RWBY Gamer Duo @randyman_rivers
Prologue for 2

I was floating in a void for 20 minutes starting to lose my mind

"Hello there"

I look up and see an entity of unknown float above me.

"Who are you"

"I am an admin of the Gamer Association"

"Wait... your telling me that Gamers actually exist."

"Yes, and I want you to be a member of the group"

'I never knew something so far fetched would make me feel so happy'

"But first you must meet your partner."


"Hey Randy"

'I turned around and met someone I thought I never see again'


"I cried when I saw my old friend who died due to cancer."

'And what's better is that is he got his hair back and he looks fly as hell'

"So Randy, care to have some fun."


"Now before you begin you must choose a world to enter."

"How about we choose an easy world so Randy can get in the moment."

"Very well pick an option"

'A screen popped up in our faces and had a whole bunch of selections.'

'I scrolled through and found one that caught my eye'

"Can I choose Remnant from RWBY"

"RWBY I think I heard of it."

"Yes it's a show where four girls team up to become hero's and stop an immortal witch from destroying their planet."

"Y'know if I haven't seen every anime show I would have questioned why an immortal would seem "easy" to you"

"Fair point now let's begin."

(We not even in the world yet and Randy already got the protagonist act out)

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