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For those of you who don't know what the heck this is (and I'm repeating this verbatim from "Evil Phineas Trilogy: Book 1: Dark Rising"), this fic was a rewrite that I decided to do for "Evil Phineas" after I got some...less than kind reviews from a certain user whose name shall not be spoken here. Long story short, I couldn't take the criticism well, it really discouraged me from writing the original "Evil Phineas" for a quick spell, and in that time, I wrote that fic. But it wasn't just a rewrite, it was a collaboration fic and (obviously) the first entry of an epic trilogy.

For this trilogy, I teamed up with a user named Marissa Flynn, who at that point went by iheartphinabella05. She was an extremely devoted reader and fan of my original work, and I'm not sure how or why we came to this agreement, but we decided to take on this rewrite trilogy together. She has a self-insert OC named (you guessed it) Marissa Flynn, the other older sister of Phineas. I took her on as a partner under the condition that her OC be a part of this trilogy, which I didn't mind at all. I finished the first part of the trilogy, but as soon as I did, I realized writing the original "Evil Phineas" was a lot more preferable. I didn't have enough specific misgivings with my collaboration with Marissa Flynn, though, so out of gratitude for her assistance, I put the task of finishing the rest of the trilogy squarely on her shoulders, which she gladly accepted. She continued our project on her own, I went back to writing for the original "Evil Phineas", and the rest was history.

And then, of course, I had to delete that story because of the watchdog user getting onto my tail. I felt I wouldn't have enough time to scour through all the chapters for anything that would constitute a Content Guideline violation, so I just went for broke and deleted everything. Fortunately, just like this fic, it was salvaged by spongeyman90s, and I still have the material for it saved away on my computer. At first, I decided not to re-post it like I did with this because I wasn't all that proud of it nowadays. However, I took a trip down memory lane and visited Marissa Flynn's account. I suddenly felt bad that her entries for our planned trilogy were still up without a first entry to provide any context. She probably had to deal with years of readers and reviewers wondering where the first entry was and having to go in blind. Hence, I decided to re-post this story as well, after some long, hard deliberation.

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In Book 1 of the Evil Phineas Trilogy, Dark Rising, Phineas and Ferb start another ordinary summer day off with yet another one of their extraordinary exploits: they go to the birthday party of Fireside Girl and good friend Adyson Sweetwater and literally make it the best birthday party she has ever seen. However, two conflicts suddenly arise from this occasion. One, Isabella, continuing to crush on Phineas, overreacts when she sees him dancing with Adyson. This is all despite the fact that Phineas agreed that he would dance with Isabella instead. As a result, Isabella insults Phineas. And two, Candace once again becomes enraged at Phineas and Ferb's inventions and yells at them, calling them terrible brothers. Hurt, Phineas decides to apologize to both Isabella and Candace, and is inspired to do it by creating a message of apology in the sky using a rocket he created by Django Brown. Unfortunately, while in the sky, Phineas gets zapped by a mysterious green laser, just as Isabella and Candace realize their mistakes and decide to apologize to Phineas for their rude behavior.

Simultaneously, Perry the Platypus had gone to engage his arch-nemesis Dr. Doofenshmirtz in another daily battle of comedic proportions. What the battle brought currently remains unknown...

Ferb, Isabella, Candace, and the rest of the party find an unconscious Phineas; when he revives, he suddenly acts strangely. Little does anyone know that Phineas is possessed by an alternate personality calling himself "The Shadow", a shady being of malicious intent who plans to use Phineas as part of his established goal to conquer the entire planet. Coercing a reluctant Phineas to do his bidding, the Shadow controls behind the scenes as Phineas gathers all of the blueprints of all the inventions he and Ferb have made the past summer; the Shadow sees potential in them as mighty weapons of mass destruction. However, the Shadow soon learns of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, becomes threatened by the presence of other villains, and launches a one-man attack at the headquarters of the LOVEMUFFIN organization (Danville Arena) using Phineas's body, but is overpowered and imprisoned. Impressed by the power displayed by LOVEMUFFIN, the Shadow joins forces with the organization, including Doofenshmirtz, who takes him back home at 2308 Maple Drive.

