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Nick x Judy x Bonnie

The night to remember and its consequences.

A/N: Hey guys, so I'm guessing you all are wondering what this is. Well, I've been thinking and I decided that I need to practice my skills at writing lemons. So to do that, I'm going to start making one-shots that are mainly focused on the sexy side of writing. Now, this won't just be one Fandom only, though I can make one for that. This one is for all the fandoms that I am a part of, so Naruto, Zootopia, Fallout, Pokémon, etc. Heck, there will be crossover ideas in here too. Now if you all want them to continue, I'm afraid you all will have to make them yourself. You just need to get my permission first so I can direct the others to your profile.

Edit: This chapter will be extremely long due to my obsession with details. You have been warned.

Now let's get to the story for this chapter. So simply put, this is a Zootopia what if one. Where Stu is worse than he is in the movie. The Hopps family is still partnered with Gidden, but Stu is still worse than he is in the movie. Now he learns that Nick and Judy have gotten together and hates it. But there is one problem for him. Bonnie supports them and is more than willing to let Nick into the family. This leads us to the beginning of our story and how one night can change things forever. For both the Hopps clan and for Foxes and Rabbits in general.

Warning contains: knotting, cumflation, impregnation, technical cheating, and a canine penis ruining two bunny pussies to the point no rabbit can have them.

Trigger warning: mentions of child abuse, mentions of rape, and spousal abuse.

Let's see what is about to happen, shall we? Hope you all enjoy.

It was mid-afternoon when the news came about her daughter finding herself a mate, and Bonnie couldn't be happier for her daughter. She had been worried that her daughter would die old and alone. But to hear that she found someone to be with was such a relief to her. But one thing ruined the moment, her husband. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S A FOX!?" Stu Hopps yelled at the phone, and by extension their daughter. Bonnie sighed as this was something that she hated about her husband. He was still very specieist about Foxes, even if they are partnered with Gidden. The only reason that they were partnered with him was because their old one had begun slandering them to the other places in town and had made it so they couldn't sell their produce around town. So they had no choice but to sell it to Gidden who made it into pies and sold them, then giving half the profit to them.

Judy could be heard scoffing on the other end of the phone. "I mean Nick is a fox, a red fox at that and the love of my life. He has been there for me in my dream, whereas you have just told me to give up. That a bunny can never make it as a cop, and that no matter the achievements that I make can fix that. Even mom is more supportive than you are, and she used to agree with you on your position. Besides, more and more of my siblings have been showing you are wrong in other ways too. Fred is a lawyer, Beth is one of the best predator surgeons in Zootopia, and Ed is the best mechanic Zootopia has ever seen since Nicolas Leomain. Who was a lion mind you and was the best of them all, and his empire still remains to this day. My car was practically made by them and is still the best car I've been in.

Face it, dad, you are so stuck in the past and stuck in your ways. That you can't see what your kits are achieving, and can do better in their lives than just farm carrots and be breeding sows for bucks." Judy ranted letting her father know what she thought. She had never liked that life and had put a lot of work into not becoming just another statistic in the stereotype of rabbits. So she would be damned if she listened to her father and just gave up and became a mother to hundreds of kits. Sure she wanted to become a mom, but not to hundreds of kits and stay bare paw and pregnant the rest of her life.

Stu was fuming at this point, as Judy just pointed out how so many of his kits outright refused to be farmers and follow the bunny norm. Not to mention that his wife supported them in their decisions to do so. She had been supportive of them since Judy left to go back to the city and took down Bellwether.

Before Stu could say anything, Judy ended the call and the screen went dark. "Dagnabbit why can't she just learn to love the life a bunny should live! Ever since she got it in her head that she wanted to be a cop, she has disobeyed us at every turn. And now she's the mate of a fucking pelt! Why couldn't she turn out better than this?" Stu rants while pacing back and forth. He couldn't stand how his kits were like this, and more were starting to follow in Judy's paw prints and leave the bunny ways behind.

Bonnie was pissed at her husband for using such a word. She has been listening to his rants for years now, about how his kits were supposedly abandoning what makes a rabbit a rabbit. At first, she agreed with him, as bunnies were just as discriminated against as foxes and other smaller mammals. But after some of the more rich and famous mammals made a lot of businesses and banks for small mammals. It all began to change for the better. And with mammals like Nick and Judy helping fix things from inside the police precinct and academy. Things were looking up for them, not to mention that new city that had sprung up not long ago for mammals in inter-species relationships. A lot of the older generation was beginning to lose a lot of ground. And mammals like her husband were being called out on their shit. She suspected that the 'slandering' was mostly just about Stu's specieist behavior. "Stu, you know she's right in some ways. Also, don't use that word in this burrow, you know I forbid anyone from saying it, including you." Bonnie said with a stern tone and a serious look on her face. "You know you can't control them anymore, they're adults now and can make their own choices. Nothing we can do can stop that." She said before being slapped by Stu. They had been married for years, and in that time he had never hit her. So when she was slapped by Stu it shocked her.

Stu stared at Bonnie with anger in his eyes. "They should be thinking about the future, Bonnie. Not just theirs but the future of the farm. This farm has been in the family for so many generations it's not even funny. And all they want to do is live a life where farming is the furthest thing from their lives. And if the farm goes, so does the burrow." Stu said, venom dripping from his voice. He was about to say more when he was hit in the back of the head and knocked unconscious.

Looking at the thing that hit Stu on the back of the head, she saw a boot that an old rabbit soldier would wear. Looking up she saw her father-in-law, Jackson Hopps, standing in the doorway with two of her daughters. They rushed over to her and hugged her. "I'm alright, a bit shook up, but alright." Bonnie reassured her daughters before looking over at Jackson. who was staring down at his son with a disgusted expression. "You're disappointed in him, aren't you." Bonnie said as if it was a statement.

Jackson nodded, he raised his sons to never try to hit any doe for any reason except self-defense. "Yes, I didn't realize that he had fallen this far into his hate for predators. That he would try to hit you, Bonnie. I now plan on taking the farm back and giving it to my second oldest. As Stu has just proven his brother's fears about him. Stu never would hear of it, but what was being said was about his belief that rabbits should be nothing but farmers and farmers' wives.

How it was something that shouldn't be allowed to remain in business, and so the town banded together and made it so that as long as Stu had the farm. No one would buy anything from it ever again. But no more, it's time for a change of paws that is long overdue." Jackson said before looking at Bonnie. "You need to get out of the burrow. We will tell everyone what Stu did, he won't get away with trying to hurt you because you support your kits. Helen, call Trisha and tell her to take your mother to the train station. One way ticket to Zootopia, tonight." Jackson told his grand-daughter. Helen nodded and gave her sister a call. "Bonnie, I want you to go to Judy, tell her what happened, and have her call her boss or co-workers. That way she can't be considered involved except for reporting it. I'll call the sheriff's office and tell them I had you flee to Zootopia so Stu wouldn't know where you were." Jackson told Bonnie, he wanted his daughter-in-law safe just in case Stu tried something stupid. Quite frankly, he thought that Bonnie should have divorced his son after this. He wouldn't be surprised if she did, and he wouldn't blame her for a second.

Bonnie nodded, as she needed to get out of the burrow for now. "Alright Jackson, I just hope that things will be better after this. Jessica, make sure that word of this incident is told to everyone. Yes, that also means in the family chat too. If they ask what happened, tell them "the fight that we all expected to happen, happened and it got physical." They will all know what it means. Most of your brothers and sisters were expecting this day to come. If they ask if there will be a divorce, tell them it's not certain, but it is on the table after this." Bonnie told her daughter, who was already on it and had written down what her mother told her to. Hitting send Jessica gave a thumbs up showing that it was done. Not a second later the phone began to blow up with notifications. "I'm going to go pack, I'll need some things if I'm going to Zootopia for a few weeks." Bonnie said before leaving the room. Walking down the hall she turned left and went up to the door to her room. Opening the door she went over to the closet and grabbed her suitcases. She packed several sets of clothes and lingerie before going into the master bedroom and grabbed all her fur care products and certain feminine products she still needed. Contrary to what most of her kits thought, she was actually younger than she let on to them. She and Stu had a shotgun wedding when they were fifteen. Judy was actually part of her third litter and was born a week after Bonnie turned sixteen. Bonnie had only just turned 40 last month and knew that she still had some of her old charms from when she was younger. So she still had some years left in her before menopause hit, seeing as it hits most rabbit does at 68 instead of 45 like other mammals.

Just as she finished packing her bedroom door flew open and a small gray blur came dashing in. Bonnie looked at her stomach when she felt something slam into her and small arms wrap around her waist. Clinging to her was her youngest son Cotton. He had her gray fur, and his father's eyes, though you would think he was Judy's son because he was lean and slick like her. "Please don't go away, mommy! Please don't go." Cotton pleaded to his mother. Bonnie knew that Cotton loved her greatly, and wanted her to stay or bring him with her. But she knew that she couldn't do that. Not with the threat of Stu becoming worse, she didn't want to risk her son seeing that side of his father. "I need you here mommy, who is going to take care of me while you're gone?" Cotton asked her with tears rolling down his cheeks, she was really the only one who took care of him. All the others really just ignored him because he liked to play pranks sometimes. Sure he took some a little too far, like the time that he put itching powder in the fur shampoo of all his sisters that lived in the burrow at the time. But that wasn't a reason to ignore him and neglect him.

Bonnie hugged her son, she knew that he needed someone to look after him. She would have Trisha look after him, as she would be the only one that knew where she would be. And Bonnie knew that Trisha would bring Cotton to her when it was safe. "Trisha will look after you while I'm gone, and no you can't come with me. Your father isn't in the best state of mind right now, and is probably going to get even worse after some time passes. But I will tell her when it's safe for you to come to me, alright." Bonnie told her son. She loved her kits to death, but she also knew that Stu might try something stupid if he ever got loose, like hurting her or try to kill whoever is helping her. "I need to finish getting packed, go and find your littermates and try to get them not to come in here." Bonnie told him, getting a nod from Cotton and he left shutting the door as he did so. With Cotton gone, Bonnie went over to her bed and grabbed her special box. This box contained her 'toys' that she used, because Stu was always too upset to help her with her needs. She knew that he didn't cheat on her, as the perks of having so many kits was that no one can sneak out without someone knowing. Especially if that someone was their parents. Putting it and her diary in the suitcase, Bonnie zipped them shut, grabbed her phone and charger, and left her room with the bags in her paws.

Bonnie had just gotten to the main hall that went straight to the door when her son Mike came up to her with a bag in his paws. "Mom, leave that phone here. I've got one for you so that dad can't track you. I know that once my more speciesist siblings find out what the fight was about, they will try and help dad find you. It's got a new number in it so that he won't know which number to track. I had mine and Judy's numbers put in it so that way you can call her and tell her what is going on. I'll call you from time to time to tell you what is going on at our end. I'll get the others that I know will stand with us in the case as I find them. Judy should be off of work by the time you get to Zootopia, but just in case I scheduled a zoober for you to take you to Judy's new place. I will text you the address just in case you forgot where it is." Mike explained to his mother, he had been expecting this to happen. It was bound to happen with so many of his brothers and sisters deciding to take jobs that weren't farming. There was Jackie, but she was a doe so their dad wouldn't give her the farm. "You add what numbers you need to and hand me your old phone. I texted Judy your new number. So she should have it marked as you by now." Mike said before giving his mom a moment to put what numbers she could in, and once she was done she pawed over her old phone and charger.

Bonnie put her new phone in her pocket and put the bag with all the other things that went with her new phone in the top pocket of her suitcase. "Thanks, Mike, I really appreciate this. Hopefully, most of your brothers and sisters are on our side. I just hope that things won't get as bad as I fear, but knowing your father they will and I need to get away from Bunny Burrow for a few weeks until I'm called for the witness stand. Until then I need you and Trisha to look after Cotton for me. I know that everyone hates his pranks, but that isn't a good reason for you all to ignore him." Bonnie told her son. "I will get Cotton when I come back so that I can have him close when the case is done. I hate to say it, but I don't think this family will survive this. Your father's supporters among your siblings are a small number, but they will leave if a divorce happens. If it does, make sure they don't take any of the younger kits with them. If they are their kits, that's fine. But if they are any of your younger siblings or heaven forbid one of you nieces or nephews that don't belong to them, stop them and call the sheriff." Bonnie told her son, before hugging him. "Keep your siblings safe while I'm away, and always know that I love you." Bonnie said before letting go, she then heard a notification from her old phone.

Mike looks at the phone and sees that it's a text from Trisha. "It's Trish, she's out front waiting on you. She also dropped by the train station and your train leaves in half an hour. Since it takes twenty minutes to get there from here, that gives you ten minutes to find your seat and get settled in, and for what it's worth mom, I hope you do divorce him. Dad has actually done a lot more than you know about, and a lot of us have done many things just to spite him. One of those things is being in inter-species relationships. I've kind of been dating a skunk for a couple years now." Mike admitted. He had been dating Persephone for the better part of 4 years now. They had met in college and now ran a phone store together. She was the light of his life, and he was the light of hers. He met her when he found some of his brothers were bullying her and he stepped in.

