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Photo Shoot

On this day, Penny and Kymberly arrived naked at photography studio after a man named Alec saw them outside of Kymberly's house, masturbating in her car and making out. It got his attention, and he was wondering if those naked ladies were interested in having some naked pictures taken of them. They agreed and were given directions, the drive was surprisingly quick.

In the studio and the nude women exchanged greetings. Alec was an athletic, built man about 25 years old, very polite and professional. He got his equipment ready.

To begin the session, Penny and Kym walked into a room with plain green walls and floors, they stood in front of one camera. There was also another camera behind them as well as one camera to their left and one to their right.

As they started posing in front of the camera, Alec gave them instructions on posing. Penny and Kymberly started off simple by just standing with their arms at their sides and smiling while cameras clicked and flashed from all four angles.

When the naked women began looking sexy by putting their hands on their hips, the cameraman overwhelmed Penny and Kymmy with compliments about how hot they looked, making them feel very sexy. He made them feel even sexier when the ladies started raising their hands and arms up and away from each other, like they were saying "ta-da".

Also, they rubbed their stomachs, poked their belly buttons, pinched their nipples, squeezed their boobs, and bent down to show off their bare butts. Plus, Penny posed innocently by putting her hands behind her back and bending a knee slightly while Kymmy put her knuckles on her hips to look bold and confident.

After a few minutes of shooting, Alec came over and stood next to Penny and Kym, giving them a preview of the images that he captured from his cameras. The images of them he captured were super stunning, Penny had such an adorable smile and Kymberly's was more seductive, both of them were happy with how the shoot was going.

The session continued after a short break, the cameraman seemed to be getting very aroused by the way Penny and Kymmy were starting to get intimate. Completely naked, the white girl held the black woman's left hand with her right, and they giggled at each other. As they began to kiss, they got such a sexy feeling of desire. The fact that they could see Alec beginning to have a bulge in his pants turned them on even more.

Soon, Penny and Kym went from posing nude to making out in the buff. Pictures were taken of them fondling each other's breasts, grabbing one another's buttocks, and poking each other's navels. They were quite excited to be naked outside of their homes and let people see them. Now, they weren't posing seductively as much as they were looking seductively at each other.

A short while later, the taller woman sat on her knees to face the shorter girl, Penny wrapped her arms around Kymberly's shoulders to hug and kiss her, asking with a giggle, "Isn't this what you like, Kymberly?"

Giggling back, Kymmy replied, "Yes, it's highly likely that the cameraman likes what we're doing too."

They didn't need to hear Alec's answer because they could see that he reached a maximum bulginess. It was clear that all of them were having sinful thoughts, but Alec was definitely showing it more. Then, in the heat of the moment, Kym's hands slid down Penny's cheeks and down to her breasts. The cameraman pretended to play it cool, but the hard-on the females could see told them everything they needed to know.

Penny and Kymberly continued to have photos taken of them hugging and kissing, the older woman's hands slid down the younger girl's waist and wrapped around her midsection. Both of them could hear the excitement in Alec's voice as he clicked his cameras to capture their exposed breasts, vaginas, and buttocks. Complimenting both ladies on their looks and poses made them wetter than wet. He told them as he clicked and clicked, "That's it, that is lovely, don't stop what you're doing."

Things became more explicit in the photo shoot when the redhead and her girlfriend sat down on their bottoms to open their legs as wide as possible for Alec to photograph. Some of those pics had Kymmy right behind Penny, grabbing her breasts while kissing her head and neck. As they posed completely nude and he kept clicking on his camera, they got on all fours while facing each other to kiss some more.

Later, Kym lied on her back, gesturing for Penny to get on top of her in 69, they pushed their crotches closer to each other's smiling faces.

Alec had his stiffness bulging in his pants as he smiled at the lesbians and how they were eating pussy. He immediately unzipped his pants but didn't pull them down. To release the stiffness, Alec got through his boxers to show his veiny, hard as rock cock pointing towards the naked couple. After giving it a brief inspection, he grabbed it with his right hand and began to stroke it.

Now openly masturbating, Alec closed his eyes and smiled. Penny and Kymberly looked at him and could actually see drips of pre-cum coming out of his erect penis. They stared for a bit before slowly licking one another's clits with the tips of their tongues, getting a taste of each other's juices as they twirled their tongues around the clits.

Often, Alec forgot to take pictures, so Penny and Kymmy had to remind him. Both of them happily acknowledged how he was hard as a rock from the sight of them making love. They were also getting wetter, as the desire of making love went right to their pussies.

As both nude ladies were enjoying the pleasure of each other, Penny and Kym thought about how slutty they were to enjoy having lesbian sex in a public place. They loved each other unconditionally as lesbian girlfriends and loved getting sexual gratification from each other. The erotic photo session turned into a fun sex session.

Alec resumed with the photographs, getting a few dozen images of Penny and Kymberly kissing one another's pussies while repeatedly telling each other that it felt so good. Their toes curled, and they felt so tingly that it hardened their nipples. The two of them were moaning so loud that they could hear their own echoes in the studio.

Penny and Kymmy both felt their naked bodies craving for climaxes and they called to each other loudly, "I want you to cum inside me! Please cum in my pussy!"

Letting out loud moans as they began squirting their warm cum, they pressed their pelvises against one another to cum all over each other's faces.

After they finished, they could feel their pussy wet and dripping with cum, and it felt so wonderful. As Penny got off of Kym and lied next to her, both of them could feel their cum leaking out between their legs and inner thighs. Both of them laid there, looking at each other with satisfied looks on their faces. Alec was also satisfied after orgasming from enough masturbation.

To end the photo shoot, Penny and Kymberly used their fingers to spread their cunt lips and show Alec the dripping wetness of their freshly fucked vulvas for a few up-close shots. They proudly posed for him with their legs wide open like the good slutty models that they were. Showing off their most intimate body parts felt so erotic, they wanted to give their cameraman some vivid visuals.

They even got some pics for free before Kymmy sent Penny back home.

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