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A Stranger is Invited

Penny was enjoying being submissive for Kymberly as her faithful, obedient sexual servant. With great skill and mastery, the African American chick molded the white girl into her willing suck-and-fuck slut. To Penny, Kymberly's blackness was fascinating, such a rich wonderful color so different from white women. She was also amazed by the dark-skinned chick's height.

Over the next few days, Penny would find herself bent over and lying face down on Kymmy's bed with her cute little bottom in her hands. The redhead was frequently having daydreams of being on her knees surrounded by a wall of tall naked black women as Kym shared Penny with her friends and family. It didn't take long for the dark-skinned woman to mold the pale-skinned girl into her whore, taking unconditional ownership of Penny's naked body and her will.

Considering she had submissively used her mouth on the breasts and vagina of many women with great pleasure, Penny could hardly say she was innocent. Compared to her experiences thus far, Penny was a naïve virgin until she went naked in public for the first time and was caught by Kymberly, who initiated her into the service of her circle of women. All of them were intent on sharing the redhead's young, small, pale body for their sexual fulfillment. When she reached adulthood, Penny became a young woman who reveled in the way large black lesbians dominated her, Penny's compliance to them was a forgone conclusion.

On this day, Kymberly suggested that Penny place an internet ad offering herself to mature, dominant, older African American women looking for a submissive white girl to use as she desired. In the raw, Penny posted a few photos of herself from her first visit to Kymmy's house. Then the nerdy girl was asked to provide her name and make graphic poses of submission to Kym for her take pics of, showing just how much she wanted to do as she was told. She gave her most sensual looks into the camera as she offered up her unclothed body. Any interested woman could imagine just how pretty Penny would look in complete surrender to her will.

Within an hour, Penny got a response and giggled as she read it, "The name's Maxine. I'm a tall, middle-aged bisexual black woman who loves belittling white males and females aged 18-25, just like you. Check my profile and tell me if you like what you see."

Looking at Maxine's profile, Penny liked it so much that her heart began to pound into her throat! It read, "I am looking for sweet, submissive, 18-to-25-year-old white men and women who know how to make their big black mama happy. I'm large and in charge, so don't bother me if you're not ready for a woman who takes what she wants, but if you're that special kind of sweet boy or girl who wants to be a good slut for mommy, Maxine wants to give you a chance to know what it's like to serve a real woman."

Plus, Maxine had two photos, one had a view from below of her cunt as she stood over her camera in the most erotically imposing way. The other photo showed a thick, wide spraying of cum shooting from her vagina as she stood over some imagined receiver of her copious gush of jizz. She was tall and smooth all over, Penny decided that she wanted to be hers from that very moment and Kymberly encouraged her, "Go for it, girl."

Penny replied to Maxine, "I like your profile, I wish I was on my knees before you in your photos being covered in your white water as your spray it all over my face and mouth."

Maxine soon sent a second message that read, "Great! Let's get together for a couple of hours at your earliest convenience. I'm sure your mistress will enjoy the show."

Then, Penny typed her response back to Maxine, "Ok! Let me just say that you're an absolutely incredible woman! Come to my mistress's house so I can be a good girl for you."

"When can you have me drop by?"

Unsure of the answer, Penny looked at Kymmy, who told her, "How about right now?"

Nodding, Penny typed, "Do you want to come over now?"

"Sure. I'll be right there! I'll even come naked!"

"One more thing."


"Do you have a strap-on dildo? I like being pounded and penetrated by those."

"No problem."

After providing Kym's address, Penny looked presentable by sitting on the floor with her legs together, balancing with her hands, looking shy, smiling, and wiggling her toes. Kymberly liked how the girl with glasses looked at she sat on her knees behind Penny, rubbed her shoulders, kissed her red hair, and whispered, "You'll do great. I know it."

In only twenty minutes, there was knock on the door. Kymmy walked to the door and opened it, letting Maxine in. Maxine was looked a bit shorter than Kym, being around six feet and nine inches tall. She was wearing nothing at all, had a footlong strap-on dildo in her left hand, and had her car keys in her right. Looking down at the white girl sitting before her, Maxine asked, "Are you Penny?"

The redhead giggled and answered, "Yes, that's me."

"Stand up straight."

Penny obeyed without hesitation as she looked at Maxine, the white girl knew her visitor was a magnificent display of black womanhood, tall, dark, thick legs and arms, a large firm chest, a flat belly, and a curvy figure. Her arms and legs were as thick as tree trunks, her hair was black and curly, and her face was quite pleasant to look at. Maxine explained her needs to establish her complete dominance over the girl with glasses, "You have a fetish for tall African-American chicks, am I right?"

"Yes, I like to be dominated. I like a woman who takes control. I like to be immobilized by a woman's grip, so a little rough stuff is good as long as it's about her need to control and not her desire to inflict injury."

Maxine hugged Penny and said, "I would never injure you, baby, but Maxine does like to fuck a pretty face kind of hard sometimes."

"I'd be in heaven with my head locked firmly in your huge, strong hands while you do what comes naturally."

