Knuckles and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 16

Tangle the Lemur, Whisper the Wolf, Perci the Bandicoot, and Staci the Bandicoot were all expected to come by the day after. However, they didn't. It seemed the four would-be visitors were lost.

On the day that the Sonic 2 movie came to the big screen, Knuckles and the whole gang of naked chicks went to the nearest theater for opening night. All those nude females caused the people at the theater lobby to give the group free admission, free popcorn, and other free concessions. Everyone in the group sat at the back of the theater, almost filling up the whole row. Four seats were vacant.

Right before the movie started, Knuckles was surprised at who came. It was Tangle, Whisper, Perci, and Staci. The echidna gasped, "You all came."

Plus, they were all also naked as Whisper said, "Sure we did. We wouldn't want to miss this."

Amy asked, "Knuckles, you know them?"

He said, "Yes. All of them. They said that they wanted to be part of the secret nudist colony."

Blaze questioned him, "Do they know about the colony practicing nudism?"

Tangle assured, "Yes, Knuckles made us all well aware."

Perci and Staci said, "We'd love to join anything that Knuckles is a part of."

Rouge declared, "Well, feel free to come to the club after the movie, the more the merrier."

The weasel smiled, "We will."

A few people shushed them all as the theater went dark, indicating that the movie was starting. As the lemur, the wolf, and the bandicoots sat down in the back and filled up the whole back row, Knuckles laid back in his chair and grabbed Tangle by the feet when she got in front of him, lifting her legs up and then spreading them open. Perci laid down on Tangle's left leg and Staci to her right. Whisper pressed herself against the red echidna, reached down and grabbed a hold of his throbbing member, then rubbed the head of it against the lemur's pussy-soaked wet entrance. Lifting her hips up wantonly, Tangle gritted her teeth while being quiet, "Please! I can't wait any longer."

Knuckles grinned, "Then don't."

It seemed like the four newcomers were more concerned with having Knuckles perform sexually for them in the theater rather than seeing him perform on the theater's screen. After all, they all planned to come nude.

Current scene: Dr. Robotnik and Knuckles pay Sonic a visit while Tom and Maddie go to Hawaii.

Leaning in, Perci and Staci each took one of Tangle's nipples into their mouths. An explosion of sensations ran through the lemur's hot body as she gripped onto the armrests. Once Knuckles's cock slid fully into her, he settled into a slow rhythm. The pleasure emanating from her pussy, combined with the feeling of her friend's tongues circling her tits, was too much, and Tangle came violently, screaming, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming again! It's too good! It's too fucking good!"

When Tangle came down from her orgasmic high, she realized the red echidna was now pumping into her at a faster pace. Her big titties were shaking with each thrust, but Perci and Staci gamely kept up with the heaving globes and refused to stop their concurrent assault on her nipples. Tangle squealed, moaned, and shook. Despite just cumming, she could already feel an even harder orgasm building from her core. Meanwhile, Whisper had gotten up on her tip toes so she could softly say sweet nothings in Knuckles's ear while he fucked the lemur senseless. Tangle could barely make out Whisper's voice over the sound of her own moans and the heavy slapping sound of Knuckles's balls connecting with her ass cheeks. What Whisper whispered was, "Mmm, do you like her pussy? Did you see how quickly her little pussy came after you filled it up with your magnificent cock? We think she's going to cum again soon. How could she not?"

Current scene: Sonic and Tails square off against Knuckles and Robotnik in Siberia. The heroes narrowly escape and avalanche and warp to the wedding with Tom's help.

Tangle couldn't deny Whisper's words were correct as she bucked helplessly against the red echidna's throbbing cock for quite some time. She was a slut for him Every powerful quake that ran through her pussy only confirmed it as the lemur declared, "Please cum for us. Make us all cum and really own our pussies. We want it so bad."

Both Perci and Staci pulled their mouths off Tangle's tits and confirmed by pleading at the same time, "Yes! Please! Give us all that hot cum! We want to lick it all up!"

By the time Tangle wanted to voice her agreement, another orgasm rolled through her, rendering her speechless as white-hot pleasure overtook her. Her pussy clenched down hard on Knuckles's cock, and she squirted all over his torso as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. He continued thrusting into her until the last shockwave was over, then pulled out his cock and used his hand to pump it over Tangle's defeated body. On the fourth pump, he let out a guttural cry and a huge jet of cum fired from the end of his cock onto her boobs and face. Knuckles continued pumping his hand and another four massive bursts of jizz fell onto Tangle's breasts and stomach. It was easily the most cum Tangle had ever seen and soon she was almost completely covered in warm jizz. It was surprising how they all managed to avoid making people silence them again.

When Knuckles's orgasm finally receded, Whisper, Perci, and Staci fell on Tangle like a slutty pack of wolves. Whisper was licking the cum off of Tangle's thighs and tummy and Perci was taking long licks of spunk off of her tits. Staci scooped up some of the cum from the lemur's chin and put it in her mouth before leaning down to give the freshly fucked woman a deep cum-filled French kiss. Tangle moaned into Staci's mouth as the other two tickled their bodies with their eager mouths. The taste of the male echidna's jizz on Staci and Tangle's tongues was heavenly.

When all of Knuckles's seed had found its way into the women's bellies, Tangle sat down in an empty chair nearby, exhausted. She watched as the other three nudies gathered around Knuckles, who grabbed ahold of Whisper suddenly, meaning she was next to be pounded by his imposing figure. He reached up with one hand and slid his index and middle fingers into her mouth. Whisper didn't resist at all, eagerly sucking on his digits as he simply held the gaze of her practicing her fellatio on his hand. Then he said softly, "Let's see what else that talented little mouth can do, shall we?"

