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Ooari vs University vs Renta

LAST TIME ON Ooari Goes Private: Shiho got her arm free and said, "Maho, we're leaving." But Maho said, "No, you're leaving, I'm joining Ooari." Shiho said nothing but walked off. Miho then bursted into tears as Maho held her close, as did her friends and John too. Later, Maho officially declared that she was joining Ooari, as did Erika too. John asked the two sisters if it would be okay for him to adopt them and they said, "Yes." John smiled and hugged them both. Madoka and Kokuro cheered as their Idol was becoming their sister. Life was now good for Ooari.

Miho and her team were having fun as two-time winners of the National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament. From 8 tanks for the 63rd tournament, to 32 tanks for the 64th tournament. John couldn't be prouder. They showed the world that a Private Tankery team can beat a Team that the Government supports. To celebrate their victory, Miho decided to have a friendly match in the team, 16 tanks each side with Maho and Miho as the Captains. The teams were divided when they joined the team. Both sides fought hard until Miho took out Maho's tank from behind.

The team then took a break in the shade as John and Ami Chōno walked up to them and John told the team, "Girls we have just been challenged by a University All-Stars Team in a Annihilation match." Miho and the team looked at John as Maho said, "Why?" John told them, "Sources tell me Renta convinced Chiyo Shimada, Matriarch of the Shimada Style, to have her daughter's team face off against us to show the world we're nothing special. Miss Chōno here informed me and I figured we'd show him who's boss." Miho looked at Maho, then to the team. Everyone nodded their heads. Miho then looked at John and said, "We're in," John smiled and said, "Okay, but first, we have one more tank for the team."

John then showed them the newest tank to the team, a T28 Super Heavy Tank and four girls in front of it. John then said, "These four ladies will be piloting the tank. Meet Maki Oze, Tamaki Kotatsu, Iris selmer, and Lisa Isaribi. They are Jaguar Team." Miho smiled and welcomed the four new team members to the team. John also Told Miho that the University team had their own T-28 Super Heavy Tank and to be careful.

Upon arriving at the site, Miho's team were greeted by the University team and their overall Tank commander, Alice Shimada. Alice Shimada was the daughter of Chiyo Shimada. Miho, along with Maho, Kay, Darjeeling, Katyusha, and Madoka walked up to Alice and her Sub-Commanders; Azumi, Megumi, and went over the rules of the Annihilation match, the first team to take out all of the enemy tanks won the match. Then the commanders and sub commanders bowed and said, "Let's have a fun match.

In a meeting, Miho divided the team into three groups, Dandelion, Sunflowers, and Petunias. Miho then , "What's the name of our Operation?" Soon everyone suggested a name for it, but Madoka's suggestion, "Operation Punchy-punch." Miho went with that name. Everyone agreed with her and Miho said, "Operation Punch-punch is a go. Now Panzer Vor!"

A few minutes later, the match started and the Ooari Tanks drove forward. Madoka asked Miho, "Mind if Wolverine team, Panther Team, Dolphin Team, and I go and scout an area. I feel like there might be something there." Miho nodded her head and said, "Okay, but be careful." Madoka nodded her head and led the other three tanks she said off to the side. Rolling along the road, Madoka's tank led the small squad and that was when they saw it. Madoka then said into her Radio, "Miho I was right, they have a Karl-Gerät 040 Heavy Mortar. Guarded by 3 Pershings." Kokuro texted her father that as they came up with a plan to take out the Karl.

Meanwhile, John looked at Ami and asked, "did you know about this tank?" Ami saw the picture John was sent and she said, "No." They checked the Team lists and they saw that the tank was added last minute, unlike the three Maus tanks from the tournament. John then said, "Shoot. The girls are going to have a hard time taking that thing down. Back with the girls looking at the Karl, Madoka had Anna, Eguchi, and Koume out of their tanks and they all counted Three Pershings guarding the Karl. Anna suggested that they take a tank each. Eguchi suggested that they all focus their attacks on the Karl first then the Pershings.

"Hm… I got it." Madoka said before they could hear tanks firing in the distance, meaning the others engaged the University team. Soon the Karl pointed it's barrel up and fired a shot. After a few minutes there was a huge explosion. That was when Miho said, "We just lost Shark Team and Mountain Lion Team." That was when Madoka said, "Okay, let's get to work!" The others nodded their heads, got in their tanks and all aimed at the Karl first. As the next shell got loaded in, Madoka shouted, "FIRE!" and all four tanks fired at the Karl. Just as the next round the Karl was going to fire entered the Barrel, the four shots fired by Madoka's squad struck the round and it blew up, taking out the Karl and a Nearby Pershing Tank.

