A Nice Night for a Naked Run @woodyk
Chapter 1

Mayor Pauline invited Princess Peach to her office in New Donk City Hall at night for an... idea of fun. She also asked Peach to bring some beer for a little drunkenness contest.

While everyone else was at home, Pauline was still working in her office. Since she was alone, she felt like it was safe to work without clothes on. Pauline pulled her dress over her head, then took off her shoes and socks. Then, she unhooked her red bra and slid off her red underwear, leaving the mayor as naked as the day she was born. With Pauline's clothes neatly folded on on her desk, she felt excitement filling out boring paperwork in the nude. Her naked butt against the cushion of the chair she was sitting on made her feel turned on.

Eventually, she heard a knock at the door to her office, giddy with excitement to see her friend she ran towards the door. Opening the door, the mayor welcomed her friend in, "Hi, Peach. Glad you could make it!"

Peach giggled as she brought several boxes of beer bottles and noticed Pauline being nude, "Anything for a friend."

The two hugged, Peach's clothed body against Pauline's naked one enticed them both.

As they sipped beer, the rules they established for contest involved seeing drinking as much beer as possible before passing out.

Each of them drank a dozen bottles before their voices slurred a bit. Two dozen made the slurring in their voices more obvious and they stumbled whenever they walked. Three dozen made them both fall asleep.

When the princess and mayor woke up, they didn't feel so inebriated, but they had minor headaches. Too bad for them, neither of them could determine who won because they drank the same amount of beer, so they just agreed to call it a tie.

Peach then asked, "Pauline, what exactly is this idea of fun you talked about?"

Pauline smiled, "You know, I bet most people are asleep by now, we might be able to find some stuff to do until we get tired."

"You mean here?"

Looking at a naked Pauline, Peach stared at her lovely brown hair, her beautiful face, her big breasts, her flat stomach, her curvy hips, her bare legs, her cute feet, and her smooth vagina. Peach was blushing while ogling the mayor, pondering the call to adventure. The blonde was already turned on from the brunette's nakedness, and asked, "What did you have in mind?"

With a devilish grin on her face, Pauline gave a straight answer, "Well, I dare you to go on an adventure in New Donk City. One where you go completely naked in public as I film you."

Hearing that made Peach blush, "Pauline, are you still drunk or do you really want me to do that?"

"I really want you to, I just thought it'd be fun to commit public nudity."


Peach began to blush harder, pondering the idea of taking her clothes off and walking out into the Metro Kingdom naked. What if somebody saw her? Aren't there security cameras in the city? Everything made Peach's mind race, balancing the thrill of another adventure versus the consequences of getting caught. Seeing the blonde thinking a lot, the brunette offered, "If you want, I'll even be naked with you so you won't need to feel self-conscious."

Eventually, Peach caved, mostly because Pauline offered to also be naked while accompanying her. She smiled, "Ok, let's do it."

That meant Peach needed to strip before the two of them departed, so she took her clothes articles off, one by one.

First, her pink dress that she neatly folded and placed on a nearby lounge chair. Next came the crown, then the earrings, which she gently placed on her folded dress. Then, the gloves, she placed them next to her dress and used her bare hands to take off her high heels and her socks, she placed the high heels beside the lounge chair and carefully tucked the socks inside them, Peach was down to her bra and panties, both pink in color.

Now half naked, Peach slowly gripped the sides of her underwear. She didn't really want to ditch her last bits of decency, but her friends kept egging her on. The blonde pulled her panties down her legs. Once they landed at her dainty feet, she untangled her bare feet from them and gently placed her pink panties flat on the lounge chair next to her folded dress. Finally, Peach undid her bra, which came off and was placed on top of her undies.

Finally, Peach was completely naked.

The princess looked down at her young, fit body as she let the mayor drink in the view as well. Pauline admired Peach's body up and down, clearly enjoying the view and thinking that their bodies was equally beautiful. Both of them kept their hands at their sides to leave themselves on full display for each other. With her phone camera's recording function activated, the nude mayor smiled at the naked princess, "You lead the way."

Ready to go, the two walked towards the door with Peach in front of Pauline, who kept recording and beamed excitedly, "Go ahead."

