To Purgatory and Back @mystic75
Chapter 20

I hadn't even been back with Sam a day when I wanted desperately to go back to Purgatory. This was so much more torturous! For the next hour I sat beside the more experienced Alpha as I concentrated on my favorite place, behind the wheel of Baby with Sam beside me in the passenger seat, while he shot his Alpha energy and pheromones at me. More than once I had to be restrained on the floor by several heavy bodies so I wouldn't rip out the nearest throat. It wasn't until halfway through the second hour that I felt like I was making some headway into being able to control my rage. But, Reverend Jim didn't seem as enthusiastic about my progress as I was. He just sat there with a concerned expression on his face.

"I'm getting better at controlling myself, aren't I?," I whispered. "I mean, I'm not attacking anyone now, right?"

"Yes, Dean. But..."

"But, what?," I interrupted in frustration. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Of course it is, but it's not that simple." He put a comforting hand on my shoulder as he spoke softly. "I think you're becoming desensitized to my Alpha energy and pheromones." I stared back at him in confusion before I finally caught on to what he was saying. I was becoming used to the angry Alpha energy coming from Jim and it wasn't effecting me as strongly anymore. I dropped my head down between my knees and heaved a heavy, defeated sigh.

"So? What do we do now?," I croaked, my voice breaking on the last word. Jim looked up at Garth and Bess and I followed his gaze just in time to see them both nod at their pack leader. Jim turned his pensive eyes to me again before he spoke.

"It's time we upped the anti, Dean."

"Wh-what do you mean?," I asked, that confused expression never leaving my face. But this time it was laced with a little bit of fear. Instead of answering my question, Reverend Jim turned to his daughter again.

"Bess, could you go get Dean's mate and bring her to me?", Jim whispered. Bess nodded again and turned to leave.

"NO!," I snarled, standing up. The only words that I heard were "Bring her to ME." I wasn't about to let another Alpha put his hands on my mate! Jim stood up slowly with his hands out and suddenly the room was wreaking of that Jasmin scent that Jim used to calm me before. I shook my head and swiped the air in front of my face, trying to wave away the pheromones oozing from the Alphas every pore. "STOP IT! YOU... YOU CAN'T HAVE HER! SHE'S MINE!" I was growling as I swayed dizzily on my feet.

"Dean, you have to calm down. I won't touch your mate. I promise." I could hear words coming out of his mouth, but my Alpha freaked mind couldn't comprehend what he was saying. All I knew was that another Alpha wanted my mate and I couldn't let that happen. Another wave of calming scent hit my flared nostrils and I staggered backwards. I batted at the strong scent swirling around me like it was just an annoying gnat buzzing around my head. "Dean! We have to get Lydia involved or you'll never be able to control this!" That's when I snapped and lunged at Jim, wrapping my hands around his throat and knocking him backwards to the floor.

"DEAN!," I heard a vaguely familiar voice bellow from the other side of the room.

"DON'T YOU SAY HER NAME!," I screeched in rage, baring my teeth in the other Alpha's face. I was suddenly yanked backwards and held down on the floor by my arms and shoulders. I continued to spit and snarl, no longer able to even speak coherently. A part of my brain knew that one of the faces hovering over me was my brother's, but that part had been completely overridden by my baser instinct.

"ALPHA!," a frantic voice screamed from somewhere nearby. Hearing the frightened voice of my mate, calling for me, I roared and struggled even harder to get free. There was a heavy weight sitting on my chest and I bucked wildly trying to get it off. It was the other Alpha bearing down on me. That just infuriated me even more. This Alpha was trying to force me into submission so he could steal my mate! I would die before I let that happen!

"DEAN! Calm down and I'll let your mate come to you!," the Alpha panted, grabbing my face with both hands. I tried to turn my head and bite his hand but his grip was like a vise. My vision had narrowed down until all I could see was the Alpha looming above me, holding me down in a very prone position.

"PLEASE LET ME COME TO HIM! PLEASE! ALPHA!," my mate pleaded. She was being held back by whom I could only assume was Cas and Bess. The Alpha looked from me to my mate with growing concern and finally heaved a heavy sigh.

"This isn't working!," he said through gritted teeth. "Let her go, Bess!" All at once, the weight on my chest and the hands holding my arms were gone and my mate was there hugging me tight before I could even sit up. My mind was still in that Alpha fog and I crawled backwards, jerking her under me until she was sandwiched between my chest and the wall. I growled, crouching there, while I continued to glare over my shoulder at the other people in the room.

"Dean?," the voice I knew belonged to Sam whispered. I turned toward the voice and roared my rage at him, while I pushed my Omega further against the wall.

"Wait Sam!," the other Alpha hissed. "Let him calm down." I turned my head toward my mate and stuck my nose in her neck, sniffing around the spot where I had claimed her in purgatory. It had completely healed and the skin was smooth and flawless. My mate whimpered when I licked the spot gently. The urge to dominate was too strong and I sank my teeth into her tender flesh to mark her as mine again. My Omega squeaked and tensed up in my arms.

"Dean! Stop! He... he's biting her!," Sam shouted in terror.

"Let him!," the Alpha snapped. "He's trying to take control of the situation and we're going to let him!" I could feel my Omega relax, nearly going limp in my arms and it sent a surge of pleasure through my groin when I licked the sweet blood away from her overheated skin.

"Mmmm... Mega," I purred against her broken skin, my hot breath on her sensitive flesh making her shudder. Her body's reaction pulled a very aroused rumble out of me. I could smell her heat flare up and it was driving me insane with desire. I knew the the other Alpha could smell it too, but at that moment, I just didn't give a fuck. If he tried to interfere, if ANY of them tried, I would tear their head off!

"Let's go into the dining room and give them some privacy," The older Alpha whispered quietly. I could hear footsteps receding away and a door slide shut. It's not like it would have mattered if they'd stayed. I was far too lost in my own arousal to stop. By the time I sank into her, all of the fear and rage was gone. There was only me and my Omega. Nothing else mattered. I could die right now and be happy.

But as we came apart together, the Alpha haze faded and in the back of my mind I knew that we were treading on thin ice. What if I couldn't control my Alpha instincts? What if Lydia couldn't control her need to feed? Even as we came back down from our shared high, I knew that something would have to give. Either we figured this out or we would both meet the sharp edge of a hunter's blade. I couldn't bear the thought that it would be Sam's. I suspected Sam was thinking the same thing. And I knew he'd feel like it was his responsibility to take care of the problem. I knew what having that weight on his shoulders would do to him. There was a time when I had that same responsibility and I nearly had to take out my own brother. It nearly killed me. I can't do that to him. I won't.

We WILL figure this out.

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