"We got them! PUSH FORWARD!" Madoka shouted before they pushed out and fired another salvo at the remaining Pershings, who were retreating as they fired back. Wolverine team dodged a strike from one tank while firing their own shot, taking out the Pershing but also got hit from behind by the second Pershing who was taken out by Madoka's Pershing. Madoka then told the other two, "Let's get back to the others." Eguchi and Koume nodded their heads. Then they followed Madoka to the others, flanking the University team. Madoka then contacted Miho and said, "The Karl Mortar is down, but Wolverine Team was taken out."

"Understood Madoka, we've engaged the enemy line and lost Brown bear, Polar Bear, and Grizzly Bear teams while taking out a few Pershings. All tanks pull back, draw them in." That was when everyone began to pull back, making the university team push forward, doing so they lost a Chaffee. Madoka and her Tank squad cme behind the UNiversity team and opened fire at them, taking out three Pershings along the way. Breaking through the University line, Madoka struck another Pershing while Panther Team and Dolphin Team were taken out.

Suddenly there was another shot and another tank of the University Team was taken out. That was when Iris's tank, Jaguar Team, rolled onto the field and fired another round, taking out another Pershing. That was when Alice called in their own T-28 to take down Iris's Tank. As the two T-28s faced off, Miho continued to lead Ooari's team in a defensive formation to keep the University team from breaking the formation. As they retreated, Rhino Team took a shot to their track. They then told Miho to get the team to safety as they stayed behind to cover the others, but got taken out by two Pershings.

In the Judges box, John watched as Miho led the Ooari tanks to a safer location to stand off as Renta walked up to him and said, "Looks like Ooari is on the run." John paid him no mind as he watched the action unfold. Renta then said, "Shame your tanks will lose to the University team." John looked at Renta and said, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch, Renta. The Match is far from over." Renta smiled as he placed a call on his phone. Back with Miho and the team, they managed to get distance from the University team. Miho contacted Iris and asked how her tank is holding up.

"We're good, these tanks were made to take hits. But we ended up taking each other out too. Good luck Miho." Iris said as the T-28s were towed away. Miho sighed as Madoka rolled up next to her and said, "We took out our two big threats, now all that are left are the Pershings and Chaffes. I saw a Amusement park we can use to our advantage." Miho nodded her head and told everyone to head to the Amusement Park. John sighed as the T-28 was pulled into the Repair Garage but saw 5 more T-28s being moved behind them.

"Strange…" Was what John said before following the T-28s. Looking behind a corner, John saw Renta talking to girls and he said, "They're heading to the Amusement Park. Link up with our tanks there and Destroy Ooari." One girl asked if Miss Shimada would be mad, but Renta said, "She already knows. As long as the Nishizumi name is dragged in the mud she doesn't care how they win." John was pissed that Renta was trying the same trick he pulled in the Tournament, that man had no honor in defeat. Running to Ooari's T-28 Super Heavy, he asked for the radio from Iris.

After getting it, John said, "Miho, Renta is going to send 5 T-28 super heavy tanks to join Alice's forces to take us down. Get in contact with Alice and tell her about what her mother and Renta are planning." Miho sighed and said, "Understood sir." That was when she had everyone hide their tanks while Miho waited for a University team tank to see Alice. One Pershing, with a red Square on it's side, rolled up to Miho. When the hatch opened, one of Alice's sub commanders; Megumi, stood up. Out of her Tank, Megumi walked up to Miho and said, "Something tells me you want to talk." Miho nodded her head and told Megumi what John told her.

"What… Why would the commander's mother agree to such a thing?" Megumi asked. Miho told her, "I don't know, but that's what Mr. Bertrand heard." Megumi was silent as she got back into her tank. Back with John and Ami, Miss. Shimada approached them and said, "I have never heard of such slander, how dare you accuse me of cheating." John looked at her and said, "I heard Renta tell the crews of 5 T-28 super Heavy Tanks that you knew about them joining and didn't care about them as long as the Nishizumi name was dragged through the mud." But Miss Shimada stood firm about now knowing about them. John could tell that she was in fact telling the truth because of her eyes,

"Then the bastard lied to them…" said John, and that worried the three adults. Soon Miss Shimada was told that the 5 T-28 SUper Heavy Tanks were spotted near Rumi's tank group and she told Alice and her remaining tanks to engage those T-28s. Soon enough Renta found out and shouted into a phone, "SEND IN THE REST OF THE TANKS!" John heard that and grabbed Renta. Handing Renta to the proper authorities, John saw several Tank Destroyers, Heavy Tanks, and Medium Tanks roll in. Ami then said, "ALERT! Unauthorized tanks are on the field. I repeat, Unauthorized tanks are on the field." John counted all the tanks and there were the five T-28 Super heavy tanks, five StuG IIIs, six Semovente da 75-18s, six Tiger I Heavy Tanks, four Tiger II tanks, four Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus tanks, five Churchill , six Somua S35s, and four of his own Panzer IV .

