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A Friendship is Born

Penny Crygor turned 18 years old today. During a birthday party in her lab, her grandpa concluded a song, "...happy birthday to you!"

With a cute smile, Penny giggled, "Thanks, grandpa."

"How does it feel to become a legal adult?"

"Great, but I don't really feel like one because my body still looks like the body of a middle school girl."

"Don't worry, you have plenty of stuff to provide proof of your age. Now blow out your candles."

She did, the candles were on a chocolate birthday cake. Both Penny and Dr. Crygor ravenously consumed it but were full when they only finished half of it. The redhead used some plastic food containers to contain the cake and put them in the fridge. Her grandpa than said, "Well, I better get going. Got a lot of experiments that need concocting."

Before leaving, Penny hugged Dr. Crygor and told him, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Dr. Crygor returned to his own lab, taking a portion of the leftover cake with him.

Now that Penny was all alone, she looked at things online to see what she was finally allowed to do since she was now a legal adult that graduated college early. Most of them consisted of full-time employment, lottery tickets, driving late at night, and adultery. The last one made her giggle because she had always wanted to walk around naked.

Standing around 4'6", and weighing about 70 pounds, Penny was not the usual size of an 18-year-old girl. She felt that her body was underdeveloped, that puberty had not been very kind to her since she looked pretty much the same as when she started attending Diamond Academy. A lot of her body parts felt and looked small, like her hands and feet. Also, her voice had not really changed at all.

In her bedroom, Penny took off her pink heart hairclip, glasses, pink boots, white socks, white lab coat, black bodysuit, pink bra, and pink underwear. Naked, Penny placed her clothes on her bed before she went into the bathroom to take a relaxing shower. She often looked down at her body while shampooing her hair.

Once Penny was clean, she turned off the shower and dried up with some towels. Then she put her glasses back on and put the headpiece back in her hair. However, she did not put her clothes back on because she was looking at her naked body in the mirror.

Standing with her arms at her sides, the young woman analyzed her unclothed self while smiling, "I'm naked as a jaybird. Hee hee."

From the tip of her longest finger to the crease, Penny measured her hands and got a length of 5 inches as well as a breadth of 2 inches. She already knew her shoe size was 4. Her breasts were 34C, which she knew were smaller than average for an 18-year-old woman, but they could still bounce a bit. Her midsection looked so fit with her curvy hourglass figure, flat stomach, and little innie belly button.

Turning around, Penny's bottom was visible in the bedroom mirror. It was super cute and bubbled out a little bit, and it wiggled when she ran. She had been told that her bright blue eyes look innocent. Her red hair consisted of two long braids with two long locks on the top with a thick bang swept to the right.

Lastly, the redhead let her hands rub and caress herself. With the exception of a small and neatly trimmed patch of red pubic hair on her vagina that was the same shade as the hair on her head, Penny's skin was so soft, silky, smooth, and sensitive everywhere. Even her armpits were cleanly shaved.

Penny had such flawless skin, a slim body, a cute face, adorable rosy cheeks, and a sweet smile that seemed capable of charming people easily. However, her glasses and red hair meant she had a bit of nerdy demeanor. Plus, her breasts being below average size would make perverted men look for women with bigger boobs.

Even though she constantly imagined a man sticking his penis in her, Penny was more into mere nudity than sex. After all, she was just a reckless adult that wanted to have some fun... or maybe she was more into making out with women.

Instead of getting dressed, Penny put her boots on a shoe rack and put all her other clothes in the washer. Since she was old enough, she felt that she had the right to walk around nude in her own home. The redhead then did things she would normally do, but without any clothes on.

Creating voice elixirs, building gadgets, watching The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray, Penny was completely naked as she did all that and smiled, "I always wanted to be naked while watching this movie."

Hours later, it was afternoon and Penny was still bare. It was really exhilarating for her to spend some time inside being au naturel, but then a naughty and dirty idea crept into her mind. Looking at the front door, the adult redhead thought to herself, "Should I, or shouldn't I?"

What the naked girl was thinking about was whether to be nude outside her lab and in public. On one hand, she could get in legal trouble for public indecency, but on the other hand, she could get so much fun and excitement because letting people see her private parts was so risky to her. Being 18, she knew she was allowed to show her genitals since she was old enough to make her own decisions.

