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"Here you go, strawberry tarts, just finished this batch" Dion smiled handing the lady in front of him a plate with 5 tarts sitting on top.

The woman took them with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh Dion, you didn't do this just because I mentioned them the other day di you?"

"Of course no… I was already planning on making some, so I thought you could have some of them, that's why I called for you this morning"

"Well I can't say I am not thankful for that, I am going to enjoy these very much"

"I am glad!" Dion smiled again.

"Well, I better get home now, it's getting late and it seems that a storm is coming don't you think?" the woman turned around and looked up at the darkening sky before looking back at Dion.

"You better get inside, don't want the best baker in town to get sick" the woman laughed, tilted her head, and smiled before walking away from Dion.

Dion looked up at the sky, dark clouds hiding the sun setting on the mountains, the smell of wet dirt already on the air.

As he was looking at the clouds a white bird appeared flying over him.

"Oh!" Dion hurried back inside the building, leaving the door open behind him, the white bird came inside flying and then settled on the counter, Dion went back to the door and closed it, outside rain had started to fall.

"You barely made it! One second more and you would be soaking wet! oh, what do we have here?" Dion asked. The bird was holding a letter on his beak.

"Another one uh?" Dion frowned.

The bird dropped the letter on the counter, Dion took it and started opening it, breaking the fancy yellow seal.

Meanwhile, the bird started losing feathers, it shook like it was trying to get something off its back, feathers falling on the counter, suddenly the leftover white feathers turned into white fur, the wings turned into legs and the beak became a snout. White furry ears sprouted in its head at the same time as a tail.

"Meow" the animal called to Dion.

He turned around, the letter in his hand, and smiled, he placed his hand on the head of the former bird, now cat, and patted it before starting to read the letter.

"Dearest little brother, Father is growing more and more impatient with each day that passes, he hasn't stopped looking for your exact location and we think he has started to suspect that we still have contact with you, both of us think that it would be for the best interest of everyone that you came back home now, otherwise Father will eventually find you and it would be worse, your siblings. Cygnus and Lyra…" Dion sighed.

"When are they gonna give up Sumi?" He asked the cat, who only stared at him

"Alright" Dion placed his right hand over the letter, light coming out of the space in between, when he removed his hand the paper was now empty as if the paper was new.

Dion placed it on the counter next to Sumi and placed his index finger at the top of it.

"Dearest older siblings" Dion moved his finger on the page at the same time that he spoke. Letters appearing on it as if he was writing with a pen.

"I understand your concerns however, Father won't be able to find me, simply because I don't want to be found. If it's his suspicions that worry you, then I'll make sure to not send letters as usual from now on, there is nothing else to say, you know it all already. I don't have any plans to come back anytime soon. Do not keep insisting or I will be forced to stop communication, with love Dion"

Dion removed his finger after signing the letter and then he folded it in the same way it was folded before.

"Meow" the cat called to him.

"Oh don't worry, you won't be taking this one right now, it seems like the rain has started falling pretty hard, I don't want you getting wet" Dion put the letter inside the envelope and used his hand once again to create a seal.

"I will be keeping this for now" he slips the envelope inside one of the pockets on his apron.

"You should go and take a nap Sumi. You did a good job again" he told the cat, the animal got down from the counter and ran upstairs, Dion smiled.

Outside the world had gotten dark already and the rain was falling hard.

"I should get the fire going…" Dion said but before he could even start walking a frantic knock startled him, made him jump.

He turned around to look at the door. It was pitch black outside already but he was able to see the outside thanks to a flash of lightning in the sky, outside the door a person was wearing what seemed to be a purple cloak, covering their face.

Dion felt his heart drop, had his father's men found him? But how?

The person outside knocked once again, making Dion more scared.

The person outside knocked again, lighting lit the sky and it let Diob see that the stranger had removed the hood, a young man wearing glasses was the one knocking.

Dion had never seen him before, he didn't look like someone his father would send for him, so he took a risk.

He walked to the door unlocked it and opened it, the young man walked inside in a hurry, Dion closed the door behind him.

"Gosh! Thank you" the man said as he took off his purple cloak, both the cloth and him were soaking wet.

"Thank you so much, I thought I turn into a fish out there!"

Now in the light Dion could see the man completely, he looked around his age and he was wearing a bag over his shoulder.

"Um, excuse me but. We have closed already…" Dion spoke softly, still not trusting this man wasn't sent by his father.

The man turned to look at him, glasses foggy.

"Oh is this… is this not the inn? My map, it says there's an inn on this town" he said.

"Oh no, this is a bakery… the inn you are looking for is that way" Dion pointed at his right as if that made any sense while standing inside.

"Oh I am so sorry, I apologize, with the rain and in the dark I wasn't able to read the directions right, really sorry"

"It's fine…"

Both of them went silent. Only the sound of the rain outside could be heard, both men stared at each other.

"I uh… I am Nova" the strange man, Nova, extended his hand in front of Dion, expecting a handshake, Dion looked at his hand. Before taking it on his own.


"Nice to meet you Dion" Nova smiled, together with the contact of his wet, warm skin it made Dion blush a little.

"Likewise…" Dion let go of Nova's hand and went back to try and avoid his gaze.

"Well… I suppose I should make my way to the inn, don't want to be more of a bother, I apologize again for the mistake" Nova made his way to the door but Dion grabbed him by the arm, stopping him.

"Wait!" Dion exclaimed.

Nova looked at him surprised, Dion's cheeks went red again.

"I uh…" Dion let go of Nova's arm immediately feeling embarrassed.

"I mean… the weather is horrible out there and it looks like it will be like this all night, you are already soaking wet… if you don't get warm right now you will get sick, if you want… you can stay tonight…" Dion looked down at his feet, Nova wasn't saying anything and it made him feel ridiculous. What was he even doing? Offering shelter to a total stranger out of nowhere? Had he gone mad finally?

"I think I would like that…" Nova broke the silence between them, he was smiling and blushing when Dion looked up at him and it made Dion feel even more embarrassed.

"That's great! I mean, I have some clothes that I think will fit you so you can get dry" Dion was smiling like mad now and he was blabbering, Nova had stopped listening to him, more focused on the way Dion's smile made dimples appear on his cheeks.

"Anyway, I have a fresh batch of strawberry tarts… would you like to try some?"

"Yeah! I uh. Absolutely, yes"

Both men kept talking inside, big smiles on their faces while outside the sky was falling.

The world was dark and cold outside but inside the bakery, it was warm and cozy.

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