Golden Shimp Balls @fried_trout “🎶🎶!” Gouba hands Atsuko another one of Keqing’s stolen shrimp balls. The former Inazuman blinks at the bear, looking at him, then back to the shrimp ball in his paw. Atsuko shoots a hesitant side glance at Kazuha. “Should I?” Kazuha shrugs. “Tuna seems to enjoy it.” “O...kay then.” Atsuko plucks away the golden shrimp ball on Gouba’s paw. “Thank you for this food, G 6 months 1.9K 0 0 Genshin Impact General Audiences English Complete General KeqingKazuhaAtsukoGouba Slice of Life Gouba sees Keqing diss the adepti at the Right of Descension and went‘if the opportunity to steal your food arises I will take it’And now since her and Xiangling have become besties Gouba just takes and takes and takesNow Gouba subtly bullies Keqing by turning her into his portable food dispenser Read 1. . 1933 0 0