To Purgatory and Back @mystic75
Chapter 6

Cas does not have any powers in purgatory, but he does have his angel blade. Sorry, but I wasn't sure which way I was gonna go with Cas when I started this story.

We sat on the leaves, dressing and like always, Lydia was quiet. But I could tell something was bothering her when she wouldn't meet my gaze. She seemed tense and I could feel that there was something that she wasn't telling me. Something she was holding back.

"Lydia", I whispered. She jerked her head up to look at me, but looked away again before I could get another word out. "Tell me what's wrong. I thought... I thought this was what you wanted... needed."

"It... it was, I mean it is!", Lydia murmured, staring at the ground with her arms wrapped around her chest. "But..."

"But what? Talk to me, Babe!" I put my hand on her shoulder but she scooted away from me. "Please?" What had this girl done to me? I was begging for Christ's sake! Dean Winchester does NOT beg! At least he didn't until two seconds ago!

"I... Don't worry about it, Dean", Lydia whispered shaking her head and turning her whole body away from me. "It doesn't matter anyway." She curled up in to a ball, bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around her legs. "You don't really want me. Not really."

"What do you mean, I don't want you! I told you I did!" I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around to face me. She looked up at me on the verge of tears. "Tell me what this is all about, Lydia."

"You... you didn't bite me!", she whimpered, tears running down her face. I looked down at her in confused shock.

"B-bite you?", I stammered. "Why would I bite you?"

"To claim me." Lydia whispered so quietly that I almost didn't hear her. She started playing with the hem of her T-shirt, trying to avoid looking at me. I sighed, looking up at the dark and brooding sky before I grabbed her face with both hands and pulled it up to look at me.

"I'm not gonna force you into that. No way!" A tear escaped her eye and I wiped it away with my thumb. "I'm not gonna take away your freewill."

"But, you don't understand..." Lydia was interrupted when Benny came running out of the trees with Cas close behind.

"We're about to have company, Chief!", Benny panted with excitement. I quickly stood up scanning the trees surrounding our little clearing. I suddenly heard a deep growl coming from the ground and when I looked down, Lydia was crouched down on all fours with her teeth bared, staring off into the thick brush.

"How long?", I barked at Benny.

"Not long enough", a voice called from the shadows on the other side of where we were all standing. I looked around but saw nothing. But Benny and Lydia seemed to see something and they both tensed and a deep rumble came from the girl at my feet again. Then a man dropped out of a large tree and landed atop a fallen log that was propped up on a boulder. He had his head lowered so that his dark hair hung down over his eyes and he was clad only in dark jeans and a black leather jacket. I was about to ask who the fuck he was, when he raised his head and smirked at me. The question died in my throat. I knew exactly who this guy was.

"Luther", I said, stepping in front of Lydia, who continued to growl.

"I'm surprised that you remember me!", he chuckled. "I must have left an impression!"

"No... I think my dad was the one who left the impression." I smiled, pointing at my forehead and then at him. His smile faded and he sneered, flashing his sharp fangs at me.

"Dean, who is that man?" I looked to my left and Cas was looking at me in confusion. I turned back to Luther and grinned before I answered.

"Oh, just a filthy bloodsucker that my dad ganked back in the day." Luther growled back at me and crouched down low on the log like he was getting ready to pounce. I stepped toward him until I was standing halfway between him and my little group. "Well? Let's go, Freak!", I yelled. "I ain't got all day!"

"DEAN! WAIT!", I heard Benny scream. I turned my head to look at him just as Luther flung himself at me, knocking me backwards. At the same time, a mass of bodies came flying out of the trees behind us and landed on my friends. It all happened so fast that even though Cas and Benny had their weapons drawn, they never really got the chance to use them before being jumped. Cas and Lydia were both pinned to the ground, while Benny was able to kill several vamps before he was eventually taken to the ground himself and held by three large fangs. I had managed to throw Luther off and grab my bone handled blade, but froze when I saw that the monsters had the upper hand.

"Drop it, Winchester, before somebody gets hurt." I looked over at Lydia and she was being held, face down, in the dirt by a man who had one knee on her back and the other on her neck. Another was holding her kicking legs. She snarled and screamed, writhing underneath him. I dropped the ax-like weapon on the ground with a defeated sigh and a vamp ran up behind me, snatched it, and handed it to Luther. He stood there holding the weapon up, examining it carefully. "Nice weapon you got here, Dean!" He handed it back to the other vamp and nodded at him. The man walked around behind me and whacked me over the head with the bone handle, driving me to my hands and knees. When I tried to stand up, I was shoved back to my knees and held there.

"Now, what do we have here?" Luther strolled over to where Lydia was being held down, humming to himself.

"NO! LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE, YOU FREAK!" Luther crouched in front of her, smiling back at me as he grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head up. When Luther looked back at Lydia's dirt covered face, his smile faded.

"Hey! I know you! You're Riley's bitch!" Luther sniffed her and she snapped at him, driving him backwards. He let go of her hair and stood up, laughing. "If you have Riley's bitch, that means you must have killed him!"

"You fuckin' bet your ass I did!", I growled between clenched teeth. He snorted, pacing back and forth in front of me, working things out in his head.

"And your scent is all over her, Dean." He stopped in front of me and knelt down so he could be at eye level with me. "Did you get you a piece there, Dean-o?" I just sneered at him, jerking on the two vamps holding me down. He walked over to Lydia again and pulled back the collar of her shirt. "No bite! The last time I saw you, Sweetness, you had a bite on your neck." He stood up and started pacing again and I was getting irritated, wondering when he was gonna get to the friggin' point. "See, I know that werewolves heal quickly and Riley had to bite her over and over again, if just to show others that she had been claimed." He stopped and walked toward me again, wagging his finger at me. "But you! You took her and didn't claim her! Do you even know how valuable an unmated bitch is in this place?"

"I'm not gonna force her into that again!", I spat at him. "She's nobody's property!"

"Well, I beg to differ. A fine, young piece of ass like that could get me allied with a powerful pack." Luther looked back at the vamps holding Lydia, and ordered them to bring her to him with just a jerk of his chin. She yanked and snarled at the vamps holding her, trying to break free, but they were just too strong for such a small body to handle. "Quite the little wildcat, isn't she?" He reached up to touch her cheek and she snapped at him again. "HOLD HER STILL, YOU IDIOTS!" One of the men grabbed her by the hair, holding her head back. Luther caressed her face while she growled and panted with rage. "I'm going to enjoy taming her", He mused to himself.

"I'm warning you. Don't." My body was suddenly filled with white hot rage and when he looked back at me, I watched the smile disappear and his eyes fill with fear for a split second before it went back to his amused grin.

"Oh, I don't think you're in any position to be telling me what I can and can't do, Winchester", Luther purred, with his nose up against Lydia's cheek. I suddenly felt the sharp edge of my own obsidian blade against my throat. I heard painful grunts coming from behind me and I could only assume that Benny and Cas were in the same predicament.

"You know? When I heard there was a human hunter here, I was hoping it would be your daddy. I was gonna bleed him dry!" Luther ran a finger down Lydia's neck and over her collar bone.

"But I think I'm gonna enjoy watching his son suffer even more."

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