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The morning had been cold, the snowing outside hadn't stopped since last night, he was sure nobody was gonna show up but still he had to be there in case some poor fool wanted to get out in the cold just to go and confess his sins to him.

Back when… Dion wasn't there, the demon one, not the real one, he hated coming into the church to wait for people to confess, it wasn't like he had anything to do but sit around in his room but it was still better than sitting all day on the hardwood benches of the church.

But now that… that thing, the demon with Dion's face, was around, he actually enjoyed being in the church, in the whole world it was the only place where the demon couldn't follow him, so he enjoyed the moment he got to be there alone without a demon on his shoulder mocking him and whispering lewd things into his ear…

At least he got a moment of peace here.


Or so he thought, a voice called to him from behind, he turned around so fast his neck hurt, Dion, the real one, was standing by the door, covered in snow.

"Dion! What brings you here? come in, come in" he stood up from the bench and made his way to Dion.

Dion smiled at him, that smile that could make snow melt, that smile that had him in a chokehold.

"Father, I… can I speak to you?" Dion's voice was soft, he looked into Elun's eyes as he brushed off the snow from his shoulders.

Elun's heart started beating faster.

"Of course, what brings you here today? It's cold outside, you might get sick" he made a motion for Dion to walk in, Dion did so and sat on the last bench, Elun did the same.

"I was at home and… it happened again…" Dion looked down at his lap.

Elun understood, some days ago Dion had talked about his anxiety and depression, how being alone in a new house, in a new town, had made it all worse and how sometimes all he could do was lay on his bed and cry.

Elun had listened attentively and told him he should think about how he is never alone and the lord is always with him no matter how sad he was.

He wanted so bad to tell him about his struggles, about how sometimes all HE could do was stare into the ceiling of his room while tears fell down his cheeks, how he had been feeling empty since he turned 15, but he knew he couldn't… he shouldn't.

"I don't know how much time I can keep up father, I hate the cold, my room is so cold when I am there, the rooms around the house are so empty, do you ever feel like you are all alone in the world father?" Dion asked, still looking down.

Elun gulped.

"Sometimes I do but remember you must remind yourself during those times, the lord is with you, he will never leave you alone"

"I know that but… sometimes I need something more, sometimes I need warm… someone's warm…" Dion placed a hand on his knee, Elun looked down at it, was this happening? Is this… no obviously no, it couldn't be… right?

"I-i know what you mean, it is only normal to want someone's else physical company, it's human, the lord made us social creatures" 

Dion turned to look up at him, looking at him thru his beautiful eyelashes, Elun could feel himself start to sweat.

"Is that right? Have you ever felt that way father? In need for someone's touch?" Dion's hand gripped his knee, he moved even closer to Elun, shoulders touching.

"I-i can't say I haven't b-but I am a man of god… I don't really-"

"Don't really what? Father? Need it? Crave it? Desire it?…" 

Elun couldn't look away from Dion's dark eyes, he was afraid to, his heart was about to burst out of his chest and he was sure his face was red, he could feel Dion's hand traveling from his knee up his leg slowly…

"Tell me, father, do you like my touch? Or does it displease you? " Dion had gotten even closer to him, warm breath caressing his neck.

Elun couldn't think straight.

"I-i-i… D-Dion this isn't-"

"I want you father" Dion's hand made it to its destination, making Elun go completely still "Do you want me?"

Dion's face was so close to his, he could feel his breath on his lips, nothing around him was cold anymore.

"Y-yes…" Elun closed the distance between them capturing Dion's lips with his own, closing his eyes in the process.

"Father?" Dion's voice called from behind him again.

Snapping out of his daydream, Elun's eyes shoot wide open, his heart was beating so fast it, he felt pain on his chest and his forehead was covered in sweat, he realized he was still sitting on the same bench from before, alone, he turned around to see Dion, covered in snow, standing by the door, just like before.

"Father? Are you alright?" I kept calling out to you and you didn't hear me" Dion brushed the snow off his shoulders and walked in.

"I-i was p

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