There, another conflict arises when Linda finally discovers all of the reconstructed inventions from the whole of the past summer in the backyard. She becomes enraged at the entire Flynn-Fletcher family for allowing children, including Phineas and Ferb, to be endangered. Coincidentally, all of Phineas and Ferb's friends as well as the entire Doofenshmirtz family are present. The Shadow, Doofenshmirtz, and Norm appear, and then the rest of LOVEMUFFIN, and the villains all subjugate everyone else at the backyard and take them prisoner, also claiming the reconstructed inventions. Perry tries to intervene, but is also captured. All the while, everyone believes the Shadow, who is still taking control of Phineas's body, is actually Phineas suffering from some sort of mental condition.

At the Danville Arena, the prisoners are all rescued by the OWCA agents, who turn up after Perry, in his capture, misses a ceremony commemorating his awarding of an OWCA medal. During the breakout, Doofenshmirtz begins to feel the pressure of true evil after he nearly kills Perry at the Shadow's request. The prisoners are all taken the top-secret OWCA headquarters, where several new conflicts arise. Perry is suspended from his duty as an OWCA agent after exposing his true identity to his host family for a second time. Ferb, who is in love with Vanessa, becomes heartbroken after he finds out she has a boyfriend. Candace begins showing strange behavior at the situation. Baljeet, who has a crush on Isabella, becomes agitated at her due to her love for Phineas. Linda becomes heartbroken from what she believes is Phineas turning against her and his family. And Django, having deduced that Phineas's behavior stemmed from the green laser that hit him in the sky, blames himself for the unfolding series of events as he was the one who inspired Phineas to fly up in the sky in the first place.

Suddenly, the OWCA headquarters is attacked by LOVEMUFFIN, who capture all but fifteen: Ferb; Perry; Candace; Isabella; OWCA intern Carl; Linda; Lawrence; Django; Adyson; newcomer Julia; Fireside Girls Gretchen, Milly, and Katie; Buford; and Doofenshmirtz's robot Norm (who turned against his creator earlier). Knowing that Phineas can't be defeated easily, the group decides to seek the help of Phillip Flynn, an inventor and the long-lost father of Phineas and Candace, who was abandoned by Linda before Phineas's birth following an accident involving a rollercoaster made by Phillip himself. Since Phillip cannot be located, they go to Phillip's brother Frank, who is revealed to be the father of Julia. Frank doesn't prove to be of much help in finding Phillip, but is able to disclose information on a mailman who befriended Phillip and the group goes to a street that is part of the mailman's current route.

Meanwhile, LOVEMUFFIN undergoes serious changes, having been taken over by the Shadow. First of all, they rename themselves the Red Triangle. Among other changes are new suits, an arsenal of strengthened inventions including the ones reconstructed by Phineas and Ferb, and hundreds of new members and slaves. Doofenshmirtz is finally unable to take the success of evil anymore, having been used to defeat, and rebels against the Red Triangle, but is immediately imprisoned. At the same time, Phineas concedes defeat and surrenders to the Shadow, merging with the personality. Baljeet also decides to willingly join the ranks of the Red Triangle.

Ferb's group reaches the street where the mailman's route is, and they find that Phillip himself lives there. Mysteriously, he knows of Phineas's predicament, and in a matter more strangely, seems to know of the Shadow's origins...

In Book 2 of the Evil Phineas Trilogy, Shadowy Legends, Ferb's group learns shocking details about the Shadow and his shady past. They also learn of several mysterious events that occurred during many points in the past, an eerie prophecy that foretells the coming of destruction, a surprising link between their world and another world, and a shocking discovery that only a few know of... And meanwhile, Phineas makes a few discoveries of his own as the Red Triangle reaches closer to its new goal of conquering the world...

They thought the battle started when Phineas was zapped by the green laser. But now, everyone comes to terms to the fact that the battle has just begun...

New questions, gripping details, and shocking answers will be told as the fight to liberate Phineas from the darkness that has conquered the optimistic inventor continues...


