To Purgatory and Back @mystic75
Chapter 1

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This chapter contains direct dialogue from Season 8, Episode 1: "We Need to Talk about Kevin".

I've been in this God forsaken place for several months, at least I think it's been months. It could be years! The days seem to run together and when you're fighting for your own survival, you tend not to pay much attention to things like that. My bed is a crevice in a large boulder that I can squeeze myself into to try to get a meager amount of rest without having to guard my back. I'm lucky if I get a few hours of sleep every couple of days.

But there was something simple about this place too. Something pure. There was only two ways to exist here. You either run or you fight. There was nothing in between. There was black and white. No shades of grey. And I was NOT gonna run. The monsters would run from me. I was a hunter and being in Purgatory wasn't gonna change that. I would hunt. But I was on a mission. It came first. I had to find the angel.

I haven't seen Cas since the night we got here. The night he abandoned me. At least that's what I hope happened. The alternative is just too horrible to think about. I've been looking for him ever since. I've been "interrogating" the locals pretty forcefully. So forcefully, in fact, I had gained quite a reputation. All the monsters in the area knew about the human in Purgatory. Most learned to stear clear of me. But even with my rep and the threat of having their heads whacked off, none of these nasties would admit to having seen him. I've started to lose all hope that Cas is even still alive.

That's when I met Benny. I had just ganked a vamp with his own weapon, when he wouldn't give me any info on Cas' whereabouts, when I was attacked by another that I hadn't seen coming. I was stupid and had let my guard down for just a moment, but it was long enough. But then another dark shape appeared and beheaded the vamp just as he was about to sink his fangs into my throat. I jumped to my feet, grabbed the weapon the first vamp was carrying, an obsidian blade with a long bone handle, and held it out in front of me, eyeing my "savior" suspiciously. The stranger grinned back at me, his fangs descending over his human teeth. My grip on the weapon tightened as I waited for the inevitable attack. I assumed that he wanted me all to himself.

"What? No thanks for saving your hide?", the vampire drawled with a Cajun lilt to his accent.

"Sure. I won't shove this up your ass", I growled back, not the least bit calmed by his humor. This was definitely not the place to let down your guard. The vamp smiled at me again and chuckled. The look in his eyes was playful, not malicious, like I was used to or expecting. It made me even more suspicious of his intentions. Did he wanna play with his food?

"Mmm. Awful strange way to punch your meal ticket, friend. I got something you need", the stranger remarked with a sly smirk.

"Yeah, what's that?", I barked. I was getting impatient for him to make his point and then try to kill me.

"A way out."

"Even a dental apocalypse like you knows there's no such thing", I said with a chuckle that was devoid of any humor. 'This guy is really laying it on thick!", I thought to myself.

"There is if you're human." Then he raised his arms and looked up at the sky. "God has made it so!", he drawled like a southern Baptist minister preaching to his flock. "At least, that's the rumor."

"Bullshit!", I snarled. My mind was warring with itself. How can I trust this vampire... this monster... to tell the truth? To not sink his teeth into me the first chance he gets? But if he had a way outta here, how could I not take the chance? I had two opposing voices screaming at me in my head!

"Suit yourself. Maybe you've gone native. Maybe you like being man meat for every Tom, Dick, and Harry." The vamp started to side step to his right and I did the same. We ended up walking in a circle, like two stars circling around each other, not getting any closer, but not moving away either.

"Prove it", I breathed. The monster smirked at me, shaking his head.

"Nah. You're either in or you're out." He stopped, holding his hands out wide, waiting for my response.

"So you just want to guide me out of Purgatory out of the goodness of your undead heart?", I asked totally unbelieving.

"More or less", he said, shrugging.

"What's in it for you?", I asked, thinking that I would finally catch him in a lie.

"I'm hopping a ride", the stranger confessed. "I just stared back at him in confusion. What the Hell was he talking about? Hopping a ride?

"What?" His smirk turned into a real shit eating grin, which made my skin crawl.

"It's a human portal, jackass! Only humans can pass through. I show you the door, you hump my soul to the other side." The gears in my brain finally started to turn. This monster wanted to ride me out of Purgatory!

"So you're looking for a soul train." The thought sent a cold shiver up my spine. Could I let a monster hitch a ride inside me?

"Sure. If that's what you're into." I heaved a heavy sigh and looked around, taking my eyes off of him for the first time. I guessed I didn't really have a choice but to trust this... vampire... if I wanted to get the fuck outta this nightmare!

I agreed to take him to the portal and let him ride me out. But only after he helped me find Cas. He agreed, but only reluctantly. We walked for days, searching high and low for the wayward angel. Benny had a cordial relationship with a small nest of vamps nearby, so he went off alone to speak to them. When he came back, he said that they said that I could eat shit and die. But that Benny could check down by the stream. Everything ended up there at some point. I wasn't hopeful that we would find him there, but we had no leads. So we headed in that direction.

It wasn't long before we heard sounds up ahead. The sound or rustling leaves and snapping twigs. But over those sounds was something else. An animalistic growling grunt and a soft whimper. Benny froze beside me and his fangs descended with a feral hiss. I couldn't see what was making those sounds, but obviously Benny could.

"Benny?", I panted quietly. "What is it?" I looked out into the thick woods, but still couldn't see what Benny was seeing.

"Trouble." I looked at Benny and swallowed hard. If Benny thought this was trouble, I knew it was gonna be a shit load of trouble! Benny took off through the brush before I could stop him and I swore under my breath and took off after him. When I came through the brambles and into the clearing, what I saw made me come to a screeching halt, so to speak. I stood there staring in shock. I couldn't look away. It was like watching the aftermath of a terrible car accident. I looked over at Benny and his face was frozen in an angry sneer. We had found someone, two someones actually. And Benny was right.

They were gonna be Trouble.

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