Penny thought of herself as an adventurous woman who enjoyed all kinds of experimentation, like physical and sexual. She also knew that she was always a good girl and that committing a crime like being naked in public would make people doubt that claim. Plus, Penny considered her overall cuteness and personality. Since she looked innocent and sweet, maybe people wouldn't fuss over seeing her streaking.

After a minute of thinking carefully about it, Penny grinned, "I will. I'll be naked in public."

Before she left, she moved her clothes from the washer to the dryer, then grabbed her wallet and checked her driver's license to confirm her adult age in case anyone needed proof. Because her heart headpiece also doubled as a miniature carrying case with a zipper, she stuck the wallet in there.

Despite her heart beating a little fast, Penny was ready to go through with the crazy stunt. Opening the door slightly, she peeked to see if anyone was nearby. The coast was clear, so she quickly exited and closed the door, locking it with a key she kept under a welcome mat. She put the key back under the mat and was off.

There Penny Crygor was, running from trashcan to tree to car to bush to anything she could hide behind. Penny was not wearing a thing to cover her body, not even shoes. It made her giggle as she realized she was wearing nothing but her glasses, heart-shaped ornament, and a smile. Even with how excited she was, she knew would be lying if she said she was nervous or embarrassed while she was out flashing and sneaking around, but there was no way she would want to stop doing it. She was 18, she made a decision, and she wasn't chickening out.

While sneaking, she was seen by a few adults that just stood and stared at her breasts, vagina, and buttocks. The attention made her blush and giggle. Her plan had been to make it all the way to the other side of Diamond City and back to her lab. It took ten minutes for a naked Penny to reach a public park where had seen only four groups of people scattered around before ducking into the bushes. As she did, she noticed some college dudes staring at her with surprised and/or confused looks on their faces. Being noticed flattered her.

Only halfway through the park and Penny was standing behind a tree and staying out of sight, but little did she know a tall woman was sitting on a bench while being a safe distance away, looking right at Penny's butt and smiling without the naked girl knowing.

Lowering her gaze, Penny looked at her breasts and nipples. After pinching both of them, she poked her navel and then rubbed her vulva. Moans escaped the naked redhead as she sat down on her ass, leaned back against the tree, and masturbated in a spot she thought was private enough. Two fingers going in and out her pussy made Penny close her eyes and moan softly, but her trance was eventually broken when the woman who secretly watched her interrupted, "Well, aren't you a shameless little thing. Running around naked as the day you were born."

Abruptly, Penny yelped in surprise and stopped. Still sitting down, she looked up and saw the woman. She looked African American, and her smile brightened as if she was satisfied for catching a nude redhead red-handed. The woman looked and sounded a lot like Oprah Winfrey, her voice sent a chill running up Penny's spine that made her shiver and bite her lip as the other chick stood 5 feet away.

Penny was caught, but she knew the possibility of being caught was inevitable, and even worse, being arrested and grounded. There she was, in the middle of a sunny day, in a public park while not wearing a thing. Since Penny left all her clothes back at home, she was stuck with no other choice. Blushing wildly, her mind was running wild while she was trying to think of different ways to get out of her situation, all the different things the woman might say and do to her, all of the terrible things that could happen to Penny if the woman was a policewoman. A need to throw up bubbled from within, but Penny managed not to.

Right now, the tall woman didn't say a word, she just stood and smiled at Penny, who just sat and stammered while trying to explain herself, "I... I..."

All of a sudden, Penny peed. She must have been that scared to involuntarily and unintentionally go potty on the grass. A yellow trail of urine made the woman look weirded out, averting her gaze until Penny stopped peeing.

While covering her breasts with her hands and arms, Penny was squeezing was thighs together in a desperate attempt to cover up her vagina. It seemed like she was the verge of either bolting out of sight or bursting out in tears, but the redhead was not doing anything for some reason. The woman closed the distance between them, setting her finger with its long, perfectly manicured fingernail under Penny's chin and lifting it until she stood up and looked up into her eyes.

