Sleepover @crusherboy93
Chapter 1

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And like that, Nagisa was gone. Kayano sat in the kitchen, a cloud of depression over her head. Another failure, she was beginning to think that she should take Karma's offer. Karma could see the look on her face, and mentally smirked. 'And now, for the final blow.' Now that Nagisa was out of the way, and probably won't be back for a while, Karma decided that he would take Kayano right now. When Kama got up, he said, "I'll go first." Karma then headed for the bathroom. Kayano didn't acknowledge him. However, in her head, she knew that he was trying to get her attention.

'I should just go for it. What do I have to lose? That idiot Nagisa hasn't even acknowledged my attempts to seduce him. But Karma?' thought Kayano as she looked in the direction of the bathroom. Her eyes widened. The bathroom door was open, only a little. She slowly approached, and opened it more. Her eyes widened. She knew, in all manners, that Karma was superior to Nagisa, in every way. Grades, yeah, he's smarter. Physically, obviously. Karma had biceps, he could snap Nagisa in two. And those abs, God, those sexy abs. In lust she thought, "If I could just lick them." However, when Karma turned to face her completely, he was currently shampooing, unable to see, but knows where his target is, Kayano was completely shocked.

'H-He's not even erect!' Kayano thought. Karma was truly gifted. His cock, wet, was huge. The two orange sized, testicles dangling beneath helped. Karma knew Kayano was eyeing him up, he saw her get naked out of the corner of his eye. He suppressed a smirk, and he soon felt another presence in the shower with him.

"Hey there, sexy." Karma said when he felt her press up against his back. Kayano was shocked. She could see the veins pulsing, the sheer size of it made her want to gush. Karma then whispered in her ear, "4 inches thick. 13.5 inches long." Losing her control, Kayano licked the entire length of his schlong. It was salty, and the musk, she loved it. She soon began to suck on his length.


Karma threw his head back. He was having the time of his life. His best friend's crush was sucking his superior cock. He then thought, "Yeah! Suck off his best friend bitch!" He then noticed that she wasn't taking his whole length, so he decided to give her some help. Karma grabbed the back of her head and shoved everything into her throat and that made him shout, "OH! YEAH!" Karma then came in her mouth and waited for her to catch her breath and swallow his load.

"Yes please fuck me." Kayano said, sounding like a slut. As if he was waiting for her to say those words, he picked Kayano up and shoved his cock into her pussy. It hurt of course, but she was expecting it to hurt. He went hard and fast off the bat. Karma fucked her pussy as the water ran down their bodies and Karma plastered his lips onto Kayano's lips and his tongue was in her mouth. Kayano answered that with a big loud moan as they kissed. She loved it so much.

Karma smiled and said, "how's my cock Kayano?" Kayano gave him a slutty look and said, "SO GOOD! IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD KARMA! FUCK ME MORE! I NEED YOUR COCK SO BADLY!" Karma smiled his karma smile and fucked her harder as he sucked on her boobs as he grabbed her ass hard, making Kayano moan loud and she shouted, "OH GOD YES! MORE KARMA! MORE!" He sucks on her more as she asked before he said, "You know, I don't care if you got big breasts or not, you are so sexy as fuck."

"Oh Karma!" Shouted Kayano before kissing him deeply. She then said, "I can feel you getting close. Cum inside me, I need your semen inside me baby!" Karma smiled and slammed into her pussy as he came and shouted, "KAYANO I'M CUMMING!" making Kayano say, "ME TOO! KARMA!" As her juices mixed with his semen, Kayano kissed Karma deeply and rolled her tongue around his as he did the same thing with her. When they pulled away, Kayano said, "I love you Karma." smiling at her, Karma said, "good." he then kissed her again.

Meanwhile, Nagisa saw a familiar beauty waiting for him under a lamppost, Irina Jelavic. When she saw him, she smiled and said, "Hey big boy." Saying nothing, Nagisa just kissed Irina deeply as they went behind a Gas station where he showed her his 4 inch thick, 14 Inch cock. She licked her lips and began to suck his cock. Enjoying himself, Nagisa said, "Kayano tried hitting on me again before I came here. Shame, if she had big breasts I would have been attracted to her." Irina smiled and said, "I know, and that's what drew you to me baby." She then went on to suck his cock more until he came in her mouth.

Moaning and swallowing, Irina got up and pulled her panties down before leaning onto the wall. Taking the hint, Nagisa slid his cock into Irina's pussy and fucked her hard, getting loud moans from Irina. Irina then said, "Oh BABY! I love it when you're rough on me!" Smiling, Nagisa slapped her ass, getting a loud moan from her. Nagisa then groped her breasts as he went harder and faster. Irina was loving it and wanted more so she said, "more baby! GIVE IT TO ME MORE!" Nagisa spanked her ass more and came hard in her pussy. Nagisa then said, "That was amazing baby." Irina agreed and kissed him deeply before they went back home to their homes after Nagisa got the movie he went to get.

When Nagisa got back to his house, Karma and Kayano were done in the shower and on the couch, making sure he didn' catch onto what they did. They watched the movie he went out to and since Kayano was closer to Karma, it allowed him to slide a hand under her clothes and squeezed her ass and it took all she had not to moan. Karma smiled as he squeezed her ass bit her lower lip before saying, "I need to use the bathroom!" Karma moved his hand and allowed Kayano to get up and go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Kayano fingered herself thinking of Karma's cock in her ass. Soon Karma came in and said, "Nagisa had to go back out for more popcorn.