Bonnie was surprised that her son would admit that to her. But she knew that this fight with Stu is what changed his mind about hiding it from her, it probably changed the minds of all her kits that were probably hiding their relationships if they weren't with other bunnies. "Well, hopefully I'll be able to meet her after the trial. I want to meet all the potential mates of my kits, even if they aren't bunnies. You make sure you tell your siblings that Mike, especially if I'm about to get any grandkits from them and I didn't know it." Bonnie said before grabbing her bags and rushed out the door. She knew that she couldn't waste any more time, she didn't want to miss her train and give Stu more time to hunt and figure out where she was going.

Bonnie saw Trisha in her red 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee, she knew that Trisha kept her car clean and well maintained. So she knew that it wouldn't break down on the road like the farm's truck that was practically falling apart. She put her bags into the back, but not before grabbing the charger and plug-in from her bag. She then walked to the front of the cabin and opened the door. "Thank you for taking me to the station, Trisha. I honestly don't know how it took this long, but I'm actually considering divorcing your father." Bonnie said while sitting down and closing the door. She put on her seat belt and looked at her daughter. She saw a relieved look on her daughter's face which confused her.

Trisha let out a relieved sigh. "Mom, you have no idea how much that means to me and many others. Dad has been hiding a lot of things from you, most of it when your back is turned. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say that he has beaten a few of us for our choices." Trisha told Bonnie. Before pulling out of the farm driveway. She had been silent long enough, and if this fight was going to be the end of her parent's marriage. Then by Gaia, she was going to pour as much gasoline on this fire as she could. She couldn't stand to see her siblings beaten for their choices on who they wanted to be with, or for what they wanted to do with their lives. She then pulled the car onto that main road that would lead them to town.

Bonnie was extremely shocked to hear that her husband had been beating their kits. It was one of those things that she would have left him sooner if she had known about it. She had told Stu this fact the moment she had gotten pregnant with her first litter. "How long has this been going on for Trisha?" Bonnie asked wanting to know how long she had wasted her life raising kits, only for them to be abused by their father. If there was one thing that most predators around town could respect Bonnie for was her drive to protect her kits. They constantly told her this on a daily basis when she was in town. Even the more anti-social and secretive predators told her this.

Trisha hesitated a little bit. She knew that once she opened her muzzle that there was no going back. "To be completely honest, years upon years. I think it started about a year after that day at the Carrot day festival, when Judy said she wanted to be a cop. It started with Jackie when she told everyone that she planned to be a nurse. About an hour after that dad followed her back to our room and beat her enough to leave several bruises. I came in about ten minutes after it happened and she told me what happened.

She was crying on her bed and so desperately wanted to know what she had done to deserve what he did to her. Turns out that it was just for her not wanting to be, as Judy has so eloquently put it before, a breeding sow for some buck and wanting to do something with herself." Trisha said with a sad look. "If I had known that you would have left dad sooner if you knew, I would have opened my muzzle sooner. But then he threatened to do the same to me if I did, only worse than what he did to Jackie." Trisha said with tears in her eyes. She had pulled onto the side of the road, as she didn't want to wreck because she was so distraught.

Bonnie pulled Trisha into a hug. "It's Ok Trisha, you're telling me now and that's what counts for me. Just make sure that you tell me next time you see this happening. The reason I say next time is because I feel like something is going to happen. I have this gut feeling that your father might escape, and I think your grandfather does too." Bonnie told her daughter. She had learned to trust her gut feelings when she found out she was pregnant with her 13th litter. 'Hehehe, most mammals here thought I was crazy to have as many kits as I did with Stu. I wonder what they would say if I said I was thinking about kits with someone? They would probably think I'm insane.' Bonnie thought while trying to keep a snicker from escaping her.

Trisha knew what her mother meant. She had gotten the same gut feeling earlier, when she heard about the fight. "I have the same feeling too. I recommend you stick close to Judy and her mate, that way you don't have to worry about dad." Trisha suggested, before pulling back onto the road and continuing to the train station. As they got into town they saw the sheriff's car zoom past them. Likely going to get Stu from the burrow. "Hopefully this nightmare is almost over." Trisha said hopefully, she knew that her dad wouldn't be welcomed back to the burrow again. So if he ever did escape, he would need to find a new place to hide.

Soon they arrived at the train station. The station itself was a yellow and purple building with the main passageway resembling a cartoon rabbit's face. "Alright, here's your ticket." Trisha said, handing her mother. "Now, I know you probably have questions, but you will have to wait until you get on the train. Give me a call when you're on and settled in." Trisha told her which got a nod from her mother. "Love you, mom. Be safe while traveling to Zootopia and try not to get lost." Trisha said before hugging her mother.

Bonnie returned the hug. "Love you too baby, and thank you again for helping me. Also, your brother gave me a new number, so the next text you get will be from me." Bonnie told her before sending a small "hi" message to her daughter's phone. "Before I get out of your fur, I want you and Mike to take care of Cotton while I'm gone. And before you say anything, this is only until after the trial. So make sure that he is taken care of until I call for him." Bonnie said with a stern tone before getting out to get her bags. When she had her bags she went to the ticket window and flashed her ticket. After receiving a nod from the doe in the ticket booth she walked up to the train that would take her to Zootopia.

Stepping onto the train she was met by the conductor. "Hello Earl, it's been a long time." Bonnie said to her old classmate from high school. She could recognize Earl anywhere, given that he was the only Flemish giant rabbit who became a conductor. Not to mention that his orange fur sticks out like a sore thumb in a crowd.

Earl looks down and sees Bonnie alone. 'What in tarnation? Since when does Bonnie travel alone?' Earl thought to himself. "Afternoon Bonnie, quick question though, what are you doing here alone? I know most does can leave home alone, but you usually don't." Earl said to her with a raised eyebrow.

Bonnie sighed and told him why she was here. The look of shock and anger on Earl's face spoke volumes on how he felt about it. "So you can see why I'm traveling alone this time. I'm heading to Judy's so that I can have a place to stay safe while the trial goes on. I'm only going to be back long enough to give testimony at the trial before going back." Bonnie told him, she knew that Earl wouldn't tell anyone where she went without being forced to do so. So she knew it was safe to tell him.

Earl nodded in understanding. "Bonnie, you don't have to worry. I know which of your kits will support that fool. There was a major reason I disowned one of my daughters when she married one of your bucks. Jerald is the spitting image of his father, in both looks and personality. I caught him beating one of his daughters for the same reason Stu did yours. I told my daughter, and she defended his actions. Needless to say, I had KPS called in and now they are on a list to have all their kits taken so the cycle stops." Earl said. He loves his grand-kits, but he will never let them be harmed by their father ever again.

Bonnie was shocked at this, she knew that Jerald kept getting his kits taken for a reason previously unknown to her. But now it made complete and total sense. "Sigh I knew something was up. No one gets one of those without a reason, especially since a lot of those orders go to mammals like that. Thank you for telling me this Earl, it really helps my discussion on whether or not to divorce that bastard." Bonnie said before walking toward her seat.

Earl smiled at that. "No worries Bonnie, and for what it's worth, I thought you could have done better than Stu anyways. Find yourself someone nice in Zootopia, you won't regret it. Though, given your personality, I recommend a pred. No city buck wants a pre-started family these days. At least, none your age." Earl told her before walking into the next car.

Bonnie was shocked at what Earl had just suggested to her. Though he did have a point in some respect. She was a lot more wild and adventurous than most rabbits. So an equally wild and adventurous predator male, would compliment her personality quite nicely. Bonnie realized the thoughts going through her head and shook it. 'Get a hold of yourself Bonnie! Not many predators want a mate with a pre-started family either. Though I guess there are some that wouldn't mind it. No! Stop that Bonnie, you need to focus.' Bonnie scolded herself before grabbing her new phone. She then went to her contacts, and hit the call button when she found Judy's name.

The phone rang twice before someone picked up on the other end."Hello, Wilde residence." A male voice came from the otherside. There was the sound of something hitting the speaker's arm and a rush of air. "Give me that. Hello, who is it?" Judy asked, wondering who was calling her?

Bonnie took a deep breath. "Hey bun-bun it's me, listen I need a place to stay for a bit. Some things happened when you ended your call with your father. And it ended up with me needing to get out of the burrow for the foreseeable future." Bonnie told her daughter. "Don't worry about me becoming one of those mothers. I've seen how those situations can get in the end." Bonnie said, trying to reassure her daughter. As she has seen and heard about mothers that freeloads off their kits.

Judy could be heard letting out a small giggle. "I know you won't mom, trust me, you are not the type for that. Though I do want to know what happened when I hung up the phone. We will meet you at the station, look for the smoothie stand after you get off the escalators. It shouldn't be hard to spot, given that it has a tube to serve giraffes." Judy told her mother. It was easy to find the stand, given that it was the only one that sold smoothies to Giraffes in the station.

Bonnie nodded and made a mental note to look for that. "Alright, I should be there in a few hours. About five or six hours if there aren't any problems. So that gives you two time to get some sleep. Tell Nick I said hi and I look forward to meeting him." Bonnie said while looking out the window. It was dark out now, the sun had just been starting to set over the horizon when she left the burrow.

Judy giggled a little bit. "I'll tell the big goof that. And please try not to talk to any bucks, there have been a string of attempted rapes at the station recently. The perpetrators were described as all male rabbit bucks, between the ages of 22 and 24, and have gray or cream fur." Judy said. She wanted to make sure her mother wasn't going to be another one of the victims in the case. She just hoped it wasn't two of her brothers doing this. As her co-workers would have to pull her off of them if it was. She had taught her brothers to never lay a paw on females like that, or face her wrath when she found out.

Bonnie was shocked that such mammals would be doing that in such a public place. "I'll remember that, hopefully it isn't some of your brothers. I've been learning things today about things done behind our backs that involve your father and some of your brothers. I'll explain more when I get there." Bonnie told her daughter, before grabbing her bags and moving towards the cabins. She got to hers and put her stuff to the side of the door for now. "I still need to call your sister to find out the extent of how much was done. But from what I do know, your brothers better start praying to Gaia that you don't murder them." Bonnie told her daughter.

A growl that shouldn't belong to a bunny erupted from Judy's throat. "If it's that bad, then you're right. They better start praying, and praying hard that I don't kill them." Judy said in a VERY livid tone.

It was at this moment that every buck that followed their father's way of thinking, had a bone-chilling shiver run down their back. Though none of them knew why. All they knew was that they probably needed to write a last will and testament.

Bonnie felt a shiver run down her spine. "I'm really starting to think your great-grandmother got pregnant with her first choice of a mate without realizing it. Just before he was lynched. And his honey badger traits are just now showing up in you." Bonnie commented before hanging up. She honestly was starting to wonder that, as her father, all her siblings, and she herself had nasty tempers. Some are just as nasty as a ragging honey badger. So it makes her wonder if they weren't part honey badger.

Bonnie let out a sigh. "It's probably going to be morning when I get there. Especially since I have a feeling there will be a long hold up." She said before pulling up Trisha's number. She hit the call button and waited for her daughter to answer.

The phone rang three before it was answered. "Hey mom, I already know what you're going to ask so here it is. After the incident I told you about, I decided to make a list of everyone dad has abused, and hurt in some major way. At least half the does of the burrow have been beaten by dad. Quite a few bucks too. At least half of them all were because they showed interest in inter-species relationships. All with predators of some kind, be it a mountain lion, a wolf, a mink, or even some species of fox.

I'm one of the lucky few that went against dad's beliefs and didn't get beaten. Though I think that's because I kept it secret from just about everyone." Trisha told her mother. While smiling at the thought of her mate.

Bonnie was enraged at how many of her kits were abused by her soon-to-be EX-husband. She had half a mind to make this a conference call with Judy and her boss. That way, if Stu ever escaped he would never be helped by even the criminal underworld of Zootopia. Though the last thing her daughter said caught her attention. "Wait, weren't you married to Jared?" Bonnie asked with a confused tone. She remembered Trisha marrying a younger buck two years ago.

Trisha giggled sheepishly. "Yeah, about that. Jared was simply a decoy groom. After everyone except those who did know left, my real mate came in and we got married that same night. You remember that sweet Fusa I brought to the burrow three years ago?" Trisha asked her mother.

Bonnie thought about it for a moment. She then remembered Trisha bringing a friend of hers in one night three years ago. Said friend was indeed a Fusa and a very kind one at that. He was the kind of male that was a natural flirt and didn't even know it. He just said whatever came to his mind, and wears his heart on his sleeve. "Oh, now I remember him. He was so sweet to just about everyone. Not to mention the kits just adored him, he would definitely make a good father. But why do you as-?" Bonnie began to ask when it hit her.

Trisha giggled at her mother's sudden silence. "Yeah, that's him. Morrison and I have been secretly married for two years now. Jared agreed to be our decoy because he knows what it is like to have speciesist parents. That same night he also married his true mate. A gray vixen named Mary. From what I know, they are living in Zootopia now. In a little spot that is surrounded by the Meadowlands, tundra town, and the Rainforest district. They call that part of town Inter meadows, because of the large number of inter-species couples living there.

I was thinking about moving there myself, till I saw that there wasn't much room to expand for potentially large families. Though I've heard that is changing now that certain mammals that were taking up that space are gone. Apparently, all the big corporations there were a part of some Anti-predator groups. The kind that goes on cult-like killing sprees. What they didn't count on is that the majority of their customers were predators. So they all went bankrupt and the land is now free from their ownership." Trisha told Bonnie. "They started to tear down the buildings yesterday after pulling everything out of them. So the construction of houses should start up soon." She said before seeing how late it was and said. "I have to go, mom, it's Morrison's turn cooking tonight and I still need to get Cotton."