At that point, Penny realized how much taller the woman was. She must have stood seven feet or taller. As their eyes met, the whole situation must have gotten to Penny as tears formed and rolled down her cheeks. When it looked like Penny was going to cry like a baby, the woman quietly whispered, "Sweetie, it's ok. I'm not mad. You're not in trouble. You just want to have a little harmless fun, don't you?"

Nodding, Penny whimpered with trembling lips, "Mm hmm."

"Well, I see nothing wrong with that. I'm Kymberly, but you can call me Kymmy or Kym, and everything is going to be alright."

Looking at Kymberly, Penny deduced that she was in her mid-forties. Kymberly was dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt, blue pants, and high heels. Plus, she had a large chest, a curvy hourglass figure, wide hips, brown eyes, and long black hair.

With this, Kymmy sat on her knees and said softly with open arms, "Come here."

A naked Penny let her body be wrapped in Kymmy's arms, feeling like a homeless orphan in need of love and affection. As the black woman hugged the white girl, Kym's clothed body against Penny's naked one was tantalizing to the shorter woman.

Penny's skinny arms wrapped around the other woman's back and she hugged her back before the redhead even had time to think about what she was doing. Kymmy held Penny tightly and whispered such sweet things to her. As the taller woman's warm, soft hands kept sliding up and down the shorter girl's bare back, Penny couldn't help but squirm in her arms and giggle when Kymberly's fingers got close to her butt crack.

All too soon, the hug broke, and when it did, Kymberly held Penny's hand firmly. This left her with only one free hand to cover herself. Looking down at Penny's nakedness, Kymmy smiled sweetly and told her, "There's no need to hide yourself. After all, I've already seen all of you."

Slowly, Kymberly's hand moved to Penny's side, getting close to her very wet and excited vagina. Kym's eyes locked down on Penny's pussy, never had anyone seen her up so close before. A smile spread across Kymberly's face as she gently laid a single fingernail on the redhead's bare thigh. With that warm smile, Kymberly asked, "What's your name, sweet girl?"


"Pleased to meet you, Penny. How old are you?"


Penny took her wallet out of her heart hairclip and showed Kymmy her driver's license with her birthdate, verifying her adult age. Assured that Penny was a legal adult, Kymberly smiled and asked, "Since you're 18, you wanna come with me for a walk? There's no need to be nervous."

Goosebumps rose on Penny's tingling skin and her vulva felt more and more soaked when Kymberly's solitary fingernail slowly trailed from her thigh clear up to just below her nipple. Aroused, Penny couldn't help but giggle as Kymberly took one of her hands, stood up, and led the way.

The same four groups of people were scattered around, Penny's hand shot down and she covered herself bashfully. She and Kymberly took one step after another until they stood on the main pathway around the inner part of the park. Thankfully, the thick trees hid everything from the roads.

As Kym slowly led Penny around the park, she told her things that made sense at that moment. Some of those things included restating the reason Penny was out, "You just want to have some harmless fun in your birthday suit, don't you?"

In response, Penny smiled and nodded as she added, "I also want to be seen by strangers and hope they think I'm cute."

"Are you kidding me? You're so cute that you should definitely show yourself off. There's a lot of people around and you would really make their whole day with this walk. You certainly made my day, sug."


"Also, try not to cover yourself with your hands."

Eventually, Kymberly had Penny feeling much more comfortable about being naked in a public park, but that didn't mean there wasn't butterflies in her tummy as they got close to three women who all looked around 20 years old sitting around a picnic table. Their conversation at that table stopped when the naked girl and her new friend got within twenty feet of them. Penny's chin was down, looking at her bare feet on the sidewalk beyond her breasts, nipples, and vagina. All three girls mostly gazed at her trimmed pubic hair.

Of course, the African American woman had the redhead on the inside of the sidewalk, closest to them. When Penny glanced up, she saw all three of those women staring at her bare body. Even from a distance, the streaking girl felt eyes watching her from not only the ogling trio, but all around the park as well. Shivers of excitement shot throughout Penny's naked body. Her nipples were so stiff, and her vagina was leaking like crazy and glistening in the sunshine.

One of the women started to say something, "An 18-year-old girl with red hair and glasses is naked in public. What exactly is..."

