My Hero Academia: One Moment in Life @oanglalie
Chapter 1

New York city, the city that never sleeps.

A place full of light and marvels all throughout. From its streets filled with people all hailing from a different corner of the world, to its towering skyscrapers. Product of mankind's ingenuity and hardwork. A city of around 8.3 million souls, all ranging from the common and the extraordinary. From the sinners to the rightful. From the hard workers to the lazy. And from those that simply wish to live one day at a time. Those who just desire to walk the path of life peacefully, to those who made it their mission to protect that desire. Those who put their lives in the front lines to defend those who can't defend themselves. Those who vowed to right the wrongs of the world and to avenge the innocents.

New York city, the city of heroes.

And on one lonesome rooftop of one of the shady parts of town, her webbed-clad guardian stood. He, alongside a man whom he was very familiar with. Whether that familiarity was a good thing or not, he was still not sure. The hero was already a well known figure, his image recognized in even different parts of the globe. Going further even, in space and time itself, in different realms that differed from the one that humanity and mortal kind resided… Yet the other man was a different story.

He had a long brown mane, which was accompanied by a long beard as well. One that adorned his face alongside the scars that resided as well. He was wearing a long trench coat of a dark color, a black shirt and jeans, alongside heavy-duty boots. But at the moment there was one last detail that had the hero's eyes glued to him and wide open. He had an infant in his arms.

"Kaine… is… is… that baby… is she…?" the hero stuttered, not believing what he was seeing.

"Your girl? Yeah… she's her." Kaine replied, while still holding the small child in his arms.

Spider-Man was no stranger to be out on the cold night this late and after certain recent events, he felt more and more inclined in swinging across the skyscrapers of the city, than to walk down the pavement as his alter-ego. Yet, that day night was different. That night, when he tried (unsuccessfully) to remain home and just attempt to have some shut-eye for once, he recieved a call. The person just told him to meet him where it all began. Where he went from being just some kid on spandex that appeared on T.V, to the hero that he was now. And despite his better judgment, he still decided to go regardless. Not like it was a difficult decision to make. It was either that… or stay awake and stare at his wedding ring all night long.

And when he arrived, he was confronted with his brother/clone Kaine and to add in more to his shock… he had a baby at arms. A baby that…

"No… no, no, no! You really think that I'll-"

"Would you tune it down? You're going to wake her up."

"Like hell if I care!" Spider-Man growled, yet did it in a lower tone. "You actually expect me to buy any of this? That after all of the crap that I had to endure. That after every mess in my life that I get to what exactly? Get to reunite with her just like that? Believe I can get the happy ending that easily?"

"You're exaggerating."

"The very fact that you're standing and breathing is proof enough of what I mean!"

"And you think that I asked for it? That I enjoyed being the defectedd lab rat to some sick scientist? Knowing that I was the pale imitation of someone better than me that I could never be? That while you got the love of the best aunt and uncle of the world, I got a test tube and implanted memories? Well, guess what? I didn't have it easy either… But this isn't a trick. She's her. The real her." Kained told him, all while looking at the sleeping child in his arms. "... She looks like you."


"Didn't Alison tell you anything? I'm sure she would get cold feet sooner or later and just tell you."

"She did to… she did to MJ before dying. But I thought that she was referring to aunt May. When I confronted Norman, I found out that he was keeping her. Said… said that…"

"Yeah, I know about that. You two brought half of the city down that day. And besides, are you really going to buy anything that Osborn said?"

"Of course not…! But-"

"Look, Mongraine is not someone anyone would vouch in favor of anything. But ask yourself this: If she were to tell you that May was alive, which May do you think she would refer to?"

"Well… yeah, I guess you would have a point there." Spider-Man admitted, and yet… one could still see the brokenness in his eyes despite his mask covering his face. "But after everything these past months alone… MJ and the plane, aunt May still being alive, the city wanting to hang me after my fight with the Goblin. I was keeping an entire building from falling down and they still wanted to put the blame all on me. I was done."

