Knuckles and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 4

Knuckles asked Rouge, "Do you mind if I chain you the bed? I want to do a little bondage."

"Sure. No problem."

Rouge was compliant, letting the echidna chain her to the bed with limbs stuck to each corner, he let the bat's soft hands hold his cock for a bit, lifting his balls and sliding over his thighs, gently caressing his genitals and his legs. While Rouge's hands were milking his cock with slow, yet relentless determination, he tugged at the restraints to make they were sturdy.

The red echidna looked at the bat's full breasts and her nipples sticking out in the open and his hands lovingly caressed her with the insistence of some beneficent power, overwhelming Rouge as Knuckles felt his cock begin to pulse with blood. Often, he would tell her to relax as he also commanded her to lay back and try not to move, letting the bed take her weight as she brought his cock to its full length.

Looking down at himself, Knuckles slid his hands up and over the head of his cock, then back down in slow, persistent strokes to make sure it stayed erect. Then, he chuckled and grinned at, "I'm not the only one enjoying the view."

Those words sent a shiver over Rouge's body while his penis twitched at her. He then went, "Don't worry about a thing. I'll be gentle."

After assuring Rouge, she murmured, "I know you will. I'll do the same to and for you."

Knuckles was now pulling on his own balls, circling his cock head with his hands to make sure his sex organ reached maximum hardness. Once it did, he carefully got on top of the bat's mouth, dropping his scrotum into her mouth so she could give his testicles her attention, slowly dragging her tongue over it. Rouge knew Knuckles wouldn't break a promise, there was nothing wrong with what he was doing.

It wasn't long before Knuckles got a little bored of the current position he was in, so he got off of Rouge, who was still lying on the bed in the shape of an X. Instead of milking him in the bed with her mouth, he was now being milked with her cunt. To him, it did not matter how he got his release, he just needed a deep release for his above average sized balls. The female bat gasped as the red echidna buried himself in her to let his boner be milked with her tight pussy. Sometimes, he released and went back to softly massaging his own whole package, moaning he worked himself.

Giving her his cock once again, Knuckles smiled as he pounded Rouge. He was actually mesmerized as he watched the place where a penis and vagina came together, the pinkness working to draw the cum from his balls straight into her. His sleepy body tensed with the pleasure, wondering if his orgasm was imminent, but the pleasure only began to build and he reminded himself to relax while also telling her, "Such a good girl for me. Just hang in there."

To speed up the process, Knuckles felt Rouge's breasts, making her ask, "Do you want to bury your face in my tits?"

Plunging his face down into them, Knuckles was feeling the softness of Rouge's boobs on his cheeks. Before he knew it, he found himself sucking on one of her nipples as both breasts pressed against his face. Knuckles's cock was fully hard now, painfully so and Rouge kept telling him to soothe his burning desires by any means necessary as she said softly, "That's it, that's good. Just relax and do what you must. Use your cock and feel my rack. That's it."

His orgasm built; his balls were drawing up in her hands to cling tightly to the base of his cock. From deep inside Rouge, Knuckles felt the beginning of a massive wave of pleasure start to build. Finally, he came, she wanted him to give it all to her, so he tried relaxing all of his muscles as he prepared himself. Rouge encouraged him to press his member more deeply into her vulva. He was saying, "That's it, good girl. Good girl. Take all of that cum for me. That's a very good girl."

Before he knew it, he felt his cock explode, cum jolting out of it in thick, tense bursts as his body became washed by waves of sexual intensity, of longing and the desire to fucking pump his cock in her hand, but he stayed still as she milked him and took what she wanted. The echidna asked, "How's my bat?"

Rouge murmured, "Good."

Knuckles noticed she was a little sleepy in the afterglow as he stroked her sensitive skin. He grinned tentatively and she responded with a sultry wink before he undid the restraints to let her give his cock a final squeeze around the middle. Then he left to allow Rouge to take a nap.

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