Kymmy cut her off and politely explained to the three ladies, "She just likes to be in the raw for fun."

When Kymberly started talking, she turned Penny to face them, let go of her hand and laid it on her bare bottom. One of the older woman's long fingers was nestling between Penny's butt cheeks. She popped up on her tip toes when Kymmy gently patted her cheeks and gave them a playful slap. Her eyes popped open wide, and a high-pitched squeak escaped her lips. The women around the table stared so hard at a nude Penny as her taller friend gave them a few moments in silence to devour the streaking redhead with their eyes before taking her hand and leading her further around the park.

When they were out of earshot, Kymberly asked Penny in her sugary sweet voice, "Did your vagina almost squirt its juice in front of those young women back there?"

With a moan, Penny answered, "Yes."

They started walking slowly again while Kymmy leaned down close to Penny's ear and whispered, "I might take care of it for you if you're just as good on the rest of our walk."

That gave Penny something to think about, never had she had an orgasm with someone else and she was eager to do so for the first time in her life now that was old enough. She knew right away that she would do whatever it would take to earn her prize.

A few minutes later, the next bench Penny and Kymberly passed had a couple that looked to be 19-21. They only stared as the naked girl passed with her acquaintance. Unlike last time, Penny didn't think to even lower her chin or attempt to cover herself. Both the man and woman just stared at Penny's bouncing breasts, then her bouncing bottom as she and Kymmy walked away from them. Kym grinned, "You did so good, Penny! You didn't cover up or look away or anything! I'm so proud of you!"

Penny smiled at her words, "Thank you."

At another picnic table, four men about 30 years old were sitting around it. Both females hadn't even reached the table when one man asked, "Out for a walk today?"

Kymberly waited until she and Penny were right next to their table before answering. She turned both of them to face the men before answering, "Yes we are. It is such a nice day I thought some sunshine would do us both some good."

The table broke out in quiet laughter and giggles before another of the dudes asked where Penny's clothes were. Calmly and without hesitation, Penny told them all, "I left them at home because I want to be naked and have people think I have a cute body."

Everyone agreed with Penny, who blushed and felt about an inch high as she looked over and up into Kymberly's smiling eyes. She patted Penny's bare bottom while moving behind her. Unable to look back at her, the redhead was forced to stare at the four dudes around the table. Only managing to make eye contact for a second, Penny quickly looked down at the sidewalk.

Penny saw and felt Kymmy's arms circling around her, her larger hands gently caressed the naked young woman in front of them. Every time her fingertips neared Penny's vagina, her hips would grind or lurk forward. The red-haired girl had never been so turned on before in her life.

The four men kept talking and asking questions, talking about Penny as if she weren't even there. When one of the four guys mentioned the cute, shiny, pink wetness of her cunt, the entire conversation turned to how horny Penny looked standing there. That was when Kym's fingertips slowly snaked their way directly toward Penny's throbbing clitoris. She looked into the eyes of those men while their eyes wandered from her vagina to her face and back again.

Because of her sensitivity, Penny nearly jumped out of her skin when Kymberly's left hand lightly rubbed her pubes. The redhead was quivering as she stood there with Kymmy telling the dudes, "Watch closely because this won't last long. This cute redhead squirts so easily."

Quickly, the claim was proven true because in less than ten strokes, Penny's whole nude body went super tight and fell back against her friend as her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her little toes curled up tight and her arms flailed around wildly at her sides. Penny squealed at the top of her lungs before her vagina squirted its juice in four blasts onto the sidewalk in front of her audience.

In the wake of her first orgasm at another person's hand, Penny stayed leaded back against Kymberly, trying to catch her breath and calm down while not even aware of the conversation going on around her. The warm sun shining down on the shorter girl as the taller woman's arms were holding her from behind. With Penny's head nestled between Kymmy's boobs, it felt so perfect.

When Penny recovered, she became extremely self-conscious and reached down to cover herself up, but Kym's arms kept them away. After quickly finishing up their conversation, the older woman took the younger woman's hand and lead her further down the sidewalk.

While the two of them walked, Kym asked Penny with a smile, "Do you have any idea how much those gentlemen had enjoyed your little show?"