Bonnie nodded at that, not that Trisha could see that. "I understand sweetie. And thank you for telling me, it means a lot that you have been helping keep your siblings as safe as possible. I know there wasn't much you could do at the time. But I know that you likely helped keep your siblings from killing themselves." She said, proud of her daughter for being there for her siblings.

Trisha smiled at this, she knew that she had done just that for one of her brothers. He felt that he would never be loved by his crush and their father. Said crush was a sweet flying fox that was two years older than him. "Thanks, and good night mom." Trisha said before hanging up the call.

Bonnie put her phone in her pocket, grabbed her bag, and headed to her designated room on the train. When she opened the door to her room, she found a bed that was practically built into the wall, two benches, and a table between them. At the end of the table against the wall was an outlet for her new phone to charge. Taking the bag that the charger out of her bag; she plugged in the charger and plugged the phone in. She then changed into her nightclothes, which was an old T-shirt and a pair of sleep pants.

She lay down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket. 'Hopefully, things will get better from here on out.' Bonnie thought to herself before closing her eyes and began to fall asleep.

7 hours later just 20 minutes before Zootopia station.

Bonnie was fast asleep when a knock at the door woke her up. She opened the door and saw that it was Earl. "Mmm, morning Earl. Are we almost at the station?" She asked while rubbing her eye.

Earl nodded. "Yeah Bon, we're about twenty or so minutes out from the station. So you've got some time to get dressed and head to the food car or make any necessary phone calls." He said getting a nod from Bonnie before leaving to wake up the other passengers.

Bonnie shut the door and walked over to her bag. She pulled out her favorite purple plaid shirt as well as a pair of jeans and a fresh pair of panties. She hadn't really needed one in a while. Though she knew that she would need one now. 'Hmm, I'll go for the light blue one for today. Mamm this is going to be uncomfortable, I haven't worn one of these in years. Though that's because they are still growing technology. Pregnancy may not be the most liked or best method to do it. But you have to admit it gets the job done of helping the body fill out better than puberty ever will.' Bonnie thought to herself while looking at herself in the mirror. Her breasts when she was a teen were barely a B-cup. Now after a couple of dozen pregnancies, they were a large bunny size D-cup. (About a small C-cup for humans) And as an added bonus in her opinion, there was little to no sag in them yet.

Next, she looked at her stomach and hips. While she didn't outright hate how she looked there she didn't like it. 'Hmm, I could stand to lose a few pounds. Though I'll likely gain them back when I get pregnant again. Though that can't really be helped. I hate that fact about rabbits. Some like being tied up, some like it extremely rough, but no; I have to be the one that squirts at the thought of being bred.' Bonnie thought to herself. See she was part of an old line of rabbits that still had the instinctual need to be bred by a male. It's also the reason why she always pushed her daughters to marry off as soon as possible to the right buck. 'Or in this case the right mammal.' With that thought out of the way. She got fully dressed and grabbed everything that belonged to her.

After packing everything up and putting her charger back in her bag. Bonnie went to the upper deck and sat on a bench where she would be able to see the city as the train went by Outback Island. Pulling her phone out of her pocket and dialed Judy's number.

Meanwhile 10 minutes before at the Wilde house (lime warning)

Sitting on her bed while getting dressed is a beautiful gray and white doe with brilliant amethyst eyes. This as of last night was Judith Laverne Wilde. Formerly Hopps. See, after the previous night's fiasco, she decided to solely take her mate's last name. As her old one held too much baggage for her taste. "Nick, remembering that we are picking up mom from the station! So wear something that isn't one of the Pawaiian shirts!" Judy yelled to her mate who was in their walk in closet.

Nick came out wearing a pair of khakis and holding a red and crimson plaid shirt in his paws. Showing off his strong muscular chest and abs. "Don't worry Fluff, I remember." He said before looking over at his new loving mate. Admiring her soft suppal C-cup breasts, slender hourglass waist, and wide kit birthing hips that drove him wilde. With a sly mischievous smile he walked over to her and planted a kiss on her lips. While Judy was distracted by the kiss, Nick slipped a paw into her panties. Making her gasp and moan his name.

Judy moaned again when she felt Nick slip a finger in her pussy; and slip a paw under her bra to play with her left breast. "Niiick, mmm, as much as I would love to continue where we left off last night. Mmm! We need to get mom from the train station. Ahh! Especially with those rapists stalking the place!" Judy exclaims as Nick continues to finger her.

Nick smiled. "But I want a quick breakfast of Bunny honey." He said before lowering his head down and moving her panties aside. He then began to lap at her dripping wet snatch.

Judy could only moan in bliss at Nick's attack on her pussy. She reached her paws down, and held his head so that his muzzle was close to her pussy. "You insatiable fox! Ahh You fucked me for hours last night and you're still horny!" Judy moaned loudly. She was so glad that they didn't have close neighbors anymore. After moving in together, they were able to get a decent house in the Meadowlands. It was on a big enough piece of land that she could make a medium size garden and make a burrow entrance in the basement.

Nick gave Judy's nipple a slight tweak, getting her to groan in pleasure. "We have ten minutes till the train gets to Outback Island. Besides you're just so addictive to me, as you said my foxy cum is to you." He said before going back to his 'breakfast'.

Judy let out a gasping moan at this. "Ooooh, Nick! Don't stop, I'm almost there!" Judy exclaimed before feeling Nick's tongue go over her clit and pinch her nipple. "Ahhh Niiick!" Judy yelled as she wrapped her legs around his head. She came hard from Nick's skilled fingers and tongue. Before falling back on the bed, panting from the intense orgasm.

(Lime over!)

Judy gave Nick a half hearted glare. "Remind me to get you back for that later. I'm going to drain you yet, you insatiable fox." She said with a low slutery growl. She loved it that Nick already knew how to get her worked up this way. Though, she shouldn't be surprised; considering that they spent the better part of last night getting to know each other's bodies. It didn't help that his larger tongue felt great on her small rabbit pussy.

Nick pulled away from his mate's grip enough to look up at her. His muzzle is still dripping with some of her juices. "You know you love it." Nick said with a smug but loving smile.

Judy glare disappeared and a content smile spread across her face. "Do I know that?... Yes, yes I do." She said before letting out a small giggle and fully letting go of Nick's head. She then let out a small groan and sat up. "You're lucky we're short on time. Otherwise I'd have you pin me to this bed and ravish me like you did last night." She said with a lust filled growl.

Nick climbed further onto the bed, to where he was above her with his knees on either side of her legs. He looked down at her with his own hungry smile. Leaning down so his muzzle was next to her ear. "Oh trust me." He said before pinning her arms to the bed. "It's taking everything in me to not rip off all out clothes and just start fucking you and keep going till I'm sure I've trained your little bunny womb to take my seed and grow beautiful little kits." Nick whispered in her ear, gaining a loud moan from her.

The warm shiver that went down her back floored Judy. he knew that her breeding fetish would do this to her. 'I still don't know where I got this thing. But at this point I don't give a shit.' She thought to herself. They had started seeing a specialist yesterday about the possibility of them having kits together. While she said that it is possible, it was a one in a hundred shot. So she prescribed Judy some hormonal pills that would slowly help change her hormones. The doctor said it would take a week, but they would see results soon after that.

Apparently, while they were compatible; the hormones made by Judy's ovaries that helped the eggs recognize a mate's sperm hindered the process. As it was looking for bunny sperm, not fox. So the pills plus an injection that she received at the office, would help correct this problem.(1) 'It doesn't hurt that she said that lots of sex would also help speed up the process.' Judy thought to herself with a blush running up her ears. She was brought out of her thoughts by Nick giving a chuckle. "What's so funny?" She asked him curiously.

Nick started snickering. "I'm just imaging Bogo's face when he figures out we took sick leave for two weeks; all to fuck each other's brains out." Nick admitted before starting to give out a full blown belly laugh. "Oh the look on Buffalo butt will be hilarious!" He shouted while rolling over so that he was on his back.

Judy herself couldn't help but break into giggling fits either. "Oh, I know. And it will be worth the month of parking duty by the end of it." She said before hearing her phone ring. Sitting up, readjusted her panties, and then getting up, she walks over to her nightstand where her phone is. Picking it up, she saw it was her mother and answered it. "Morning mom, how'd you sleep last night?" She asked.

Bonnie yawned. "I slept alright. Just woke up a few minutes ago to an old friend from high-school knocking at the door. He works as the train conductor, so he had to wake everyone up so they could get ready. Anyway, I figured I'd just tell you that we just passed Outback Island and are going through Sahara Square now." She said while looking out over all the sights.

Judy looked at the time and saw that Nick's 'breakfast' had taken up the ten minutes they would need for a real quick breakfast. "Sweet cheese and crackers! Nick, quickly get dressed, mom's train is only twenty minutes from the station!" Judy yelled over her shoulder, getting a nod from Nick. "Sorry for yelling, mom, me and Nick got a little… sidetracked." Judy said with a blush running up her ears.

Bonnie couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips. "Oh it's fine Judy. I know exactly how it is for newly mated couples living together alone. I was the same with your father when we were at that point in our relationship." She said with a lot of venom when saying father.

Judy paused, pulling her arm in through the sleeve of her favorite pink flannel shirt. The very same one she wore the day she stopped Bellwether. "I'm guessing that what you found out last night was as bad as you thought it was?" She asked while putting the phone on speaker, and buttoning up her shirt. She then grabbed her jean shorts, which were actually cutoffs from that same day.

Bonnie groaned. "Honestly bun-bun, with what I found out last night. Let's just say you're getting a step-father within the next few years. As divorce is absolutely certain at this point." Bonnie said with a sigh. "As it is, if he is charged with all his crimes, your father will be serving the rest of his life in prison." She told her daughter.

Judy stood stalk still, completely and utterly shocked at what her mother just told her. She knew her father was a complete asshole; but she didn't think it was that bad. "Mom, that the hell did he do that he would be in prison for that fucking long? It would take several murder charges; or multiple severe abuse charges that are almost attempted murder for that to happen." Judy said while looking at her mate who was walking up to her with a similar shocked expression.

Bonnie was silent for a moment, while crunching some numbers in her head. "How's 173 charges of kit abuse over the course of the last twenty something years. Plus spousal abuse added on to it as of yesterday sound?" She asked them.

Judy and Nick's jaws couldn't fall any further unless they were part of an old cartoon. They couldn't believe what they were hearing, yet here it was they heard it. Judy was the first one to snap out of it. "M-M-Mom! That is over half my siblings! And what do you mean spousal abuse!? Did he hit you!?" Judy asked in a panic.

Nick, seeing his mate's distress, he wrapped his arms and tail around her. "Shhh, it's OK Judy. Let your mother answer before asking any more questions." Nick whispered in her ear. Getting Judy to calm down a bit.

Bonnie heard Nick comforting her daughter and smiled. "Thank you for calming her down, Nick. To answer your questions Judy, yes Judy I know that's over half your siblings. And yes he did hit me. Though he couldn't do much because Pop-pop came in and hit him with one of his old boots from the war." Bonnie told them before getting a sigh of relief from Judy, seeing the time she decided it was time to end the call."I'll let you go for now, I still need to call Trisha and Mike to check on Cotton and how things are there. I'll see you at the station." Bonnie said.

Judy finally found her voice at this. "Alright mom, I'm just glad you're alright. But this isn't the end of the conversation. Once we get home I want to hear everything, and I mean EVERYTHING." Judy said while putting emphasis on everything.

Bonnie nodded her head in resolution and agreement. "Alright bun-bun, I'll see you in a few minutes." She said before ending the call.

Judy picked up her phone after getting herself out of Nick's embrace. She turned back to him with a look of determination. "Come on Nick, we've got to get to the train station." Judy told her mate before walking out the door with Nick following her.

They went down the hall to the living room. Taking a left they went through their dining room to the door leading to the garage. Opening the door, Judy grabbed the keys off a cabinet that she kept her great-grandmother's fine China in that she was willed when her grandmother died. She still needed to get out to the cabin she also received to fix it up.

In the garage is a red wolf size 1998 Chevrolet Astro that was restored to modern standards. "I'm still surprised at what your brother and his mate did with this thing." Nick said while getting into the passenger side. "Though that's probably one of the reasons Abby loves him. He's good with his paws and is willing to be her business partner as well as her mate." Nick said with a chuckle. The thought of a rabbit buck carrying a full grown lioness down the aisle was funny to him.

Judy got into the driver's seat and gave a giggle at the image herself. "I just feel sorry for Ed on his wedding day. Poor buck is going to throw his back out carrying her out of the chapel if he isn't careful. Remind me to get him a back brace before the wedding next year." Judy told him before putting the key in the ignition, and turned the engine on. Pressing the button on the dash that opens the garage door, she started backing out when she was sure the door was clear.

Twenty minutes later: Zootopia train station.

Bonnie stepped off of the train. This was the first time she'd ever had the time to look at the station. It was MUCH bigger than the Bunny Burrow station, that's for sure. Moving towards the escalator she made sure her bag wouldn't get caught on it. As she rode the escalator up, she looked to her right and saw two bucks she recognized instantly.

