To Purgatory and Back @mystic75
Chapter 9

"B-Boss?", Billy whined. He took a few tentative steps forward, but froze when something came flying over the top of the boulder, hit the ground, and rolled toward him. It hit the toe of Billy's dirty boot and when he looked down, he saw Luther's face staring up at him. Billy's eyes went wide and he whimpered, backing away from the decapitated head of his leader. Loud howling started from the trees behind them and Billy spun around, backed up in the other direction, tripped over Luther's head, and fell over backwards on his ass. He scooted backwards away from the lifeless gaze of the vampire until his back hit the large rock. He could see dark shapes moving through the trees and it terrified him.

"RUN!" Someone shouted behind me and I felt the weight of the vamps leave my back. I rolled over just in time to see the fangs take off, not wanting to be anywhere near what was coming. Especially when their leader was dead. The howling got louder until several large men broke through the brush. Before I could even sit up, a heavy body fell on top of me, holding me down. All I could see was a sharp set of teeth, snarling, and dripping drool on the side of my face. I could hear more growling and grunting, telling me that Benny and Cas were being held down as well.

"STOP!", A voice growled from behind the boulder and the beast on top of me froze, pulling his teeth back away from my face. I looked back over my shoulder and saw a slight figure of a young woman walk out from behind the stone. Her tangled blond hair hung low in her eyes and she was panting hard. She had thick blood all over her face and dripping from her long claws. "Let them up!" The man sitting on my chest bared his teeth at me but didn't move. "KYLE!", she barked. "BACK OFF!" He snarled at me one last time before slowly standing up and backing away from me. I looked over at my friends as I stood up in time to see them picking themselves up off the ground too.

"Lydia!", I screamed when I turned toward the fallen tree and didn't see her. But I breathed a giant sigh of relief when I saw her face pop up from behind the log. I looked back to the young woman again and she smirked at me. "Hey Dean.", she said as she sauntered toward me. She knew me! I squinted at her trying to pick out details of her face that weren't coated in blood. "It's been a long time!" Wait... I knew that voice!

"Kate?", I whispered in shock. "What the Hell...?" She chuckled at me, wiping the blood off her mouth with the back of her hand. "How... how did you get here?" The smile faded from her face and she looked away, avoiding my gaze.

"That... that's a long story, Dean", she murmured, staring down at her shoes. But then she looked back up at me with a smirk. "And anyway, I could ask you the same question."

"I was standing too close to exploding Dick."

"What?" Kate was staring at me totally confused. I could imagine what she was seeing in her head and I chuckled.

"Nothing." I waved it off. "It's another long story."

I heard panting and looked over Kate's shoulder to see Billy still on the ground, sitting up against the boulder. I was suddenly filled with rage and this fang was gonna feel the edge of my blade, if even for just a second. I found my obsidian axe laying a few feet away and then stalked toward him. I pulled him to his feet, slammed his head back against the stone, and shoved the blade against his throat. "Still want her, Billy?"

"N-NO! NO WAY, MAN!", he shouted nervously. "SHE... SHE'S ALL YOURS!"

"How about me, huh?", I growled in his face. "Well...? Tough guy...? You got me!" I started pushing the blade into his neck and his eyes went wide as he started to gurgle. Hot blood flowed over the blade and my hands, but I kept pushing until the obsidian blade hit the stone and his head tumbled off is shoulders and between my feet.

"Feel better?", Kate asked as I turned and walked away from the stone and Billy's body crumpled to the ground.

"Not really", I muttered, running around the fallen tree to find Lydia. I found her huddled on the ground against the stump of the tree. I rummaged around in my pockets, looking for the key to the cuffs. When I finally found it, I knelt down in front of her, and uncuffed her wrists. She suddenly grabbed me around the waist, knocking me back on my ass, and broke down into quiet sobs. I pulled her into my lap, hugged her tight, and just let her come apart.

"Dean?", Lydia whispered when her sobs finally slowed to sniffles.

"Hmm?" I looked down and she was picking at her fingernails nervously.

"I..." She paused, shaking her head. "Do... do you love me?" She finally looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I had to look away. She had asked the question that I dreaded hearing from a woman. I was not used to having more than one night with a woman and then being gone by sunrise. Usually before they woke up so I wouldn't have to hear questions like this. There was only one woman that I spent any great amount of time with, but I tried not to think about her. It was safer that way. Lisa had forgotten about me, so I did my best to forget about her too.

"I... I don't know", I muttered, avoiding her gaze. I really didn't know. My feelings went so much deeper than what I understood as love. Even deeper than the feelings I have for Lisa. Lydia's face scrunched up and she looked away. "Hey!", I quickly pulled her chin up and stared her in the eyes. "I said I don't know because what I feel isn't just love. It's stronger. It's... I don't know, It feels like..."

"Mates?", Lydia finished. I thought for a moment and shook my head.

"No, even stronger than that." Lydia looked confused.

"What's stronger than that?" I searched my brain for the right way to describe what I was feeling. Then it suddenly hit me and I knew that when I said it, I could never take it back. But, I also realized that I didn't want to.


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