"You'll do just fine, baby. I know you want to do good, and you will."

At 4 1/2 feet tall and with a petite body and round ass, Penny's small feminine frame seemed to please Maxine, who wasted no time at all establishing her territory as she dropped all of her stuff on the floor before she walked up to the shorter girl and began to rub her neck and shoulders. Her face got heated as she only came to Maxine's upper chest. Flushed with arousal, her body was shaking and felt vulnerable as the black chick's massive frame dwarfed the white girl's short naked body.

A naked Penny was engulfed in Maxine's massive, warm body. To her astonishment, the taller gal brought her face down to hers so they could engage in a wet, open-mouthed French kiss. As always, kissing tall, dark-skinned lesbians on the lips was pleasant sensation to Penny, who popped her leg up. Wrapping her arms around Maxine's neck, she returned the kiss in a long, warm, wet exchange of passion.

Before long, Maxine reached down with both hands and took hold of Penny's bare bottom. As she squeezed and rubbed Penny's buttocks, the redhead began to lick and kiss the other woman's chest and neck. It seemed like the girl with glasses was actually trembling in the dominant female's arms. Maxine braced Penny's small body against the largeness of hers and whispered into her ear, "Damn, girl. You're shakin' all over like a virgin. Why is that, Penny?"

Panting, Penny giggled with a sweet smile, "I can't help it. This feels really good. I like this. Also, my skin is really sensitive."

Eventually, Maxine stepped away from Penny and walked to the sofa, the white girl followed the black woman. Meanwhile, Kymberly was sitting in a nearby chair, eating a small bowl of buttered popcorn while watching everything.

Turning and placing a hand on Penny's shoulder and neck, Maxine slowly pressed her to the floor as she reclined on the sofa, having the submissive girl with glasses sitting on the floor between her thick legs and saying to her in a quivering voice, "I'll be a good girl, I promise."

"I know you will, just show me how submissive you can be."

"Ok. You're such a big woman, you're almost seven feet tall. I guess I just like being belittled since I'm less than five feet. You're in charge and I trust you to decide when I'm ready for whatever you want me to do to you."

"All I need today is to get my cunt eaten really good before I stick my dildo in yours."

"Will you cum in my mouth, Maxine?"

"Yeah, kiss and lick those pink folds nice and slow and I'll cum hard in your mouth for you."

"I promise I'll make it feel really good when you cum. I'll finish you up real nice."

Penny began to kiss and lick Maxine's legs; she was ready to start on her with all the love and attention she could give her vulva. Moaning, Maxine commented, "You're a licker, huh?"

"Uhmm, I love to lick and kiss. I also love being peppered in soft kisses and gentle licks."

When Penny's lips and tongue made it to Maxine's crotch, she looked at the wetness as the woman above her smiled, "Does that pussy look good, Penny?"

"Yes, it's beautiful."

The second the redhead planted a soft kiss on the black woman's vagina, Maxine spread her legs wider and let out a moan, "You got it...that's the spot."

Penny smiled up at Maxine as she now had her tongue out and her mouth open with a teasing smile on her cute face. She slowly placed just the very tip of her tongue on the dark-skinned chick's clitoris and slowly rolled her tongue around it. In response, Maxine's body flinched and squirmed at that first moment of Penny's mouth on her cunt. She let out a long moaning sigh as her clit throbbed, Penny kept licking her slowly and gently as she watched the expression on the other female's face respond to the sensation. Maxine's eyelids narrowed to slits and her lips pursed with a low, "Oohhhh... oohhh yes..."

Letting out more loud panting moans of pleasure, Maxine placed her right hand alongside Penny's cheek and caressed her face as she watched her wet tongue move over the vagina slit, saying, "Hell yes baby...hell yes. That's the spot right there. You are gonna tease me bad, aren't you?"

Nodding, Penny giggled and blushed, "Absolutely. I love the expression on your face, like a woman about to cum."

"The more you tease the harder I cum."

"Then I'll have to tease you until you explode, Maxine. I can imagine a dozen ways you will make me clean up your messes based on all that cum in your pics."

"Go for it. Feel free to caress my legs while you're at it."

Slowly, Penny continued to run her wet tongue Maxine's clitoris again while feeling the texture of her skin on her legs, hips, and thighs. Maxine had skin that was such a wonderful shade of dark chocolate, just like Kymmy's. Eventually, Maxine suggested, "Why don't you rise up and kiss me all over with your fingers in my vagina."

Following the command, Penny explored Maxine's entire body with her mouth and hands, she leaned over on her and began to lick and kiss her chest and nipples, left to right and then moved down to work her mouth around her stomach. After some time kissing and licking the black chick's belly button, the white girl came back into position and sat all the way down on the floor until her face was even between her legs. Penny began kissing and licking Maxine's legs, thighs, knees, all the way down to her calves while still fingering her and exclaiming, "God, I can't stop licking you!"

Maxine chuckled, "I don't blame you. Keep up the fingering and I'll cum sooner than you think."

Right after she finished that sentence, she said, "My orgasm isn't too far away, Penny. You should probably put your face back in front of my vulva for the climax."