Harrison and Zackary Hopps, two of her sons that she had disowned three years ago. 'What the hell are they doing here? They're supposed to be in prison for-.' Bonnie thought before remembering what Judy had told her yesterday. 'Oh Gaia, they're the rapists that Judy was talking about!' Bonnie realized. She started looking around to try and find someone to help keep her safe. As she knew they held a grudge against her for not defending them. Even if they knew she didn't defend rapists to begin with.

Little did Bonnie know, that someone behind her noticed her distress. A large female black bear, who wore a black blouse with "Don't mess with mama bear!" across the front, and blue jeans. She looks at where Bonnie is staring at and sees the two bucks. 'They match the description of the bucks I heard about from Macie. She must have heard of them too and is worried she'll be next on their list.' The bear thought to herself. "Ma'am, don't worry, I'll escort you to where you want to wait for whoever is picking you up, and wait with you. I heard the same stories you have." The bear whispered to the rabbit in front of her.

Bonnie was surprised by the bear that whispered to her but nodded her head slightly in thanks. "Thank you. I'm waiting on my daughter and her mate by the smoothie stand to our left when we get to the top. You will know it's her when you see a younger and skinnier version of me with a red fox tod with green eyes." Bonnie told the bear quietly.

The bear nodded at this. "Alright, my name is Bella by the way." The now named Bella introduced herself. She was still keeping an eye on the bucks. As she didn't like how they were eyeing the doe. "What did you do that had them giving you stink eyes like that?" Bella asked her.

Bonnie sighed. "They are two of my sons that I disowned a couple of years ago. They raped one of my younger daughter's friends and I didn't defend them when they were caught. It was a very open and shut case. Especially when four months later, the doe gave birth to six gray, brown and black kits. The black ones inheriting their mothers fur color." Bonnie explained. "Apparently they broke out without someone noticing as I was never told about it. So now here we are in this situation." She said while stepping off the escalator as they reached the top. Shifting her bag from her right paw to the left she grabbed her phone and texted Judy. 'Your brothers that were in prison escaped. They are the ones you have been looking for and they are here right now. Tell your boss or dispatcher to have someone here quickly.' Bonnie then waited for her daughter to answer back.

It didn't take long as Judy immediately replied. 'We are almost there, and Nick is calling Clawhauser now. Two officers should be there before us. Look for a gray wolf male and a female Bengal tiger in ZPD uniforms. Their name plate should say Wolford and Fangmeier.' Bonnie showed the text to Bella who nodded to her.

The two mammals walked over to a table that could fit both comfortably. Taking a seat, Bonnie decided to make some small talk. "They shouldn't do anything for now. They may not be the smartest of my kits, but they know not to make a huge scene in this large of a crowd." She said while keeping an eye on the two bucks. She knew by the glare they were shooting at her, that they weren't happy about the black bear helping her.

Bella nodded in understanding. "How did they get caught anyways? I know that they probably have labs and rape kits over there. But I know that guys like them are getting smarter these days." She asked, wondering how the two bucks got caught in what they did?

Bonnie shook her head and sighed. She pinched the bridge of her nose. "Let's just say that they have a hair trigger. And having a contest of who can paint the black doe white didn't help them." Bonnie replied to her new friend's question.

Bella slapped a paw to her forehead and drug it down her muzzle. "Fuck sake! How stupid can one get!" She whisper shouted to herself more than Bonnie.

Bonnie shook her head. "How do you think I felt when I heard that? I was banging my head on the court pew when I heard that from the prosecutor. The judge actually asked if I wanted to smack them upside their heads before they proceeded with the case. Which I said yes to by the way. Pretty sure my paw print is still practically tattooed on the back of their heads." Bonnie said with a giggle at the last part. She then realized something. "Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bonnie by the way." She said with an embarrassed blush.

Bella giggled at this. "It's quite alright Bonnie. So what brings you to Zootopia anyway? I haven't seen you around here so I'm assuming you're from out of town." Bella asked her. As she usually works at the station as security. So she knows who comes and goes through here every day.

Bonnie gave a sad sigh. "Well, I'm here to get away from the burrow. Me and my soon-to-be ex-husband got into a fight, and it got physical. Then on the car ride to the station in Bunny Burrow. One of my daughters revealed that he had been abusing them for years behind my back. And being that we have a farm, he was able to hide it when he had them working the fields. As you expect there to be the occasional bum, bruises, or maybe a broken bone out there." She explained to Bella.

Bella was shocked to say the least. "So basically you're here as a way to hide from your husband's supporters while the justice system runs its course. Or at least until you're needed at the trial." Bella summarized the situation Bonnie was in.

Bonnie nodded. "Yep, that about sums it up. I'm staying with one of my daughters that Lives here in the city. Over in the Meadowlands district." She said while whispering the last part, just to make sure that Harrison and Zack didn't hear her. She had noticed that Zack was standing near the benches near the exit. While Harrison was a few tables away from them. She decided to text this information to Judy so she could forward it to her co-workers.

Bella saw what the bucks were doing too. 'So they think that they can box her in when she gets up to leave? Hehehe, they must not think anything about her texting their sister. That or they think she is just texting their father about something.' She thought to herself. She just hoped that the two officers would be here soon.

With Nick and Judy

Judy was going as fast as the bending of the speed limit would allow. "I swear if those two hurt her at all, Liz and Mal are going to be taking me in for murder." Judy said through grit teeth and letting out a pissed-off growl. Knowing that Harrison and Zack got out of prison without someone knowing was very suspicious to her. And she was going to have Bogo get IA on this VERY quickly.

Nick was doing his best to keep Judy as calm as possible. As he knew that if she had half a mind to kill her brothers that were threatening her mother. Then things would end badly for them. "Carrots, I know that you have told me about these two before. Not to mention I've seen their kits when Jenny sent you pictures of them. But why would they want to kill your mom?" Nick asked in curiosity.

Judy gripped the steering wheel tightly. "Because mom disowned them when they raped Jenny. Harrison was going to inherit the farm when dad passed and Zack was next in line after him. So when she disowned them they were taken off the will. Most of our siblings told her it was because she didn't defend them. But we knew better, those two are greedy rapist bastards and they will kill the one that got in their way." Judy told him with anger in her eyes. They pulled into the station parking lot at the same time as their co-workers.

Getting out of the van Nick and Judy were met by two mammals getting out of a squad car. One male and one female.

The male was a lean gray wolf that wore a standard ZPD uniform and utility belt with lethal and nonlethal weapons. This was Sargent Malick Wolford. "Hopps, we got a call that we have wanted escaped convicts here. What's that about?" Mal asked while looking around.

Judy straightened her back and responded. "I got a text from my mother who was coming to live with me and Nick for a bit while a case was being done back home. Apparently, two of my brothers that were convicted of rape in the first degree escaped prison. And they have been the ones that we have been getting calls about for the past month." Judy told him before her phone pinged. She checked it and saw that it was from her mother. Unlocking her phone she read the text. "One is at the third bench to the right at the exit, and the other is at the smoothie stand five tables away from mom. Apparently a black bear sow is with her helping to keep them from getting near her." Judy told them while texting her mother back that they were on their way.

The next to speak was a female Bengal tiger who was in a slightly modified version of the standard ZPD uniforms. The modification being that the bulletproof vest was on the outside and inside, providing extra protection. This was Lizzy Fangmeier. "Got it. Mal you go through the back to get the one by Judy's mom. I'll get the little sneak at the bench." Liz said while pointing at the back entrance to the station. Getting a nod from her partner.

Judy spoke before they could leave. "Expect speciesist slurs from them. They were dad's favorites before they raped one of my friends. So needless to say they very much took after him more than mom." She told them before walking with Liz and Nick towards the front door of the station.

Liz caught a whiff of Nick and Judy's scent and blanched a bit from how pungent it was. "So when should I start calling you Mrs. Wilde, Judy?" She asked while giving Judy a knowing smirk.

Judy gave her own smirk. "About the same time I start calling you Mrs. Wolford, Lizzy." Judy replied, before giggling when she saw Liz stumble a bit at her words.

Liz looks at Judy in shock. "How?! We have been careful with this for years now! Hell, not even the rest of the K9 unit knows!" Liz whisper shouted while keeping an eye on others around them.

Judy giggled. "Well, one reason is because I accidentally walked in on you two in the female showers once. Didn't know you were such a screamer by the way." She said, getting a massive blush from the embarrassed tigress. "The other one is because Nick smelled you on Mal when they had sniper duty last month. Musk mask only works so well, and being in close proximity to a mammal whose ancestors hunted mice in the snow doesn't help." Judy said while pointing at Nick's nose.

Liz sighed at this. "I told him he should have had a shower after that. Anyway I called for a Pati wagon before we got here. So we should have time to talk after this if we don't get another call. I'd also like to meet the doe that brought you into existence. As I haven't seen any pictures at your desk." Liz said before looking for a gray or cream brown buck.

Judy was the first to spot Zack. "Zack is over there Liz." She said while pointing out the gray buck with green eyes. "He has a real temper on him, so be ready for him to start resisting. As he's too stupid to run." She then spotted her mother with a rather large black bear sow. One that she instantly recognized. "Bella Grizzoli? I thought she was out visiting her sister? Hmm, guess she was trying to surprise Frank about being back in town." She said to Nick who shrugged.

As they were walking up to Bonnie and Bella, Harrison Noticed them coming over. 'Fuck! What the hell are the traitor and her pelt doing here?!' Harrison shouted in his mind. He was about to make a run for it when a large paw caught him by the arm. "What the!?" He shouted before being pushed to the ground.

Mal was able to sneak up on the cream rabbit before he noticed him. "Harrison Hopps, you are under arrest for grand escape from federal prison and aiding and abiding a fellow escapee. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you don't have one the state will provide you with one. Do you understand your rights?" Mal recited to the buck.

Harrison struggled the whole time and was trying his best to get out of Wolford's grasp. "Fuck you, you stupid pelt! Let go of me so I can finally get my revenge!" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Zack wasn't in any better position. He too was on the ground with the tiger over him keeping him down with one paw. "I swear once I get out you're a dead cat!" He shouted while struggling to get out from under the tiger's paw.

Liz giggled at this. She had already read him his rights, and he was still yelling like we can add resisting arrest and threatening an officer of the law. Keep on talking blabber mouth. I'm sure we can add a few hate crimes to your list before the Patty wagon arrives." She said while making sure the pawcuffs were secure before picking him up and holding him under her arm. "Got to make sure you don't run now don't we." She said with a smirk.

Bonnie and Bella heard the commotion and looked up to see Judy and Nick coming up to them. "Bun-bun!" Bonnie yelled excitedly. She got out of her chair and ran over to meet her daughter half way.

Bella for her part was shocked to see her husband's co-workers. "So Bonnie is Judy's mom? Huh, well now I know where she gets her looks from. Whoever she's leaving is one hell of a fool to lose her." Bella said to herself before getting up and walking over to her new friend and her daughter.

Judy hugged her mother when she got close to her. "Oh mom, I was so worried. I'm just glad you're alright and those two are going back to jail." She said while nuzzling her mother. She opened her eyes and smiled at Bella. "And thanks Bella, for keeping my mom safe from those bastards." She said, getting a nod from the sow.

Bella just smiled at her. "It's quite alright Judy. It's my job to make sure mammals are safe when they are here anyway. Just didn't expect to almost immediately get back to it after visiting Millie." She said with a giggle. Her visit to her sister was wonderful, as she got to meet her new nieces. "Remind me to send you the pictures later. The cubs are so adorable, and look so much like their father and mother. I almost thought I was looking at her past self for a moment." She said.

Bonnie was confused at this. "Wait, you know each other?" She asked with a confused tone and look on her face.

Judy nodded. "Yeah, her husband is actually one of my coworkers. I first met her at the station BBQ the year after the nighthowler case. As the one before that happened before I first got on the force." She said while remembering that the next one was next month. 'If mom is still here by then I wouldn't mind bringing her to the next one. She would love to meet Debbie and Marsha. They would probably trade stories about their adult kits for hours.' Judy thought to herself. "Come on, let's get to the car so we can drop your bag off. As Wolford will need to get your statements and their cruiser is next to it." She said, getting a nod from everyone.

They all walked to the van together while talking to Bella about her visit to her sister. As they got close to the van they saw Liz and Mal leaning on their cruiser with two rabbits inside shouting at each other. "Seems those two are rays of sunshine aren't they?" Nick said with sarcasm dripping off his words like water off stones in the rain.

Mal groaned at this. "They haven't shut up since they were thrown in there. They've yammered on enough. It's to where we could probably charge them with a number of other crimes besides the ones we already arrested them on. You weren't kidding when you said they weren't the smartest rabbits out there. But I honestly didn't expect it to be this bad." He said while dragging a paw down his muzzle.

Liz groaned as well. "Do they have an off button or something? Because this is getting ridiculous." She asked while using the pinkie of her paw to clear out her ear of the ringing in it.

Bonnie sighed and walked over to the cruiser. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out two ball gages. "I guess these gag gifts from my sister finally have a use after all." She said before opening the door and wrestling to shove them into the two bucks mouths.

A few minutes later Bonnie is leaning on the cruiser while Harrison and Zack were glaring at her through the window with the purple ball gages in their mouths. "Mom, do I even want to know why you have those with you or why you have them in the first place?" Judy asked her mother while rubbing the bridge of her nose.

