Knuckles and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 1

An 18-year-old Knuckles was taking a stroll down Green Hill when he came across a hidden door behind one of the zone's loops. Wondering what was behind the door and making sure it's not an Eggman trap, he headed inside. After a while of going down a dark hall, he could not see or hear a thing and declared, "Oh well, I guess nothing interesting is inside at all. Maybe I should go."

However, as the red echidna was about to head back, he then got knocked out, someone hit the back of his head and he fell down.

When Knuckles regained consciousness, he found himself unable to see anything but darkness, indicating that he was blindfolded and his hands were tied behind his back, so he could not remove the blindfold. He also noted that he was sitting on a couch, and he was soon greeted to a familiar female voice, "Hello, Knuckles."

After his greeter took off the blindfold, Knuckles could see again and much to his shock, he saw not only Rouge the Bat, but also many of his female friends and even a few enemies, all of them at least 18 years old. Rouge the Bat, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla the Rabbit, Sally, Fiona, Bunnie, Blaze the Cat, Lien-Da, Shade, Mina, Honey, Nicole, Sticks the Badger, Zooey, Cosmo, Millie, Barby, and Wave the Swallow. All of them were completely nude. Knuckles asked, "What's going on?"

Rouge explained, "You see, Knuckles, you have stumbled across our secret hideout where we can be nudists."


Amy said, "Yes, nudists. It feels liberating."

Blaze added, "Being naked is sort frowned upon in public areas."

Cream chimed in, "Which is why we keep it to ourselves. No one can get angry at us for being naked in a private place like this."

Rouge untied Knuckles and took him on a tour of their hideout, showing him their bedrooms, the living room they were in, the kitchen, the gym, a beach hidden from public eye and a storage room for their clothes when they go out. After the tour, Rouge then asks him a big question, "Would you like to be a part of the club?"

Surprised, he asked, "Me? Why?"

"Well, we wanted to invite some boys over. However, many of the ones we know would most likely take advantage of us when our guard is down, but with you, Knuckles, we know you wouldn't do such a thing to us."

Vanilla explained, "Because you're tough. That means you can defend us easily, so you can be trusted easily."

"True. No one messes with me."

With some encouragement from the girls, the red echidna accepted the offer while also pointing out, "By the way, I'm already naked. I only wear socks and shoes... and gloves."

Rouge giggled, "Just take them off, silly. You certainly don't need to worry about your little friend. He seems to like fresh air."

She referred to his penis, which was hard, but below average size. After taking the clothes he was wearing into the storage room, Rouge showed him his bedroom where he was able to get some rest for tomorrow, wondering what else will be in store for him.

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