Molding Stone @missethompson
After Party

After my talk with Barbara I remained on the couch and watched the crowd of rowdy men and mostly shameless women interact. It was intriguing how some women would interact with the men. They acted like those without a leather vest didn't exist, but the men in leather had their full attention if the member bothered to give the women even a moment of their time. It was mostly disgusting and I was only half surprised when I saw one of the men getting a blow job as he leaned back against the pool table.

I saw Happy come out of a back room a couple minutes later, Brick a couple steps ahead of him. Hap joined me on the couch and one of the half-naked girls brought him over another drink. Before long Kozik was back and sporting a self satisfied grin as he brought me a replacement whiskey. He chatted with Hap for a couple minutes, long enough that I had finished half the glass before Kozik turned his eyes on me.

"I believe I was promised a dance." Kozik said with a saucy smile. I quirked a brow at Kozik.

"Oh, you were, huh?" I asked and took another drink from my glass.

"I believe you said that I might be able to get you on the floor after a couple drinks." He replied and eyed the drink in my hand.

"But I'm not even feeling a buzz yet." I protested. At that Kozik gave up arguing rationally and gave me the puppy eyes. I laughed and then looked at Hap.

"Any chance of getting a dance with you?" Hap continued to stare at me blankly and I laughed, before looking back at Kozik.

"Well if you're the best I'm going to get then I guess I'll dance with you." I said dramatically. Kozik grinned and happily pulled my drink from my hand, setting it on the table next to Hap before grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the couches and toward the 'dance floor' which was more like a small area next the stripper pole without any furniture to worry about hurting yourself on.

There was no slow dancing when Kozik finally go me to the dance floor. Kozik spun me around like a ballerina before attempting some sort of horribly done hip hop move. I broke into giggles as I started the robot. Kozik broke into laughter too as he watches me and then starts doing the shopping cart. I couldn't keep it up anymore because I was laughing too hard. I was laughing so hard that my stomach was starting to hurt. I could feel the eyes of some of the people around us, the people I had seen grinding against each other earlier. I could see some of them, the judgment behind their gazes but I didn't care, this was fun, more fun then I had in a long time and I wasn't going to let it die out because a few people thought we were weird.

Kozik and I were still laughing as we left the dance floor and walked back over to the couches where we had left Hap. As we got closer I could the amusement on Hap's face and it just made me smile more.

"You sure you don't want to dance?" I asked as I sat back down next to Hap while Kozik walked away to refill our drinks.

"I'm good." Hap said with a shake of his head.

"Well, you're missing out." I said and happily took my glass back from Kozik when he walked back up.

"Ah, come on Hap, don't be a downer. I'll dance with you, spin you like a princess just like I did Jade." Kozik offered and a new round of giggles started at the mental image of the two dancing. Hap just shook his head and shot a glare at Koz.

"Don't push your luck, Kozi." I warned and looked around at the increasing level of drunkenness and nudity around the room. The women that had been half dressed before were lucky if they still had their stockings on. Several members were getting their dicks sucked and I saw one couple in the corner going at it with the girl pressed face first into the wall.

Taking note of the people around us dropped my mood as I became uncomfortable of the would-be porn scene around us. Hap seemed to catch the change in my mood as he turned completely to look at me.

"You ready to head into the back?" I started nodding and Kozik protested.

"Come on, guys. You can't bail on me now! The party's just getting started." He whined and I quirked a brow as I took another look around.

"Maybe for the swingers, but for the rest of us, its getting over." I said and stood with Hap as he got up. Kozik looked around and finally took in exactly what we were seeing.

"Well I guess I'm not taking a girl to bed with me tonight." He groused as he saw that every girl in the room was already hooked up with one son or another, the rest having exited the building when it became more of an exhibitionist show than a party.

"Snooze you lose, brother." Happy says as he slaps Kozik on the back before leading me down the hallway toward the back of the building. Walking down the hall past the dorm rooms was like walking through a porn studio, each door seemed to have sexual noises coming from behind it. I didn't even want to move closer to the walls or touch them for that matter, not knowing what or where these people had stopped on their ways to their rooms. As we got closer to Happy's room his hand rested on the small of my back as he kept me close. The only time he pulled away was when he pulled out his key to open the door.

I'm not sure what I was really expecting when he opened that door, but I wasn't surprised but what was there. Other than some dust the room was completely clean. The bed was made, a pile of magazines was stacked neatly on the dresser, no clothes on the floor, the only things that really made it obvious that this room belonged to someone was the posters on the wall. A poster with a collage of Harleys, some with beautiful woman in bikinis and some without and then a couple smaller tattoo posters that I recognized from some of the magazines that had made their way back to the apartment and had been left on the coffee table.

The room was very much a reflection of Happy and it made me smile as I stepped further into the room. Hap walked over to the dresser and pulled out a shirt.

"You can sleep in this." He said and I raised a brow.

