. Kymmy smiled at Penny as she and her daughter giggled, "You're so cute, Penny."

Touched by the compliment, Penny giggled back, "You're both cute too."

Gradually regaining stamina, Penny wiped the cum off of her glasses with her thumbs, but the smudges made it hard to see. Being totally naked with no bathing suit to put on meant she couldn't use any cloth to wipe the smudges, so she wiped her glasses with a nearby towel that wasn't being used at the moment. Once everyone stopped feeling tired, they had one more race back to where they started.

Once again, Penny, Kym, and Christine were feeling turned on by the way the cool water seemed to caress their bodies. It was slightly weird how much of a difference the absence of some thin pieces of fabric made (not really weird since they were all skinny dipping a lot). Their nipples had turned into hard nubs, although they weren't sure whether that was from the cold water, the faint stimulation they got as they swam, or the sheer excitement of being naked in public. The nudity was freeing as always, none of the ladies had any concerns whatsoever.

Primarily, men thought the white girl looked so cute being hugged and kissed by two tall black chicks as the streaking trio dried their bare bodies. They even dried each other's bodies to sexually arouse one another.

On the way out, Penny let her right hand be held by Kymberly's left hand. The redhead happily skipped, galloped, and pranced like someone so giddy and bubbly. Both Kymberly and Christine laughed at how Penny's breasts and bottom bounced as they left.

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