Throw Me A Bone, Bro @woodyk
Chapter 1

Mawile, Lucario's younger twin sister, had become jealous of all the women he's been having sex with lately. She was getting tired of him unintentionally ignoring her because he was too busy to focus on other things.

Eventually, Mawile paid her big brother a visit by anonymously sending him a message to meet her in the forest, making him think that a secret admirer sent it. Lucario headed into the forest to meet his lover. When he was at the exact where he was instructed to stand, Mawile appeared and explained her jealously and how sad she was from being left. He apologized, and she accepted his apology while also begging him to fuck her so she wouldn't be left out anymore. The Aura Pokémon agreed.

Finally getting a chance for the first time in a while, Mawile knelt in front of Lucario, whose eyes were widening with every broad tongue strokes that she gave on his dick from the base to the crown. His cock pulsed in her hands and the Aura Pokémon closed his eyes.

Then, Mawile took Lucario's cock head in her mouth, nibbling very gently with her lips, closing her lips tightly around his shaft. While sucking softly at first, she eventually sucked harder while bobbing her head up and down on him. As she expected, it didn't take very long for him to ejaculate. When Lucario did, he had his hands clasp at her head and his eyes popped wide open as his seed puffed up her cheeks.

Pausing and pulling back momentarily to swallow, she fondled his balls with one hand and used her other hand to pump the loose skin over his shaft. Lucario suddenly gasped and she could feel his seed pulsing up inside him again. His hands tightened on her head as he pushed his tip as far into her mouth as he could, Mawile began swallowing again as he erupted inside her mouth a second time.

The male Pokémon sagged and his little sister stopped her ministrations. Pulling off his cock with a slight pop, she stood up and hugged Lucario. His strong arms hugged back. She thanked him, but he mentioned there was still more to do.

Lucario next action was to turn Mawile around before stroking his hands up and down her back in addition to licking her neck. As the rising hardness between them came back, she pulled out of his arms and got down on all fours, she spread her legs to give Lucario a better view and turned her head over one shoulder to smile invitingly at him. She wiggled her bum in his direction. One strong hand from Lucario moved to hold her hip steady while the other guided him home. Mawile felt stretched, filled in that special way, so very pleased.

Even though she was not able to see his smile, Mawile still knew Lucario just had to please her and that she had to please him. More firmly, his hands grasped her hips and he thrusted his to let his sister feel his testes bounce between her legs.

Finally, Lucario made Mawile get on all fours so he could plunge his sex organ in and out at the fastest pace possible. They both looked like two animals humping, two literal and figurative animals mating.

Being pounded forced little gasps to escape Mawile's mouth as she felt Lucario moving to and fro within her passage. She knew he was one of the most skillful lovers she had ever been with, even though he was her sibling and slightly older than her. He felt the same way about her. The romantic intimacy her added both sweetness and exhilaration to the experience and she began to buck backwards into him every time he pushed forward. As his fingers sunk deeper into the flesh of her hips, his lunges became deeper and more forceful.

Feeling her own release building within her, but uncertain of how long Lucario could last, Mawile reached between her legs with one hand to work her own clit. At her level of arousal, being subtlety was not exactly an option because with two fingers immediately pressing, rolling, and stroking her love bud, she couldn't contain her sexual excitement. Meanwhile, Lucario's movements were more hyper with increased speed. It was only a matter of time before Mawile could take no more as she squealed with joy.

With that, the Aura Pokémon's body became rigid, only his length pulsing and throbbing deep within Mawile, who could feel their combined fluids running down her thighs and gave a sweet smile of satisfaction. Lucario started to withdraw, but then his sister grasped his hips and held him still, not wanting him to stop just yet.

In response, Lucario lied on his back, letting his member point upwards for Mawile. She squatted down to let her brother's penis go into her vagina. When it did, his hands roamed over her sides as she bounced up and down. He petted her back gently, occasionally pinching her ass. It took a few more minutes of cowgirl style before they officially were unable to hold in their orgasms any longer. Both of them let out primal screams as they climaxed. Mawile loved how his semen went deep into her womb.

She felt him softening within her as she stood up, turned around and then gave her older twin brother a strong hug. He promised to not neglect her as much and even offered to let her accompany him whenever she wanted. That made her happy.

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