Kayano smiled and lowered her pants and panties as she said, "In my ass." Karma smiled, dropping his own pants and boxers, sliding his cock into her ass, getting a moan from her. Karma then set his phone up to record them, making Kayano ask, "What are you doing?" putting his phone down so it could record them, Karma said, "So we can show Nagisa later." Kayano gave him a smile and said, "I fucking, love that Idea. Ram my ass hard baby!" Obliging her, Kamra slammed into her ass hard and fucked her ass in full view of his phone's camera.

"OH YES! MORE KARMA! MORE! RAM MY ASS MORE!" Shouted Kayano with lust in her voice. Karma looked at his phone as he said, "Oh I will my darling." he then went faster. Kayano moaned loudly before saying, "I Can't believe I was trying for Nagisa when the best cock in my ass right now!" Karma then spanked her ass as he hammered her ass hard and said, "You better fucking believe it!" He then came in her ass hard getting a loud moan from Kayano. Karma then said, "want to record us fucking more?"

"Yeah, but how? Nagisa will see us." Kayano asked her red haired lover. Karma smiled and showed her the Knockout drops he brought with him. Meanwhile, Nagisa was at the grocery Store when he ran into Irina and he said, "what are the chances of us being here at the same time?" Irina smiled and said, "There's no one near my car, shall we?" smiling back, Nagisa nodded his head and said, "Sure." After buying their groceries, Nagisa and Irina got in her car, drove under a bridge and the two went into the back seat since the stuff they bought was in the car's trunk.

Getting naked, Nagisa slid his cock into Irina's pussy and fucked her hard as he kissed her deeply. Returning the kiss with a moan, Irina let him fuck her harder as she shouted, "YES! FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER BABY!" He obliged her and slams into her pussy harder. He then went on to suck her on her breasts and nibbled on her nipples. Irina loved it and shouted, "OH YES! MORE BABY! MORE! OH GIVE IT TO ME MORE! NIBBLE ON MY NIPPLES!" He did and he fucked her harder until they came together as they kissed each other deeply.

When Nagisa got back home, Karma and Kayano were out of the bathroom and back on the couch with drinks in their hands. Later that night, Karma drugged Nagisa's last drink and Nagisa was out cold. Karma and Kayano then got naked and recorded themselves fucking on the couch and Kayano was loving it. Kissing Karma deeply, Kayano covered his lap in her juices and his semen. They then got next to the sleeping Nagisa and fucked more after Kayano sucked his cock nice and hard, rolling her tongue around his big cock while looking at Nagisa.

"Hey Nagisa, Betcha you don't have a cock this big." said Kayano before deepthroating Karma's cock into her mouth. After which Karma came hard in her mouth. Kayano then got his cock into her pussy and rode Karma hard on the couch with Nagisa in the picture. As they filmed, Nagisa was sleeping peacefully. The next morning, Nagisa woke up and saw Karma and Kayano together, sleeping, full on naked with his cockin her pussy. He chuckled before shouting, "RISE AND SHINE YOU TWO!" The two woke up and scrambled to get dressed.

At breakfast, Nagisa ate the cereal as Kayano and Karma looked at him, confused by the way he was acting. Kayano then said, "Nagisa…" he looked at her so she said, "You're not shocked? Not jealous that Karma's bigger than you?" Nagisa chuckled before he said, "Oh? And you think Karma's bigger than me? You haven't even seen my cock." Nagisa then pulled out his phone and played a video.

In the video was Nagisa and Irina facing the camera waving before kissing each other deeply. That shocked Kayano and Karma. Nagisa then paused the video and said, "Yeah, she and I are lovers." After resuming the video, the watchers saw them get naked and were shocked by Nagisa's length. Pausing the video again, Nagisa said, "Four inches thick, 14 Inches long." He even showed them his cock and they were speechless. Nagisa then played the rest of the video of him fucking Irina hard on his couch, different positions, both her pussy and her ass hole. Kayano and Karma were just in awe.

Later that day, Irina visited Nagisa's house and the two made out in front of Karma and Kayano, one of whom was getting really pissed off. Karma managed to keep Kayano calm down as Nagisa sucked on Irina's big boobs and she jacked him off. Kayano then said, "So you're into big boobs then." Nagisa nodded his head and said, "I am, sorry sweetheart." Kayano growled before sitting on Karma's lap and kissed him deeply as the two couples got into it hard.

Years later, Kayano and Nagisa are good friends again. Karma and Kayano got married and have a son named Karma Junior. Nagisa and Irina also got married and have a daughter named Akari, after her godmother. They lived next door to each other for years and their lives were happy lives. They stayed in touch with their old classmates and such. Nagisa was a teacher at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. Kayano was still an actress and starred in many hit movies by American Film Director John Bertrand.

Karma got a job in the government and helped Japan enter a new Age. Irina retired from being an agent for the government and decided to be a housewife for her lover. They had dinner every Sunday while their kids were with their adopted Uncle Tomohito Sugino, and his wife, their adopted Aunt; Rio Nakamua-Sugino. John became good friends with Kayano and her friends, even got with Manami Okuda. Everyone was happy, and life couldn't be sweeter.

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