England, summer of 1914

The small group of explorers made their way across the murky swamp, towards a large mountain that was stationed ahead. The leader of the group, who had a familiar triangular head of messy red hair, stopped, opened the book he was holding, and examined it. The other explorers stopped and looked over his shoulders curiously. The leader raised an eyebrow and put a finger to his chin as he looked up at the mountain.

"Hmmm, the book said to go across the swamp where we would find the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters," he said, "and we have a mountain ahead, but no mouth of a cave. Did we go the wrong way?"

Another explorer, who had green hair and a tall rectangular head with a cubical nose, walked up to a pile of rocks and pointed at it. The rest walked up to the pile and saw the gap at the top; the rocks had fallen in front of the cave mouth and blocked it.

"Wow! Good job, Rhode Island!" the leader exclaimed, to which Rhode Island gave him the thumbs-up. "Alright, everyone, let's push those rocks aside."

"How, Ohio?" asked a raven-haired explorer wearing a purple bow on her hat. "Those rocks are obviously too big!"

"I think the book's spell chapters has a spell for that, Isabella," Ohio replied, opening up the book again. He surveyed the pages until his eyes brightened. "Ah, here's one spell that might work!"

Everyone stood back as Ohio recited the spell: "Pars a, saxa!"

Nothing happened.

"Uhhhhh, okay," Ohio said slowly. "I think I didn't put enough effort into it. Okay, again: Pars a, saxa!"

Still, nothing happened.

"What happened?" asked an explorer with unkempt brown hair. "Isn't that supposed to work?"

"Apparently not," replied Ohio.

"Let me see that," Isabella said, taking the book from Ohio and reading it. "According to the book, only those who are gifted with magical powers, such as sorcerers, witches, and sprites, are capable of successfully using these spells."

"Great," the messy-haired explorer said. "Magic-users and mythical creatures have disappeared from the face of the planet since the start of the Renaissance!"

"I guess there goes our plan to find the legendary Excaliferb sword," remarked Ohio. He then shrugged and smiled optimistically. "Ah well, there's always the next treasure! And besides, Doofenshmirtz is gonna have a field day trying to get through those rocks. Well, I guess we should head on back to town and tell Montana about the change of plans."

"By the way, I wonder what pars a, saxa means..." the messy-haired explorer said.

"It's Latin for 'shift, rocks', Delaware," replied Isabella.

"Say what now?" Delaware asked, clearly not listening.

"I said pars a, saxa means 'shift, rocks' in Latin," Isabella repeated. Suddenly, the rocks glowed blue and drifted apart to reveal the mouth of the cave. Everyone watched the scene with shock, and then, Isabella let out a little yelp; the rocks suddenly collapsed to the ground as if they were startled by her scream.

"I guess we go in and find the Excaliferb sword after all," said Ohio, walking into the cave and followed closely by Rhode Island, Isabella, and Delaware.

As the darkness slowly consumed them, the four took out their flashlights and activated them. Just then, a group of bats screeched and flew off of the cave roof and started soaring through the air, prompting the expedition group to duck and cover themselves. The bats merely flew off deeper into the cave, and when the last of their screeching disappeared, the explorers stood up.

"Jeez, I actually thought it was the last of the monsters that lived here," Isabella said, shivering. "They didn't call this the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters for nothing..."

"Don't worry, Isabella," replied Ohio. "The monsters are a thing of the past. And besides, if there are some still living here, I'll protect you."

"Oh." Isabella blushed. "You'd do that...for me?"

Ohio smiled; the smile seemed to be brighter than all of the flashlights. "Of course! That's what friends are for, right?"

Isabella's blush vanished as quickly as it came. "Yeah, right. Indeed." She then added in a whisper directed at herself, "Friends..."

Finally, after a few minutes of walking, the group walked into a large room devoid of anything except for a small slab of rock. Delaware shone his flashlight on something on the rock that glinted at the corner of his eye: it was an imprint, which, though cracked and outdated, easily read, 'ONE YANKETH PER CUSTOMER'. Ohio noticed this imprint too, and then shone his flashlight at an edge of the rock...