The wolf moaned and slid his fingers out her mouth with an exaggerated slurping sound before speaking in a sultry voice, "Of course, buddy. I'm certain that the others have equally impressive oral skills."

Current scene: Robotnik throws Knuckles under the bus while in an underwater temple containing the Master Emerald, prompting Sonic to save the echidna.

While Tangle slumped in her chair, the bandicoots were kissing in a chair next to the lemur. As that happened, Knuckles easily lifted Whisper up into his arms before she pressed herself against his powerful chest and wrapped her legs around his hips as he kissed her. The echidna's cock was quickly hardening again.

Perci lowered her mouth to Staci's perky tits and had used her tongue to bring each of her nipples to a hard point. Whisper watched as Perci trailed her mouth lower down Staci, down her chest to swirl her tongue around her belly button for a moment. The moment Staci let out a cute gasp was when her sister eventually reached her destination and planted a kiss right on her pussy, "Oh fuck."

Staci then cried out as Perci began lapping at her pussy lips, ran her tongue up her vagina over and over, and ended each lick with a brief flick of her tongue against her sister's clit. Soon, Staci was wailing loudly and shamelessly bucking her hips up trying to grind her pussy against her sister's mouth.

A deep powerful moan coming from Whisper caused the bandicoots and the lemur to turn their heads just in time to see the wolf get the echidna's cock inside her. Whisper closed her eyes as she slid down Knuckles's pole. She let out a cute little squeak when he finally bottomed out inside her, then slowly straightened until she was sitting upright on his pelvis in cowgirl position. She tried for a moment to simply hold herself there and get used to the impressive size of his member filling her pussy up.

Knuckles allowed Whisper to hold still for only a few moments before grabbing hold of her hips and beginning to rock her gently back and forth with his girth buried inside her. Doing so caused her eyes and mouth both to pop open and soon she was screaming, "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Please be gentle! My pussy is so fucking full! Please! Oh my god I'm gonna cum."

Right then and there, Whisper came, shaking and howling as Knuckles screwed her into oblivion. Even after the orgasm subsided, he continued fucking her the same way, only now rocking her slightly faster as she gasped, "How are you still doing this to me? I don't... I don't... I don't stand a chance!"

Those words lost meaning as Whisper came again hard and fast. Soon, her moans were joined by Staci's. Perci had sucked her sister's clitoris into her mouth and was running her tongue in constant patterns over the little pearl. Staci was clearly a big fan of that and was quite vocal about it, "Ah! Ah! Perci, that's so fucking good! Oh my god I'm gonna cum so hard!"

Only a few seconds of Perci redoubling her efforts was all it took to topple Staci over the edge. Wildly, Staci thrashed around in her seat, cumming all over her sister's face.

Soon, their noises got to a point where some people in other rows kept saying, "SHHH!"

Others could only hear the movie by being close enough to the screen to drown out the orgy going on in the back.

Current scene: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles work together to defeat Robotnik in Green Hills.

Not ceasing the movement of his hips, Knuckles reached one hand between Whisper's legs and began rubbing circles on her clit with his thumb. Her fingers pinched down on her lips as her muffled shrieking reached an even higher pitch, and she began to quiver uncontrollably while making sure no one heard her or saw her arms and legs flailing on their own accord.

Once she managed to contain herself, Whisper pulled away and took Perci and Staci's place. The bandicoots scooched closer to Knuckles, leaned in, and gave him passionate kisses.

Current scene: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles play baseball after defeating Robotnik.

Perci was the first to suggest, "You should give me a creampie."

Knuckles said, "I think you're right. No, scratch that, I know you're right."

While Staci kissed the echidna, he was rocking Perci back and forth violently as she stuck his dick in her, pounding her to orgasm. Then he groaned gratefully and unleashed his load inside her, blasting jet after jet of cum into her womb. Perci silently hissed as she felt the Man flood her pussy with jizz, trying to make sure she wouldn't be told to be quiet. When at last Knuckles's orgasm ceased, she collapsed on top of him, unconscious. The echidna planted a kiss on her sweaty forehead and gently rolled her off of him so she could sit where Staci sat.

His cock was somehow dangerously erect yet again as he gently lifted up Staci's tight ass to have it was lined up with his cock, He slid his cock into her channel, causing her to yank her head up and cry out in pleasure. Knuckles fucked her hard and fast. While still thrusting, he brought his hand up to his face and licked his index finger, lubricating it with saliva. Then he brought his hand up and down to the small of her back before sticking it in her mouth. The combination of him penetrating her, tickling her, and making her suck in finger was eventually too much for Staci to bear. She covered her mouth and screamed out her orgasm as he unleashed one last orgasm, pumping his seed into her pussy.

Knuckles was finally spent. He rested his hard, warm body in the chair he was sitting in. His eyes closed and his breathing became deeper and more even. Tangle, Whisper, Perci, and Staci relaxed, curling up next to him and reflected on the wild time they had. Sex had never felt so good, Knuckles especially felt a sense of satisfaction as he finally did it with every woman in the secret nudist colony, including the four that paid him a visit in the theater intending to join.

While the crowd cheered for the movie's credits, Rouge, Amy, Cream, Vanilla, Sally, Fiona, Bunnie, Blaze, Lien-Da, Shade, Mina, Honey, Nicole, Sticks, Zooey, Cosmo, Millie, Barby, and Wave instead clapped at the orgy Knuckles had. Everyone agreed that such a performance from him was too good to describe with any words as they all shared a group hug while the post-credits scene with Shadow played.

Well, Amy told herself, "I think the movie is better at understanding Knuckles's character than the games. I'm sure all the fans agree."

Rouge was surprised that Tails's potions or gadgets weren't present, but believed Knuckles still did great without them.


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