Before Peach did, she and Pauline giggled at each other, thinking it was cute how excited the other one was. Looking back at the door, Peach bit her lip in nervousness. Starting a public nudity adventure was always the most nerve-wracking part. Placing her left hand on the door knob, the blonde twisted it and cracked the door open, listening for any signs of life. Nothing (though having headaches from the little beer drinking contest made it hard for them to hear anything).

After another quick, shy peek back at Pauline, Peach slowly began pulling the door open. With the door open, a sense of mischievous excitement began to fill Peach's naked body once again. With a smile and the door now open, the princess slowly tiptoed into the hallway.

A somewhat familiar feeling of being completely naked and exposed in a public area washed over Peach. A chaotic mixture of fear, excitement, and arousal came in waves as she walked a couple more steps out from her room and turned to see her friend following behind, swinging the door closed.

They weren't just naked, they couldn't cover themselves up, they had no access to clothing. Both of their feminine figures were practically vibrating with arousal. Peach and Pauline knew they had beautiful bodies. Such beauty they possessed made them push their boundaries and explore their fantasies. Pauline told Peach, grinning from ear to ear while continuing for film, "Go on. You can pick which ways we go."

Nodding, Peach walked down the hallway, giggling when Pauline quietly slapped her ass. They might have felt a little tipsy from the wine, but the feeling of committing public nudity always made them feel drunk and their senses run wild. Feeling the warm thin carpet beneath their bare feet, Peach crept forward with Pauline following. They almost couldn't believe what they were doing. While streaking in City Hall, the mayor followed behind, watching her friend's bare bottom seductively sway back and forth as Peach walked down the hall.

Along the way, they were on high alert. While they still couldn't hear a thing, that didn't mean that none of the two dozen doors facing the hallway would open, leaving Peach and Pauline completely exposed with nowhere to hide. Determined as they always were, they made a promise to themselves that no matter what happened, they wouldn't try to hide or cover up.

The two made their way down the hallway. As they did, Peach was walking slowly on the balls of her feet trying to be as quiet as possible. Pauline was walking casually behind her, enjoying the view of her friend's toned back and firm butt. The princess looked back at her friend, catching the mayor taking the view in. Peach giggled and blushed, smiling as she continued down the hallway. Even if it was just Pauline with her, she still had an audience.

Peach and Pauline made it down the hall with little interruption, eventually reaching the bank of elevators. They walked out into the middle of the room, the cool marble floor under their feet felt like a shocking change from the warm carpet just a second ago. Also, they could see their nude bodies fuzzily reflected in the metal doors. After Peach pressed the down button, she asked Pauline with a small laugh, "What on Earth are we doing?"

"I know, right?"


The elevator sounded loudly, interrupting their intimate moment. Entering the space, the cool tile was a jarring change from the warm carpet under their feet from just a second earlier. Cold tile sent goosebumps up Peach and Pauline's naked bodies. They shivered as their nipples hardened. Plus, the sexual excitement seemed to have made their headaches go away because they didn't feel so light in the head anymore.

Inside the elevator was uneventful. To them, that was mostly because no one else was inside the elevator to look at their genitals as the signs moved from one floor to another, progressively down towards the lobby level.


Peach and Pauline looked at the elevator doors and at their naked reflections as the doors swung open. Cool marble once again under their feet served as a stark reminder that they were 100% naked and only feet from the main lobby of the City Hall. They walked to the city hall lobby, and Pauline giggled as she sat in a chair behind the front desk with Peach sitting in a chair next to her.

With her phone, Pauline momentarily stopped filming to take some naked pictures of herself and Peach, she took of closeups of their private parts, and some pictures of them hugging and kissing.

After that, the brunette glanced over at the clock. Even though time felt like it was standing still during her dare, only five minutes passed as she pointed out, "Dang, it's still kinda early."

Peach replied, "Yeah, I really thought that was going to kill more time."

Pauline then looked out the front door and suggested, "Why don't we keep going? Let's do something riskier."

"What do you mean?"

Giggling to herself, the mayor explained, "We should come really close to getting into some trouble tonight."

That made Peach smirk, "Like masturbate to porn in the lobby?"


Walking to the front door, Pauline pointed outside, "We go outside with no clothes. You know, like the dare you agreed to?"

Peach looked at her friend, almost dumbfounded. She unconsciously started twisting her nipples while she stared at the front door as the brunette elaborated further, "This means leaving the safety of City Hall naked, with only our hands and arms to cover ourselves. You'll be a completely naked princess finding your way all the way outside while an equally naked mayor follows you down the street and records all the fun activity."