With Miho and Megumi, John told Miho about the tanks Renta called in. That was wehn Megumi told Miho, "Get to your tank!" Miho nodded her head, got in her tank, and called for her entire team to form up as Megumi told her Remaining Pershings to open fire at the incoming tanks. Soon Alice and the other 12 University Team tanks came in and opened fire too, taking out a few of the lighter tanks.

Miho was then approached by Alice in her Centurion tank and she said, "My tanks are yours to command, just tell me where you need us." Nodding her head, Miho said, "Have two of your companies go on our left flank while you and Megumi cover our right." Alice nodded her head and said, "Azumi, Rumi, take your tanks and protect the left flank of Ooari's tanks, Megumi and I will cover the right." That was when Madoka said, "Miho, can I borrow Leopon team?" Miho nodded her head. Madoka smiled and had Leopon Team follow them to the Karl.

As the unauthorized Tanks pushed on, more of the combined Ooari and University tanks were taken out; the remaining Chaffees, a Pershing tank, Duck Team, Geeko Team, Hippo team, Mallard Team, Tortoise team, and Falcon Team. But the unauthorized tanks took losses as well; All five StuG IIIs, one Semovente da 75-18, Two Tiger I's, all four Panzer IVs, Two Somua S35s, One Churchill, and two Tiger II's. Soon a Huge explosion went off in the unauthorized Tanks Ranks, taking out two Maus Tanks and another Somua S35. Miho and Alice gasped when Madoka came on the Radio and said, "All allied Tanks, the Karl is fixed!" Miho smiled and asked Madoka to target the T-28 Super Heavy tanks. Madoka obliged her and after loading another round, fired it and it landed smack dab in front of the T-28 Super Heavy tanks, knocking them out.

"That did it! All Tanks Advance!" Said Alice and Miho at the same time. The combined Teams pushed forward and the Unauthorized tanks drew back as more shells from the Karl rained down, taking out another Maus tank and a Churchill. Hours later, the unauthorized Tanks were all taken out. All of the University team but Alice were taken out as well, along with all of the sunflowers and Petunias. The ONly tanks left for Ooari were Miho's tank and Madoka's tank. But instead of a final showdown, Alice conceded Defeat and her mother approved it. Miho smiled as Madoka said, "We won. SWEET!" Everyone cheered as Alice shook hands with Miho. John sighed as Ami said, "Renta will be going away for a long time." John then said, "I hope so."

Later in the day, John met up with Miss Shimada and he greatly apologized for the accusation he made against her. Miss Shimada accepted the apology and said, "He had it out for you, I can understand why you would think that." John nodded his head and even thanked her for having her daughter's team help Ooari out. Miss Shimada nodded her head and said, "Of course. My daughter greatly admires what Ooari has done.." John smiled at the compliment and said, "Thanks. I worked hard to get the girls to where they are now." Miss Shimada nodded her head and said, "We know, what Mrs. Nishizumi did was disgraceful. I'm glad her daughters see things clearly."

Later in the day, John invited all the girls on the tank team for a celebratory cook out when Miho and Maho's mother came by. Maho and Miho looked confused at their mother as she bowed and said, "I am so sorry for acting the way I did. Will you both please forgive me?" Maho said nothing, but Miho said, "I forgive you mother." Shiho gasped but hugged Miho, who was then followed by Maho. John and Toka smiled, but Madoka and Kokuro were saddened as their Idol was leaving their family. But Miho said, "I will still love you like you are my sisters." Miho then hugged the two of them, who smiled greatly and hugged her back. Shiho thanked John and Toka for looking after her daughters and toka, "It's okay. They helped around the house while they were here."

Shiho smiled, before frowning and said, "It took me losing my children to see how horrible I was to them." John thought, 'you think?' then spoke, "But Miho was the first to forgive you, meaning she still cared for you as her mother." Shiho nodded her head and said, "After I banished her from the school… I let tankery take over my life. I am such a fool." That was when Miho said, "It's okay mother, I still love you." Shiho broke into tears and hugged Miho again as Karma walked up to John and said, "One of my colleagues I trust is taking Renta's place." John nodded his head and said, "Okay man, thanks for telling me Karma." Karma nodded his head. Soon the party resumed and Shiho was having a fun time with her daughter.

The next day, Maho and Erika transferred back to Kuromorimine Girls' Academy. Miho was offered a place, but she said, "I'm fine right here, I have my own form of Tankery and a strong team." Shiho nodded her head, smiling, and said, "I understand. Take care Miho." Miho smiled and hugged her mother. John smiled as the new day for Ooari Girls Academy began and they were having fun.

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