A Nice Night for a Naked Run @woodyk
Chapter 2

Long story short, Peach and Pauline reached City Hall in a tie, so they both got to drink the remaining beer back in the office.

To get super drunk, the naked princess and mayor engaged in a beer chugging contest which they chug nonstop. There must have been roughly sixty bottles of beer left because their bellies got a little bloated when they each drank about ten, their voices slurred at twenty, and they came so close to fainting after they both drank thirty, which meant there was no more beer.

Dizzily, Peach slurred, "Pauline, we're *hic* so drunk.

Equally inebriated, Pauline slurred back, "I *hic know. We're so *hic* wasted that I feel like we could do anything."

"Well, maybe we should... lie down and get some rest."

"Wait. There's one more thing I've always wanted to do together."


"Just a little drunk science."

Peach was a little intrigued at the mention of science and asked, "What kind of science?"

"I was thinking maybe a little time travel."

"Oooooh. Now I actually think that might be fun."

"Think of the all the things we can do by visiting the past. We can prevent Bowser from causing that Honeylune Ridge incident."

"Or we can prevent Donkey Kong from abducting you. The possibilities are endle..."

A naked Peach stopped talking, making an equally naked Pauline ask, "Something wrong?"

"Only one thing: Where are we gonna find a time machine at this hour of night?"

"I have one in the lost and found."

"You actually have a lost and found?"

"Yes. Follow me."

Pauline led Peach to the place where she keeps lost items for them to be eventually found. It was on the same floor as the mayor's office. Exiting the office, a right turn was taken to walk completely naked down the hall of doors, which aroused the blonde and brunette. Then, right at the corner that would make them turn right again, there was a door on the left. It was labeled "Lost and Found", and Pauline opened it.

The nudies entered the room. It was a small room with several rows of boxes containing missing stuff that people have not reclaimed yet. As Pauline searched for the time machine she said she had, Peach questioned her while helping, "Who would lose a time machine in City Hall?"

"Could be Mario, Iggy, E. Gadd, Dr. Crygor, or Penny."

"None of them bothered looking to get it back?"

"I guess not. Probably too lazy or distracted."

After checking a few boxes, Pauline found it. Since they hadn't really recovered from being drunk from guzzling more alcohol, they sort of stumbled a bit as they tried to figure out how it worked.

About the time machine: It looked like a tablet with two antennas, and had three things to type in. One was for entering the exact date (MM/DD/YYYY), another for the time (XX:XX AM or PM), and the last required a specific location.

Being drunk meant that Peach and Pauline were still somewhat disoriented and uncoordinated. Neither of them honestly knew what they entered because they were bothered by their headaches. Before they could figure what date, time, and locations they confirmed, a swirling vortex with red and blue swirls appeared below their bare feet to transport their naked bodies to who knew where.

Peach and Pauline, still totally nude and not wearing a thing, woke up sober. Standing up while feeling dizzy, Peach noticed Pauline's hair was mussed and vice versa with grass and leaves stuck on their heads. After cleaning up each other's messy hair, they looked around and knew that they were in a forest in day. To Pauline, Peach asked, "Where are we? When are we?"

Checking the time machine, Pauline answered, "Looks like we only went twelve hours into the past. Also, according the to device, we appear to be in the Steam Gardens."

"Oh. Maybe we should go back to the present before-"

Both naked women were interrupted and startled by a loud, anguished cry. Pauline asked with a little fear in her voice, "What was that?"

Carefully, the streaking princess and mayor walked closer to the sound. What they saw was a brown bear. It looked sad, so Peach asked, "Hey, big fella. Are you ok?"

No answer. The bear was too busy moping. As Pauline stroked its head, it still didn't respond. Both nude women were genuinely concerned and wanted to make it feel better. Since a river was near to it, they reasonably assumed the bear was upset that it couldn't get any fish, so they decided to get some. Pauline dipped her toes in the water to see if it was too cold. She shivered a little, but it wasn't too bad. As Peach followed her, the water was deep enough to soak most of their legs, almost to their vaginas.

It took some struggling, trying, and failing, but the bare blonde and brunette eventually each snatched up a fish. They walked back to the bear and put their fishes right in front of it. Both fishes flopped around the ground as they started dying from a lack of water. Once the fishes died, the bear promptly ate them both in one bite. Then the bear looked at a naked Peach and Pauline, slowly walked towards them and nuzzled their legs to show gratitude.

Pauline petted the bear's head, cooing, "Aw. Who's a good bear?"

The bear yawned before walking in circles and settling down to take a nap. To celebrate their act of kindness being successful, Peach decided to make out nude with Pauline by hugging and kissing her to savor the feel of nothing but bare skin. She asked, "Wanna cuddle while we're... bear naked, Pauline?"

