A Hole in One @woodyk
Chapter 1

Ash and Kahili were out on a date. They were all alone on a golf course that they agreed to meet night when it was nighttime. Specifically, they met at the 18th hole, which resembled a big open field like the 17 holes before it. Some had bunkers and/or bodies of water, hole #18 did not. Also, the par was listed on a sign as a score of 5 strokes.

Kahili had a scoring card and a pencil while Ash brought the tees, clubs, and balls. He had drivers, irons, wedges, and putters. They both stood staring at each other smiling in a moment as the silence reached out over the empty greens. Lights made it easy to see for those interested in late night games. To eventually break the silence, Ash suggested, "Shall we begin?"

Smiling, Kahili said, "We shall."

"Ladies first."

Kahili picked up one of the drivers and stepped to the start of the first hole. Placing her ball on the tee piercing the green and standing over it, she shook her hips to loosen them up. Sticking her butt out a little and slightly arching her back to get into her stance out of the corner, she could see Ash with a small sly smile on his face and quipped, "Staring at my putt?"

Laughing, Ash replied, "You mean butt."

"Yes, I meant that."

"Well, I won't lie. The way you shake your hips make hard to ignore that booty."


She looked up towards the hole straight down at the other end before looking back down at her ball. Pivoting back her driver, she swung the club and sent the ball flying high. Impressed, Ash said, "Not bad."

"Thank you."

Ash aimed for the same area of the course as Kahili but whacked it with much more force. His ball flew further than hers, making her say before running off ahead to her ball, "Well, now things have gotten interesting!"

Since Kahili's ball was further from the hole than Ash's, she took her position and took her second swing, but not before locking eyes with Ash and slowly using a finger to hook onto her shirt collar and drag it down slightly before removing it and just leaving it on the ground. Kahili now had her cleavage on display with only her bra hiding most of her breasts, distracting Ash. He stopped for a second and let his vision track from the green up to her legs and waist before taking in the freshly revealed cleavage on display just for him. He could see she had a big smile on her face as he asked, "What are you doing?"

"I need some fresh air."

"Be careful how much air you get. Nighttime is generally cold."

"I've been through worse, but I appreciate your concern."

After Kahili took her second stroke, Ash took off his hat and shirt before he hit his ball another time, once again bringing his ball closer the hole than hers. Amazed by the effort, she reacted with, "Guess I have to try harder, and I think I know how..."

Before her third swing, Kahili took off her socks, shoes, and pants. That made Ash ask, "How will stripping help you try harder?"

"I think clothes weigh me down a little."

"Huh, I suppose that makes sense."

Kahili hit her ball a third time and it landed near the pole and flag, an appropriate distance to switch to a putting club. Looking back over her shoulder, she knew she had once again caught Ash's eye as she slowly bent over at the waist to provide a clear glimpse of her underwear. Clearly, she was trying to put him off his game again. It would certainly be easier with Kahili down to a bra and panties.

Wanting to do what she was doing; Ash took off his pants. The two of them were only wearing their undergarments now. Down to his boxers, Ash took his third stroke and landed near Kahili's ball, bounced a bit, rolled a little, and actually collided with the other ball. Both balls looked to be about the same distance away from the hole and were a few feet apart. Kahili then offered with a laugh, "I'll tell you what. If you sink the ball and get a birdie, I'll let you kiss me!"

"Well, you and I are half-naked, what we're doing is too sexy, so maybe I'll just steal one now!"

Ash gave Kahili a kiss on the cheek. She reacted by quickly turning her head towards him and stealing one on the lips, and they kissed for a few seconds. As Ash pulled away, he chuckled, "Guess I better get that birdie now then!"

However, with Kahili stroking herself through her underwear, Ash could no longer play a calm and focused game. Kahili giggled as she noticed, "You were taking your time, so I thought I would entertain myself. Am I too much of a distraction for you?"

"Depends on if you want to win?"

"Ooh, cheeky boy! I like the way you think!"

While she continued to stroke herself, she stared at his bare chest. That was the final push that got Ash completely hard, and Kahili could see it through his undies instantly as she gasped, "Ooh, hello there!"

She made sure to "accidently" brush past his hard crotch with her hand as she waited her turn. Ash putted and missed the hole with his ball being soooooo close. Now it was Kahili's turn again, and he decided to return the favor by grabbing his crotch in an effort to distract her from her shot. Kahili giggled at what he was obviously trying to do. Being in no hurry, Kahili didn't stop Ash from sliding his hands up from her hips and up her waist before cupping underneath her breasts. She turned her head towards him so that they could kiss. As they continued to kiss, Kahili dropped her putter as Ash reminded, "Why kiss me? I didn't get a birdie."

"I figured, "What the hell?""

They stopped and she turned to grab his crotch briefly. Picking up her putter, she knocked the ball forward, but she didn't sink it either. Kahili grinned, "Guess I'll penalize myself."

The way she did so was by reaching behind her back to fiddle with the bra, taking it off and exposing her breasts. Now Kahili was topless and illuminated by the fake torches on the walls. Her breasts and stomach caught the light beautifully, her cheeky smile was also lit well. With a fake sense of worry, she said, "Oh dear, I'm down to my panties! Whatever shall I do?"

