Knuckles and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 7

Knuckles left the nudist colony to do some hanging out with Sonic and Tails. Though, there was less hanging out and more movie making because the three of them wanted to get their movie finished by the deadline.

The echidna eventually got all of his work done, headed back, and slept on the nearest couch he could find because he was tired.

When Knuckles woke up, Sally appeared naked before him and brought her hands to his hard cock. He could smell her musky arousal enhanced by some perfume she spritzed on herself, and it was driving him wild with desire for her. She asked, "Need power?"

To surprise Sally, Knuckles spoke like in his upcoming movie, "Do I look like I need your power?"

Sally eyes widened a bit as she was all, "Uhhhh..."

In his normal tone, he said, "Yes, actually. Today was a long day filled with work."

Eyes closed, Sally took Knuckles's face in her small hands and traced his face and with her fingers. She ran her hands down his bare, furry chest to touch his arms, back, and chest. He wanted her so bad, and she continued kissing him, working his way down his chest, stopping near his heart and kissed the cute little nipples.

Sally continued to his flat, washboard stomach, caressing him with her little hands while directly facing his crotch in front where his hard cock rose to the occasion, she also squeezed Knuckles's firm ass and then ran her hands down his legs before they helped themselves to their feet. Knuckles took Sally's face in his hands and kissed her lips long and deep. Between him caressing her tongue with his before putting his hands around the back of her nape and him letting his finger follow the shape of her head and face while kissing her lips again the same time, Sally sighed with contentment.

The red echidna kissed everywhere from Sally's forehead to her cheeks, from her ears to her neck and even to behind her ears. He smooched everywhere, and she was tingling all over while Sally felt like the one of the most precious things in the cosmos, because to him, she was along with everybody else in the nudist colony.

Working his way down her neck and shoulders, Knuckles kissed and lingered at the base of her throat to take in the scent of her perfume that she put there for him. He gently turned her to face a nearby mirror and stood behind her. His hands and fingers were everywhere, touching, probing and lingering while kissing her neck, face, and shoulders. He caressed and stroked her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, watching her reactions in the mirror, until both nipples were harder than hard, and Knuckles felt Sally quiver with pleasure.

Sally took Knuckles's hand, and they got into her bed. They made love, facing each other lying on their sides, entwined as one. It was sweet, gentle, calm, intimate, and unhurried. The passion was lovingly pure and purely loving, like a communion of souls. Her orgasm was being hurried along with the help of glovelessness of Knuckles's knuckles pressing on her crotch and rubbing like there was not a tomorrow for several minutes. When Sally finally came, it was like hot coconut (or almond) milk, it had a white color with a taste of sweetness and saltiness.

At the same time, Sally was getting Knuckles to reach his orgasm by fondling his external sex organ, her hand went fast from one end of his cock to the other and back. It took at least a few dozen round trips before the red echidna finally climaxed, his was no less satisfying with look and taste of water mixed with sugar and salt. It was also hot and burning, Sally's was gentler as she felt the inferno of his seed as he got into a position where he could pump it into her womb just before he could no longer hold in his seed.

They lied down as Sally giggled, "Oh, God, you just rocked my world. Feel free to keep having fun with the others."

Knuckles didn't say anything. All he did was think about how different his voice was compared to the movie. It made him want to think of method for speaking like his film version naturally without needing to do impressions...

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