Bonnie giggled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her neck. "Your aunt Natalie gave them to me as a gag gift five years ago for Christmas. As for why I have them with me. The bag I grabbed was the same bag I stuffed them in when I was cleaning my closet last spring. I found them this morning when I was making sure I had everything with me before I left my cabin on the train." She said before looking at the two glaring bucks with a smug grin. "At least now they have a good use. Shutting these two up before the say something else really stupid." Bonnie then turned toward Liz. "Well, I'm guessing you want to take mine and Bella's statements now?" Bonnie asked the tigress.

Liz nodded. "Mal already got Bella's while you were gaging those two. All we need is yours and we'll let you go do whatever you're here for with Nick and Judy." The tigress explained while getting a notepad and pen out of her pocket.

After a few minutes, her statement was taken and everything was set. It was then Bonnie remembered something Trisha had told her to do. "Oh, before I forget." Bonnie said before pulling out a sheet of paper from her pocket. "The BBSD (Bunny Burrow Sheriff's Department) should have called Bogo to have one of you get a statement from me on a case going on there. I have it written out here so give it to whoever sends it out." She said while handing the paper to the tigress.

Liz nodded in thanks. "Hehe, I'll give it to Bogo when we get back. As this will save him a lot of headaches, and he likes it when mammals save him lots of headaches." She said before putting the statement sheet in an evidence bag. She put the bag in her vest pocket.

Bonnie nodded and got into the van with Nick and Judy. "Have a good day Liz, it was nice meeting you." She said before shutting the door and opening the window. As it had an old crank window opener.

Liz smiled and nodded. "Likewise Bonnie, it was good meeting you too. And now I know where Judy gets her looks from." She said, getting a blush from said doe and a belly laugh from the black bear sow next to her.

Bella got her laughter under control. "Hmhmhm, those were my exact same thoughts. Heck if you didn't know any better, I'd say that those two were sisters. Granted Bonnie would be the older more plump sister, while Judy is the younger more athletic sister. But still, you would mistake them for sisters." She said while giggling at the blush appearing on does faces.

Bonnie put her paw on her cheek. "Oh thank you ladies. You make this old doe feel young again." She said while waving a paw in a 'Oh stop it.' manner.

Judy rolled her eyes at this. "Mom, how many times do I have to tell you? You're not old yet, hell, you won't hit menopause for another twenty odd years." Judy said nonchalantly. Getting a look of shock from the other two females with them.

Bella looked back at Bonnie and decided to ask the question that was on both her and Liz's minds. "Bonnie, how old are you?" She asked with a slightly shaky voice.

Bonnie giggled sheepishly. "I just turned 40 this year. And before you ask, rabbits don't go through menopause till their early 60's." She said awkwardly while rubbing the back of her neck.

Both females were shocked to their core. 'If that's true then… OH SWEET LORD HAVE MERCY SHE CAN STILL GO!' they both thought at the same time in shock.

Mal too was shocked, as this was something that he thought never happened. Most species hit menopause in their mid 40's. But here was a rabbit saying that a males soldiers could take root till their early to mid 60's. 'I'd hate to be the poor fuck that gets his wife/mate pregnant when she's sixty years old.' Mal thought to himself.

Meanwhile, across the city and out in the country. Millions of bucks were putting their kits to bed with their sixty year old wives were taking a nap suddenly sneezed. This woke the kits up. 'Why me?' They thought with tears in their eyes.

Back with Bonnie, Nick, and Judy, they were on their way home. "So, now that they've been dealt with. Mind telling me what's going on mom?" Judy asked while keeping her eyes on the road and turning her ears toward her mother.

Bonnie sighed and began explaining everything that happened after Judy hung up the phone last night. Stu backpawing her, everything Trisha and Mike told her both last night and this morning, and what Earl had told her. And how her estimated guess of how many of Judy's siblings were abused was right. "So all in all, things are pretty much in shambles back home. And now I need somewhere to stay for awhile while your father gets prosecuted." Bonnie explained.

To say Judy was livid was a major understatement. The growl coming from her was more like that of a majorly pissed-off Honey badger than a pissed-off rabbit. She then let out a roar that sent every male honey badger in a three block radius scattering. All while screaming. "pissed-off female! Scatter!"

Bonnie watched this with confusion very evident on her face. "Do I even want to know?" She asked while looking around and seeing several trash cans rattling. Each one had a terrified honey badger in it.

Nick held on to her mate trying his best to calm her down. "They have mothers and sisters. Honey badgers are extremely temperamental, so males tend to learn very quickly that an angry female is dangerous." He explained while rubbing Judy's back. Even giving her a kiss on her lips, which helped her calm down a lot.

Judy took a few calming breaths. "I'm ok, I'm ok." Judy said before pushing on the gas pedal when the light they were at turned green. She was glad that they were almost home. As she needed to blow off some steam.

It didn't take them long before they got to the driveway of the house. The house itself was a two-story farmhouse style home, with a two car garage added onto it. "Here we are, Casa de Wilde. It's not much right now, but we only just moved into it." Nick said with a smile. He was looking forward to spending the rest of his natural life with Judy here. And to make it even better, HOAs never form in the Meadowlands district. So he will never have to worry about those popping up here. As he had heard multiple stories of how wrong things can go in those things.

Bonnie was impressed by the house. She then noticed that the house was covered in primer white paint instead of the usual white paint used on most homes like this. "I'm going out on a limb here and say you plan on painting the house a different color?" Bonnie asked Nick while looking at the porch.

Nick nodded. "Yep, me and Judy agreed on green and violet for the main colors. We plan on having a few friends over to help us paint next week." He said before looking at Judy. "Ready to show your mom the inside Carrots?" He asked his mate.

Judy smiled a bit. "Yeah, let's get inside. As we never did have breakfast and I'm pretty hungry." She said before pulling into the driveway and up to the garage door. She pressed the button on the dash and opened the door. Once the door was fully up she drove into the garage.

Once inside they got out and Bonnie took her bag out of the back. They went inside to the dining room, which had a table big enough to fit thirty rabbits. "Planning ahead I see." Bonnie said with a knowing smirk.

Nick and Judy both blushed. "Well, yeah I guess you could say that. Judy has already picked out an entrance for the main burrow in the basement. As we know even if we don't want as massive of a family as you had with Stu, we're still getting a big one. As we don't really know how many kits we can have in a litter." Nick admitted, as it was true. They didn't know how many kits Judy would be able to have in a litter. Even if the kits were half fox, they still didn't know how many there would be.

Bonnie nodded in understanding. "Yes, I suppose that's a good point. This is the first time a rabbit and a fox have tried something like this. So who knows how many kits will be in the litter." Bonnie said while thinking about all the grandkits she will be able to spoil.

Judy then walked over towards the hallway. "Nick, why don't you go make breakfast. I'll show mom where she's going to be sleeping." She said while motioning for her mother to follow her.

Nick nodded at this. "Alright fluff, I'll make my famous blueberry pancakes and some scrambled eggs." He said before heading towards the kitchen.

With that, the mother daughter duo walked down the hall to two doors. One was the master bedroom which Nick and Judy shared, while the other one was the guest bedroom on the main floor. "Here you go mom, it's right across from our room so don't be surprised if you hear noises at night." Judy said with a slight blush.

Bonnie blushed a bit herself. "You don't have to do that sweetie. I know you're worried about me, but I'm a big girl, I can handle myself." She said with a motherly smile.

Judy shook her head. "No it's alright mom. It's more out of worry for your safety more than anything. Quite a few of my brothers looked up to dad. And I know for a fact that they will try and come after you. So it's better safe than sorry that you're across the hall from me and Nick." She said before opening the door. Walking inside, the room wasn't anything really special. Just the basic necessities were in the room right now. Bed, nightstand, lamp, closet, and a ceiling fan. The bed had carrot themed sheets and a green comforter. "Sorry it isn't much. Like Nick said, we haven't had the chance to get things set up and decorated yet." Judy said while looking back at her mother.

Bonnie shook her head. "No, it's fine. It's perfect for what it's needed for right now. We can work on getting it and the rest of the house decorated later. Besides, I'm likely going to need more clothes for later anyway. I only brought enough clothes to last me a few days." She said while putting her bag on the bed.

Judy nodded at this. "Don't worry mom, I have a friend that can help you with that. For now try and settle in and come to the kitchen when you're ready to eat." Judy said before heading for the kitchen.

Bonnie sat down on the bed while looking around the room. "Things are about to change. For better or worse is up for debate, but they will change nonetheless." Bonnie said to herself before starting to unpack.

Three weeks later

Bonnie, Nick, and Judy were sitting in the kitchen celebrating with a nice dinner and some bottles of wine. What were they celebrating you might ask? Well, a judge finally granted Bonnie a divorce from Stu. So now she was technically a free doe.

Nick raised a glass high in the air. "A toast; to Bonnie being freed from that speciesist son of a whore. And may he get what's coming to him next week at his trial." He said before lowering his glasses so the two does could reach his glass with theirs.

The mother, daughter duo clanged their glasses gently against Nick's. "Here, here!" They both shouted giggling all the while.

Judy then looked to her mother. "So mom, now that you're free from him. What are your plans now that you're a free doe?" She asked her with general tipsy curiosity. Judy could never really hold her liquor. A bottle of wine and she was drunk as a skunk in a Vodka bar.

Bonnie had a smile on her face as she looked at her daughter. "Well, one thing I'm going to do is get Cotton here with me. As I'm one of the only ones that will take care of him. Another thing I'm going to do is get you two a new daddy, as Cotton needs a decent father figure in his life. Now that his biological father is going to be spending the rest of his natural life in prison." Bonnie answered, getting a blush from Judy. Bonnie was a bit better than her daughter when it came to alcohol, but she was still a light weight.

Nick smiled at this. "Well, whoever you get with will be one lucky mammal. A beautiful doe like yourself with a beautiful loving family needs a nice male to help be the rock they need." He said before taking another sip of wine. Nick was the more experienced drinker of the three when it came to alcohol. As he and Finnick would get drunk whenever they got a big score in the past.

A couple hours later the bottle, which was sized for a medium party of wolves, was empty. "Mamm, that was a good bo...bottle of wine." Bonnie said while swaying a bit. She was drunk as could be right now without being blackout drunk. The same could also be said about her daughter and son-in-law. 'My stupidly sexy handsome big dicked son-in-law.' Bonnie thought to herself with a blush.

Over the three weeks she had been here. Bonnie has gotten to know Nick and learned a lot about him. Granted, they had been spending less time together in the last week. But that was because he and Judy had to go back to work. In that time however, she got to see the real Nick. Not the one that most mammals saw when passing by him on the street. No, she saw the kind, caring, and loving tod that he was. He was also great with kits, as she went with them to a school assembly for career day. The kits, cubs, pups, foals, and calfs all loved him. Though the lambs mostly stayed away from him. Likely the prejudice of their parents showing. Though there were a few that did like him.

The reason she knew he had a big dick was actually two reasons. One was because she heard her daughter screaming about it one night. The other was because she had walked in on them once after they had just finished. 'That thing is practically the size of a week before preme kit. Compared to Stu, Nick has a monster sitting between his legs. And the amount of cum dripping from Judy's cunt shows that he has a LOT of it stored up in those kiwi bird size balls of his.' Bonnie thought to herself. 'Judy sure hit the jackpot on this one. Of all the males that my daughters have brought home. None compare to the ones that are in inter-species relationships.' Bonnie thought while looking at Nick and Judy.

Judy was side eyeing her mother. 'I'm glad mom is free from that bastard. She's been so lonely since she's gotten here, even if she won't admit it.' Judy thought to herself before looking at Nick. 'Hmm, maybe a nice three-some would be nice. Plus it would be a good way of celebrating her being free of that limp dicked bastard I used to call my father. Hmhmhm, maybe if she gets pregnant it would be the ultimate fuck you to him.' Judy's alcohol addled mind reasoned.

Nick shuddered. 'Why do I have the feeling that by tomorrow I'll be exhausted and have these two beside me?' Nick asked himself. He then looked over at Judy and saw the look in her eyes. 'Oh, that's why.' He realized, as he knew that look all too well. It was the one that promised immense pleasure that by the end of it would leave his balls empty. Leaning towards her he whispered. "I know better than to argue with you when you're like this. So if she will do it, then the answer is yes, we can have a three-way with her."

Judy gave a small squeal of happiness. "Thanks Nick, tonight will be a night you won't soon forget. Though you might want to bring a couple bottles of water to the room. There is a reason I have 274 siblings after all." She whispered back with a smug grin before getting up, walking over to her mother and proceeded to drag her to her bedroom.

Nick sat there for a few moments. Thinking over the words that his mate just told him. "Oh boy what have I gotten myself into?" He said to himself before looking towards the hall the two does went down. "Well, if Bonnie is willing to do it. I guess there's no stopping it. If there's one thing I've learned knowing Judy for these past four years. It's to never argue with her when it comes to things like this. After all, she did predict Clawhauser being gay for the chief, and that panda noodle shop owner down the street being with that tigress at the dojo across the street from the station." Nick said to himself before heading for the kitchen to grab a few bottles of water.