Ash made his way over to Kahili, leant in close, and kissed her neck while holding her face with his right hand. His left hand ran down her arm to her breast where he squeezed it gently, rubbing her nipple with his thumb. He said while they stared into each other's eyes, "Hmmm...you could just take off the underwear and be completely naked. If you want, I'll even pull down my underwear as well so we can both be nude together."

"Oooooh! Very tempting!"

Kahili leant in and they kissed again. Both of them were taking their time. By surprised, Ash spun Kahili around so that she now faced away from him, her arms still bound above her head. His hands found their way to her hips and slowly slid up her body, his fingertips exploring her chest before reaching and cupping her breasts in his hand. She let out a subtle groan of approval to Ash's touches and turned her head so they could kiss again.

Back still facing Ash, Kahili reached behind her to grab his crotch. She quickly found what she was looking for, grabbed the hard penis in his undies, and warned with a mischievous grin, "We miss again, we have to ditch our last bits of cover."

That made Ash laugh, "Honestly, I want to get my boxers off now."

"You do, huh? Maybe I'll take off my panties if you go through with that statement."

Boy, Ash wasn't bluffing. He promptly placed his hands into the elastic on both side of his waist and pulled down his boxer briefs. Kahili whistled before almost getting hit with the underwear as he launched them at her face. Ash was now fully exposed, everything was on display, including his hard penis that pointed straight in her direction.

Visibly giddy, Kahili practically skipped over to him and grabbed his penis in her hand and softly began jerking him off while they kissed. What they were doing aroused her too because she felt her underwear being wet while she stroked him.

Five minutes later, Ash realized that he still needed to sink his ball, so he stopped, mimicked jacking off and spurting onto her face, putted his ball, and finally made it go in the hole to get a par. Then, he collected his ball from the hole to let Kahili have her turn. She gave his butt a friendly slap before speaking in a singsong tone, "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes."

After that, she slowly peeled down her underwear over her hips and bottom. They clung to her leg from the wetness she was still experiencing. Her bright pink vaginal lips were proudly on display as the panties fell to her feet. Kahili picked up her last bit of cover, twirled around her index finger, and lobbed it high in the air so it could land on Ash's head.

Ash took Kahili's undies and tossed them aside. The panties landed next to his boxers. Now that both of them were fully naked, Ash said to her, "Guess we both know what to do now."

"Yes, feel free to get started."

"Ladies first."

"Thank you."

Her idea was grabbing both of Ash's hands and placing them on her breasts. His hands pushed them up and she opened her mouth wide with her tongue out so they could smooch again. When Ash's penis poked Kahili's vagina, she crouched down in front of him and grabbed his penis with her hands, kissing the tip. As her tongue ran up and down the base of the shaft, her lips often parted for him so she could take him deep to the back of her throat. Doing so made her head slide back and forth along his penis while she pumped his shaft with one hand and used the other one to grab his balls gently and massage them.

It took a while before Kahili stood up so she and Ash could gaze into each other's eyes. He requested for her to lie down on her back before guiding his penis into her. She let out a soft moan as he slid as far as he could inside her. Staying still for a moment deep inside her, he grabbed her by the waist before slowly starting to pump in and out slowly working up a rhythm. Ash listened carefully for Kahili's response, the echoes of her moans made them more and more horny.

Every pump hit the perfect spot. With every hard thrust, her breasts bounced up in response, and it wasn't long until Kahili was practically screaming in ecstasy. Needing to see her face, Ash quickly pulled out and picked her up. She looked up at him and smiled before lying on her stomach, spreading her legs, guiding him back inside her, and then wrapping her legs around his back. They found their rhythm again.

Ash felt like he was getting close but could tell Kahili was building to something. As her screams started to increase, she started to grip tighter onto him with her legs, he picked up his intensity. Her nails dug into his back further as her eyes almost rolled out of her head, she orgasmed as little shockwaves of pleasure arched its way through her body. While her legs still were wrapped around his waist and holding him in tight, he quickly followed suit. The long, long build up over the night resulted in an overload of cum that came pouring back out of her pussy as it went in. Their last thrusts started to slow down.

Still deep inside her, with his cum slowly dripping out of her vagina, he looked at her almost in a panic. Kahili said reassuringly, "It's all good. That creampie can certainly be rated as a hole-in-one, better than the one we played on."

He relaxed and they kissed while he moved inside her slowly. After a few moments, he gently slid out his now-soft penis; more cum still oozed its way out of both of them. Once again, she took him into her mouth and cleaned him up before she picked her panties off the floor and used them to wipe herself off. then she joked, "I'd ask if you wanted to play another round, but I think that it is pretty late, so we should call it a night."

Ash laughed back, "You're right, I definitely hope we go another round sometime."

"Sometime soon, hopefully."

They nodded and kissed again before they made their way back through the green grass, picking up the various clothes they had left behind. After they got dressed, they got back to the exit of the last hole. After they kissed again, Kahili said, "I had a great time tonight. Hopefully, you don't mind if I keep on pestering you to hang out."

"Not at all. Your hole was fun to fill than any golf hole here."

"We'll do more things like this, right."



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