To Purgatory and Back @mystic75
Chapter 7

"Touch her and you're gonna be the one to suffer, pal!", I growled. He chuckled breathlessly, wrapping a hand around Lydia's throat, and squeezing harshly for a moment just to hear her gasp. His hand slid up her neck, grabbed her jaw, and turned her face away from him. He started kissing and licking the side of her neck just below her ear. All the time, Lydia was growling and snarling like a feral animal. Luther slapped his hand down over her sex and she jerked and flinched as he continued to attack her neck.

"FUCKING BASTARD!", I snarled, lunging forward just to get thrown on the grown on my face. Luther sighed, looking down at me in irritation.

"You're gonna have to keep your voice down, Dean. Wouldn't want to attract any unwanted attention, now would we?" Luther grabbed the bottom of Lydia's T-shirt and wrenched it until a large strip of clothe tore away from it. He pulled a bandana out of his pocket, shoved it in my mouth, then wrapped the strip of clothe around my head and between my teeth. I could do nothing but jerk and flail while I screamed into the gag. "There! That's better!" Luther was about to stand back up, but suddenly had something else on his mind. "You a good little Boy Scout, Dean?"

"Wha...?", was all I could manage. He smirked down at me with a knowing look in his eye.

"You know the old Boy Scout motto, dontcha? Always be prepared?" I could only stare back at him in confusion. "Get him back up on his knees!, he barked at his men, "And hold him still this time!" When I was up on my knees again, Luther began to go through the pockets of my jacket, searching for something. Searching for what? When he reached into the inside pocket and I heard metal clinking together, my heart sank. He had found something that I had totally forgotten that I had. "I knew I could count on ya, Dean!", Luther said happily, pulling the handcuffs out of my pocket. He slapped my cheek a couple of times playfully and stood up. Luther whistled, twirling the handcuffs around his finger as he walked back to where Lydia was being held.

"Nooo...", Lydia whimpered, her eyes full of fear. She knew what was coming and she looked over at me, pleading for help with her eyes. She fought the two men holding her wrists behind her back, but she was no match for these bloodsuckers. Luther walked around them and the two vamps stepped aside so he could slap the cuffs on her wrists.

"There we go! Perfect!" Luther's henchmen let go and Lydia tried to run at me, but Luther still had a firm grip on the cuffs and she fell forward on her face. "Ah-ah-ah, Sweetheart!", Luther growled, jerking her back to her feet, and dragging her toward the fallen tree. "You don't belong to him anymore!" That was all I could take. I threw my head back and hit the guy behind me in the nose and broke away, running at Luther. I don't know how many fangs it took to get me down on the ground again, but it was a lot. "HOLD HIM! HOW MANY FUCKING VAMPS DOES IT TAKE TO HOLD ONE GUY?!" Several fangs threw their weight on my back and pressed the side of my face into the dirt. Luther laughed, watching me struggle futilely to get back up.

"LEMME GO! DEAN!" Luther grabbed Lydia around the waist and hauled her back toward the fallen tree. she started flailing and kicking, trying to jostle him enough to break his grip. And she did finally manage to force her way out of his grasp, falling to the ground on her stomach. She tried to slither away on her belly when Luther grabbed her ankle and yanked her back. Lydia turned over quickly and kicked Luther in the face with a bare foot. I couldn't help but smile a little to myself. She was a spitfire and wasn't one to give up easily. Luther screamed, bent over while holding his nose. She scurried backwards on her ass, but Luther recovered quickly and jumped on her before she could get very far.

"Ya know?! I was gonna be nice to you our first time but...", Luther had a tight grip on Lydia's jaw while he growled in her face. "You just had to go and bloody my nose! So I'm gonna return the favor!" Luther pulled her head up of the ground by her hair, reared back, and sucker punched her hard in the nose. He let her head fly backwards and slam into the hard ground.

"NAAAAAAAA!", I screamed through the rag in my mouth and writhed under the fangs struggling to hold me down. The largest of the vamps wrenched my wrist up between my shoulder blades and I grunted when I felt the muscles and tendons in my arm stretch painfully. Luther flipped Lydia onto her belly and jerked her back up by the cuffs, but she was only semi-conscious and couldn't quite get her feet back under her. Luther basically dragged her the last several feet to the tree by the handcuffs. He walked around to the backside of the log and threw her over the tree so that she was facing us. Her head dangled over the edge and she moaned pitifully.

"It's been so long since I had anything besides used up vampire cunt!", Luther groaned, running his palms over Lydia's hips. He chuckled when a disgruntled hiss came from someone behind me. I assumed it was the owner of said cunt. He leaned over Lydia, dropping his head into the nape of her neck, sniffing her, and grinding his erection into her ass. Lydia flinched, waking from her daze, and jerked her head up. A snarl boiled up through her bared teeth and she tried to turn her head around and bite him in the face. He held her down by the nape of her neck and yanked her shorts down til they pooled around her ankles. He stomped on them and kicked them away with the toe of his leather biker boot. She tried to kick back at him but he was standing too close, nudging her legs apart with his knee.

"AAAAHHH!" a man bellowed from behind me and I watched as a vamp stumbled away from either Cas or Benny (I'm not sure which), holding his face in both hands. He had blood dripping between his fingers and he was whining pitifully. There was punching sounds and pained grunting and I knew it was Benny that got in the lucky punch or kick on the vamp. But he was paying for it now. And there was nothing I could do but lay there, panting hard through my nose.

"Get his head up! I want him to see this!", Luther called and someone yanked my head back by my scalp. Luther pulled Lydia's head up by the hair, so I had no choice but to look at her face. I wasn't gonna look away and leave her all alone, so I tried to convey to her with just my eyes that I was here. That I wasn't going to abandon her. But when she heard his belt jingle, her eyes went wide and she started to pant. I screamed at her through the gag to get her attention back on me and when her eyes fell on mine again, there were tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. Even as Luther jerked his pants down to his knees and leaned over her, Lydia kept her eyes on me. Those eyes that were so beautiful. Dark brown pools that seemed to burrow deep into my soul.

"I love you...", Lydia whispered so quietly that I had to read her lips to know what she said. A sob overtook me and I could only nod at her as my eyes blurred with hot tears.


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