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Lesbian Public Nudity

On their way back from the beach, Kymberly hadn't put her swimsuit back on and was fully naked in her car, driving with her privates uncensored. Meanwhile, a naked Penny was masturbating with the strap-on dildo.

While driving, the African American woman sometimes got distracted by reveling in how the car seat felt against her bare back and bottom. She noticed a familiar public park along the way and asked the girl with pale skin, "I can see the park where I first met you. Would you be interested in having both of us be naked and make love there?"

Penny became sexually around at the idea and answered giddily, "Oh god, yes!"

Kymberly smiled at Penny's excitement, and they parked near the entrance. After they got out of the car and locked it, Kymmy asked Penny to store her car keys in her heart ornament since no clothes meant no pockets.

Before they began, they took some time to face each other and ogle one another's perfect bodies. Penny and Kymberly were both breathless as they stood in front of each other totally naked, their clothes were nowhere to be seen. Their vaginas were soaked with their pussy juices, which were dripping out of her from excitement. They put their fingers to their lips in a naughty girl look.

With Penny's right hand holding Kymmy's left hand, the two naked girlfriends beamed at each other and were soon very wet as they walked in the park without wearing any clothes. Out of all the people in the park, only Penny and Kym were fully nude and they looked like a romantic lesbian couple while walking past people more clothed than them. Parents prevented children from seeing, men were being perverted as they liked what they were seeing while women were annoyed at their boyfriends or husband's erections.

White males thought Penny was a cute girl with her pale body boasting such hairless, silky skin. Thankfully, the age of 18 meant she was perfectly young and attractive, but not underage. Between her red hair that smelled of strawberries, her innocent blue eyes, her soft rosy cheeks that were capable of blushing, and her adorable smile, Penny's cute face brought joy to the hearts of men that laid eyes on her. Below her neck, Penny's breasts weren't the biggest, but they were still so cute with small nipples, and they jiggled noticeably. Her tummy was flat with an adorable innie belly button, her vagina was cleanly shaved, her legs were smooth, and her bare feet were so delicately small and pretty with cute little toes. Finally, Penny had a cute, round bubble butt that bounced like her bosom and was just begging to groped.

Likewise, black males thought Kymberly was a beautiful woman with her dark-skinned body boasting such hairless, smooth, velvety skin as well. At the age of 45, she was still attractive and given her body, time had been super kind to her. Between her brown hair that smelled of coconuts, her lovely brown eyes, her soft cheeks, and alluring smile, Kymmy's face was capable of seduction. Below her neck, Kym's breasts were so big and cute with larger nipples, and they were even bouncier. Her stomach was also flat with an adorable innie belly button, her vagina was cleanly shaved too, and her legs were as smooth as Penny's. While her bare feet were bigger than the redhead's, Kymberly's were still cute, and they were rather ticklish. Finally, the taller woman had a tall, mature, thicc bottom that jiggled a lot with how fleshy and doughy it was.

With no clothes on either of their bodies, being naked left little to the imaginations of their onlookers. Between the warm weather, the fact that they were not covering any of their skin, and the fact a lot of people were staring at them, the two horny ladies were loving the public nudity they were committing. They strolled down the concrete path, holding hands and snuggling up against each other.

Penny noticed how sexy Kymberly looked with no clothes on at all and making no effort to cover her luscious breasts, vagina, or bottom. The younger girl happily rubbed the older woman's belly before fondling her exposed breasts.

Likewise, Kymmy was mesmerized with Penny's nakedness and gasped ever so slightly as her naked ass and her uncovered rack were fully exposed and wobbled in full view of the public. The taller woman could feel herself getting wet as she let a hand slide down the shorter girl's knees, then up to Penny's butt.

Also, both of their vaginas made their inner thighs wet and they even left little trails of their juices on the path as the two beauties kept walking.

After a little bit, Kymberly turned and lead Penny to the same tree where they first met. The taller woman sat her naked butt down and smiled at Penny, "Come here, cutie pie."

Getting on all fours, the redhead brought her face to the other woman, and they kissed square on their lips. Tongues were sliding into each other's mouths and both girls rolled their tongues around while soft moans escaped from their lips.

Kymberly pulled away and had Penny sit on her butt so they could wrap their arms and legs around each other's naked bodies. As the two embraced, they were deeply kissing with a renewed passion while totally nude. Often, the girl with glasses gasped as her girlfriend licked her way down her neck to her heaving breasts before the black woman whispered, "I don't just want to make love to you, Penny. I want to fuck you; I want to fuck you so hard."

Turned on, Penny replied, "Good. Fuck me like I'm your sex toy, like we're two animals in heat. Let's fuck like two dirty naked sluts right here in public where everyone can see us, we're like two lesbian whores."

Kymmy said while she greedily sucked on Penny's hard nipples, "Yeah. We are like two filthy tramps that just like to have fun."

Both of them reached between their legs and fingered their own wet pussies, moaning while feverishly stroking their own twats, "Mmmmm."