Meanwhile with Bonnie and Judy(lemon begins here)

Bonnie watched as her daughter closed the door after dragging her to Nick and her daughter's bedroom. "Ok Judy, what's going on? Why did you drag me in here?" She asked her daughter while looking around the room. It was more decorated than most of the other rooms. It had pictures of Nick and Judy as well as pictures of different members of each family. One spot however caught her attention. It was barely noticeable but it looked like a picture was missing.

Judy saw where her mother was looking and decided to answer the unasked question first. "That's where a picture of dad used to be. I still have the frame, but threw the picture itself away." Seeing her mother nod in response, she decided to change the subject to why she brought her here. "As for why I brought you here." She said while moving closer to her mother. Dropping her tone to a more husky hot and bothered one. "Nick and I have been talking a little bit. And decided that once you were free from dad, we would help you out with another problem you've been having." Judy said before reaching around her mother's back and giving her ass a squeeze.

Bonnie moaned at her daughter squeezing her ass. "A-A-And what problem w-w-would that b-b-be?" She asked with a stutter. She gasped as Judy slid a paw into her pants and rubbed her pussy through her panties.

Judy grinned before leaning up to Bonnie's ear. "Releasing five years worth of sexual frustration. Aunt Bailey gave me a call two weeks ago to ask how you were doing here. As she didn't have your new number. I told her you were fine and enjoying it here. She then told me how dad hasn't laid a paw on you sexually since before Cotton's litter was born." She said before pulling her paw up a bit to slip it into Bonnie's panties. She then slipped her other paw up Bonnie's shirt and began groping her D-cup breasts.

This drew a loud moan from the older doe. "Y-Yes! It's true! Your father has been doing Gaia knows what and hasn't touched me in so long! I know he wasn't cheating on me, that I know for sure. As it's hard to sneak out for something like that without being noticed. You know how your brothers and sisters are, they gossip to everyone if someone is cheating. No matter how secretive they may be about it." Bonnie shouted before moaning again when the paw in her panties slid into her folds. "Ooooh ah! I had to resort to using toys to get any kind of relief! The stress of being a mother to hundreds of kits gets too much sometimes and I need relief. Before Cotton was born that normally meant your father was there to help. But after that day he was never around. (Lemon paused)

He was either out in the fields or out doing who knows what. The final breaking point was him slapping me and finding out what he did to you kits." Bonnie told Judy who gave her mother a chance to breathe for a moment.

Judy smiled sadly at her mother. "Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. Because tonight, it will just be you, me, and one sexy fox that will fuck us till one of two things happens. One, we pass out from exhaustion, or two we pass out from pleasure. In both cases we will have enough fox cum in the both of us to make an army of rabbit-fox hybrid kits." Judy said in a husky tone before closing her eyes and kissing Bonnie on the lips while slipping her pants off.

This was the scene that Nick walked in on. A scene that made his pants much tighter than they were before. Somehow, Judy had maneuvered Bonnie to have her back facing the door. And timed it just right so when he opened the door he would see Bonnie's pants drop. Giving him a view of her large shapely ass. 'That doe scares me with how well she can time these things.' Nick thought to himself before walking over to the dresser and put six water bottles on it. Once that was done he walked over to the two kissing does and scooped them up in his arms.

They both squealed at being picked up into the arms of a big strong muscular fox that was Nick Wilde. "Eeep! Nick you big goof! Put us down!" Judy exclaims while looking up at her foxy mate. Being promptly ignored before being put on the bed along with her mother.

Nick then proceeded to take off his shirt. Showing to both does his set of six pack abs, and more of the cream colored fur that went with them. "I just figured we would move this to the bed. After all, it's likely where we will be spending the rest of the night. Though hopefully we won't have to replace the bed after this." Nick said while looking at the legs of the bed.

Judy giggled at this. "Well if we do then that just means you were doing your job right." She said before following Nick's example and taking off her own shirt. Leaving a small stain on it from her mother's juices that were on her paw. Showing she was wearing a black lace bra with a little black bow in the center between her breasts.

Bonnie hesitated a bit, before she also pulled off her own shirt. Showing that she wasn't wearing a bra at all. Leaving her large breasts bare for her fox lover for the night and daughter's eyes to see. "Sorry if I'm not all that sexy. Constantly having kits for a while can do that to a doe." Bonnie said before looking away blushing.

Nick frowned a bit before bringing a paw to Bonnie's cheek, and gently turned her head so she was facing him. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He then brought down a paw, and began massaging one of her breasts. Getting a long throaty moan from the older doe. He then pulled back a bit and looked into her bright purple eyes. "You're plenty sexy Bonnie. Sure you may be a little plump, but that just means there is more of you to love." He said with a caring smile.

Judy nodded at this. "He's right mom. You're the plump MILF kind of sexy. Big ample breasts ready to be filled back up with milk. Thick thighs, wide hips, and a large bubble butt made to cushion kits as they come out. And love handles for your new mate to hold on to while he's plowing his kits into you." Judy said while running her paws over where she was talking about at the time. Even giving Bonnie's nipples a squeeze making a drop of leftover milk come out. Judy promptly lapped up, getting a moan from her mother. (Lemon resume)

To prove Judy's points. Nick leaned down further and began sucking on Bonnie's left nipple. He also brought a paw down and slipped it into her panties to play with her delicate flower. More milk started flowing out her nipple filling the tod's mouth. 'Mmm, a mix of blueberries, carrots, and a hint of fresh pair. A strange yet refreshing mix. I wonder what Carrots' milk will taste like when it comes in?' Nick thought to himself.

Bonnie let out a breathy moan while her arms wrapped around Nick's head. Trying desperately to keep him attached to her nipple. "Ohhhh ah! Don't stop Nick! It feels too good! It's been too long since a male has touched me like this and I'm so sensitive!" Bonnie moaned out.

Judy smiled at seeing her mother like this. Knowing how long it has been since she's had a male touch her like that. Judy decided to finish getting undressed while Nick played with her mother some more. She slid her pants and panties off revealing her smooth furred ass, pussy, and legs. She then reached up and unhooked her bra from the front. "I'm so glad I decided to get these. So much easier to get them off than the ones that unhook from the back." Judy said to herself before throwing the bra into a hamper near the door. She then did the same with the rest of her clothes before crawling over to Nick and her mother. "How is he mom?" She asked with a smug grin.

Bonnie moaned loudly. "Ohhhh! He's so good at this! How you found this stud of a fox is beyond me, but I'm so glad you did!" She exclaimed before cuming "ahhhh! Niiick!" She yelled out while arching her head back.

Nick pulled back from her nipple with a grin, and pulled his soaked paw out of her panties. He gave it a lick before humming in delight. "You taste delicious Bonnie, like a strange yet refreshing mix of blueberries, carrots and pairs. Both your milk and bunny honey." He said with a grin, getting a massive blush from the doe.

Bonnie shuddered when she felt a smaller paw slide up her sides and take hold of her still sensitive breasts. "Ahh, Judy!" She exclaims before turning her head to say something. Only to have her lips sealed with Judy's in a kiss.

Nick knew this was a signal, basically she was telling him. "Finish stripping while I get this sexy little cubby MILF ready for you to fuck stupid." To which he did just that. Undoing his belt, he then unbuttoned his pants before sliding them and his underwear off. Letting his cock to spring free from it's cloth confines. It was 8 inches long and about 2 and a half inches thick. It ended in a 4 inch thick knot and had the typical tapered tip that most canines had.

Judy looked over at the wonderful sight of her mate in nothing but his fur. "Oh look mom, look at what the sight of us two sexy does did to this poor handsome fox." Judy said with a grin.

Bonnie looked and saw Nick; wearing nothing but a grin on his muzzle, and his larger red cock standing at attention. "Oh my." Bonnie said while putting a paw over her mouth.

While Bonnie was distracted by the sight of Nick's cock. Judy snuck her paws to Bonnie's panties and slipped them down her legs. Letting her pussy out for the two of them to see. It was surrounded by white fur just like Judy's, but looked like it had a little more use. Which wasn't surprising considering how many kits she had. Judy then hooked her arms under her mother's arms and pulled her to the head of the bed. "Come and get her Nick. She's already wet and waiting for that beast you call a cock to plow her carrot fields." Judy said while setting her mother's head in her lap.

Nick crawled onto the bed and got between Bonnie's legs. "You ready Bonnie? There's no going back after we get started. As my instincts are going to have me smother you in my scent to get Stu's off of you." Nick said while lining himself up to the entrance of Bonnie's pussy.

Bonnie nodded enthusiastically. "Please Nick, I need this. It's been so long since I had anything close to this and I'm horny as hell. Just be gentle at first as this is my first time taking someone as big as you." Bonnie said before bracing herself for the inevitable pain, and pleasure that was to come.

Nick nodded before slowly pushing inside her. "Ooooh! Sweet Karma, you're so tight Bonnie!" Nick grunted before pushing more of his cock in. While she might not be as tight as Judy was, she was still plenty tight. 'Probably because Stu had such a small dick. It's like comparing a needle to a turkey sausage.' Nick thought to himself. It wasn't long until he was fully hilted to the knot.

Bonnie let out a long drawn-out moan as pain and pleasure ran down her spine. "Oooooooh! It's so biiiiig! It feels like I'm going to be split in two!" She moaned loudly. She had never felt so full in all her life. Nick was reaching places Stu could only dream of reaching. As the tip of his cock was poking her cervix, almost like it was waiting to ask for entry.

Judy looked down at her mother with a smile. "Good job mom, you were able to take almost all of it. All that's left is the knot and that will be the best part. But that's for a bit later when he cums inside you." She said before looking up at Nick. "Go slow for a bit, just so she gets used to you. I'll let her tell you when she wants you to go faster and harder." She said, getting a nod from him.

Nick let Bonnie get adjusted to his size for a few moments before beginning to slowly pump in and out of her. Grunting a bit due to how tight she was, even if she was a mother of 275 kits, she was still near virgin tight in comparison to what he thought she would be like. 'Why do I get the feeling Stu was the kind of buck that just got her pregnant all the time? But when it came to her needs he just didn't care too much.' Nick asked himself. Before he could dwell on these thoughts further however, he felt Bonnie's grip on his cock suddenly get tighter. He grunted before also feeling a rush of liquid splash all over his cock and balls. 'Did she seriously just cum from that?! Fuck Stu must have been shit at this if this is all it took.' Nick thought to himself.

Bonnie was on cloud 9 right now, due to the powerful orgasm going through her. 'If this is what it's like on the first time with a predator. Then it's no wonder so many of my daughters have gotten with other mammals besides bunnies. I might only have two options after this, get Judy to share Nick with me, or find myself a nice big dicked fox of my own.' Bonnie thought to herself while riding out her orgasm. Though that was getting hard as Nick was still pumping into her. Thus prolonging it. 'Not like I'm complaining. Stu couldn't even get me to this point.' Bonnie thought to herself. "Fuck me harder Nick! Fuck me so hard I forget that limp dicked bastards name entirely! Fuck me till only you or another predator can please me! Because I'm never going back to rabbits after this, they're just too fucking small!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Judy was slightly surprised by her mother's declaration. But she couldn't help but smile all the same. "You heard her Nick. Show her why my big dicked city fox is much more superior to some limp dicked country buck who can barely get it up anymore." She said with a lust filled growl.

Nick grinned at Judy not only stroking his pride, but also at her confidence in his ability to pleasure a female. Especially a female that has been with another male before. Though considering that said male was Stu, that wasn't saying much. "So you wish it, so it shall be." He said before picking up the pace.

Bonnie gasped as the pleasure she was feeling intensified. "Ahhhh Yes! That's it Nick! Just like that! You're filling me more than Stu could ever dream of doing! Your cock is literally knocking at my cervix with every thrust!" She exclaimed before feeling herself cuming again. 'Why am I so sensitive right now? Is it because he keeps hitting my cervix, or have I really been THAT sexually frustrated?' Bonnie asked herself before screaming in delight as Nick hit her G-spot. 'Oh who the hell cares! I'm having ten times the amount of orgasms than I ever had with Stu! Hell I don't care if he knocks me up with his kits at this point! I just want to feel more of this wonderful cock turn me into nothing more than a drooling slut for this fox!' Bonnie thought to herself before wrapping her legs around Nick's waist.

Judy then decided to get in on the action a little bit. She grabbed a couple pillows to keep Bonnie's head propped up. Before moving so that she was beside her. She then leaned down and began groping and sucking on her mother's breasts. "Mmm, *smack* He's really good isn't he? Slow and gentle at first, but as time goes on he becomes a beast. Add on to that incredible stamina and being insatiable the next morning, and he's the perfect lover. *smack* And then when you add on all his other good qualities, he's the perfect mate and husband." She said while planting multiple kisses in Bonnie's nipples.

Nick could feel himself getting closer to his limit. "I'm starting to get close Bonnie! Get ready as this might hurt a bit when my knot enters you!" Nick said before adjusting himself so he had better leverage to get his knot inside her.

Judy stopped sucking on Bonnie's left nipple to look at Nick. "My, she must be tight if you're almost ready to cum. Dad must have been a one pump chump with good luck to have gotten you pregnant so many times mom." She said before going back to sucking on her mother's breasts.

Bonnie nodded at this while moaning. "Oooooh! Yes, he definitely was! He barely lasted a couple minutes before blowing his load! Nick is pretty much the only male I've ever had that has made me cum this much before he cums!" She exclaimed before feeling herself getting closer to cuming again. "I'm about to cum again! Oh sweet Gaia I'm about to cum the third time tonight!" She shouted while throwing her head back.