To see the hilt of a sword sticking out of it. Ohio gasped.

"The legendary sword of Excaliferb!" he exclaimed. The explorer walked up to the hilt and began to reach for it when Delaware grabbed his hand.

"Wait, Ohio!" cried Isabella. "Only those judged worthy by the spirits of water can lift the sword of Excaliferb from the slab of rock!"

"And obviously we have no time to have a nice chat with the water spirits, don't we?" Delaware added. "Let's do this the old-fashioned way..."

He took out a chisel and a hammer, as did Ohio, Rhode Island, and Isabella. The four began chipping away at the rock surrounding the Excaliferb sword. After several minutes, Isabella chipped off a large piece of rock and spotted the hind of said piece.

Pressed on it was a tiny stick with a star-shaped object at one end.

Isabella picked the stick up and examined it closely. She instantly recognized it from a picture: it was a water sprite's wand. And it looked awfully familiar...

"Isabella?" asked Ohio. "I don't mean to be rude or anything, but can you please help out? We need all the help we can get to get this sword out."

"Yeah, yeah, sorry," Isabella replied quickly, putting the miniscule wand in one of her shirt pockets and continued chipping away.

After several more minutes of laborious chipping and the occasional break, Rhode Island was able to chip away a large piece of rock, and the Excaliferb sword became loose. Delaware stood over the sword, checked to see if it was indeed loose, then lifted it away from the rock. A series of doors suddenly opened, and piling out were many skeletons that looked like nothing ever seen; they were undoubtedly the skeletons of the ten thousand monsters guarding the cave.


"Huh?" Delaware looked around and looked at Ohio. "D-Did you say something, Ohio?"

"Not a word," replied Ohio simply.

Suddenly, a green light shone brightly from the cavity where the sword blade was once embedded on the rock.

"W-Wh-What's going on?" Isabella asked fearfully. "The book didn't say anything about a green light!"

A large tremor suddenly came from the rock slab and the cave started shaking. All four explorers fell over and crawled over against a wall as the rock slab began to crack. The green light became brighter and brighter...


Delaware stood up and dashed towards the rock, but suddenly, the rock slab exploded, knocking the explorer back and the green light began to intensify by the second...a low but menacing rumbling seemed to come from it...the explorers covered their eyes as loud noise hammered away at their eardrums constantly...

"Freedom, at last..."

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New A/N: And that's the end of that chapter!

Now that I've managed to look through it and proofread it while in the process of re-posting this story, a lot of memories have resurfaced, which I find interesting and nostalgic. First thing's first, this chapter was split into two in the original fic, with the recap of Book 1 serving as its own chapter while the actual prologue was the second chapter. I decided to merge both chapters together into a single chapter for this re-post because of the site's rules regarding summary-only chapters (or something like that). No way am I gonna catch the attention of a watchdog user ever again!

Secondly, I now remember where I was planning on going with this rewrite trilogy. At the time these stories were being written, I was fascinated by a marathon of then-new episodes called "Time Shift", which depicted Phineas, Ferb, and all of their friends and family in different historical time periods. The marathon consisted of "Tri-Stone Area", which was set in the Stone Age; "Doof Dynasty", which was set in ancient China; "Excaliferb", which was set in the medieval era; and "Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon", which was an "Indiana Jones" parody set in 1914. Soon after those episodes aired, I read a fic whose title I've since forgotten, sadly, and it was a crossover between the timelines of "Doof Dynasty", "Excaliferb", and "Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon", "Avengers"-style. I really liked the idea and wanted to tackle a similar fic of my own, with the main "Phineas and Ferb" timeline thrown into the mix. One thing led to another, I was too ambitious for my teenage self's good, and I wound up turning the whole darn thing into an "Evil Phineas" rewrite featuring the "Time Shift" episodes.

And long story short, it was at that point where things got even more complex from there. XP XP XP

So anyway, that's all I have to say about this chapter and this story for now. I don't think there'll be much for me to say in the end, since I wasn't working on this project very long when I decided to return to the original "Evil Phineas" fic and leave everything rewrite trilogy-related to Marissa Flynn.

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