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Chapter 1

"Thank you for coming, everybody! I'm glad you all had a good time," Wei Ying declared happily while embracing Jiang Yanli, his adoptive sister. She, his adoptive brother Jiang Cheng, and their friends had all spent the evening at his house to celebrate his birthday.

Even his husband Lan Zhan's brother Xichen and a couple of his friends had decided to visit. But it was getting late, and it was time for everyone to go home.

"I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday, A-Xian! I will see you soon," Jiang Yanli said to Wei Ying as she hugged him back tightly. She hugged Lan Zhan after that, thanking him for his hospitality.

"Yeah, happy birthday again, asshole," Jiang Cheng added, giving his shoulder a light punch.

Wei Ying laughed. "Thanks. Don't forget that yours is in a few days," he remarked.

He huffed. "As if I could."

His friend Nie Huaisang chuckled. "We'll make sure that his party will be just as fun as yours was just now. It was just as good as the one you had two years ago, if not better!"

Wei Ying smiled as he turned to gaze at a picture of him and Lan Zhan that was on a table next to the armchair. It showed the both of them dressed as Michael Jackson when he had turned twenty-three. Wei Ying had on the black suit coat, red shirt, and pants from Dangerous, while Lan Zhan wore the outfit from Smooth Criminal. Since his birthday was on Halloween, he would throw a costume/masquerade party every few years.

This year, for his twenty-fifth, they were dressed as bunnies. Wei Ying was a black one, and Lan Zhan's outfit was white. The latter highly approved of how he looked in his costume; he complimented him on how sexy he was and could barely take his eyes off him the whole evening. Wei Ying, too, couldn't help but gush over how cute he himself looked.

Furthermore, Lan Zhan adored bunnies in general. That was why Wei Ying decide to buy four for him on his birthday earlier that year in January.

Wen Ning smiled as he hugged the latter next. "Don't forget to call me and Jiejie and let us know how you like your potatoes soon," he said.

"I won't," Wei Ying assured him with another laugh. Both he and his sister Wen Qing had given him a box of their homegrown potatoes as a gift. "But you already know that I'll love them."

Wen Qing smirked. "That we do."

Then Wei Ying embraced Xichen, who had just finished speaking to Lan Zhan about something. "Thank you for coming to see me, Er-ge. It's too bad you didn't have a party for your own birthday on the eighth. It would have been fun."

"You are quite welcome, but you know I am usually not one for parties. My birthday was still enjoyable, however."


He and Lan Zhan were very alike in that manner. The latter hadn't wanted a party for his birthday either.

After a few parting words to Xichen's fiancé and Nie Huaisang's brother - Nie Mingjue - and their friend Meng Yao, everyone left. Wei Ying and Lan Zhan waved to them as they said good-bye and wished the former a happy birthday yet again.

Lan Zhan closed the door once they had all driven away and kissed him. "Let us clean up and put everything away, hm?" he inquired in a low voice.

Wei Ying nodded, turning off the Halloween music that was playing on the radio. "Yeah. The party was fun, wasn't it, Airen? I just wish that wish that it didn't seem like it ended so soon," he remarked as he helped him gather up the trash. There were still paper plates, plastic cutlery, and stray candy wrappers on the coffee table. However, most of it had already been thrown away.

"Mn," Lan Zhan hummed in agreement. "I am happy that you enjoyed yourself, Baobei. You should on your birthday. I enjoyed myself too."

"That's good. I wouldn't have been very happy if the party was too irritating for you."


As Lan Zhan walked past him to put his birthday cards on another table, he kissed the nape of his neck a few times. He also laid his hand on his lower back, just above his ass. Even though his touch was brief, the pressure and heat of it lingered. A foreshadowing of things to come. Wei Ying reddened and bit his lip.

They arranged his gifts after that and put them away accordingly. Wei Ying put the potatoes that Wen Ning and Wen Qing gave him in the kitchen. The containers of lotus and pork rib soup and his favorite treats, as well as the box of Emperor's Smile wine from Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli, were placed there as well. He also made sure to put the rest of his cake in the refrigerator.

Nie Huaisang had bought him a number of manga comics (and a more private gift of porn magazines), which he put in his and Lan Zhan's room. The rest he decided to keep in the living room for the time being.

Lan Zhan fed their pet rabbits after everything was done, then took his hand. "Let us go to bed. It is after nine, and I still have another present for you before we turn in," he said.

"Oh? You have something else for me besides the art supplies, tool kit, and food that you gave me?" Wei Ying asked coyly.


He smiled. "Is it a trick, or another treat?"

Lan Zhan gave a chuckle. "Wei Ying will see quite soon."

And with that, he led him back to their room. Wei Ying was caught off guard when he turned him around and suddenly pushed him onto the bed. However, he didn't mind. He laughed as he climbed on top of him, only to be silenced by a fierce kiss.

"You look so good in your costume, Wei Ying. Do you know how badly I wanted to take it off all evening? I almost wanted to tell you to cancel the party," he murmured.