Nick wasn't too far away himself. "I'm right there with you Bonnie! Get ready because here. I. CUM!" He shouted before giving one last thrust, pushing with enough force to push his knot into her tight warm cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Bonnie moaned loudly as she felt Nick's cock push into her womb and painted it white with his hot fox cum. Making her have another spine numbing orgasm.

Judy looked over to see Bonnie's stomach bloating a bit with how much cum was flooding her womb. 'So that's what I look like when that happens. Hmm, I wonder if she'll get pregnant from this? I know the doc said I would have eventually conceived without the hormonal modifiers. But it would have taken longer and would have had lower chances of taking.' Judy thought to herself. She then felt something wet splash against her paw that was on Bonnie's right breast. Lifting her head away from Bonnie's left breast and sitting up a bit, she saw that her paw was covered in milk. "My oh my, you know mom if I did know any better. I'd have thought this leftover milk in your breasts would be a sign of you just getting knocked up. Oh imagine that bastard's reaction to you being pregnant with a fox's kits. He'd probably blow a gasket!" Judy exclaims in teasing delight.

Bonnie couldn't help but giggle at this. Even if she was a bit out of breath. "Oh I know he would." She said before realizing something. "Um, quick question, what ARE the chances of that happening?" She asked with a bit of a nervous look on her face. As she wasn't on any form of birth control right now.

Judy laid down next to Bonnie with her arm propping her head up a bit. "Hmm, if I remember right, the doc said it was a one in a hundred shot of that happening. Better if you have been taking what I have to better the chances to normal. Apparently there are some hormonal responses that the eggs are looking for that fox sperm don't normally produce. So unless Nick just started producing those hormones today, you should be alright. Though you're stuck for the next little bit while his knot deflates." Judy told her, while pointing down to emphasize her point.

Bonnie followed her daughter's finger down to her pussy and saw there was no cum leaking out. Meaning the knot was doing its job at keeping it all in and ensuring impregnation. "Well, how long does this last?" She asked the two.

Nick laid down on Bonnie's right side. Having enough experience to maneuver himself while trapped inside someone he was knotted to. "Well, it usually takes a few minutes. Judy has affectionately named this time, 'mandatory cuddle time.'" Nick explained before bringing an arm around Bonnie And turned her so her back was facing him, before wrapping his arms around her. Causing Judy to scoot forward and do the same.

Bonnie smiled and 'hmmed' at the hugs she was receiving. "A doe can get used to this." She said while snuggling into Nick's chest fluff.

Judy giggled at this. "Oh trust me mom, you definitely do. Especially when you fall asleep listening to his heart beat wrapped up in his arms and feel like nothing will ever harm you. It's the best feeling in the world and I'm never trading it for anything those limp dicked speciesist bastards offer me." She said with conviction.

It wasn't long before Nick's knot deflated enough for him to slip out of Bonnie. Causing a moan and a waterfall of fox cum to flow out of her. "Well, now that my knot has deflated, it's your turn Fluff. Hard and fast from the get go or do you want it soft and gentle at first?" Nick asked his mate.

Judy smiled before getting on her paws and knees. "Get over here and plow me good hard and fast handsome. Tonight's the night you plant some kits in me, I can just feel it." She said before giving her ass a tempting shake.

Nick didn't have to be told twice. As he got up and got behind Judy. "As you wish my dear. Just remember, you asked for it!" Nick exclaims before lining himself up and began to thrust wildly into Judy! Causing her to let out a pleasure filled scream.

Judy was in pure heaven from having her mate back inside her. "Yes! Just like that! Keep going until you've pumped a bunch of beautiful little kits into me Nick! I want your kits so bad right now! Ever since I saw how good you are with them, I knew you would be a good father to my kits! Even now my instincts are screaming at me to let you sit here all night; and have you fill me with as many kits as possible!" Judy exclaims as her tongue starts to hang out of her mouth while panting.

This stoked Nick to go even faster than before. "I intend to do just that, and cover you in my scent to show that you are taken! That way no male will ever think of taking you away from me." He said before reaching forward and started groping her breasts while thrusting into her.

Bonnie was shocked at how hard they were going at it. 'They've been going easy on me because it's my first time with anyone bigger than Stu.' She realized. 'If that's the case, then now that I've gotten somewhat used to it I hope things start to get hotter and heavier.' Bonnie thought to herself before reaching down and scooped up some of the cum flowing out of her still. 'Might as well see what it tastes like. After all, if I'm lucky this will be a permanent thing.' She thought to herself before bringing the cum covered paw to her mouth and taking an experimental sip.

Bonnie's eyes widened in shock and slight delight. 'Blueberries! Salty, but it also has the sweet taste of blueberries. He must eat them a lot if his cum actually tastes like them. Though it was obvious he loves them, as he constantly has some on him somewhere. It's so thick too, much thicker than that bastard's cum. That's for sure.' She thought to herself before gulping it down.

Back with Nick and Judy, they were still going at it. "Ahhhhh! I'm cuming!" Judy exclaims as she squirts all over Nick's cock.

Nick smiled at this. "Mmmm, I love it when you squirt all over my thick foxy cock. It makes you honest with your instincts and shows how much of a closet pervert you really are." He said with a grin. He then gave her a light spank on her right butt cheek. Drawing a gasp out of her.

"Yes I've been a bad girl daddy! Spank me more!" Judy moaned out. Surprised by the sudden words that flew out of her mouth. 'Well, he did just fuck my mother. So I guess he could fit the description by technicality.' Judy thought to herself. She moaned as again Nick's paw came down on her ass, this time on the left cheek.

Nick leaned down a bit so that he was right next to her ear. "You're right, you have been a naughty girl. And your punishment will be nine more spanks, and having daddy's kit." He whispered in her ear before spanking her again on the right cheek, getting another moan from her.

Bonnie giggled softly a bit at this. 'Oh if only those two knew how true that statement could be right now. Judy is going to be daddy's little girl this time around.' Bonnie thought to herself. 'And now it's time to return the favor.' She thought before crawling under Judy, she then latched onto one of her nipples and began to suck on it.

Judy's eyes widened a bit when she felt her mother start sucking on her nipple. "Ahhh! That feels so good! Don't stop you two!" She exclaimed before feeling herself cuming again. "Ooooh! I'm cuming again! I'm cuming!" She yelled before drenching Nick's cock in more of her fem cum again.

Nick smiled at this. "Her nipples are one of her most sensitive spots. Same with her ass, that and it's just so spankable. It's one of her best physical features in my opinion." He said before swatting Judy's ass again.

Bonnie giggled at this, the vibrations from this stimulating the nipple more and caused Judy to moan more. She detached herself from her daughter's nipple. "Well she did get it from her mother after all. All Judy ever got from Stu was his last name and her appetite." She said before going back to sucking on Judy's nipple.

Judy came three more times before Nick felt himself starting to reach his limits. "I'm going to cum Carrots!" Nick grunted out trying to hold back as much as he could.

Judy was a panting mess right now with how many times she had cum. "Yeshhh, I'm going to cum toosh! Please cum inshide me daddy! Give your pershonal daughter shlut you kitsh!" She shouted in a pleasure drunken stupor. The alcohol from earlier not helping at all either.

Bonnie stopped sucking on Judy's left nipple, as the right one a little red from her earlier sucking. "Mmm, she is so ready to become a mother to her new daddy's kits. I wonder what she will look like after a few good litters and the right diet? Her breasts are already as big as mine were after my eighth litter, so they will likely end up bigger than mine now in a few years." Bonnie said while running her paw over her daughter's stomach. Feeling Nick's cock as it pistoned in and out of Judy's cunt. "Give it to her Nick. Plant those beautiful little gray and orange kits into Judy's nice fertile bunny womb. So you can watch as she grows into a nice and plump MILF like me for you to fuck whenever you want." She said to him with a husky tone.

This set something off in Nick as her began to fuck Judy even harder and faster. "Is that what daddy's little sluty girl wants? To become just like her mommy and have daddy fuck her till she is pregnant with more kits when ever he wants?" He asked Judy, deciding to play a little with what Bonnie said.

Judy nodded her head dumbly, too deep in a pleasure and alcohol induced stupor to know what she was agreeing to. "Yesh! I wants to be like mommy and be daddy'sh little fuck toy shlut that gives him lotsh of kitsh!" She moaned out, while slurring every once in awhile.

Nick was at his absolute limit now as he could practically feel his cum leave his balls. "Then here. They. ARE!" He yelled before slamming himself completely inside her, knot and all.

Bonnie watched with amazement as Judy's stomach slowly bloated till she looked like she was already a couple months pregnant. "My goodness, she HAS to have been knocked up for sure with that much in her. I just know it. Congratulations sweetie, you're going to be a mother soon." She said with a sweet smile.

Nick and Judy fell on their sides, with Judy still panting like a bitch in heat. "Thank you mommy, I'm happy to have daddy'sh kitsh." She said before passing out. (Lemon end)

Nick and Bonnie couldn't help but laugh at this. "Sweet Gaia she is drunk! Remind me never to let her near that big of a bottle of alcohol again. I couldn't stand it, I would be laughing so hard." Bonnie said while rubbing Judy's extended belly.

Nick nodded. "Yeah, I haven't seen her this drunk, since the time when one of her sisters sent a buck here to try and get a date with her. Poor buck didn't last one hour before he started bad mouthing her job and made some of the same remarks Stu would. Before being kicked in the balls and spending the night head first inside a trash can. Poor bastard never stood a snowball's chance in hell." He said with a shake of his head.

Bonnie shook her head and let out a groan. "Ughhh, I remember that night. You could hear Judy yelling at Sasha over the phone all throughout the living room. The little ones call that night. 'The night aunt/big sis Judy cursed out aunt/big sis Sasha.' I heard words I didn't know even existed that night. From then on a new rule was put in place. Never try to set up a date with anyone till you know every bad thing about them. That way we avoided another night like that one. As I'm still dealing with some of the fall-out from the last one." She told him with a sigh. She really hated having to scold her younger kits for repeating what was said that night.

Nick chuckles at that. "Yeah, I can understand that. She was actually at my old apartment when that happened. Mchorn and Snarlov got called by the landlord to make sure I wasn't dead. As he thought she was yelling at me for something I did with her sister. Which is something I would never do." He said before looking Bonnie in the eyes. "Speaking of doing things with Judy's relatives. I'm guessing you're wanting to make this a permanent thing between the three of us. If your words earlier are anything to go by." He asked, though it was more of a statement than a question.

Bonnie blushed at being caught so early before even asking Judy about it. She then let out a sigh. "Yes, that thought has crossed my mind several times tonight. I know it's pretty sudden, but it's like Judy said earlier. I just feel safe and loved in your arms. To the point that I feel like nothing in the world will ever hurt me. I know foxes only take one mate for life. But I just feel so content here in this bed with the two of you." She said with a sad smile before lowering her head.

Nick smiled softly at her before bringing a paw under her chin, and lifted her head up so her was eye to eye with her. "You don't have to be sad about it. One of the reasons Judy even talked me into this is because she knew how lonely you were. Even if you would never admit it to anyone. She wanted you to feel like you were still sexy and beautiful enough to get any mammal's attention, even a mated fox. I don't know what the answer will be to making this a permanent thing. But I do know that you are a beautiful and sexy little MILF of a doe that any male would be lucky to have in their life." He told her with all the honesty in his heart.

Bonnie smiled softly before leaning over Judy and gave Nick a loving kiss on the lips. Once she pulled away she smiled at him with a lot of love in her eyes. "Thank you Nick, for tonight and for your kind words. I guess all of Stu's treatment of me has done more damage then I realized. There may not have been physical damage like my abused kits have. But there are some mental ones that have left their marks. Judy is so lucky to have you there for her." She said before laying back down on her side.

Nick smiled back at her. "You're welcome Bonnie, and it's me who is the lucky one. Judy was the one to bring me out of a very dark place in my life. If it wasn't for her, I'd likely be the same as so many foxes out there that turn to crime to even feed themselves. Let alone a mate and kits. Judy showed me that I could be much more than what the world saw me as. And I thank her for that every day of my life from now on." He said before planting a kiss between Judy's ears. Causing Judy to smile in her sleep and snuggle closer to the fox.

It wasn't long before Nick's knot deflated and he pulled out, causing a flood of cum to come out of Judy's well fucked cunt. Nick looked over at Bonnie with a sly grin. "Ready for round two?" He asked her while moving over to her before lining himself up.

Bonnie grinned and said "fuck me like you just fucked her. Make it so my pussy takes the shape of your massive foxy cock. That way only you can use it." She said with a lusty growl.

Nick gave his own lust filled growl with his grin getting even bigger. "With pleasure." He said before thrusting in.

What they didn't know was in both Bonnie and Judy's wombs, their eggs were being swarmed with fox sperm. And several finally got inside the eggs in both does. Thus starting new life, that in a few months would shock the world with their birth.

The next day, 12:20pm

A phone on the nightstand next to the bed started ringing. The tired groan of an annoyed Judy broke the silence of the room. She had woken up thirty minutes after passing out to Nick doing a mating press on her mother and decided to join in on the fun. They kept at it till it was four in the morning and were all completely exhausted. She picked up the phone and saw it was the chief. Answering it she let out a yawn. "Morning chief, what has you calling me on our day off?" She asked her boss. Her head pounding from the hangover due to the alcohol from the night before.