Once Penny's face was in front of Maxine's pussy, the taller woman came. Cum was sprayed all over the redhead's face, she wiped her glasses and happily wiped the spunk off of her cheeks to ingest it all. Seeing the girl with glasses put cum in her mouth, the African American female asked her, "Do you want to take off your glasses, Penny? That way, you can be even more naked."

"I can't. I need them to see."

"Oh. What about your heart-shaped ornament?"

"I should probably keep that on as well since no clothes means no other place to store my belongings. Plus, it doesn't cover any of my skin."

Maxine then grabbed her dildo, put in on, and settled into a comfortable position on the floor, legs parted as she smiled at Penny, "Come over here and love on this fake dick, baby. You got my whole body feelin' it now."

"I'd love to, Maxine. Just relax and enjoy yourself with me."

"Oh, I'm relaxed. I'm just gonna lay here and watch you do your thing. Just treat that toy cock real good baby, love that cock for me."

Penny took her place between Maxine's thick legs and began to worship the artificial penis, wanting to make love to it with everything she could give her because of how eager and willing she was to please her. Her heart pounded and her body shivered with anticipation at the thought of it.

With her left hand around the base of the strap-on penis, Penny put her right hand on Maxine's left inner thigh before lowering her mouth to suck it on like how she would suck a real penis. She wriggled onto her right side and draped her right arm across the dark-skinned gal's belly, then took the cock in her left hand. For a moment, Penny paused to roam her eyes all over the sex toy and think about the oral sex she would have it before having shoved in her vagina.

As Penny gazed upon Maxine, the familiar erotic taboo of a girl at least 18 years old being eager to please a woman more than 25 years older than her, combined with the titillation of her white face between her black legs, sent waves of erotic pleasure coursing through Penny like a mini orgasm. A fantasy since meeting Kymberly, she never wanted to stop being a sex slave for tall, beautiful black women.

Maxine moaned quietly as Penny began to lick at the base of her cock, lapping at it, kissing it, and slowly working her way up her shaft from beneath. With each advance, she held her tongue out as far as she could and wrapped it around the shaft, licking the dildo generously while wrapping her lips around it in an open mouth kiss. Penny was shaking with pleasure as her shuddering breath came out in whimpers of submission. As she locked her eyes on the redhead's face, Maxine groaned, "That's it, girl. Love on that strap-on dick, sweetie."

With her left hand on the back of Penny's head, Maxine rubbed her gently before saying, "It's time to stuff this toy penis into your vagina."

Eagerly, Penny got on her hands and knees as instructed by Maxine. The redhead felt tiny and fragile when being submissive for Maxine, Kymberly, or any African American chick that was 6 feet or taller. There it was again, that wonderful feeling of submission to a tall, dark-skinned woman's erotic pleasure Penny constantly ached for.

Feeling the artificial manhood being inserted into her womanhood made Penny open her mouth wide to let gasps and moans. She closed her cunt lips around the shaft and settled into a slow sensual rhythm where she leaned back and forth, moaning in pleading whimpers of helpless surrender. While that went on, Kymmy was still watching while eating her popcorn as Maxine fingered her own vulva with two fingers.

Both Penny and Maxine were breathing heavy now, sucking in air around clinched teeth. Still going doggy style, Penny's took as much of the strap-on dildo into her vagina as she possibly could. The cock head filled the back of her throat every time all twelve inches were in in. Penny felt her legs twitched as Maxine pumped her cock in surging pulses that the white girl could clearly feel throbbing against the walls of her mouth as well as one of the black chick's hands holding her hips as Maxine still fingered herself with her free hand. She said to the girl with glasses, "Damn, girl. You love doggy style, don't ya?"

Giggling, Penny replied, "It's my favorite sex position, Maxine. Ahh... ahhh... Oh god, I *gasp* think I'm about to cum!"

"Me too, Penny. Do it. DO IT."

Right on cue, Penny let out an impossibly large load of cum would soon gush all over Maxine's dildo and inner thighs. It happened as the taller woman kept fingering her cunt to milk her clear sex fluids out of her, then she licked her fingers clean.

Looking down, Maxine smiled at how Penny collapsed on and held the redhead in her arms, putting her in front of her dildo again and asking, "Do you mind sucking my sex toy clean and licking your cum off of my legs?"

Penny grinned, "I'll gladly do it."

Putting the dildo back in her mouth one more time, Penny wrapped her lips around it and slowly moved her head back to avoid spilling a drop of cum. Then she licked Maxine's left legs clean with only one long stroke of her tongue and the same was true for her right leg.

Pleased with Penny, Maxine hugged her tightly, kissed her hair, and pinched her bottom to make her giggle.

Done with her popcorn, Kym asked the redhead, "Did you have fun, Penny?"

"I had so much fun."

Maxine said, "I'm glad you liked it."

She kissed Penny on the lips before getting up, grabbing her stuff, and telling her, "Hope you enjoy other sexual endeavors like this."

Penny stood up and waved as Maxine left, "Believe me, I will."

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