"And yet, after months of incognito, here you are. In full costume and beating on crooks." Kaine pointed out.

"It's complicated."

"I know. Me being here standing and breathing is more than enough proof of that."

"... Sorry about that." Spider-Man apologised, yet Kaine simply shrugged it off.

"Not like you're wrong." the clone said, as he walked towards the man. "Here, I think it's about time she gets to be with her old man." he said, handing the infant to Spider-Man.

He recieved her, trying his best not to let his armas shake. He took his girl in his arms, and then he looked at her. She was sleeping, having not a care for what was happening around her. The young girl had no need to after all, she could just rest in peace. And as for her father, he was trying his best not to shake. Trying to not crumble at the sight his eyes were blessing him. It was her, it really was her.

Young Mayday Parker, had finally returned to him.

He held her closer to him. Clinging to her and embracing her like only a loving and caring father could. His eyes were already filled with tears and he felt like he was about to burst. This was just perfect. Too perfect to be true, some would say. But not him. There was not a single gram of cynicism in his being, because he knew that this was true. And how, one may ask?

Because a father knows best.

"My girl! My sweet, sweet, baby girl!" he said, happy beyond belief yet keeping a low tone so as to not wake her up.

So much has happened these past months. His wife had seemingly died in a plane accident, the Avengers had finally returned from wherever they went after their battle at Central Park. While he now knew that he was who he was, it came to the cost of his brother Ben's life. His aunt, the woman that had been more than a mother to him for most of his life is alive. He had beaten the Green Goblin after a battle that teared half the city to the ground, yet was still being hunted and criticized like any other crook that he has put behind bars. He sure as heck knew that Toshi and most of the other heroes around never had to deal with any of that mess…

Yet this moment. This one instant… This one moment in life, felt like a true victory for once.

"Kaine… it's her… it's…. how?"

"Wasn't easy. Had to turn a lot of rocks just to find the right track. And even then, it didn't mean that it was smooth sailing from there on."

"But… why? I mean you and me specifically never had the best of relationships. And that is on top of everything that happened. Why do all of this?"

"... I didn't lie when I said that you are better than me… You and Ben are… were more than I could ever hope of being. I'm a monster, that I already know. But you were always the better of us. You actually deserve to be here, not me." Kaine was telling Spider-Man, before taking a look at the baby girl in his arms. "And that little runt? She's the best of two worlds. I can't let a world where I get a chance but not her, exist. This… this is my way of making up for all the crap that I caused."

"Kaine I… I don't know what to say."

"Don't just… just take care of her." said the clone, ready to depart.

"I… I will, and I won't let go of her ever again… I guess, see you later?"


"No? Kaine I-"

"This was my attempt to make amends with you and your family. After this don't expect to ever see me again… I think it'll be for the best…" Kaine said.

Truth is, maybe he was right. Maybe he should stay away from them. After everything that the Jackal, Osborn and that damn clone mess brought to their lives, the best should be to just close the chapter. To close it and to lock it and to make sure that it never be brought up again. But… is that really how he should act? Isn't that a selfish wish to have? He has been through so much, and felt like he kept on losing. And no matter how much his friends tried, it seemed like he couldn't snap out of things. And here is his clone, the one that caused so much pain… and he was offering the one thing that he thought he could never have since all of this began. A chance to hold his daughter.

When he thinks about it, he never truly stops to think about it. Perhaps he thought it would be easier to just not think about it too much. It sometimes is just easy to ignore things and not remember that as hard as it is for him, as hard as it is to know that you have to share your name, your face, your memories and your very self… it was always harder for Ben and Kaine. He-

"Huh?" the two men said out loud.

They could feel their spider sense ringing like crazy. Kaine was already looking hysterical, grinding his teeth and looking like he was about to rip the face of whoever was the fool that was trying to jump them. Their danger detection ability was going haywire. Buzzing so loud and hard that it hurt… and yet, Spider-Man felt something familiar about this. Something that told him that he was in no danger. But the specific of this feeling he first felt a long time ago. On one Christmas night when he went to visit his aunt and the housemates that lived with her. It was…

"Who the hell are you?!" Kaine growled at a man atop another roof not far from where the two Parker men were standing.