Giggling, the mayor said to the princess, "Yes."

As the brunette beauty lied down on the grass, feeling the ground against her back and butt made Pauline shiver a bit as she spread her legs as wide as possible. That was when the nude blonde brought her face close to the equally nude brunette's vulva.

Peach took Pauline's feet in her hands, massaging both of them gently and affectionately. Such massages made the mayor moan her approval as she stared at the sky. The nude princess with blonde hair took Pauline's big toe into her mouth, sucked on it, and moved her tongue everywhere around it. In response, the nude mayor with brunette hair begged Peach, "Move up slowly. Do what you're doing to everywhere on front."

After trailing wet kisses up the inside of the taller woman's left leg and down her right leg with love and passion, Peach got directly on top of Pauline so they could stare into each other's eyes and be hypnotized by each other's lust. Their breasts touched with their lips inches apart, they pushed their tongues into one another's mouths, and they even planted kisses on each other's chins before Peach whispered, "Now to tend to your big boobs."

Slowly, Peach let her tongue trace the flowing, graceful upturned swelling of the taller female's left breast, before working in circles around the erect pink nipple. The woman with brown hair arched her back and whimpered as the one with blonde hair took the left nipple into her mouth and sucked it whilst massaging the flesh of Pauline's right breast. Before long, Pauline had her arms encircled Peach to caress the skin of her back and buttocks with one hand while running through her silky and inviting blonde hair with the other.

Peach wanted to make sure she rubbed and kissed every erogenous zone at least one. With her tongue, the shorter woman's tongue traced the natural line down the center of Pauline's nudity, then around her navel, where she placed repeated kisses that were almost raspberries.

Pauline told the other female, "Hurry, Peach. I am driven by the slickness between my own legs. Fondle the magic spot between my legs."


Using her slender fingers, Peach spread the other woman's sex, exposing the core of Pauline's womanhood. When the princess's tongue met the tiny little bundle of nerves, Pauline quivered excitedly with her legs wrapping around Peach's back, drawing her in. Exhilaration from public nudity and sex had the blonde continue to flick the brunette's clitoris with her fingers. Reactions like moans, shudders, and pants from Pauline satisfied Peach, who slid her fingers into the cleft of the other female's sex. Peach used two fingers to reach the deepest recesses of the slick velvet interior of the mayor's cunt.

Continually, Peach kissed Pauline's clit, caused the brunette to scream her delight a lot before the shorter female said to herself, "I should also finger myself so we both can be satisfied."

Peach decided to start fingering her own wet and needy cunt. It was as wet as Pauline's. Having another idea, Peach pivoted her body so she and Pauline could be in a 69 with the brunette mayor below the blonde princess. That way, it was easier for them to reach each other's pussies.

Both the blonde and brunette felt their first climaxes, evident by the moans exploding from her lips at the same time, "Ah...oh god."

That was when the nudies closed their eyes and surrendered fully to the joys of the stimulations making them feel good. Despite having just came, the princess was still fingering the mayor and the brunette was still fingering the blonde in return.

Peach and Pauline felt another warmth building inside of them, making them both want to climax again. Intensifying their efforts on each other, they felt themselves once again slip past the barrier between bliss and heaven. Vaginas were bursting in one quick thrust of their fingers inside one another. They both tensed up and released at the same time, shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

Each of them unleashed a second tidal wave of liquid pleasure. Pained expressions and wet explosions lasted a long time. It took a while before Peach and Pauline's sexual fluids stopped gushing. When they did, they greedily wallowed in their own bliss while tasting one another's bliss.

Pauline laughed, "Can you believe what we just did?"

The other woman laughed back, "Yes. Can you believe what we'll do tonight?"

"Sure can."

Peach and Pauline snuggled close, holding each other in their arms, each enjoying the other's warmth. The air smelled of sex and sweat and love.

After a while of sleeping in the nude, the princess and mayor woke up. They kissed the head of the bear that was still sleeping before they looked for the time machine. It didn't take long, and they went back to the present. Still naked, they slept in the mayor's office.

The next day, Pauline woke up and noticed a circus tent in the New Donk City Hall Plaza. Peach noticed a brown bear going in the tent while balancing on a big red ball, making her wonder, "Pauline, that looks like the bear we befriended yesterday."

"Yeah, it does. It probably came looking for us."

They both laughed about their drunk night with the blonde giggling, "Wow, it's incredible how eventful yesterday was."

Pauline giggled back, "It is. You and I walked around naked in my own town, messed around with a time machine, and now this. Alcohol really does make people do wild things."

"Yes, really. Well, I better back to the Mushroom Kingdom. We can have some more naked fun soon."

"Ok. See you."

Peach and Pauline put their clothes back on before the princess headed back home.


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