Then Kym lied on her back and beckoned Penny to get on top of her in a 69 with their lips and tongues kissing, licking, and sucking on each other's swollen clits. It wasn't too long before they both came.

Once both of them came, the taller woman made the short girl lie on her back, then slid her tongue from Penny's vulva to her flat belly, licking around her navel and then licking around each nipple, between her breasts and up to her soft lips. Penny moaned so loud that neither of them heard many cars or trucks zooming down the street, the moans drowned out a lot of the surrounding noises.

Briefly stopping for a second, the older woman noticed people using their cell phones to record the public lesbian sex that was going on, she giggled at the younger girl, "Look at us, girlfriend. Two very naked women making out in public with people enjoying the show."

Penny giggled back, looking sweet and innocent as she smiled, "I like streaking in public without my clothes, I'm totally nude and have a cute body that I love showing off."

"I love showing my beautiful body too. Go on, touch my boobs."

Following the order, Penny sat up and took Kymberly's breasts into her hands, sucking her stiff nipples until the other woman started moaning. Both girls' fingers were also probing each other's quims once more until they came all over one another's hands. Both women then licked the creamy sweetness off each other's fingers like summer popsicles, commenting that they both tasted good. They shared a few more kisses, smiled for the cameras filming them, and headed off while waving to their adoring fans.

Back in the car, Penny and Kymmy were both still bare as they drove to a nearby shopping mall where they could continue their lesbian sojourn.

Both nudies parked near the mall entrance, got out of the car, and strolled inside, holding each other while streaking in the mall. The floor was cool against their bare feet as they both walked naked in every store in the mall, surprising everyone in the stores they entered. After baring all in a coffee shop, bookstore, and a furniture store, they went to a clothing store. They spent most of their time in the section that had bras and panties before entering a dressing room where they embraced again.

As they deeply kissed, their hands reached around and massaged each other's perfect round ass cheeks, all the while grinding their soaking wet pussies into the one another's thighs. Penny kissed her tall black girlfriend and vice versa, they were massaging, rubbing, tonguing, fondling, pinching, poking, and grinding as their orgasms came on like freight trains. Their orgasms hit like them, too, as they both came, smearing their love honey all over their thighs.

Both naked women collapsed onto the ground, still embracing, their tongues intertwining like little pink snakes. They rolled around, kissing and reaching in between each other's sweet thighs, their fingers stroking still their wet and tender lips. Kym and her short white girlfriend lied on the floor, staring dreamily into each other's eyes and stroking one another's swollen pussies.

Soon, people started knocking on the dressing room door, clearly impatient from having two naked lesbians making love inside. Finally, the nudies left with their nakedness startling everyone that was kept waiting.

Back to streaking everywhere in the mall, Penny and Kymberly held hands and looked like a romantic nudist lesbian couple with little rivers of cum flowing down their thighs. They happily blew kisses to anyone that didn't freak out, run away, or cover their eyes.

Eventually, they managed to be naked in every area of the shopping mall and walked to a fountain located in the middle of the mall. When Kymmy put her hands on Penny's shoulders and pushed down a little, the redhead got the message and sat down on her bottom. Spreading her silky, creamy thighs, the girl with glasses quivered from the sensation of her lovely butt cheeks squishing against the floor while presenting her sopping twat to her girlfriend's eager tongue.

This time, Kym was on top of Penny while they started tonguefucking each other yet again with people starting to stare and record. Both naked sweethearts were having public sex like there was no tomorrow out in the open, in the middle of a big shopping mall on a hot summer day. They licked lips and tongued clits, their love buttons like two short fuses attached to an explosion of semen as they hungrily lapped up the other's sweetness, smearing it on their lips and faces. With their tongues lapping their sugary sweet love cream off of pink folds between each other's legs. After a little bit, both ladies began to heat up again and stopped their mouths.

Getting off of the naked redhead with glasses, the black-haired woman sat on her ass and spread their eager thighs, commanding Penny to sit up and spread her thighs too. Scooting closer and crossing their legs, Penny and Kymberly began scissor fucking, rubbing their swollen clits against the other. Their eyes rolled back in their heads as they pushed their twats together.

They began to squeal as another explosive orgasm built up and they let it all out. White sex juices splattered all over their crotches and their bystanders backed away a little to avoid getting themselves soaked by the sticky sweetness that blasted out of Penny and Kymmy's vaginas.

Soon, both lovers were spent, and lied on the floor in each other's arms, sticky from their cum. Penny said as she buried her face in Kym's breasts, "Oh god, that was so hot. I'm completely naked in public and was fucked by another beautiful woman. I wonder if anyone saw?"

Kymberly grinned, "Lots of people did and they obviously admire us having the guts to do something like this. They love us."

"Next time, can you make sure people see me getting pounded by your dildo?"

"No problem, girl."

"Thank you."

They kissed on the lips before they rested, the way Penny cuddled and snuggled with her dark-skinned lover made onlookers go, "Awwww."

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