This man was not some average joe. He was a towering figure, easily more than three meters in height (and this was only whenever he wanted to look smaller). He dressed in clothing reminiscent of roman robes and a long and awe-inducing blue cape. He had some sort of round emblem in his chest, golden gloves and boots and a bald head so large, it looked like a living bubble-head with big eyes. Kaine did not know who this stranger was, but Spider-Man… Peter had an idea of who he was.

"If you think that the silent treatment is going to work for you, then pal do I have news for-"

"Kaine, wait." Peter said, placing one hand on the clone's shoulders.

"Wait? Have you lost your mind? There's a big-headed weirdo standing there, watching us and you want me to just wait?" he asked.

"I know it sounds weird, but… I know him."

"Huh? Since when did you hang around big tall bubbleheads that look like he's about to stab Julius Caesar?"

"I don't exactly but… I've met him before. And Reed has mentioned him at least once." Peter said, looking at the stranger, who simply remained silent and kept on watching back. "If I remember correctly, he's called the Watcher."

"The Watcher? What kind of name's that supposed to be?"

"For what I understand, he's some sort of cosmic dude that hangs on the moon and despite being more than capable to tangle with Galactus, he mostly just watches."

"So he's a creepy cosmic stalker? Yeah, because that isn't ominous at all." Kaine said, still prepared in case there was to be a fight. "So, he just watches? That's all?"

"Well that's how he's supposed to roll, but sometimes he just does stuff. Although it's odd to see him here."


"He's usually on the moon. Normally, when he shows up in person, it's apparently because something important is about to happen."

"How important?"

"Fate of all, important."

"So that means something big is about to happen?"

"I… I'm not sure."

Truth is, he only knew the basics of this… Uatu guy at most. Want an expert on the guy? Go ask the Fantastic Four about that and even then, they probably didn't know as much as one would expect. The only interactions that he remembers of the guy was that apparently, he was present during the first coming of Galactus all those years ago and that Christmas night when he helped him save Anron's granddaughter. But he still knew that he only appeared whenever something big was about to happen and that made him uneasy, for it could mean anything. An alien invasion, a worldwide natural catastrophe, war, a god preparing to erase the world, anything and everything could happen. The limit was infinite, well past the sky. The question though remained the same; what's he doing here? What sort of big event could… and then Peter stopped.

He took a deep look at his surroundings and an idea crossed his mind. Could… could that big moment be… this one?

No, that can't be. If it were the Avengers or anyone else, sure go for it. Those guys deal with this kind of craziness all the time. But him? He's just some friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. What about him could change the fate of the world? And then… he looked at the creature in his arms. That sweet and innocent creature peacefully sleeping in his arms. Did it involve her? How? Why? She's just a child, she… Does it involve Kaine then? None of this made sense to him, what was it that he was here for?!

"... Kaine…" he called, making his clone turn to him.


"... What if this is the big moment?" he asked, confusing the clone.

"How? I don't think a simple talk equals to big moment in history when you look at the big picture."

"I know but… what if it's what happens because of this?"

"What do you mean?"

"... I haven't had the best track of this recently. I've been feeling confused, lost and then all of the sudden… I have her back." Peter said, taking his mask to reveal his tired, oh so tired face… yet with a spark in his eyes. One that only grew when he looked at the young and beautiful little Mayday. "Now that I have her back, I ask myself; what kind of man do I want to be for her? What kind of example should I give her?"

And as he did, Peter reached out for her child, extending an index finger to her and to his surprise, she got a hold of it. The warmness that he felt… it was something beyond words. And little May, despite still being asleep, smiled. And even though she was too young to know what was happening, she still felt safe. Safer than she could comprehend. And as the two shared that moment between a father and his daughter, Peter looked up to Kaine.

"I think that the example she should have growing up, is one of a man that she could be proud calling her father. And I think… that for me to become that, is to truly try and make peace. And that includes apologizing to you."