"You don't want a private party like your brothers?" I asked and Hap shrugged. I took the shirt, leaving it folded and set it on the end table next to the bed. Hap stripped out of his shirt and dropped his jeans, picking them up off the floor and tossing them into the hamper next to the bathroom door. He flopped down on the bed above the sheets and I started peeling my jeans off. I kneeled on the bed, letting my jeans fall to the floor and slowly stripped off my shirt, letting it drop to the floor beside my jeans. As my shirt dropped my eyes looked with Hap who was watching the show with interest now.

I slowly crawled up the bed, laying soft kisses on his skin as I slowly made my way to his face. As my lips met his I straddled his waist and his hands came up to grab my hips, pulling me down onto him. I smiled as he groaned when I ground my hips into his, my nails lightly scratching down the skin of his scalp. His hands tightened on my hips as he rocked into me.

I broke the kiss and started my way back down his body with my mouth, leaving a trial of wet kisses down his torso before hooking my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and slowly bringing them down. Happy let out a low moan and bucked at the first touch before his hands were in my hair guiding me. He tensed when I let my teeth graze over the sensitive skin and then he was pulling me back up. When I was almost back to his face Hap let go of my hair, his hands returning to my waist before he flipped us over.

I giggled at the action before it turned into a moan when his mouth found the sensitive spot on my neck. Hap's hands moved along my body and found their way into the waist band of my underwear, slowly pulling them away and tossing them onto the floor at the end of the bed. The feeling of Happy's' tongue on the inside of my thigh made me gasp. I fought the urge to writhe as Hap's tongue continues up my thigh to my core. I moaned and bucked as his tongue finally found that tiny bundle of nerves. Hap's hands came back to my hips to hold me in place as I rolled my hips into his face.

"Hap." I gasped as twisted one hand into the sheets and the other found its way to Hap's head, caught between wanting to hold him there and wanting to pull him up.

"Hap!" I keened as I felt that knot in my stomach growing impossibly tighter. With that Hap pulled away and I couldn't help the whine at the loss. Hap sat back on his knees, reaching over to the night stand and grabbing a condom and rolling it on before grabbing my legs and pulling me closer.

He slid in slowly, both of us releasing low groans as we joined. I wrapped my legs around his waist keeping him close as he started with slow and short thrusts, slowly working me back up. I reached behind my head and grasped at the pillows for something to hold not wanting to change the angle of his thrusts that seemed to be hitting just the right spots.

After a couple minutes his thrusts started to pick up and his thumb brushed my clit. With that I couldn't fight the urge to move anymore as I rolled my hips into his thrusts, needing just a little more than what his languid motions were providing. Hap seemed to feel the same as he shifted to hover over me, his mouth going to one breast while his hand went to the other. His thrusts became faster and harder making my core tighten and making Hap groan.

I continued rolling my hips, Hap's movements making perfect contact every couple thrusts. I could feel myself hovering just short of the edge, my hips faltering as I tried to speed up the pace, but Hap wasn't having any of it. His pace remained the same as he bit down gently on my nipple. My hips stuttered again as I gasped and I clung to him, my nails skimming down his back and sending a shiver through his body.

His mouth broke away from my chest and moved up to my neck. Hap's other hand replaced his mouth and his thrusts gained some force with the leverage. I moaned at the feeling and I moved my hands down his sides, sending a ripple through his muscles before my hands found his hips. I pulled trying to get him right where I needed him, but Hap refused to move. Hap's head moved so his lips were right next to my ear.

"Stop. Just feel. I've got ya." He rasped and I whined but moved my hands away to grasp at the sheets once again. Once I did Hap moved away from my ear and found the sweet spot on my neck again, his thumbs pulled at nipples pulling a moan from me and then he started with harsh short thrusts in an upward angle, his pubic bone moving against my bundle of nerves each time. I was right on the cusp when he pinched both nipples and twisted causing a delicious pain that was enough to send me over the edge. A scream started to leave my throat but was quickly muffled by Happy's mouth. I was still flying high when Happy's hips stuttered and his let out a groan of his own.

After a couple more, stuttering thrusts Hap pulled away and fell over onto his side of the bed and we were both left panting. We laid there till we caught our breaths before I rolled over to face him.

"Well, I don't think coming here was so bad." I said and Hap huffed a laugh and shook his head.

"Didn't think you would want to after coming down the hall. Thought it would put you off." He said and I shrugged before reaching over to the night stand and grabbing the shirt that he had gotten out for me. Hap leaned over the side of the bed and retrieved his boxers and slipped them on while I put on his shirt and moved under the sheets.

"Not like your brothers would have a leg to stand on if they tried to judge us." I said and Hap grunted and also got under the sheet and moved his arm so I could curl up next to him.

"They know I'd take them to ring for something so stupid." I hummed in reply as I laid my head on his chest and let the steady thump of his heart lull me to sleep.

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