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Dancing in the Nude

Today, Penny and Kymberly were both completely naked at a dance studio, planning to do some ballroom dancing. The one they were in had walls that were painted white and one of the walls was a huge mirror. Also, there was nobody else on the dance floor but them. Almost as if an unseen force was guiding them, they walked to the dance floor. Kymmy took Penny in her arms, and they started dancing in the nude while playing a song for them to dance to. Before they began, the African American chick as the pale-skinned girl, "Are you sure you don't want to wear dancing shoes?"

Giggling and blushing, a naked Penny answered with her hands behind her back, "I don't want to cover my dainty little princess feet."

That response made an equally naked Kym laugh, "Good. I don't want to cover my feet either."

First, they started off with the typical slow dance where the naked females only moved about five feet and continue to turn in circles with less than in inch separating the unclothed partners. Both of them had watched ballroom dancing on public broadcasting and they loved the way those dancers moved.

Penny and Kymberly danced all around the floor in the ballroom dancing style, the redhead's blue eyes never left the black-haired woman's brown eyes and when the second verse of the song started, Penny started singing, making Kymmy smile. They continued to dance when Kym's left hand had moved from Penny's shoulder to being behind her neck. Penny was singing to her tall black lover softly but was lost in the bliss of her loving touches. The naked white girl kept singing softly and they danced around the dance floor, feeling their bare feet making contact with the floor beneath them.

Normally, in a situation such as that, people would get scared from being naked and stop dancing in utter embarrassment. However, what happened with Penny and Kymberly was just the opposite. Because they both loved being nude, they started dancing like they had never danced before without even caring that they were wearing nothing to cover themselves.

The volume of Penny's singing voice escalated as Kymmy beamed, "Here I am, dancing with the most adorable white girl I have ever known while she serenades me. The fact that both of us are completely naked makes us feel like we're in heaven!"

As the song was beginning to wind down, neither Penny nor Kym wanted it to end. They wanted to dance like this with each other for as long as possible, they didn't want to let each other go.

Never looking away from Penny's eyes, the song was in its last few seconds when the taller woman saw a tear in the redhead's blue eyes. She blinked to make sure that what she was seeing wasn't a mirage. In the nanosecond it took to blink, Kymberly saw streams from the shorter girl's eyes. Seeing that made her shed a tear too as she kneeled down and whispered while asking, "What is it, Penny?"

Kymmy's whisper sent a tremble down Penny's legs. The redhead sniffled, "I'm sorry, it's just that this song is so beautiful, but not as beautiful as you."

Holding the short white girl in her loving arms, the tall black woman said softly, "I love you, Penny."

"I love you too, Mommy Kymberly."

"Aw, that's the first time in a while you called me that."

While Penny held Kymmy tighter, they kissed on the lips for at least several minutes. Then Penny yelped and giggled when Kym pinched her bare bottom, she laughed when her taller lover squeezed and slapped her exposed ass.

After a while of groping Penny's buttocks, the tall dark-skinned female sat on her butt while facing the mirror, spread her legs wide, and beckoned the short naked girl with pale skin to sit in front of her. Happily, Penny sat down where she was directed to with Kymberly having her back facing her.

Sitting naked, the girl with glasses giggled at her reflection. Her legs were spread wide, her breasts and vagina were clearly visible, and being hugged from behind by her big black girlfriend made a naked Penny look cute as a button. Both of their skin felt smooth and warm, but Penny's was so silky. Also, because of their height differences, the dark-skinned woman's legs and feet passed the pale-skinned girl's while Kymberly's head wasn't fully hidden by Penny's head.

Kymmy said while rubbing the redhead's flat belly, cupping her breasts, and kissing her scalp, "Tell me what you are imagining at this very moment, sug."

Penny's words came softly and slowly. She closed her eyes and cooed, "My whole universe is disappearing. It feels like I'm on a roller coaster that's on fire. My body is tightening, and I feel like a fuse being ignited. Then there's this intense heat that's spreading out, down my legs, and my feet feel like they're touching hot coals. Afterward, I feel numb and tingly, but in slow motion, like a heartbeat between my legs."