"What are you talking about? You-"

"Was too hard on you two. Maybe because I was scared, confused, hurt, I don't know. But you're right about something, you didn't ask for this. None of us did. But that doesn't mean that we're here standing, breathing… living. And you deserve to live as much as me. You deserve a second chance."

"Where are you going with this?"

"Remember that time I returned home after aunt May and uncle Ben insisted on me going out to play with the other kids my age? How I was kinda bumped down?"

"I… yeah, I guess. There was a baseball game and when you wanted to join for once, they turned you down and laughed at you." Kaine said, for to an extent, he had Peter's memories as well.

"And remember how after that, they cheered me up? How uncle Ben took me to see that new sci-fi movie and we then went to buy ice cream?"

"'Why do you think god gave us fingers?' You two could have gotten away with it if you hadn't spilled some on your shirt."

"Yeah, aunt May grounded us with no sweets for a week… they're the best."

"Yeah… you were lucky to have them. I, on the other hand, got a tube."

"And I would like for her to have the same chance of me… or having a cool uncle like I had."

"You're kidding, right? I killed people. I shouldn't even…"

"Yeah you're right, you've killed people. Honestly any other day of the week and I might be tempted to throw you in a prison cell as fast as possible… but, you saved my kid. That counts a lot in my book. And because of that… I'm willing to give you one chance."

"There's no way. You must be out of your rockets if you actually think that I… that I…" Kaine was trying to say, but stuttered at the sight of the girl.

It didn't make any sense. He was holding her not that long ago. He found her, he brought her here. So why… why was he…

"I… I'll think about it." he said, turning around and started to walk away. "I make no promises though."

"That's good enough for me."

"But if I say yes, don't expect me to do babysitting, got it?"

"Sure, I get it."

"Fine. Now if you excuse me, I'm leaving. That guy's creeping me the hell out… take care… of the both of you."

"I will. Take care as well, brother."

"... Huh, 'brother'... doesn't sound bad." Kaine said and soo, he was gone.

And once he was out of sight, Peter put on his mask once more and turned to the cosmic being around the corner. "So… was this it? Is this the big moment or you just came here to be creepy?" he asked and as expected, there was no response, just silence. "Figures."

Then, Peter looked at his still sleeping infant. This was something that felt like magic, a miracle even. He started fearing that he could never hold her and now… against all the odds, here they were. Shining as if she was her lighthouse guiding him to the safety of the shore though the thick mist that's been surrounding him for a while now. And so that day, he promised that he would never let her be torn from his side ever again.

"Come on, May, time to go home… at last, it's time to go home." he said, holding her closer to him and making a harness to help him carry her. "Your mother… she's still out there. I know that she is. And I can tell you this much kido; I won't rest until I find her. Until I bring her back to us and until she gets to hold you too. We'll be whole again and that's not a promise or a vow or any of that. That's a statement." and with that, he took off. He alongside his small and beautiful blessing.

And as the two departed, Uatu remained, watching as always. Watching as he has done so many times in the past and as he will in time beyond. And most of all… watching as he smiled.

He is Uatu, the Watcher. He has seen everything that has been, will be and could be. He has seen civilizations rise and fall. He has seen the best and worst of humanity. He has been there for the most trivial of moments to the most pivotal of them. He has remained here even when his brothers judged him for his actions and he will be even if observing them is no longer his task. For he cares for them, he truly and deeply cares for this blue marble, drifting among this vast and cold cosmos of concepts too complex for any normal mind to comprehend. And he cares for every one of the souls that resides in this world of marvels and miracles. Of light and darkness. Of wicked and rightful.

A world of heroes.

He cares for them and for the stories that they have to tell. For they mean everything to him. And now, he gets to add one more tale to his extensive and infinite library. And to him, it didn't matter if what he was witnessing was something that should have been, but was stolen from a good man for reasons beyond his control. It didn't matter that this was something that was not meant to be and that it should not have continued. No, for the only aspect of significance, was that… this event, this one moment in life, is.

And that was all that mattered.

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