He chuckled again. "As you've told me many times - ah! - tonight. Besides - ahh - you say that every year...ah," he moaned as he placed more hot kisses on his neck and earlobes.


"I suppose this means that you think that this husband of yours gets - ah! - sexier every Halloween."

"Mn. But he looks even sexier with his costumes off."

"Lan Zhan! You need to warn me before you say things like that...mmmmm!" Wei Ying hummed as Lan Zhan placed his lips on his a second time.

It was not long before his kisses grew more heated, and the latter started to unbutton his top. Wei Ying made to take off his bunny ears, but he stopped him.

"No. Keep it on," he ordered firmly.

Wei Ying obeyed him as he continued to remove his clothes. For someone who had been so keen to earlier, he took his time in doing so. Thankfully, he had put them to the side before he could whine for him to please hurry up.

"You know I love your costume. Don't want to tear it. Patience," Lan Zhan said, as if reading his thoughts.

After taking off his own, minus the bunny ears, he pulled the lube out of the drawer next to the bed.

"Open your legs," he commanded.

Wei Ying quickly and eagerly did as he was told. He inhaled sharply as Lan Zhan's slick finger massaged his hole until it became soft and pliant. When he felt him slip it inside at the same moment he wrapped his mouth around his cock, he threw back his head and moaned.

He reached down to clutched his hair. However, Lan Zhan was having none of that. He took his hand, as well as the other for good measure, and pinned them to his stomach. There was nothing he could do but take the pleasure as he prepared him.

It was not long before he was ready. Wei Ying thanked the heavens for that; he was going to cum if he didn't fuck him soon. He watched as he slicked up his huge, thick cock, then yank his legs up to his chest. He winced in pain as he slowly began to enter him and gripped his arms tightly.

Lan Zhan gave him time to adjust after he bottomed out. Wei Ying eventually did a few minutes later, and he began thrusting in and out of him, being careful so as not to hurt him.

"Ahh, fuck," Wei Ying breathed.

"Good?" Lan Zhan queried.

He nodded, pulling him closer.


He leaned over to kiss him passionately and ran his tongue along his. Wei Ying moaned, then cried out into his mouth as he quickened his pace.

The room was soon echoing with the sounds of the headboard slamming into the wall, Wei Ying's pleasured yells, and Lan Zhan's occasional grunts. The latter took his wrists and pinned them above him with one hand, making him feel like a trapped bunny.

And speaking of which...

"What is so funny?" Lan Zhan panted when he heard him chuckle.

"We're - ohhh! - we're literally fucking like rabbits! Hahahahaha...AAHHH!"

Lan Zhan had thrown his leg over his shoulder and deepened his thrusts, causing him to pound into his sweet spot. His eyes whited out from the pleasure.

"Shut up," he grunted. But he didn't deny it.

It went on like this for some time, though Wei Ying didn't think that they would last for much longer. At least, he knew he wouldn't. He was already so close that he was about to explode.

He was just about to beg Lan Zhan to let him cum when he abruptly switched their positions in one fluid motion and sat up.

"Ride me, my beautiful bunny," he crooned, leaning against the headboard.

Wei Ying held onto his shoulders as he did what he was told. Lan Zhan clutched held his hands against his waist. Wei Ying looked nervous, as if he thought he would topple over.

"I've got you. Keep going," he whispered.

Lan Zhan moaned quietly when he eventually began to ride him in earnest. Wei Ying's head rolled back as he thrust upwards into him, making him whimper in pleasure. His cock was so hard that it hurt. He wanted to cum so much. So, so much.

However, Lan Zhan didn't seem as if he intended to let him anytime soon. He stopped his movements whenever he drew close to the edge, then resumed them after a few minutes.

"Please, please, Airen. Please let me come. Spare me. Don't bully your bunny like this," Wei Ying half-sobbed after he did this several times. He couldn't go on any longer.

"Yes, baobei. Come for me, just like this."

"I c-can't..."

"Go on, baobei. I know you can."

And three thrusts later, he did.

Wei Ying's vision went black as he let out a final scream of pleasure before drooping against him. Lan Zhan clutched his waist in a grip hard enough to bruise as he pounded roughly into him, his teeth sinking into his neck. After that, pulled him close as he came inside of him with a low moan.

Wei Ying must have passed out then because the next thing he knew, Lan Zhan was taking off his bunny ears and cleaning the both of them up. He watched him lazily, feeling so exhausted that he couldn't move. After he was finished, he joined him in the bed and pulled the covers over them.

"Good night, Wei Ying. I love you. Happy Birthday," he murmured tenderly, kissing him on the lips.

"Thank you, Lan Zhan. I love you too," he whispered as he returned affection and nuzzled him.

Happy Birthday, indeed.

Author's Note. Hello, everyone! I hope that you enjoyed the one-shot. And once again, Happy Birthday to our beloved Wei Ying, and Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it. See you all soon!

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