Straight From the Horse's Mouth @woodyk
Chapter 1

One female Rapidash was really small for her species, 7 inches shorter than Lucario to be exact. However, despite her small size, her ass and tits were perfect.

Lucario and Rapidash were sitting in a forest, lying under the stars with a small campfire close to them. It seemed like the fire didn't heat him up enough because she noticed that her friend looked cold and offered him her pussy to warm up. He eagerly accepted the offer. Consequently, Rapidash also came into heat, presenting symptoms such as swollen vulvae and a possible mucous secretion, both of which showed receptiveness to male horses, despite Lucario not being one.

Stallions would experience peaks of sexual activity whenever they perceived that a female was fertile, specifically through the detection of pheromones released through urine during heat. Similarly, Lucario experienced sexual arousal like a usual human being over what he and Rapidash were about to do, made possible by sporting an average-sized erection.

To begin the process of courting, Lucario adopted an imposing and haughty posture like a horse would, but on two feet instead of four, arching his neck slightly to highlight the muscles of his chest and shoulders. He then energetically emitted sounds that came close to the neighing of a horse, specifically vocalized for mating.

Next, he continued the horse courtship by doing a kind of circle dance performed. It involved turning on his own axis. A male horse would significantly lift his hooves from the ground while doing this, but Lucario was bipedal, so he didn't need to worry about that part.

Since Rapidash was shown to be very receptive, Lucario continued his ritual by caressing her neck with his nose, gently rubbing his body against hers, proceeding to sniff her tail, her rump, her hind legs, and her genitals.

Rapidash was still highly receptive because she lifted her tail, showing that she was ready to mate and beckoning the Aura Pokémon to mount her. Deep down inside, however, she was ready well before Lucario imitated the horse dance. If the swollen vulvae and secretion of mucous wasn't proof, the lifted tail certainly was.

What Lucario chose to do before the butt penetration was have Rapidash lean back against him in order to heat up his neck and shoulders. Her body heat from being a Fire-type Pokémon seemed to effectively heat up the Aura Pokémon. He was somewhat reluctant to do anything else for a while because he was pretty cold from the low temperature of the night atmosphere.

Even though Rapidash may have been small, she could still support Lucario's weight as he climbed onto her back and stroked her face, gently kissing her neck and head. It went on like that for at least two minutes, then Lucario got off of Rapidash so he could sit on one knee in front of her, pull her in close, and let the kisses get deeper and harder. He held her mane delicately as he pressed his mouth to hers.

The horse Pokémon could have sworn she could feel the Aura Pokémon's cock against her. She noticed it was an impressive erection, and she could feel herself getting incredibly wet while wanting him, wet as a human female. Nonverbally, Rapidash neighed for Lucario to go doggy style. He thankfully got the message.

Lucario walked behind Rapidash, and used one hand to guide his shaft to slide it into her vaginal opening, feeling the juices drench his external sex organ. At the same time, he reached down and began to slide one of his hands lazily along his shaft. They both loved feeling him get tense as he grabbed her breasts and flicked her nipples while his balls slapped against her butt. He began to feel her bushy tail with his other hand, moving it up and down the length of the tail. I

Rapidash wanted Lucario to cram every inch of his member into her and let him feel her heat as their privates began to throb. Grabbing Rapidash's hairy tail, Lucario made her whinny excitedly just before she quickly moved forward to let his cock slip out of her because she wanted to try something else. Turning around, she tried super hard to sit on the ground. Since Rapidash could not sit down on her own, Lucario helped her by slowly making her lie down, then she flung her front legs out and pushed upwards, allowing her to remain propped up while her rear was still on the ground.

Now that Rapidash was sitting up (because horses cannot sit down), Lucario took the head of his dick and carefully guided it into the Fire Pokémon's mouth. She teased it with his tongue and lips. His groans increased her sense of urgency, and she began to move her mouth back and forth, sucking and licking in time with the movement of his body.

Neighs and whinnies escaped Lucario and Rapidash. They were literally and figuratively animals, nonhuman creatures that had a passion for mating like animals. Their lust was as inhuman as their sexual behavior.

Liking what Rapidash was doing, Lucario stroked her head, savoring the heat she emitted from being a fiery organism. He even took it upon himself to speed up the process by humping her mouth with rapid movements of his hips. While one hand stayed on Rapidash's head, Lucario reached down with his other hand to find her genitals. Doing so required him to bend over a little bit and squat his legs slightly while squeezing the hand between the ground and her body.

Once Lucario found Rapidash's genitals, he rubbed it feverishly while also feeling like he had a fever from a combination of heat from him and from the horse's mouth on his private. Now that he was groping her, she felt the fires inside her ignite like the ones inside him. Both of them felt hot and looked hot from what they were doing to each other.

Whinnies gradually transitioned to yells and moans. The way they were stimulating one another's sex organs was beginning to take maximum effect by bringing them to verge of orgasm. Eventually, Lucario's blowjob had to stop while Rapidash could no longer have a hand touching her most intimate areas. That was because they finally climaxed, they screamed loudly at the night sky. Since it was late, nobody was in the forest to hear anything. Even if someone or something did, they were probably sleeping and didn't want to be bothered.

Tired, Lucario just dropped. The Aura Pokémon just fell backwards and lied down, face still in a daze as he slowly recovered from cumming. Rapidash also lied down, but not before licking Lucario's face, her way of thanking him for a good time. She then slept, not worrying about dousing the flames of the campfire since the fire was already close to dying down by now.

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