Knuckles and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 8

On this day, Knuckles was playing with his Chao. He really loved it like a pet and played with it like one. Sometimes, he would give the Chao some toys to chew on like a dog or claw at like a cat. Other times, he would simply pet it to make it feel good. The Chao even wiggled its body in response to how the red echidna rubbed its head.

Once the Chao fell asleep, Knuckles carefully put his pet on a pet bed. When he turned around, he saw Fiona and asked, "How much did you see?"

Fiona smiled, "Oh, only everything."

"Did you like what you saw?"

"Yes. You are a pretty good caregiver. I like people that know how to take care of pets, so much that I wanna make love to one now."

"Then you know what to do."

Knuckles saw Fiona sit down on his bed, then he sat behind her, hugged her from behind, and grabbed her arse before running his other hand up over her chest, his cock pressed against her buttocks and his head on her shoulders.

Slowly, the echidna's hand trailed down Fiona's naked body and started rubbing her exposed vagina while kneading her ass. They kissed passionately as she turned around to face him, their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths in rapid succession as she felt him lift her off the ground. In response, she wrapped her legs around his torso so she could hold on to his upper body as he carried her while they kissed before Fiona let go and fell back onto the bed. Knuckles had his manhood standing to attention. He watched Fiona roll over and move forward on the bed to get in a comfortable position and admire the manhood that was right in front of her.

Cupping his balls, Fiona worked her mouth down his shaft, leaving a trail of saliva down Knuckles's aching member. Fiona teased him by sucking a teste into her mouth and toying with it with her tongue through the fur before moving back to the tip of his cock, delivering an exquisite sensation as Fiona's tongue passed along sensitive edge of the tip.

Knuckles felt a tingling sensation growing at the base of his spine, and knew it was time for Fiona to have a turn, so he pulled back and kneeled down to kiss her again before getting onto the bed behind her. The way he fondled her bare breasts and made her nipples tenderly stiff caused Fiona to coo. Now, Knuckles cupped them firmly from behind, his own erection pressing into her back as she tilted her head up so they could kiss again.

As they repositioned themselves on the bed, Fiona lied on her back again while Knuckles worked his way down to her belly button. The small damp spot on Fiona's vagina told the echidna all that he needed to know. With his hands taking a gentle grip on her hips, she lifted her hips until her ass no longer touched the bed. He was pleased to be viewing her uncovered bum and enjoyed the smooth sensation of her buttocks and legs as he turned his attention to her pussy. Fiona's legs were splayed invitingly open on the bed, Knuckles gently kissed her thighs as he went. When Fiona gasped, Knuckles warned her, "Maybe we should keep our volume down, so we don't wake up the Chao."

"Good idea."

Reaching the skin by her pussy, the red echidna decided to prolong the anticipation a little longer and worked his way around her cunt onto her other inner thigh, down to her ankle and back up her leg until he reached her breast. That was when Knuckles raised himself up onto his arms to kiss Fiona deeply, his cock banging against her thigh as she lifted her rear end, trying to bring her pussy into contact with his body.

Fiona hissed as Knuckles moved away from her mouth before slowly kissing his way down her body, to her breasts and to her navel before his tongue arrived at her soaking, smooth pussy. He groaned, but quickly stopped himself as Fiona reminded him, "Remember, keep our voices down so we don't interrupt the Chao's sleep."

"Right, but what we are doing just feels so good."


As he tasted Fiona, Knuckles also moved his tongue out of her vagina and onto her rosy, pink clitoris. The bud was poking out as he lavished it with tongue strokes, alternating between firm and gentle, slow and fast movements over the surface and then breaking from the patterns to suck her clitoris, increasing the sensation on that delicate spot. At the same time, one arm snaked its way up her body while his other hand gently teased the entrances to her vulva and her bottom.

Knuckles's tongue continued its unrelenting and unyielding assault on Fiona's clit as he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. He even had to back away a few times to cool down. Not long after that, her hips started to buck under his actions, and she moaned in ecstasy as he eventually fucked her to a powerful orgasm with his tongue.

Fiona even tasted her own love juices as Knuckles got behind her. They spooned while her orgasm subsided, and her trembling soon stopped. She could feel his erect cock pressed against her booty. Wanting to feel him inside her, she raised her leg and threw it behind them both as they continued to spoon and without hesitation, she could feel the tip of Knuckles's cock as it moved from her bottom to her pussy. Both of them moaned in unison as the rest of his shaft entered her.

He pushed his cock back inside Fiona, who moaned again while Knuckles's member filled her hot, soaking pussy. Again and again, he went to and fro in small movements until his shaft was buried in her up to the hilt. Pushing back with her bum, she got him deeper and deeper inside her as the two of them settled down into a rhythmic fucking.

Precum was already oozing from the tip of his penis as Knuckles felt the flush of blood to his head and genitals of his pending orgasm. Not wanting to end things just yet, he stopped, withdrawing before rolling himself and Fiona over until she was on her hands and knees with her butt in the air. He reengaged and granted her wish as his shaft thrust deeper and deeper into her expectant pussy. Unable to hold back any longer, his cock pulsed and quivered as he shot a stream of hot cum deep inside Fiona.

Both Knuckles and Fiona collapsed next to each other on the bed as the last drops of cum splashed against her cervix while she enjoyed her second orgasm of the night. Reaching behind, she grabbed hold of the base of his shaft, keeping it inside her before flexing her own muscles to milk the very last drops of cum from his member. They rolled over to caress each other with Fiona lying spread eagle on the bed, her pussy still quivering inside sending echoes of her orgasm up her spine. She lifted her bottom again as Knuckles rolled onto his side to kiss her again, saying, "Phew. It's a relief that-"

The Chao made a noise, making the red echidna stop cold. Fiona giggled as she said in a quieter volume, "... that the Chao wasn't awakened by what we were doing. Maybe you should make love in a different to lower the risk of waking it."

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