Link's Tatl Tale @woodyk
Chapter 1

A now-18-year old Link was visited in the Kokori Forest by his old fairy companion, Tatl, who was still sassy as she always was when she asked, "Hey, Link. Sup? Long time no see."

Link was happy to see her again, just as much as she was happy to see him, "Hey, Tatl. It's been a while. Not much has happened these days."

"Wanna spend the rest of the day catching up?"


What they did together included fun stuff like strolling through forests, riding horses, and lying on the grass to do some cloud gazing. All the while, they playfully shoved each other, tackled each other, and laughed about it.

Later that night, Tatl had a question for Link, "Do you wanna see something?"

That made Link ask in intrigue, "What?"

Tatl was surrounded in a bright yellow aura, sparkles rained down on her, and an even brighter and whiter glow momentarily made Link cover his eyes to avoid going blind.

Once the lights dimmed down, Link looked at Tatl again, but noticed she looked different. She resembled a beautiful girl that looked about his age with purple hair and yellow eyes, she was wearing a knee length yellow dress. It looked like a human form of Tatl. Noticing that Link is speechless by her new appearance, Tatl giggled, "Surprised?"

Link remained silent for a bit, but then shook his head and said, "Yes. Is that really you, Tatl?"

"Yes. This is my human form."


"Do you like it?"

"I... love it! You look great with that hairdo and dress!"

"Aw. How nice, but I honestly don't wanna wear a dress. Instead, I wanna be naked."

That was what Tatl did, she unzipped the dress and let it fall to her feet. Since she had no shoes or socks on and didn't wear undergarments underneath, Tatl was completely naked. She grinned down at herself, "Man, I look good without clothes. Don't I, Link?"

Nodding and not bothered by Tatl's nudity, Link agreed, "Yes. You look great."

"I don't suppose you'd like to get nude as well."

"I don't see why not."

Link removed his hat, then his boots, his socks, his tunic, his pants, and finally his underwear. He was now fully nude, like Tatl.

He lied on his back as she got on all fours on top of him. He passionately kissed her while caressing her purple hair. Tatl opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in Link's. They placed their hands on each other's shoulders, holding on tightly.

They didn't want to waste any time, so Link caressed her neck and squeezed her big boobs, enjoying the feeling of her firm flesh on his hands as he thought to himself, "Such soft, firm, round breasts with pink nipples hard from arousal caused by prolonged exposure, I bet Tatl likes how my penis is also affected by a lack of coverage."

Meanwhile, Tatl was quick to put his length in her mouth. She eagerly took his long dick in her mouth and diligently sucked Link's tool, deepthroating it, caressing his balls, and even jerking him with her hand. Sometimes, she stopped to kiss one of Link's testes and caress the other with her fingers, he threw back his head, letting her do her thing while he softly licked and nibbled her nipples.

Both of them breathed hard and their arousal was obvious to one another by now, given Link's hard dick and Tatl's wet cunt. With his cock hard as a rock and pressing between the naked people while her pussy dripped with excitement, his excitement was even more blatant as he was aching to put the member in a vagina or in a mouth.

Each of them used one hand to rub the other crotch and they kissed some more, making them arch their backs and moan passionately while muttering in unison, "Oh my god. This feels soooooo gooooood..."

Their words were spoken too silently to be heard by each other while Link rotated his body so he could be under her vulva and press her crotch to his mouth. A couple of licks was enough for Tatl to go nuts. Speaking of nuts, she did a blowjob with her face close to his scrotum.

Neither of them could bear it any more and they moaned as her vaginal muscles clenched Link's tongue while his sex organ tensed up. Both of them were about to get the orgasms they desperately needed. However, they did not want things to end so quickly, so they stopped.

Link placed his hands on her head and pushed her harder when he wanted to enter her throat. This caused Tatl to gag a bit, but she kept sucking and flickering the head of his cock with her tongue. Soon, Link told Tatl, "Whatever you're doing, you must be doing it right because I'm close to cumming!"

Tatl giggled and muffled with sensitive head of Link's cock still deep down her throat, "Good. I'll keep doing until something comes out of this rod I'm playing with.

Finally, it happened. When he came close to ejaculation, he pressed Tatl's head to his crotch and his cum spurted into her willing mouth. Loads of his sperm were dispensed her mouth and he groaned, "Swallow it, suck me dry, swallow as much as you can until I stop!"

She still sucked and swallowed every single drop of his hot sperm and continued to caress Link's balls, as if Tatl wanted nobody else to have any of his cum. However, it was still not over because Tatl told him, "I still need to ride you, Link. Fuck my butt."

Carefully getting on her hands and knees, she directed Link to the vaginal area between her legs, presenting her dripping wet open snatch for him. Slowly, he inserted his member into her, going in until his whole sex organ was wholly engulfed by the pink vaginal cavern and his hips met her ass. Then, he thrusted forward as she screamed and thrusted herself backward on his penis.

Link pounded Tatl's buttocks doggy-style with a great speed and also fingered her navel with one hand while squeezing her breasts with his other hand. Given everything Link did to her, it wasn't take very long before she declared, "Here I cum, Link!"

In response, Link pulled his cock out of Tatl, stating, "Not yet. I want to keep it going just a little longer."

"Well, don't take too long."

Link lied down on the grass, asked Tatl to stand up and descend into him so he could pound her cowgirl-style in her butt. He took a handful of her butt and squeezed it with every passing second. They screamed loudly as Link began to pound her harder with every thrust and their cries were unbelievably exciting for each other. Obviously, both of them were close to orgasm, so Link squeezed Tatl's naked butt harder as he continued to fuck her pussy with a feverish rhythm.

Several more thrusts forced his dick to finally unload. Link still had a lot of sperm, so after a little while cumming in her butt, he pulled his cock out and turned Tatl around to cum in her face. At the same time, her vulva squirted and she was getting weak in the knees every second white fluids were pouring out of her.

As they lied down on the ground they smiled at each other, clearly having enjoyed the experience. Tatl asked, "Hey, Link?"


"If I'm pregnant, would you be ready to be my partner?"

Link gave him a long kiss on the lips, then pulled away and said, "Gladly."

"Thanks. That means a lot."

Months later, Tatl unexpectedly got pregnant, so she decided to just stay human. Also, Link agreed to let her become his wife when he was notified of her pregnancy. They married long before she was nine months pregnant.

Despite their mother being a fairy, the kids were 100% human like their father, and don't have any magic powers. Link and Tatl didn't mind their normal appearances, they were just happy to have started a family.

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