Every logical bone in Peach's body told her this was a horrible idea, and that she should just go to bed, but logic wasn't in control anymore. Either that or the beer still left her a little too intoxicated to think straight. The same could be said about Pauline.

Biting her lip excitedly, now fully squeezing her breasts, and smiling ear to ear, Peach giggled, "Oh, what the heck? Let's go."

"Aw, Peach. You're so crazy, I love it."

"I even hope at least one person sees us walking around with no clothes."

"Me too."

Pauline couldn't help but laugh, in disbelief to some degree that her friend just voluntarily agreed to walk naked in public and be filmed doing it.

Before going out, Pauline placed her hand on Peach's chin, tilted her head up to hers, and planted a deep and passionate kiss on the princess's lips. Their state of undress made the kiss feel more sensual with their bare skin touching.

When the kiss broke, the mayor got right back to filming with her phone with Peach on the screen and said to the blonde, "After you."

Peach and Pauline's hearts felt like they were going to explode. They were getting further away from her clothes and heading out onto the street while wearing nothing. What were people going to think? Will they be mad? Turned on? The uncertainty was driving them wild as they walked closer and closer towards the door.

Before they spent too much time to dwelling on those feelings, Pauline swung the door open as Peach voluntarily walked out into the New Donk City Hall Plaza with Pauline right behind her. Their eyes almost popped out of their heads as the cool night air covered their naked bodies. The chilly concrete and asphalt felt shocking under their feet. Smiling and at every inch of Peach's nakedness, the mayor giggled while keeping the princess in view of the camera, "Ready when you are. Just go wherever you like."

While streaking from the plaza to Main Street, their breathing began to get heavy, they now felt truly exposed. Intersections were luckily empty, no cars or buzzing crowds to be heard. Walking and looking around, Peach's senses were on high alert. She felt every inch of her body, and heard everything. The same could be said about Pauline as the blonde princess smiled at the camera, "This is so nuts."

As the two slowly started to walk along Dixie Street, Peach looked back at Pauline so they could staring deeply into each other's eyes. They stopped to share another passionate kiss on the lips with mayor recording their kiss and recording herself saying, "I agree that this is insane, so let's enjoy this and show how bold we can be."

"To show how bold you can be, you'll also need to get some footage of yourself performing the naked dare I am doing."

"Then I will."

Both of them would have given anything in that moment to make themselves cum right then and there. With her free hand, Pauline patted Peach's buttocks to make her walk forward. The princess was breathing frantically as she looked and moved forward. Stores like Diddy's Mart and Crazy Cap were closed as she streaked down Cranky Avenue.

After going down K. Rool avenue, Pauline stopped Peach and offered, "Peach, since I have a lot of footage of you being naked in New Donk City, would you like to get some footage of me being nude in my own town?"

Peach smiled, "I would like that very much."

Pauline handed her phone to Peach, who filmed Pauline taking a long look down at her naked body and smiling at her nudity.

Down Expresso Street, Peach mostly recorded Pauline's buttocks jiggling and bouncing while the brunette slowly putting one foot in front of the other. Like the blonde, the mayor could hardly believe how naked she felt. The cool night air lit up every molecule of her body. She felt the cool and slightly damp cement under her feet, and the chilly breeze now met her wet pussy, only accentuating how aroused she felt. It all made her feel so electrified as she walked totally nude down the sidewalks.

Like deer caught in headlights, Peach and Pauline met the gaze of a couple walking by. Both of them smiled at the naked women as they passed. The princess and mayor watched the couple walk down the sidewalk, then stood still and took a moment to feel astonishment from random people laying eyes on their nude bodies. They thought they were about to cum on the spot, purely from the feeling of nakedness and exposure alone.

A while later, Pauline moved forward again with Peach still recording her. Still, they were in a state they'd hardly ever felt before. A normal person would be panicking in their current situation, but Peach and Pauline were in heaven from how some random people saw them in the nude and how those onlookers actually liked what they saw. The blonde and brunette secretly hoped those strangers would grab her and feel their privates.

Biting her lower lip, Pauline walked seductively down the sidewalk as she looked at the camera and giggled, "Mission accomplished. Someone saw us nude."

Peach giggled back, "I see some bars up ahead. Maybe we can get some more attention."