Smiling back, Penny giggled, "I know, right?"

In no time at all, Penny and Kymberly were standing at the tree where they met. With Penny's eyes wandering up and down her friend, their height difference meant she was at eye level with the area between Kymmy's chest and navel.

With her arms at her sides, the red-haired woman beamed a radiant smile as Kym unsubtly scanned her nudity before her brown eyes looked into Penny's blue ones. Actually, the tall African American looked deeper than that, it felt like she saw the real Penny behind her blue eyes. Tilting her head to the side, Kymberly whispered, "You are just adorable."

Penny whispered, "Thank you."

"Where do you live, sweetheart?"

The naked redhead didn't hesitate to provide her exact address, then Kymberly asked, "Do you live alone, Penny?"


With that, Kymberly smiled warmly. Bending down to put her hands on her knees so she could look Penny in the eyes and tell her, "I really enjoyed our time together, I can't imagine it ending so soon."

While Kymmy spoke, she let one of her fingers touch Penny's clitoris, coating her finger with whatever was left of her orgasm and pre-cum juices. She slowly raised her shiny finger right in front of Penny's eyes while asking, "Would you like to spend a little more time with me soon?"

Before Penny could answer, Kym began to slide her fingertip along her lips. The younger woman couldn't help but moan and part her lips for the older woman. After generously painting Penny's soft lips, Kym withdrew her finger and licked it clean. Staring into Kymberly's eyes with pure love, and licking her own lips, Penny whispered softly, "Yes. I hope we spend some more time together soon."

Again, Kymmy smiled so warmly that it made Penny feel dizzy. The woman with black hair took Penny's hand and led her off toward her car, offering, "Want a ride back to your place?"

"Uh huh."

When cars drove by and saw Penny, horns honked, and she could see every eye in every car staring at her walking along the outside of the park. Feeling nervous again, the woman with red hair tried to cover herself with her hands while blushing furiously. Kym released her hand, patted her bottom and told her, "Relax, sweetheart. There's no need to be scared. From what I can tell, the traffic seems sporadic."

Kymberly stopped beside a convertible and told Penny, "This is my car. Feel free to hop in."

Just as Penny opened the passenger door, a carload of people around the age of 25 drove by. They repeatedly honked the horn and shouted out perverted things from the window. Kymmy made a comment, "Jeez, those jerks can't appreciate a cutie like Penny."

Given how kind Kymberly was, her comments seemed to always make Penny feel better. Penny slipped into her friend's plush car seat. Leaning down, Kymmy said with such excitement, "I can't wait to have so much fun with you soon!"

After buckling Penny in, the door shut. The redhead looked down and smiled at how naked she was. No lab coat, no body suit, no undergarment, no footwear, nothing could cover Penny's bare skin. Watching Kym walk casually around her car while keeping eye contact with the red-haired the whole way made her relax a little.

Driving to the home address Penny provided, Kymberly noticed her giggling a lot on the way back to her lab and asked, "What's so funny?"

Sweetly and softly, Penny said, "Nothing, but being naked in a car and feeling the car seat's material against my unclothed skin is so tantalizing."

"Glad you're having fun. This is nice, a grown black woman and young white girl in a car together. That just feels so right."

Eventually, Penny was back home. She got out of the car, but not before giving Kymmy an affectionate hug. Kym gladly hugged her back as Penny told her, "Thanks for being so understanding and kind."

"You're welcome. Thank you for being so sweet and cute. Are you busy tomorrow?"

"Nope, I'm free all day tomorrow."

"Great. If you'd like, I can drop by your place and bring you to mine?"

"I'd love that. See you soon."

"See you, cutie."

Penny giggled from being called a cutie and got out of the car. While getting the house key from under her doormat, she bent over to give Kym a good view of her rear end. The African American woman giggled at Penny's buttocks and drove away once the redhead was inside her lab.

Back home, Penny stayed naked all night and even slept in the nude. As she thought about the way she met Kymberly, she thought of the kindness she displayed towards a naked 18-year-old redhead with blue eyes and glasses. The tall woman's willingness to not rat Penny out to her grandpa or the police has led the nude girl to think, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

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