League of One-Ups @woodyk
Chapter 1

Growing up, Caitlyn and Lux always felt the need to compete with each other. They did so in pretty much everything, in school, sports, et cetera, et cetera.

As Caitlyn and Lux got older, they both became the hottest girls in college, and most people would make the assumption they looked like twins.

On this day, before school started, Caitlyn and Lux were talking with other friends. When those other friends brought up their heights and wondered who is taller between them, that made them both get competitive about it and began texting each other during their first period classes. Both Caitlyn and Lux just went back forth, saying repetitive stuff like...

"I'm taller than you, Caitlyn!"

"Not true! I am, Lyn!"

"No way! I am!"

"No, ME!"

Caitlyn and Lux would come dangerously close to getting in trouble with their instructors by having their phones confiscated as punishment for not paying attention, so they decide to cease texting and meet in the private bathroom later in the day.

Once first period was over, Caitlyn and Lux text each other for a while when they somehow bring up their breasts. Somehow, while texting that became a competition too, and they begin arguing about who has the bigger breasts. Once again, they annoyed people close to them with their excessive back-and-forth heated exchanges, uttering...

"My breasts are bigger than yours, Caitlyn!"

"Not true! Mine are, Lyn!"

"No way! Mine are!"

"No, MINE!"

Eventually, they decided to stop going on like that all day and that they need to settle the argument as well when they meet up. While thinking of a good time for the place they agreed to meet, they had flashbacks of them competing when they were younger.

As children, Caitlyn and Lux just went back forth while standing against a wall to compare their heights. They used a ruler and pencil to mark their heights, but their penmanship wasn't too good as kids, and they even tried fabricating the results in their favor, so their pencil marks were roughly at the same height. It caused them both to squabble...

"I'm taller than you, Caitlyn! Look at the pencil mark!"

"Not true! I am, Lyn! Mine's higher!"

"No way! I am taller!"

"No, ME!"

At lunch, the ladies sat at opposite ends of the cafeteria with each of their friends, and they were staring at each other to mentally compare themselves to one another. Sadly, even that didn't make any progress for either of them. They knew they had to end the dispute soon. If they didn't, they'd likely end up hurting themselves and each other.

Finally, the time came for Caitlyn and Lux to meet up. Once they got to the bathroom, they were about to argue yet again about their numerous competitions, but then Caitlyn finally suggested, "I have an idea: We should stand back-to-back in the mirror and settle it once and for all."

Lux liked the idea because her eyes widened in intrigue as she told her, "I actually think that could be an excellent idea. Let's do... wait, didn't we do that before?"

"No, we leaned against walls, but not each other's backs."

"Oh. I think that's better than leaning against a wall."

"Then let's do it."

They stood back-to-back for quite a while, and while they were in this position, they both were looking at their bodies in the mirror as they were mentally comparing themselves to each other. It took a minute for them to notice that their butts were pressed together and blushed because of the contact, Caitlyn was the first to say with an embarrassed tone, "Sorry."

That made Lux ask, "Sorry for what?"

"Making my bottom touch yours."

"That's ok. Honestly, I should be sorry too because I think mine pressed into yours as well."

"Actually, I think it's neither of our faults because standing back-to-back might have caused it."

"Maybe let's go back to backing against a wall. That way we won't need to feel each other's butts."

"Good idea."

Caitlyn and Lux got back to comparing their heights the old-fashioned way. However, that presented another problem. The problem was that their heights were actually equal, but they STILL couldn't agree over who was taller between them. After they argue by repeating the exact same words they usually did for a while, Lyn brought up another idea, "Why don't we compare our breasts? There's no way they're the same size."


They agreed that they should take their shirts off to compare them. After taking off their shirts, they also removed their bras and pressed their boobs so close to each other. However, pressing them together did not stop them from arguing over whose rack was bigger. What was worse was that the tags on their bras showed the same cup size.

Just before Caitlyn and Lux could get into ANOTHER irritating shouting match, they heard someone coming, so, in a hurry, they grabbed their bras and shirts, quickly put their clothes back on, and left before anyone could catch them being topless.

Since they still could not just call it a tie, they texted each other and agreed that they needed to settle the dispute at a later time.

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