The two nude women were now completely within the crowds moving between bars. Conversations crashed to a stop as people watched Peach and Pauline's naked bodies weave in and out between groups of people. With every individual they passed, the streakers felt more drunk with no need for more beer. They loved seeing the reactions of people looking up and down every inch of their nudity. Onlookers were definitely amazed with a fully nude mayor being filmed by an equally nude princess.

As the nudies made their way down another sidewalk, Peach momentarily gave the camera back to Pauline so people could be a bare princess recorded by a bare mayor. Every bar and group they passed made Peach and Pauline drink in the attention, feeling the numerous gazes and cool night air lighting their tight young bodies on fire.

More popular bars lined every corner and street surrounding the nudies. Everyone must have thought Peach and Pauline were such brave, unashamed women. Both the princess and mayor loved their own nudity and how it turned heads, they felt as if they were in a dream. After a few blocks, they had the attention of at least a hundred people.

Peach went back to filming Pauline before they both stopped and saw a community pool. Seeing it made the naked friends have an idea, they walked to the pool gate, wondering if the gate was closed. Luckily for them, it wasn't. Even though no one was inside the gates, whoever was the last one out must have forgotten to close it.

Seizing the opportunity, Peach and Pauline opened the gate and went in. Now Peach wanted to film themselves skinny dipping. Pauline's phone had a cover with a small kickstand to keep it standing upright as the blonde placed on the side of pool, near the stairs and with most of the pool in view of the camera.

Finally, Peach and Pauline went into the pool with no swimsuit on. They loved the feeling of being naked in a swimming pool, they also tried to be careful by not getting the phone wet as it filmed them skinny dipping. After swimming to the deep end and back a few times, Peach and Pauline looked the phone camera and confirmed that was still standing.

In front of the phone, Peach planted another deep kiss on Pauline's lips while they grabbed each other's bare asses. They both let out a yelp whenever their butt cheeks were squeezed. Peach moaned at Pauline when they started teasing each other's clits and pinching one another's nipples, " I need to cum so bad. I've been a good girl. Please let me cum".

Pauline moaned in response, "Only if you let me cum too."

"I will."

Both of the bare women were in a daze, their adventurousness was in full swing with the level of confidence they were displaying while in the buff.

With Peach's arms around Pauline's shoulders and the brunette hugging the blonde's waist, they kissed more passionately while grinding their crotches together. Every second of rubbing against each other brought them closer to the edge and even put them in a daze.

At that point, a naked Peach and Pauline were now completely on autopilot because they were desperately rubbing their bare bodies up against the other in an effort to finally cum. Despite all the water splashing around caused by their body movements, the phone used to film them was still dry.

Being so far gone and completely devoid of inhibitions by now, they didn't care or even know how many people were ogling them as they started fingering each other with one hand. Their free hands were twisting their nipple. To be exact, several dozen people looked at them from outside and around the pool gates.

Peach and Pauline threw their heads back, arching their backs, firmly grasping one another's breasts as their hips began writhing around left and right as if they had a mind of their own. Both the princess and mayor had their vaginas wet from the pool water and from sexual arousal as the blonde said to the brunette, "Pauline, I think the time has come for me."

"Same here, Peach. Don't stop now, don't stop until it's done."

It took a few more minutes before Peach and Pauline let out a scream, lost in some of the most powerful orgasms they had ever experienced. All while surprised, pervy bystanders and onlookers stared at the show.

When the climaxes were finally over, Peach and Pauline sunk to the bottom of the pool before quickly rising back up and climbing out so they could relax on the ground. In addition to being naked, they were completely soaked, they were shaking, and they even shivered because the night air was cold by now. Meanwhile, some people kept staring with open mouths, some even clapped a little, but a lot of people were gone since they knew it was over.

As soon as Peach finally regained the ability to speak, she panted to Pauline, "That... was... totall... amazing..."

Pauline grinned, "I'm glad you had fun doing this."

"Hey, Pauline?"

"What is it, Peach?"

Peach got up, grabbed the phone, and smiled, "First one back to City Hall gets all the leftover beer in your office!"

Seeing the naked blonde run and exit the pool area, the naked brunette got up and laughed while chasing after her, "Hey! Wait for me!"

And so a naked Peach and Pauline sprinted back to City Hall, going back the way they came and surprising more citizens with their full nudity along the way.

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