With her eyes still closed, Penny sensed Kym rhythmically rocking both of them back and forth. The black chick's left hand cupped the white girl's left cheek and kissed her right cheek. Meanwhile, Kymberly used her right hand to rub Penny's tummy and used her right index finger to poke the redhead's navel as she whispered, "If we did this in front of an audience, they would all agree that you look so adorable in my arms."

After a while, the taller woman's hand slipped down the shorter girl's body, and Kymmy felt moisture and warmth as she pressed her palms against Penny's vagina. With her adorable eyes fully closed, Penny made a very cute face by opening her mouth slightly to moan softly. Kym could see their reflections and said to the girl with glasses, "That might just be the adorable face you've ever made."

Penny giggled from Kymberly's compliment as both of their hips began to rock back and forth, the girl in front loved letting the other woman feel that warm, wonderful, wet place against her hand.

The sounds of Penny's breathy moans filled the otherwise silent room, as her orgasm came to take her away. However, Kymmy stopped to deny her girlfriend her orgasm, making Penny ask, "Why did you stop?"

Giggling, Kym explained, "To make this intimate moment last a little longer."

"Oh. Ok."

"You know what I'm imagining?"


"That we're doing this in front of an adoring audience."

Kymberly pressed her breasts against Penny's back and brushed her lips all over the back of the redhead's neck. Penny continued to moan in a really cute and rather high-pitched voice, tantalized by how her lover was caressing her. After a while of rubbing the younger girl's stomach and poking her belly button, Kymmy paid attention to Penny's hips and thighs, slowly letting her fingers slip lower to curl around the pubic bone between her opening thighs.

The wetness of Penny's vulva surprised the older woman, who laughed, "Jeez, girl. You're that sensitive? You must be because your pussy juices are flowing out like a river and on the floor."

Penny was surprised by that and giggled, "Really?"

"Mine's dripping on the floor too."

Soon, both of them had vivid thoughts about giving people a show, but not so much about dancing as making love. Both of them closed their eyes.

As Penny imagined herself sitting completely naked on her butt on a stage in front of thousands of cheering crowd members. Likewise, Kymberly imagined herself totally naked if front of an equally nude Penny, hugging her from behind while kissing her head and neck. With both eyes closed, Penny opened her mouth just a tiny bit and moaned quietly to make people say, "Awwwwwww."

Using her fingers, Kymmy delicately rubbed Penny's silky bare skin, moving them all around her bare body. Neither of them wore shirts, pants, undergarments, or even any footwear. Their slim bodies felt wonderful together.

The naked wetness that was Penny's pussy was clear as Kym pushed a finger inside her, moving it in and out along the strong slick walls of her flesh that wrapped around her. A finger in her cunt ignited a fuse within Penny, who felt a heat moving down her legs and a sensation of hot coals touching her bare feet. Kymberly switched her hands every minute to make her short white lover taste her own vagina.

Every passing minute became unbearable for Penny as her tall African American girlfriend intensified her speed and forcefulness. Two fingers were penetrating the nerdy redhead while Kymmy fondled one of her breasts with her free hand.

High-pitched moans turned into squeals and screams as Penny finally began to cum. To keep herself from falling down, Penny leaned back on Kym and grabbed her thighs as her head tilted back. Kymberly kissed Penny's forehead and red hair as the shorter girl's skin became beaded with sweat while her breathing became erratic and desperate.

Finally, Penny cried out as the veil of the orgasm overcame her. She squirted so much so hard that white water was sprayed everywhere between her legs and past her feet, some cum even spilled off of the stage. Everyone in the crowd went wild, cheering for the youthful, sweet, cute, blue-eyed, 18-year-old redhead that climaxed with the help of a tall, mature, black chick. Penny closed her eyes and nodded off...

Opening her eyes again, Penny saw that she was back in the dance studio with Kymmy still hugging her from behind. Plus, Penny's cum was all over the floor between her legs and there even a little on the mirror they were facing. The redhead appeared to be breathless and spent.

Kym had Penny turn around so they could face each other and placed her arms around Penny's back. The naked redhead felt her heart beating quickly as she placed her arms around the other woman's neck. Looking at each other eye to eye, they kept hugging, kissing, and caressing each other for at least another few hours.

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