Bogo's gruff voice sounded from over the phone. "Sorry to call you on your day off Wilde, but I regret to inform you, your father and several of your brothers are dead." He said, expecting to hear her gasp in shock and sadness.

What he got was a sigh of relief and disappointment from the doe. "Well good riddance, bastards probably tried break him out of jail. Hopefully that just leaves a few less kit and wife abusers in the world." She said while leaning on the headboard of her bed. She then looked down at her mother. "Though mom will likely be sad that she has to bury a few of her kits because of their own stupidity." She said, more to herself than Bogo.

Bogo was shocked to say the least. He half expected Judy to burst out crying from the news he just gave her. "Um, am I missing something Wilde? As I half expected you to burst our crying at this news. Not giving a sigh of relief and saying you're glad they are dead. And how did you know it was in a jail break? Is there something you're not telling me?" He asked, worried one of his officers knew about a jail break attempt and didn't tell him.

Judy sighed at this. "No chief, I didn't know about the attempt till now when you told me. And yes, there are several things you are missing." She said before explaining everything to him in detail. Even going as far as telling him about the divorce that would have been finalized today.

To say Adrian G. Bogo was livid with what Stu Hopps had done was an understatement. If he wasn't dead, Bogo would go to capital hill himself and had the governor of Zootopia herself lead the case against the bastard for what he did. "I see, well, if that's the case have a good day Mrs. Wilde. I expect to see you in a month after you and your family have everything in order. My advice, a mass unmarked grave with a tree over it so those corpses have some use at least." He said with a even tone.

Judy smiled at this. "Thanks chief, and we might just do that. Though I don't know if I will be seeing you when that month is over. It depends on if I have to go on maternity leave or not." She said as she heard Bogo fumble the phone from his end.

Bogo was shocked by what he just heard. As he didn't expect for Nick and Judy to start trying for kits so early in their technical marriage. As foxes never had weddings due to too many mammals ruining them and some even going on massacring sprees at them. Though the last bit was mostly done by sheep and, ironically, rabbits. "Well, if I don't see you next month in the bull pin. Then I will assume you are pregnant, and expect your mate with the proper paperwork after roll call. Have a good day lieutenant Wilde." He said before hanging up.

Judy put her phone down before trying to get up but couldn't because her legs were numb. "Well, I can certainly say Nick did his job right. I can't even move my legs, they are so numb." She giggled to herself. She then looked over and saw her mother was looking at her with sad eyes. She frowned and sighed. "I'm sorry you had to hear that mom." She apologized.

Bonnie sat up and shook her head. "It's alright Judy, you're right, the world is now safer with a few less kit and wife abusers gone from it." She said before letting out a sigh. "I just wish some of my sons weren't a part of those gone from it." She said before crawling as best she could over to Judy and hugged her.

Judy hugged her back, nuzzling her cheek a bit. "It's going to be alright mom, hopefully now that they are gone things can get a little better." She said before pulling back and looking over at a still sleeping Nick. "And Nick will be there with us every single step of the way." She said with a sly tone and a smirk.

Bonnie giggled sheepishly at this. "How much did you hear of that conversation last night?" She asked while rubbing her arm.

Judy giggled a bit. "Up to the point where Nick asked if you were ready for round two. The pleasure from him pulling out of me knocked me out completely after that." She said before putting a paw on Bonnie's shoulder. "And I don't mind sharing him with you. Sure it will probably be a little awkward for a while for some of my siblings. But if you're happy sharing him with me I don't mind. Besides, that fox is insatiable when it comes to sex. I'm willing to bet he has a hard on underneath the blanket." She said before pointing towards Nick.

Both does look at their sleeping mate; who was sporting a slight tent under the blanket that was haphazardly laying on top of him. This sight caused both of them to giggle. "Goodness, doesn't that thing ever go down?" Bonnie asked with a giggle.

Judy shook her head. "Normally yes. Though I think he's probably having a wet dream about us covered in whipped cream and blueberries. That or us in sexy policefemale outfits. My uniform hugs my butt quite a bit and he has no problem admiring that fact." She said before leaning back against the headboard. "Well, we better wait till he wakes up. As we aren't going anywhere in our condition." She said with a smirk.

Bonnie did the same while giggling. But cringed a bit as her headache flared up. "Nope, and hopefully this hangover goes away soon. I'm just glad we aren't throwing up yet. Keyword here is yet." Bonnie said before letting out a sigh. Things were definitely looking up for her. She was free from Stu, who was now dead. She had a new and better mate that would love her and her daughter equally. She had a massive new home out here in Zootopia, that still had space to grow might she add. And best of all, she had a fresh start to do things she never thought she would be able to do. 'Things couldn't get any better.' She thought to herself.

Three weeks later, Hopps farms, Bunny Burrow.

Bonnie woke up feeling the need to throw up and was racing for the bathroom. She, Nick, and Judy had come to visit her kits that still lived in the burrow and pick up a few more things of Bonnie's. And quite a few things had changed since that night she slept with her daughter and their foxy mate. Cotton and his littermates had moved in with them and would go to an elementary school in Inter Meadows next year. Till then, Bonnie and Judy agreed that they would do a bit of homeschooling with them.

Another thing that happened is that they had some of her sons come in, and begin construction on the burrow. As they knew that had to expand for when she and Judy got pregnant. If they weren't already. 'I swear if this is just food poisoning, I'm going to kick Jennifer out of that kitchen. As the food standard has gone down the shiter really fucking quickly.' She thought to herself before entering the bathroom and beelining for the toilet in one of the stalls. She barely made it before emptying her stomach into the bowl.

A laugh sounded from the stall next to her. "I've waited five years to hear that sound again. Doing alright there mom?" The voice before emptying their own guts into their own toilet.

Bonnie let out her own laugh. "About as well as you Trish. I think that fox of mine and Judy's did what our ancestors said would never happen. Just like that fusa of yours did the same thing." She said before throwing up again. "Also, get ready to hear the one sound that your sisters said they would never hear in their lifetime." She said with a giggle. She knew Judy would be up anytime soon and would join them here.

Trisha was confused at this. "And what sound is that mom?" She asked before hearing the bathroom door burst open before the door to the other stall next to her slammed against the wall. The next sound she heard was the sound of the doe next to her emptying her guts into the toilet.

Bonnie giggled and simply said. "The sound of Judy having morning sickness. Are you doing alright over there bun-bun?" She asked while rubbing her own stomach. Hoping to relieve some of the pain.

Judy just groaned. "Remind me to kick Jenny's ass out of the kitchen. I'm half tempted to say fuck it and have us move back here and join the sheriff's office. Just so that doe is kept out of the kitchen." She said before throwing up again. Getting a giggle out of her mother and someone in the stall next to her. "You can't say I'm wrong. How she got promoted to kitchen manager after you left is beyond me." She said with an annoyed tone.

Trisha giggled at that. "Oh trust me, I'm just as shocked. But don't worry, after today she will definitely be out of there. Elizabeth is moving back in with her husband and kits. So she will be in charge of that once she gets here." She said before puking into the toilet again.

Judy let out a sigh of relief. "That's good. Maybe then we can get some halfway decent food in here. Especially since now the queen of quality control is back. Say what you want about Lizzy, she knows what is good when it comes to two things. Meat and vegetables. It's no wonder she married that Tankuni from Japan." She said before noticing they were the only ones there. "Um, why are we the only ones here? I'd thought that Jenny's food poisoning would be a little more widespread than this." She asked while rubbing her stomach.

Bonnie was about to say something, but Trisha beat her to it. "Well, if mom's guess is right, then the three of us will be expecting litters in a few months." She said before throwing up again.

Another voice spoke up suddenly, startling them. "Make that four, ughhh that dang buck really did it. He knocked me up." the voice said with annoyed shock.

Judy looked over to her right and saw long tan furred legs and a tail with a black tuft of long fur at the end. "You too huh Abby?" She asked her soon-to-be sister-in-law.

The lioness groaned. "Yep, heat got the best of me this year. Poor Ed was exhausted by the end of the week. Not that he complained about it though, as he constantly woke up to his sexy fiance next to him. Though the morning sickness is kicking my ass. I've been here since five in the morning. Ed went to get me something from the med room as he called it and a few pregnancy tests just to be sure." Abby said before emptying her stomach into the bowl again.

As if summoned by his mate, Ed came into the bathroom with the medicine and tests with Nick and Morrison following behind him. "Alright ladies, we have the stomach medicine for you and the tests. Sound off on who is where so we don't walk in on the wrong female." He said before pawing over the proper medicine and tests to Nick and Morrison.

Bonnie was the one to speak up. "I'm in the first stall on the left. Trisha is next to me, Judy is after her and Abby is in the one after that. Though her's should be easy to spot due to her tail." She said before seeing Nick's paw holding her medicine and test. "Thanks Nick." She said before grabbing said items.

It was a few minutes before they all came out one by one with their tests in paw. All of them read positive or pregnant if they were digital.

Nick was extremely happy that he was going to be a father. He wrapped both Bonnie and Judy in a big hug and chuckled happily. "I'm going to be a father! Hahaha! This is great! Wait until mom hears about this, she will be so excited!" He yelled with tears of joy leaking from his eyes.

Ed wasn't much better as he practically jumped into Abby's arms. "I'm going to be a dad! Hahahaha! Eat shit Stu! You said I'd never be a dad if I got into an inter-species relationship and I just proved you wrong! And I'm going to be twice the father you were." He shouted with excitement. Proud of himself for proving his dead father wrong.

Morrison just hugged Trisha with a smile on his face. "I'm so glad I'm getting this chance to be a father to your- no our kits Trish. I just hope things go well." He said before hearing something. Looking over his shoulder to see someone they never thought they would see again. He immediately let go of Trisha and spun around and let loose a pissed-off growl.

This got everyone's attention. Turning they saw Stu Hopps, alive and well with a shotgun in his paws. "Well isn't this a touching moment? A bunch of disgusting pelts finding out they're about to be fathers and a mother to a bunch of traitors kits." Stu said with a pissed-off look on his face. His voice dripping with disgust.

Nick narrowed his eyes. His officer training kicked in as he was assessing the situation. 'He has a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. One shell is likely in the chamber. If we can get him to miss, we could have time to disarm him and subdue him.' He thought to himself before seeing Mike sneak in the door behind Stu with a revolver in paw. 'Or, we could distract him so Mike can blow his brains out. Either way works.' He thought. He then thought of the perfect distraction. "What? Jealous that we can actually get a mate pregnant? Or are you jealous because you can't get it up anymore?" He asked in a taunting tone.

Bonnie and Judy looked at Nick like he was insane. 'What in Gaia's name is that tod doing?! Doesn't he see the- wait a minute? Is that Mike with my revolver?' Judy asked herself before realizing what Nick was doing. He was distracting Stu so Mike could kill him. 'Well played Nick. As expected of my foxy husband to live up to his street smarts hype.' She thought to herself.

The others realized this too. It was then Bonnie decided to add fuel to the fire and get everything off her chest at the same time. "Or maybe he's jealous of how big your dicks are. As all he has is a 3 inch long pencil dick. I'm honestly amazed at how many times he got me pregnant. And don't get me started on how quickly he 'arrives' either. Nick had me turn to mush in his paws in a few minutes. While Stu only lasts a few seconds. Hell, I'm pretty sure Abby's clit would make a better dick and would last longer than anything Stu could do." She said getting a few laughs from everyone. And Mike doing his best to hold his laughter in at his mother's insult to his father.

That pissed-off Stu even more than what Nick said. As it was all true. Just as he was about to shout he heard the unmistakable sound of a hammer being cocked back on a revolver. "Oh great." He said before being hit on the head with a boot from out of nowhere. 'Damn it not again!' He thought to himself before consciousness left him.

Jackson Hopps walked into the bathroom looking around for something. "Dagnabbit where did they- oh, so that's where it went." He said before seeing the situation before him.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. "Well, that was anticlimactic." Mike said before taking his finger off the trigger before pawing it over to Nick. "I believe this belongs to you." He said before letting go of the gun when Nick grabbed it.

Nick chuckles at this. "Actually, it's your sister's. She likes to use larger calibers because of some bad encounters with sheep and other large mammals." He said before putting the hammer back and looking at the boot that hit Stu. "My question is where did this boot come from?" He asked with a look of confusion.

Jackson spoke up at this, getting everyone's attention. "Because one of the teens decided to play a prank with one of my boots and threw it in here when I caught them. Seems they stopped something before it happened." He said before going over and picked up the boot and shotgun. "Mike, go call the sheriff to pick this bastard up again. And this time have them make sure this idiot is dead before saying he is." Jackson told him before looking at everyone else. "We'll meet in the main lobby once everyone is decent. Don't want to be walking around with our pajamas on now do we?" He asked, getting everyone to race out of the bathroom. The females blushing all the while.

Jackson chuckles as he walks out of the bathroom. "Things are just going to get better from here on out." He said with a smirk.

Fucking finally, well that's the first chapter of this one-shot series. And fuck is it long. Almost 25k words long to be exact. Hopefully you all enjoyed it and hope to see you all next time. Remember, this series is for me to practice my lemons writing as well as my regular writing. So please give me constructive criticism and feedback on what to improve on. Anyway, see you in the next one, and remember that favorite and follow.

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